Three’s A Company

This is a Hua Xu Yin bts/presscon PICSPAM.  You know the drill, not responsible for breaking anything coz I have not come across one single pic I don’t squeeeeeeeee out a lung and rt click save and MUST POST!!!

Always the best of signs when a fanmeet is a riot of laughing fits.  The 2 guys can’t help but be giggly and exchanging smiles and glances through out, if this is not LURVE I dunno what is.  Oh wait, at the very beginning of the event, just when the MC is introducing their relationship, Loverboy has to be obvious they have a brotherly lovely relationship which we now name it as ‘BROMANCE’ (in Chinese it is actually gay love).  And KC gave him a patpatpat look like a bigbro casting a lovely kinda fake-scorning warm glance his way.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Hey, let me tell you sth obvious, just this fanmeet, and these 2 alone (with a lovely virtual presence of Prince10), it’ll be better than the finished product of excrement that is BBJX2.

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* They are already so adorable walking out.  From how happy and chatty and derpy my Loverboy has been on set and at the presscon, this is quite an enjoyable shoot even when it’s ANGST galore.  One thing about him is he can joke and be a prankster but he’s not good at being fakey,  he’ll grumble like a baby, ranting at weibo if he is having a hard time on set, but from the sides splitting fun he’s been having even with the now infamous clingwrap outfit, this must be a ball!   And I think he’s at a point in his career he can only enjoy fully a shoot IF he’s bouncing off talented actors such as Jiang Xin and Kevin.

Aigoooooooo, HOW CUTEEEEE!?!?!?   He’s literally laughing himself off the chair like a huge cute baby.  And I’m sure KC is thinking the same.

I hope somewhere, Nicky will see this and be brimming with joy that his youngbros have made up and now exchanging lovely brotherly attentive glances both ways.

I do agree to an extent the general ranting of KC being too old for MuYan, he is.  And tbvh, before Ghetto Justice and BBJX, I’m the opposite of a fan of his, he has a…skeevy sleazy vibe (to me) :X.   I think the froufrou styling is not helping, but when he breaks out in lolz prompted by bis bro13, he’s lovely.  So I’m holding out hope for him because I do think he’s grown into a very solid actor and what is to his disservice, he can compensate with acting.  JiangXin can look older in RL and knowing what is in store for her SongNing, it must be taking a huge emotional and physical toll on her, crying her eyes out alone.  Plus KC said although he’s the leading guy, he’s having a much leisurely time than both JiangXin and YuanHong, who are both in need of rushing through their filming (YH has a leading manguo spy drama lined up in early March).  And they jabbed YH for not taking them out to eat good food at Elephant Mt being a regular, this is his 4th time shooting here, to which YH pouts, their schedule is so tight by the time he gets back to his room it’s past midnight and all he can do is drop dead on bed.  *this is an anecdote from YH at the fanmeet *: It’s not till a few days into the filming that he finally saw his bigbro8, to which KC dashed over and they went into a lovely embrace, it’s been 2 years since working tog, afterall.  Then KC stayed to watch his shoot, but kept electrocuting a girl next to YH with his stares, making the girl blush bright red and had to look away.  KC then told the fluttering girl in his usual come-hither voice, ‘I’ve seen you before.’  To which YH thought, atm, what a lousy pickup line, but that is what bro8 can always get away with.  But the girl was in shock.  KC followed up saying, ‘You may not rem me, but I do.’  And by this time, YH, knowing KC well enough, knew what’s going on.  And it sure was the case:  KC mistaken her for another girl (I caught (from my lousy mando comprehension and spotty audio) he mistaken the girl as Jiang Xin, whom he’s met prior *haha guess is thro Prince10*) <- ALL this through the lively cutest reenactment of Loverboy.  *Excuse me a moment while I go squee my lungs out!* Back to Miss Jiang, our feisty Consort Hua fr ZhenHuanZhuan, with the help of good lighting and makeup, she’s the most drop dead gorgeous thing in Cdramaland atvm, on top of her serious acting talent (she is the strongest of this talented trio imo), I have absolutely no worries at all.  Her still in wedding gown is GORG!!!!

