Hua Xu Yin Updates

Is Hua! Xu!! Yin!!! (I know it is stuck with an incredulously dull drama title, hence just…no.  It doesn’t exist to me.)  My most anticipated Cdrama or is this THE most anticipated Cdrama?!?!?!  I had the hardest time keeping up with the delicious frenzy (and my delightful Loverboy is so his normal self in not giving me a moment to just INHALE from being all the hyperventilating of him being ridiculously entertaining and lovely when I’m least free).

After being secretive for weeks, stills are out last wk!


OMFG!!  Ready to bottle up the sparks and chemistry to SELL!??!?!  Even though Loverboy is photoshopped to death this is so very much a vision of the characters as I can imagine!!!

Erm….I hope the cinematography can do some magic coz these look so cheap and fake in RL.

The hairstylist must have a fetish for side bangs on guys, lucky they are gorgeous enough to carry it, but better without.  See this fan manip:

So much better, and gorgeous in the age-appropriate way I think they are tweaking the character into, right?   They are trying too hard to young up KC to the opposite effect.


Imo it’s borderline craptastically gaudy and outrageous on both Kevin and JiangXin,  but our eyes got lucky coz they are gorgeous enough to not hopelessly fell into the fug territory and oddly I love the overdone manga-rish flair, and in a still or 2 of Loverboy, he’s surprisingly never been more gorgeous per moi, and you know, he’s quite often shocking me as being too gorgeous for my good.   If it’s only my opinion, you can pfft at me, not that I care haha, but no, his character stills were retweeted 10000+ times and fans and nonfans are unanimously gushing, so much so the PD, who is anal in not letting anything out, tweeted the rare pic of Loverboy in battle garb but no Kevin and not JX.   The tone befits that grandiose alternative-universe of a fantasy ‘historical’ and I shamelessly loved Saint Seiya on the shallow sparkly tacky gorgeous armory alone as a kid and this time we have the lady donning MOST of the blingbling war hardware!!! Diggggggg!

I finally set my mind to bring along a few real books the wkend and left most gadgets home, read through 浮生尽 and 13 Month ie just book 1 of 2.  HXY is made up of 4 stories with the heroine Ye Qin and hero Mu Yan (Kevin) being the common thread (I guess).  To put it in short, after an prologue of events, YQ has acquired a power of granting a person’s ‘death’ wish,  she can compose a most befitting Hua Xu tune catered specifically for that person while he/she is asleep, granting his/her utmost dream.  The person can decide whether to stay in the dream and gives up RL, at which YQ has to take the life in exchange for her ‘service’, and it’s to her personal ‘gains’ per survival and a task she’s not absolutely excited to engage in, but have to.  And I like it, enough to not put it down at all for hours until I’m done, but not to bits.  It has some interesting and well written twists and turns.  I love the title 浮生尽 of the chapters on Song Ning (Jiang Xin) and Shen An (Yuan Hong) the most (not necessary the story), stemming from: 其生若浮 To Live is like making the effort to float in water, 其死若休 To Die is as if resting after the exertion. 浮休 is a term for life and death.  It is a captivating read,  I can’t put it down, finished it in one go and I’ll take back some of my harsh words on Miss Writer Tang 7.   She has a witty, creative mind for intriguing plot. However, my gripes still hold:  I do not want to go reverse ageism on the brilliance of a writer, but I’m darn sure Miss Tang7 is quite young and her command of Chinese is just ….not eloquent enough for my taste.  And I am not sure she’s a brilliant writer, she has lovely ideas for stories she needs more work to construct, the flow can use some better planning:  I find 浮生尽 started out fantastic, but it deflated into a pace that was truncated and rushed.  13 Month started very flat for me, but then it grows into a tighter, fuller story than 浮生尽.  All can be easily fixed with better editing.   Most of the ‘humor’ and thoughts of our Girl1 has my eyes-rolling, it’s particularly jaunting when it’s sprinkled in otherwise angsty swoonworthy dramatic twists as some form of comic relief, and it peeves me whenever the character is being sooo ‘modern’ in their thoughts in order to be illustrated as special or in this case practical.   It is a pity when she has the wit and takes the care to build up to a certain climax and it deflates like a souffle before I can swim in its deliciousness.   There are also passages here and there where deeper thoughts and wisdom are necessary when topics more…philosophical is on the table, but it’s trivialized by small chitchats, as if Writer Tang is not capable to delve or think it’s trivial.  This is ‘fantasy historical’ and it has time-traveling of sorts but it is still within the realm of the lifetime of the characters, so when heroine is talking about 21Century stuff in all 21C speech, and coming across like a late 90er, it is bizarre.   80% of the time I thoroughly enjoyed the unfolding of the story, turning the next page quite ferociously, the rest of the time, I’m batty and wanna shake her to just get all the tiny rough patches right and not spoil her own sport.  The book could be quite a lot better with very minor tweaks imho, that is all.

