Inbound Love

I just finished marathoning a heartwarming desk-flipping-histrionics-less TVB drama w/ highschool bestie hours ago.  One which does not insult the intelligence (SURPRISE!!!!), warm, cute and endearing and brimming with heart and no frills.  It’s not brilliant and masterfully written but it’s as simple as the hint of warmth from the setting sun while driving home at the end of a long day, it just makes me smile a little, from the bottom of my heart and forget snark has any bearing in my being.

It is 老表,你好嘢!Inbound Troubles btw, if you are interested.  Not a rec, it started quite silly and rough but it completely owns my heart a few eps in.  If you are shopping for a rare TVB show that is like a breath of fresh air, won’t pissed you off every other scene and continuously hosing drama-acid at your eyes and thus prompts you to hurl expletives back just to break even……this is so it.  It is a light and cartoon-ish show, which will break into bollywood-esque cantopop sing-along.  It is not at all brainy, just with a lot of heart and positive (too naive) vibes touching on the breaking point tension btn HK and Mainland, it makes light of issues and but it’s clearly written with a very good intent.  It is just too cute and sweetly acted (and sang) and nicely done, it almost makes the pessimist in me hopeful we can all get along, and just something in Cantonese I thoroughly enjoyed last wk.  The star of the show is the hottest darling of HK: 王祖藍 Wong ChoLam, the tiny (5’4″) powerhouse, has the bright future of a second coming of Stephen Chow, maybe not as roflmao funny, but way more effortless and  just wayyyyyy nicer and sweeter and a true all round entertainer who can write, act, sing, and his widest acclaim is being an impersonator extraordinaire, the best in the entire C entertainment world atm, he can imitate Angelababy to famous folklore legend White Snake Lady to Jacky Cheung.   As the producer and writer of show and like his modest package, his brilliance hides behind seemingly silly slapstick, but then there are layers of heart and soul and love and passion at what he’s doing, what he can do with this medium, and what positivity he can inspire his fellow HKers, rooted in some of the most genuine refreshing not trying too hard I ❤ HK love I’ve not witnessed from a TVB drama since oh…pre-handover?!  Fangirl mode FULL ON!   And gosh, the Cantopop classics inserted are brilliant and touching and perfect….and perfectly covered!

When do I have a chance to genuinely ship a 78 and an 81 year old in an Asian drama?!?!?  They are so adorbs and cute and witty and hip and !#!#$@^#!%$@$^!$! <3333333

The most pleasant surprise of all is the ensemble cast.  They are all oddballs.   Other than the veterans, I’ve never seen most of them acted,  I’ve known 2 of them as strictly singers, but actually they are classically trained performers, each of them is making me weep with joy of just my luck of seeing them shine.  I bet they all have their battles of David vs Goliath in the suffocating climate of the industry,  and they are like a makeshift family of outcasts in many ways, except maybe the ageless and leggy Joey Meng, the guys all know her as the HK Buffy only leggier and prettier.  She is 42 years young and in the drama she rocks cute little dresses throughout, and I’ve squeed at the sight of her legs too many times to admit, as a straight woman.  the jawdropping moment: she in a Sailormoon (Venus, I know my Bishojo Senshi) knockoff, I think the Rt pic was from almost…20 years ago!?!?!?GEEZ:

The only weak link is Roger Kwok, never a fan and he NEVER ever improves.  I HATE his line-reading all the years, it works if he’s playing a…mentally retard, which he actually did and is still one of his most famous roles.

6 thoughts on “Inbound Love

  1. Hi mookie, well-said! This is my first TVB drama that I marathoned and finished and its so very heartwarming. 🙂 My favs are the young OTP and the veteran 78 and 81 yr old. How they still have the energy and vitality portrayed in the drama is just amazing!

    1. I admit I judge the Show and many of them early on, I was like…argh…Wong CL is OTTing, Ivana…act?! And the ChuiChui, isn’t he the singer husband and GUYLINER?!?

      I’m just surprised it’s such a spirited, positive show, it’s not reality, but we can all use a pick-me-up.

  2. I’ve cable so I kind of watch everything TVB dishes out but this is the only one I paid some attention. I find Wong Cho Lam likeable here compared to his frequent cross dressing as a woman. I like his style more than Stephen Chow who is rather over the top. This story is much warmer and cute. Jacky Cheung’s songs are the best:) The use of singers, new artists and artists not often seen or never seen on tv is a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise often recycle & rotate list of artists.

    When are you gonna post the press conference for Hua Xu Yin? I can’t find the video for it but I saw many pictures of KC & your Loverboy laughing very happily. Heehee, I am eager to know what is so funny:P Plus, I have not heard YH’s actual voice before except his singing in cantonese:( How do you like KC’s blue fringe:P & their costumes?

    1. Oh..I’m out of town and driving bk home in 2 hrs and I HAVE never wanna be sOOOOoo very MUCH on a sunday nite!!!

      Bombarded by WList, and will do ASAPPPPPPP!!!

      Oh and Btw I’ve read HXY finally this wkend. It grows on me and I liked it, but I still think Tang7 can use a better command of Chinese 😛

    1. Oh nonononono far from it. RL: I habitually failed my cn composition/creative writing class since grade school. And to think my Eng is way more horrible than my Chinese, haha I shouldn’t be here. But I’m not a writer, so at least I can express myself to my own satisfaction, and that will do. It’s the same logic as we can critique an actor’s failing, without knowing a thing about the craft.

      I can quote numerous passages of Tang7 where I get the impression of what she’s trying to say, but the impact of her 文彩 is not powerful enough. I rem there was a speech YQ is trying to vex on the sexes, but it comes off quite …juvenile and shallow.

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