*This is posted by a lucky fan at the event.  They randomly shouted out #, and those holding the matching tix will get a signed autographed still of the gorgeous.  And, Loverboy shouted out the number 13.  Yup, can’t be cuter.*

I’m just sincerely hoping none of you is a BIGperv like me, but I AM, blushing and all.  I can’t unsee. lalala

I can’t stop posting any pic he’s grinning like a flower.  And this is for the keepsake for the substantial hand fetishes in the fandom.

A rare serious moment of the bros, competing for the crown of who angst shuaier?

And this is allegedly when asked who is the hugest glutton of the threesome?  haha Or KC (and JX) accusing the foodie of not showing them around all the food digs at Elephant Mt.   KC is gesturing with both his hand and leg.  And yeah, that look YH is beaming his bro8 is LETHAL, on so many levels, on hotness, CUTE!, devilishly handsome thus slaying of fangirls.

I totally missed the inside joke why he’s wishing us all a Happy MidAutumn, holding a red pocket with Kevin’s family name ‘Cheng’ on it.  It was Chinese Valentine’s Day, which share the custom of chowing down tongyuan (the rounded glutenous sweet dumplings/mochis usu filled with redbeans/blacksesame paste) signifying Couples/Family in MidAutumn’s case, like the Moon, will be rounded together.

But you can pout and shoot out hot deadly beams all you want, your fangirls have snapped you munching on all sorts of snacks on the set:

And so Here are the bts:

This is the young actress playing young SongNing, she is also the DAUGHTER OF 13 IN BBJX!!!!!! Gosh what a small world and this is indirect incest guys!  *And in case you missed it, 13’s OTP in BuBu LuWu ie Jenny Guo is playing…13 Yue (13 Moon) in exactly THIS drama!!! I mean if the producer of this show is as Smart as me, with 9 conveniently at Elephant Mt, and he’s a very not picky workaholic in the industry these days, he’ll make a nummy RongHeng. And just think of the delicious hilarious poking of the only lovely ‘wifeswap’ ever in the history of mankind!!!!*  ** and you know while we are at it, why not let 10 (who’s been seen visiting the set) cameo as the now written out platonic bff /guy sidekick of SongNing: JunWei **  ***and you know although I am a traitor of the HongShi ship holding the opinion the drama coupling of YH and JX is so much more freaken PERFECT, as I’ve only read half of the whole novel, there must be a role ShiShi can play in the remaining 2 stories and Nicky can be her OTP there and there must be some young prince/general left for 14 to rock it.  And come to think of it, Ye Qing, ie Prince9’s angsty OTP poor Yu Tan, can be a fine fine YeQin/JunFu the central thread heroine of HXY. HXY the drama will just buy itself all the ads even real ad $$$$ can’t buy by doing a thinly veiled BBJX redux gathering all the hottest collection of Qing princes ever in dramaland and time-traveling them to a fantasy time way way back, with an even better intriguing creative backbone of a story to begin with!!! WINWINWINWINWINNNNN and LESIGH worth it just to rescue Poor Nicky and ShiShi’s fr that stinky sinking bubuwhatever ship alone. ***


Rem YH was as cute as a puppy posting a pic of himself promoting the Beijing Pet Adoption Society?  JX did the same,even cuter, methinks:

JiangXin singlehanded made a one-liner 賤人就是嬌情/Bitch is Bitchy into our lexicon in her so memorable turn in ZHZ, here it’s already been touted this line from HXY will have the same effect:  沈岸,你没有良心! ShenAn, you do not have a conscience (Lit. in Chinese it’s ‘良good 心heart’ ie ShenAn you do not have a heart!)!  To which my quickwitted loverboy croons back a line from the famous 换大米进行曲 (a spoofy medley made up of famous lines of iconic popsongs) It’s not into making too much lyrical sense, but it goes with the catchy tune and rhymes perfectly: ‘我没什么良心,我的中国心!’  (I do not have a conscience, I have a Chinese Heart!)  The original words are: 你真是没什么良心 from a popular Jordan Chan song and I bet Loverboy switch in his own words on his feet.

This is the clip he spilled out the anecdote on KC:

The dudes join hands in blatantly outing and winking at JX and Prince10 being a lovely RL CP and of course KC will remind us all of YH’s nick of ‘SiL Lover’ from his Bubu days:

And I can not be alone begging this be one of the real costume:

Yes, he’s basically pointing his camera at his crotch, and if I were there at scene, I would have made it my life goal to do a better wrapping: he/the wardrobe ppl missed a precious spot.  *lalala*.   He can’t stop being cute saying he’s trying mightiest to make his legs look as slim and long as possible.