I was expecting tirades of rants from myself on ShenAn from all the whispers I can’t ignore, so when I can immerse into his character well enough, and quite understand his stance, I don’t get all the grumbles.  Do I want part of the narrative from his point of view?!?!  Of course, I can get down on my knees begging.  Please drama, flesh him out more.  I feel the story can be even tighter IF we get inside his head more, and better yet the ‘third wheel’ lady too, as is, he is an ancillary object to toy with the fate in Song Ning’s life, it is not well conveyed how he developed feelings for Song Ning, which abruptedly got combustibly intense.   They are very juicy parts in the right hands and I can’t be happier it’s now perfectly cast.  ShenAn did not rub me the wrong way like he did to some fans of the book.  He fell for a lady initially out of gratitude of saving his life and it’s understandable after more sweet times together it flourished into true love in the only set of reality he knew, it’s really not his responsibility to be open to debunking every fiber of the most significant relationship in his life he’s happily in just to entertain a what-if.  Of course knowing everything transpired fr ShenAn’s pov, my heart will forever be bruised and broken for the poor strong lady, more so because she knows and we get enough hinges, ShenAn would’ve fallen for her despite the cards are against her if she’s the lady he woke up to, but that is the cruel fate at play Tang7 wanna swirl around.  I have issue with although I get what Tang7 set out for her ShenAn (my take is it’s obvious Tang7 is playing with theme of what is consciousness, what is dream vs reality throughout and ShenAn must have acquired a muscle memory of Song Ning, he must have a seed planted in the deepest corner of his mind she could be saying the truth, or else he wouldn’t be as anguished taking it so close to heart she wanted him dead in battlefield.  He must’ve fallen for Song, to his disgust, as a dutiful, honorable general.  Therefore, he buried it deep and let it fallow…because the truth is too painful to bear…knowing as years eroded by how he has inflicted every pain unimaginable in her life.

And like most of the peeps watching CN varieties, I’m a fan of the  I’m A Singer show, for Terry Lin alone.  I’m a CD collecting obsessed fan of Terry Lin and his popballad duo Ukulele back in the 9os.  And his rendition of one of my fav Jay Chou’s ‘ChinaWind’ style ballads 烟花易冷Fireworks Cool Easily the other day, penned by his long-time collaborator Vincent Fang (who happens to love HXY and wrote a foreword, the serendipity!) give me hives still bulging.  Terry is a way better singer than Jay, and it gives me new chills, move me to fresh tears, that won’t be going away whenever I hear the song in the future.  The lyrics *the sweet blogger did a translation* (and the pitch-perfect performance) is flooding me all the feelings for all our doomed almost lovers in HXY.

繁华声 遁入空门 折煞了世人
梦偏冷 辗转一生 情债又几本
如你默认 生死枯等
枯等一圈 又一圈的 年轮
浮图塔 断了几层 断了谁的魂
痛直奔 一盏残灯 倾塌的山门
容我再等 历史转身
等酒香醇 等你弹一曲 古筝
雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 你始终一个人
斑驳的城门 盘踞着老树根
石板上回荡的是 再等
雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 你仍守着孤城
城郊牧笛声 落在那座野村
缘份落地生根是 我们
听青春 迎来笑声 羡煞许多人
那史册 温柔不肯 下笔都太狠
烟花易冷 人事易分
而你在问 我是否还 认真
千年后 累世情深 还有谁在等
而青史 岂能不真 魏书洛阳城
如你在跟 前世过门
跟着红尘 跟随我 浪迹一生
雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 你始终一个人

斑驳的城门 盘踞着老树根
石板上回荡的是 再等
雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 你仍守着孤城
城郊牧笛声 落在那座野村
缘份落地生根是 我们
雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 你始终一个人
斑驳的城门 盘踞着老树根
石板上回荡的是 再等
雨纷纷 雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
我听闻 我听闻 你仍守着孤城
城郊牧笛声 落在那座野村
缘份落地生根是 我们
缘份落地生根是 我们

伽蓝寺听雨声盼 永恒

The lyrics originally retells the story based on one of the most famous, seminal piece of literature from Northern Wei dynasty telling the heart-breaking story of a General and his lover, who waited for him in the decrepitating war-torn city of LuoYang, she waited for him tirelessly to be back from war and he desperately made his way back home to marry her on his promise only to find out she died in a monastery years ago, staying faithful to him.