And what kind of the hugest gloating at his own sillygorgeous self kinda DERP post not one but 2  pics of himself preening OH SO PROUD while saying he’s best equipped with his horse and sparkly outfit for his secret mission with a subsequent ‘identical’ pic of the opposite side of his being…claiming he posted the ‘wrong’ pic just now (what is the freaken difference myLoverboy?!?!? I mean I know the obvious, but isn’t it too CUTE to be so blatant you just wanna let us all go berserk and explode in swoon some more?!!…AND YOU ADDED THE CAPTION, OH!  DON’T GET TOO LOST IN YOUR MAN *ie MOI!*’s AWESOME GORGEOUSNESS!!!*

I can totally see if the pics are not done with a fake horse, a real horse would have smirked him all the <_< faces a horsey can muster and kicked him in the groin to get itself out of being a scenery of the silliest posing on earth.   And that’s exactly y my Loverboy is brilliant, derpy and full of himself silly but SMART.  <333333333333333333333333

Alas, to our disappointment, this is not really a see-thro skin-tight costume in the drama proper.  He is doing a scene where he’s dying at the battlefield in mud and slush (and it’s freaken damp and cold at elephant mt).  But being the warmest most considerate sweetheart he is, to ease the worry of his fangirls as many of the redbeanies on the scene witnessed and already with weepy broken heart replied in his hilarious posturing as some knight in ‘shiny’clingy ‘armor’ how professional he was to take after take fell into the cold yucky mudpond without hesitation and it’s not till the cut he let himself shiver uncontrollably to the cold, and thus he joked lightly this was ALL his grand scheme of an attempt to get more approving love for his rendition of ShenAn: a much needed  urgent whole body beautifying mud spa.

*sobz* I’ll have a hard time watching this scene.  *and he’s so hot, and even the yellow down coat wearing assistant is ridiculously hot*

YH gloated the other day he has already done the hot bed scene (KC also mentioned at fanmeet, half-jokingly, he’s envious of YH having so many scenes with the talented JX, RL ‘wifey’ of Prince10, and even a romping in the sheets!), to which the notty redbeanies @ the tweet to Poor Prince 10, telling him to down some ‘be still my tachying heart potion’.

^To which JX openly poke Prince 10 to down some ‘black chicken white phoenix pill’ (which is a magic pill for upping the femininity for the ladies)  and poor 10 pouts at her he will take the lady magic pill in front of 13 to spite her.  Hence, 10 takes this golden opportunity of a suffering dying 13 to kekekekeke serve YH some of his notty meds, asking if he’s down some ‘be still my heart potion’ himself.

Will Loverboy take this lying down?   He replied 10 pouting on the advice of taking the ‘Be Still my Tachying Heart Potion’ with a ‘brotherly’ heads up:  FYI, the violent sexy scene is done, you can halt the meds in the meantime.  If there are similar scenes where we’ll share our warmth and comfort, I’ll be sure to give you a fair notice ahead of time! 😀


So this is a fanaccount/chitchat, the bff of one of them is a KC fangirl, who visited the set and this is a retelling of her true account.  The bff (said KC fangirl) can’t stop gushing on how awesome YH is, saying he’s such a manly gentleman, funny, witty, humorous and so swoonworthy considerate and chivalrous, and he’ll go cute and do Vsigns taking pics with fans… as the bff is on the side looking over the fans taking pics with him, a cabdriver ahjusshi waiting along can’t help but mused:  how is it possible to find such a perfect man this day and age.  Repeat the words of the random cabdriver uncle: How~ is~ it~ possible~ to~ find~ sucha~ perfect~ man~~~~! *yup I just die and gone to fangirl heaven*

The vid: Warning, it’s very very cute.  He’s signing autographs during his break, and asking the fangirl how to write her nick exactly…and he is stuck with one word, and hence his puppy doe eyes asking some more, when he finally sorta got it, he mumbled, to himself mostly, ‘不读书害死人!’ Don’t study = life-ruining!