31 thoughts on “Hua Xu Yin Updates

  1. I think with HXY and any other depressing tragedy, I always look for a sense of salvation/redemption and that never got delivered until the very end, and only for the OTP.
    Otoh, is 13 Yue the one about the assassin? It might have been my fav in HXY. Although fate was still a b!tch in that one, I was mollified by the fact that the OTP had at least found love during the time that transpired and their departures didn’t hold the same sort of regrets which plagued the other stories.

    1. I’m the opposite, I do not need the salvation/redemption, but I do need things to be logical. Let me in to the characterization. I think Tang7 needs to make up her mind, I actually have a bone to pick with her mollifying or angsting up her tales, on the 2 I’ve read thus far. In the case of 浮生尽, if she wanna say Fate is a big Fat CrazyB8tch, then stick to it, do not do a 360 at the end with ShenAn, because at least it makes sense with what we’ve given. IF she wants to mollify it/his character, her middle part needs some better work. With assassin lady story, i’m fine with the delicious angst of her not getting the love from the guy she loves, but WHEN she’s fallen for someone later on, LET HER BE!!! I get it Tang7 wanna paint guys=fickle, but this is so cruel yanking her heart again, it’s almost angst for fking Angst sake. These are not dealbreakers but if Tang7 actually works on a page or 2 on ShenAn, another page or two on uncleKingYung, and just let us into their psyche a bit more than just them doing things affecting our heroines as if on the side say a few glances towards SongNing instead of letting us project it all up, a few more shades on KingYung and his inner workings, it’ll make so much more sense me.

      1. Omg so true about angst for the sake of angst. I think u want characterization to explain it and I want redemption to give meaning to it.
        U: That angst has got to make sense!
        Me: That angst has better be worth something!
        But either way because it was angsty just to be angsty we readers are left feeling disgruntled.

        1. Does redemption give meaning to angst though? I’m fine with angst, it’s part of life, I’m asking much less: life is still worth living the heck out of it even if boulders are falling. it can makes things harsher but the same token it heightens the reality, just let the character live with it accordingly.

          Tang7 is very good with her ladies, I think, it’s the guys she needs to pay more attention to, because at the bottom of it, if her ladies fell for characters who are not well established, it takes away the reader’s full experience of the trip.

          But all in all, I think the backbones of the stories are fantastic and adapting it into a drama may work wonders as in putting the flesh and bones in, again I’m praying the production will pour in every effort to MAKE THIS WORK!

          1. Good Q, I don’t know… I don’t believe in sh!t happening just for the heck of it. Life would be too depressing that way. I want there to be a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, a silver lining in the cloud sorta thing. Not necessarily a happy ending. Just something to say “it wasn’t for nothing.”
            So to me SN’s love for SA was really wasted. He wasn’t worth it. Even if he had loved her somewhere deep w/in the recess of his xin, she never felt an ounce of that love. She lived in anguish and died in a dream. IMO even with her death she was neither freed nor fulfilled. She was just trapped in that odd limbo of being so pained yet wishing desperately for happiness. And it feels unresolved. That’s why I need redemption if you’re going to throw angst at me.

  2. @ Hamster.

    This pings my mind to my take on religion and spirituality…and what is satisfaction in love (and life). Love can be unrequited, is it always resolved? shit can happen for no particular reason out of a mere person’s control, and what one brace it is to focus on how to deal with it, and just that inner strength, or the experience itself makes it not for naught. I truly believe every bruise, we have the initial rush of red blood cells to the injury, flashing the myriads of bloody vibrant phy. manifestation on the surface on our skin, but underneath, it’s naturally, gradually shedding and self-healing, the cells, the pain. I don’t regard love ever wasted, I love the pov of YQ, SN doesn’t have to stay in limbo, if she can delve deeper into herself, her love for him is palpably real, even if she has fooled herself to convert it to hatred, it’s like a conservation of energy, as long as she can feel it, any form of if may it be angst, pain, a pulling of rug underneath, because of him, it…exists. AND loving someone can be a satisfaction in itself, ‘at least he’s alive’ she preached, asking for reciprocation is actually a greed, she preached, but she doesn’t practice. The resolution we get is she’s reached a clarity with it. It is resolved for her as in, she can’t accept the reality, but she’s settled with living in a trance where it’s easier on her and she gets a taste of unreal happiness in it. Tang7 doesn’t believe in love conquers all, esp not Fate and Time. I’m sorta on her stance. I just think what makes love messy and real is in its tendency to be unresolved. What strikes me with SA is, he won’t ever choose to not know about SN’s intense love for him if given a choice, it makes him face his own feelings towards her, he’s beyond devastated because of it and lost his drive for survival because of it…is this not a substantiation of SA’s love?! In many ways HXY has some parallels with Inception (the movie). I wonder IF the SA’s coda after SN’s passing did not happen, will she even experience the bliss in the trance?! Does it have an unconscious pull on how SN’s choice of staying and given up life? What I would like is for SA to ask for the same deal, a Hua Xu Tune of his own and that’s how they ‘reunited’ in the alterna-universe, and thus conspicuously die at a battle he can easily win.