And ermmm, so apparently his fandom includes a great bunch of official weibos:

*sighhhh* so…this started with Durex tm answering his tweet, approving of the the ‘protection’ of said get-up.  To which Loverboy is so not one to hesitate having fun with words with the official weibo of a condom brand, shushing ‘him’ to not take the lines out of Whisper (his sanitary napkin brand virtual ‘gf’)  And Whisper is so pleasantly shocked by the mention (more like jumping up and down flipping cartwheels if you are asking me), gushing, ‘So…Prince 13 has Whisper in such a lovely place in your heart!’ The last words of Loverboy, ‘the decorum I have been diligently nurtured the night has leaked out from the sides (with you outing my innermost feelings)’

A brilliant fangirl did a partial compilation of all his philanderings:

Glad clingwraps winked:  Good Day Prince 13!  No matter what you are planning to do, if you wanna do it in a clingwraparmory, I have lots more at my end!  Absolutely enough coverage guaranteed!

Durex: Good Day Prince 13!   Your protective garb looks safe enough! [And last time when Loverboy tweeted a shady lightbox of a ‘Flower Band men’s health store’ Durex has already warned Prince 13 to be safe.  To which the sillyprankster flirted with…yes a condom webbie… ‘Oh, do I have to worry that the flower wreath will strangle my neck?!’

Whisper (his sanitary napkin brand gf ><) fangirled YH a while back under the hashtag: #shall we talk# # which actor would be a great boyfriend in RL# Can I secretively whisper YH could be a great one?  His looks are the opposite of those ‘metrosexual’ sissified idols, and has a witty and humorous tongue.  All the images of drifters he owned under his belt encourage our fantasies to protect and conquer such a hottie.

In one of his hilarious dreams he tweeted, he dreamt of depositing his entire fortune in the CN paypal, waking up in fright at all his cash gone.  To which the CN paypal comforted him with, ‘Dear, don’t panic.  You can draw cash from us…and Dear, you can make purchases with your money, if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to pay!’  And one guess will Loverboy give up the chance to flirt with yet another official weibo?  YH: Pal (in chinese it sounds like ‘bao’ ie Precious) , you can just love me to death!

So do you think this is all the fun in just A few days of cyberstalking Loverboy?! HELL NO!!  He has to followup with sel-cas of him off the clingwrap, off the hair and makeup, and you have to be blind to not notice he has NO CLOTHES in 2 of these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATthE?!?!??!  SDFHJGHAGGKJAAAADFGHKJA@#%$^^&^*&%^!


16 thoughts on “Three’s A Company

  1. Thanks for all the pics!


    YH and KC are totally rocking their costumes! The dark blue/gold costume is exquisite and makes YH look even more regal than usual, and KC’s white costume looks good on him with its simple elegance. It’s so wonderful to see all 3 stars laughing and being happy. YH is being particularly cute with all his looks at KC and laughing like he’s bouncing out of the chair. KC gesturing with his hand and foot is hilarious! 😀

    I can’t wait to see this drama and feast my eyes on TEH PRETTY YAYZ

    1. The cling wrap photos are hilarious, btw. The scenes with the mud just shows how pro YH is and I’m so glad he’s finally free of Tangren’s clutches to take up projects that can let him showcase his talents. KC and YH reuniting is so awesome – I can just imagine the amazing chemistry they’ll have together in the drama! 🙂

      1. I’m quite batty on the new management on why his godzillion finished projects are still not out, at all. He had no proper drama out since BuBu, that side character in that ludicrous Tang dynasty period soap doesn’t scratch it. BUT at least he’s been working nonstop in interesting and more interesting varied stuff, while if he’s stuck with TR, which btw has only been able to churn out one of the lousiest Cdrama of late XinYuanSword and the forever shelved by SARFT DaoMoYao, both of which , even if he’s in, it’ll be some sidekicks he’s played ALL his life in TR productions. At least he’s honing his skills and prepping himself, all it takes is one hit role, one acclaimed drama and we won’t even need critically well received, just a ratings bonanza will do (look at FengShaoFung from Goong) and he’ll set off and go places. some insiders are already seriously projecting 2013 to be his breakout year. I don’t see why not. I mean if they really timed all his finished projects and broadcast it back to back to back, it’ll be till 2014 when we’ll be done seeing him on our screens <–which I can't be happier, even if it's not gonna happen.

    2. I love that dark blue/gold number SOOO MUCH!!! As you said, IF it’s up to us he should be in period garb FOREVER (but I have so much anticipation he’ll look mighty fine in Manguo uniforms as well in his next PROPER LEADING ROLE!!)

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee Loverboy moreeeee, wonder if it possible for me to meet him in this life time of mine *le sigh* btw flirting with durex i have no word to comment beside WOW and ROTFLOL 😀
    and to see him again sit on a drama presscon after like a very long time ago i see loverboy in once, i’m so happy i have no word….. so now all i have to do is pray hard that there’ll be a some kind soul out there who willing to upload this drama in youtube if it happen to airing later…….
    oh and i love to see the trio, they’re perfect for each other 🙂

      1. SPOILEERRRRSSSS ************

        He’s dead. It’s almost as if he died of a broken heart mourning a love never meant to be and just gave up at the battlefield, in a battle he can easily won but lost and ….die in.

    1. I think it’s not since….LoCH08 days I’ve seen him this happy and this chirpy. I’m projecting he’s seriously having a ball of a time on set, working with peeps he likes and have chemistry to boot AND a great challenging character. My only doubt with this drama is the script, I still can’t bring myself to peek the alleged leaked ep by ep synopsis, but this snarky witty thing WILL let out a subtle hint or two if he’s working in turd, even if he’s making the most of it (eg the days of shooting Clothing the World, when he’s the one coining he’s the soy sauce moving ‘lead’ himself) He’s also happy during BuBu days, but the fact is 13 is a side character, none of the promos will put much wt on him, here he is one of the leads and JiangXin is just as huge as it gets in an up and coming C leading lady.

      I won’t count on it airing soon though…*sigh* other than the YumehmehPoop, I’ve seldom seen Cdrama, and esp the ones Loverboy is in, airing in a timely fashion. Lets hope this is the anomaly.

      1. Can I rant about YZ’s Smiling Proud Wanderer here? This has got to be Wallace Huo’s worst role and it’s totally the worst Linghu Chong ever. Another rare instance where a Guy No.1 role in a popular series is an actor’s downfall. I’m at Ep 42 and it looks to me Wallace seems to have given up on his role and not putting in any effort anymore.

        But STILL, the ratings are high!

        1. Fire away, but Gosh, What YZ did it soooooo fking not SPW, I can’t bear it mentioning in the same air. I have no desire to watch it because I know it’s absolutely no semblance to canon of LC’s SPW, so why should i bother watching a purely crappy YZ drama when I never have interest in the disgusting crap he’s doing.

          Please don’t tell me you have any hope this can even be decent. I was too nosy and checked out an early ep. Mins of YSS, singing, alone, is giving me a year’s worth of puking nightmares.

          But I read the vitriol on this uber PoS and haha I laughed till I coughed up some blood when YZ said LHC is identical to WXB of Deer of Mt Duke and even Wallace can’t hold it but blatantly refuted him. LOLZWTF.

          That is exactly part of YZ’s shrewdest, shameless calculations. He’s not as unbelievably talentless as he can be judged from his stuff since Goong, but he pooped up a money making formula with Goong and he’s sticking to the goldpooping formula till it is no more (and I hope soon). The more outrageously silly and thus snarkworthy the merrier for him, any eyeballs and pissy snarky rants on his crap = ratings. That is why even though I have no expectation and know exactly this is just yumehmeh’s usu brainless shoujo fake angst crap, and hence I won’t ever get vexed to waste any rant on sth unworthy as yu’s shit. I don’t even want to contribute to anything that the fat bastard can make use for the ‘enjoyment’ of snark alone.

          1. I can still sit through entertaining crap, not boring crap. But this new SPW adaptation…it’s no where as entertaining as Gong, so I gave up watching on TV and skipped through the episodes online just to get a gist of what’s up with DFBB. You’d totally want to ship LHC with DFBB – is that sacrilegious to SPW fans or what?!!

            At the rate YZ is going, he will make the audience ship Yang Guo with Guo Fu in his adaptation/reinterpretation of ROCH – maybe not a bad thing, LOL. I almost did root for Guo Fu over XLN in ROCH2006 because Chen Zihan is such a good actress.