    1. The fact that she chooses to live in a lie means loving him unrequited was not enough. It means there are wishes and regrets. I agree that loving someone can be a satisfaction in itself. But for SN it had ceased to be. It was like poison festering everywhere in her being. It did not nourish her nor give her strength. She couldn’t even be in the same esixtence with SA anymore and had to call it quits. What satisfaction is there if you can’t bear it, can’t even relish in its pain any longer. That’s why I don’t think it was worth it. Because she herself didn’t feel it worth her while to stick around for the real thing, instead choosing its illusion.
      On Tang7 and love, I actually think her inclination is toward “love conquers all.” In HXY, SY and YZ eventually found happiness together with SY trying desperately to restore life to his wife. In her Three Lives trilogy, all OTPs come full circle through a number of unfulfilled life cycles. I admit it’s my kinda thing.

      1. I see it from a different angle, I see it as an alternative ‘reality’ instead of a lie. imo ShenAn is not fleshed out that great by Tang7, so it is as if his love on 77 is hinging on he mistaken she is the one going above and beyond saving his life, ie it’s out of gratitude, it doesnt have to be 77, if SN stayed till he woke up, it’ll definitely be her. I have a problem with falling in love being illustrated as sth this mechanical. I also do not really care for whether it’s worth it or not to be in love, it’s her inner cultivation of self worth that she has to work on, it is not a cause and effect of the love being toxic and not nourishing. IF she can ever get beyond her own trap, seeing SA happily in love with 77 could’ve granted some happiness in a bigger person. I’m not saying SN needs to be, but that’s the point JunFu is hammering at her. I honestly do not see her weighing one or the other as worth it or not, she really does not see a choice, she can’t live with SA not in love with her, that’s about it. I don’t really buy love as sth you can be earn through perseverance or determination.

        I love fulfilling romances too, but I just don’t see how Tang7 can balance what she wanna say in SN/SA’s tale of Fate being a B8tch and a proper romance btn them. I’m actually for SA to stick with loving 77 till the bitter end cause it makes the most sense to me.

  3. Hey, thanks for the update & all the pictures. I won’t say they all look pretty but I’ll say YH looks the best:P I am not saying this bcos I know you are his fangirl, haha….KC looks better in TVB drama & BBJX than here. I read MY is a man in blue but blue fringe is a tad too much for me to stomach:( I read comments saying he looks cartoon-ish and even like a ‘transversite’ so more suitable to be DFBB, lol. I am already disappointed that KC is MY and now the clothings & hair style are also so off:( JX’s costume looks opera-ish. Can she even walk properly, let alone fight?

    Btw, when you’ve time can you please translate the press conference. I don’t understand his China heart joke bcos I don’t have a China heart:P

    I am glad you are starting to warm up to TQ’s style. I think it is an internet novel so can’t plan well as it is writing on the go. As for the modern style, it is the current trend. Yes, she is only a young girl so give her time to polish up her skill. If you read 3W3L, it is even worse. Even for someone like me who can’t read Chinese, I also find her writing very choppy. I think she revised the book bcos she also think it is not good enough, haha…

    1. sweetie do u have a link (preferably YT) to the vid of presscon? my weibo is wacky today (and still at work) to get on baidu.

      I have basically haha rt clicked whatever I saw and saved hundreds of pics of them last nite, so…I need to get the time to sieve it thro and post. Will get to it.

  4. Forgot to mention, you didn’t post YH’s pictures in cling wrap. So classic, I love that one the most. More than him in costume, lol. It he patting a fake horse, wahaha? I am so slow bcos only now I realised after looking at the eyes, haha….

    1. argh…I know. And he got replied by the official weibos of condoms, sanitary napkins and… You do not like his dark costume?!?!! THat is easily the best Cperiod outfit I’ve seen in ages on ANYONE.

      1. i like, I like but it is ordinary compared to that cling wrap one. Somemore he was patting a fake horse & looking proud like a peacock. Impossible to surpass that, lol. Oh, you & Hui Er are converting me into a fangirl:) Soon, I’ll be holding totoro & trying to touch his hansd bcos she told me his best feature is the hands, lol.