            1. hahaha is that sacrilegious?! I think it’s offending the word sacrilegious. yu’s hugest ass offense is reducing LHC into a damsel in need of saving every bend but there is absolutely no showing of his purest honorable chivalry no matter what adversity. It is as if yu forget the Xia in wuxia = chivalry. The romance of LHC and RYY is the best developed, mature, realistic relationship LC has ever penned, and I know every soiling yu has done to sth as precious just to do whatever shiz he wanna w/ a ship he knows will bring maximum stabbity points. so yeah, I’m firmly on my principle alone I can make him cease to exist in my world at least, and not be bothered with any of his cheapest charades. There are tonnes of better use of my time for entertainment than yu. Seriously goong is much more offensive than entertaining anyway. It was never entertaining for me, his brand of crap esp anything Goong related and post G, IF I heard a hint of heart or at least some effort in decent production value in this one, I would’ve checked it out for HanDong and ChenXiao, but nahhhhhh. Everything looks cheap and fug and writing is by a 4 yo retarded crazy illiterate slug. For the ep I watched I literally can feel my brain dissolving and my eyes hurt from all the cheapest of sets and fugliest costumes. I don’t think Wallace has real talent in acting anyways never had any real hope he can rock this. Not a fan of Joe Chen either. So, I honestly have absolutely nth enticing me at all to watch, at least nowhere near compensating the yuck of yu and that horribly maimed by PS face I’m not sure is human.

              Y would anyone with a right mind, in a million lifetimes wanna ship LHC and DFbb in place of LHCxRYY for even one fleeting moment?! not if they are played by my absolute fav of fav actors. I know it’s yu’s crazyass of an intention, but there’s not even any real effort to make it work other than infuriating the ENTIRE LC/SPW fanbase. I’m not gonna let his evil schemes have any effect on me, yall can watch this disgusting crap for entertainment or what not, haha, but why should I go along with a moron’s fart of an idea, lolz.

              Nah, I never ever shipped YG and GF, GF is a spoiled rotten bitch, I wouldn’t want that for anyone decent even when I’m not a fan of YG. I don’t really care about anything RoCH except GuoXiang. YGxGF is too ‘predictable’ when yu is bartering entire rating on unimaginable most offensive and ridiculous crap. haha anything say YGxcondor, YGxLiMochou, YGxHuangRong, or better yet he mashed HR with GJ and condor and make the chimera YG’s OTP.

      2. Aw, c’mon! He looked pretty happy on Mulan set. He & Elanne Kwong got along swimmingly well and left sulky Chen Sicheng out cold.

        1. See, you said it yourself, CSC is not exactly bromancing Loverboy like KC is capable of, plus he has 9, 10 hopping around Elephant Mt atm to keep him sated with even more bromance, and Mulan has not even held a fanmeet as close to the frenzy the HXY fandom is showering. Anyway, imo Elanne is nowhere near the talent of JX and CSC as swarmy and annoying, too full of himself. I rem vividly Loverboy tweeted he is having a boring hard shoot in DunHuang, while this time at Elephant Mt, his diving in mud dying scene could so not be pleasant but he’s still happily joking about it with his knight in clingwrap posturing. And on the writing side, it’s really hard to funk up sth as good a backbone as HXY the novel. I have hopes Mulan will be great, but on a professional challenging symbiotic level, I dont think anything he’s done thus far (other than Tian Di Man Xin) has this stimulating, complimentary environment on the talent level. Anyone not getting along swimmingly well with my perfect loverboy, I judge! hahaha

  3. Thank you very much for all the photos, translations & comments. I took an hr to savour & digest them, haha…Oh, my fav cling wrap shots:) I think I need to use aluminium foil to wrap my sandwich from now on, lol. Btw my fren told me if I wrap my hands in cling wrap, I can have soft & white hands. Pardon me for being greedy but can I’ve the hot bed scenes next pls:P Don’t get it wrong, I just want to have an even closer look at YH’s ‘silky white hands’, muahaha….I want to compare YH & JX’s hands:P

    Oh, how i wish YH has more screen times so he can film this as long as possible since he is having a jolly good time & so are we, laughing at & with him:)

    1. >< I want bts of that bedscene very bad too…and we should have 2 right? One is warm and comfort, the other hot messy dirty horrible but WANT!
      Oh JX's hands are no match to YH, SS' hands are normally ok, but next to YH hers look like chicken feet :X haha and here I rem watching that hot and bothered smooch by the city gate in LoCH, I was shocked how I compare the softness and silkiness of his hands and SS' babysoft face:

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