        1. GOSH HIS HANDSSSSS!!!! That is not what draws me to him, but he has the most beautiful and I would say ;ady hand-model caliber of perfection. I rem seeing a bts of Det. Dee of him playing chess and it’s a close up of his hand and gosh…I honestly wondered which of the actresses in the cast has such flawlessly pretty silky white hands.

          1. I’ve never noticed his hands or anybody’s hand:) Do you have a blown up or close up picture of his fabulous hands, lol? I’ve never seen guy with ‘silky white hands’ !!!! Is it soft like tofu or tissue, haha? What lotion does he use? Peanuts is running away to hide her ‘chocolate hands’:(

              1. Wah, wah, wah, such perfect & beautiful hands. Are they really YH’s:P? He must not have played much basketball, lol. I am so jealous so i showed the pics to Hui Er. She said “he can be a hand model, if nothing else works out. yah advert the cam pans out to reveal him all suave and gorgeous in a suit, “do you want to marry me”
                I WILL SO GO BUY THAT RING” LOL

                1. lolzzzz! XDDDD Seriously maybe he’ll say yes if HuiEr is ballsy enough to get the rings handy, he’s really not too into all the stuffy conventional stuff, methinks, quite living in the moment.

                  It’s hard to believe right?!?! the pic was tweeted by DetDeedrama’s official weibo and he jabbed at himself this is the only bodypart on his body that is girly. haha I’ve seen the redbeanies making tonnes of gifs of his hands holding various objects, like that jade scepter in LoCH and the chinese flute in BuBu. I rem in one of those super hot kisses btn YangKang and NianChi (the one next to the horse) I actually was distracted by how insanely gorg his hands were, holding ShiShi’s face and sucking the life out of her.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the news and pics! How awesome! I don’t know the story but I hope it’ll be great 🙂


    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Yuan Hong is BORN to wear period garb. He pulls it off so gracefully and so effortlessly. Then again, he can be wearing rags and still look good in them…

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this series! Kevin and Yuan Hong together YAYZ. 😀

    What dynasty is the story set in? The clothes/hair look kinda Han but not quite at the same time…

    I like the normal costumes better than the armor – the armor headpieces look a bit over the top to me, especially that really tall silver helmet! Not very practical in battle! (I bet the poor girl can’t even swing her head around without the weight feeling like it’s trying to snap her neck LOL)

    1. Haha I think we don’t have to worry too much about the side bangs, YH ranted at weibo he hated it and had demolished it to oblivion and from the pics from the presscon, he’s at least ‘minimalized’ it and will put it behind his ears whenever he can hahahaha! I beg he’ll pout and whine with his Puss in Boots eyes to get his way. ^^

      OMG MTE!! I’m not sure that midnight blue gold number is truly amazing but it looks perfect, PERFECT on him. and gosh that pic of him in his sword is flipping me over the edge in squueeeeeesssss.

      I only know they are going to make a lot of adjustments to the original story, but I am a spoilerphobe so I most probably won’t look into all the alleged synopsis. The original characters are such meaty role he fits it to a tee (and so does JiangXin as his OTP), the character he is playing is not perfect and swoonworthy, but he IS the expert in making questionable ‘baddies’ totally swoonworthy and magnetic.

      1. LOL I’m probably really biased but regardless of what they do with the story I’d definitely check out Hua Xu Yin anyway once it airs, just to see the incredible YH in action! Dammit how is it possible to be so gorgeous and adorable at the same time? He oozes with charisma and it just gets better as he ages! I showed mom the Hua Xu Yin photos and she was like “WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT I NEED TO SEE IT NOW!!!” (LOL she’s a big fan of YH and her only complaint about BBJX was that 13th Prince didn’t have enough screen time hahaha)

        1. OMGGGGG Your Mommy is sooooooooo adorbs! *hugz* My Mom likes BBJX but nth rabid. She’s not too fond of SS :X *I’ll just say it here for fear of my life: i think she gets more and more critical with actresses with age*

          My Mom is such a huge fan of JX and KC (and less so YH) she is like reading HXY because of them atm.

  6. Your Loverboy is just sooooooo HOT! Squeeze= swoon = squeeze = swoon. I hope this will air soon and soon with English subtitle.. Thank you for this post, my angel on earth.

    1. oh….thank you for flailing with me HAHAHA ^^ Namaste!

      Every additional pic or snippet I see or hear of this drama, I WANT it so bad, like now. I want to see Mulan too the most out of his upcomings, but THIS just dethrone Mulan to #1 most anticipated Loverboy upcoming dramas EVER.

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