A bloom, falling off the branch, its vibrancy will fade, but it is not an object void of attachments.  It will transform into fertile soil of spring, nourishing, nurturing new growths.

Our little Red Flower doesn’t fall far from his Tree.  This is a quote of a well-known poem YH’s Mom used as her description at weibo.  Circle of life, of a bloom separated, nourishing the mother tree, and all tying to Loverboy’s nick: little red flower, and all the waxing poetic on soil and growth and bloom rounded up nicely in a tweet Loverboy did yesterday (later on that).  It is brilliant and adorable and moving me to tears.  I’m pulling a very serious big sis face: all you single ladies out there, work on it, grab this dude, not just he’s perfection himself,  a bit more security on a smoother MiL conundrum is always nice.

This is just another regular day where the sun rises and our little red flower blooms.

Maybe it’s spring, for some reason, his name keeps popping up comparing against top leading men, cute Weibo personalities these few days.

First there is a guy writer (who has been openly bromancing him here and there, asking for a dinner date or sth at weibo) surveying the general opinion pitching him against Chen Kun:

AND the kicker is Miss writer Liu, of Zhen Huan Zhuan’s fame, is obviously a fangirl of them both, grabbing the first comment of the weibo, gushing to the world she likes BOTH of them.  Her reply prompted some redbeanies to nudge, asking her to cast YH in her upcoming drama (she has a ‘sequel’ to ZHZ in the works).  She openly said it is not that she wouldn’t love to, but too bad she has no control as a mere writer.

To my surprise,  doing a rough count of replies Loverboy is actually beating ChenKun by quite a huge margin.  I’ll admit Loverboy has a much more amusing weibo presence and only my shameless Loverboy, he replied under the thread he’s personally supporting a famous Jap adult video actress. <_<

Then another lady author, TV personality, PR firm mogul, insider of industry, who had already flirted with Loverboy on several occasion @ weibo, put out an even more impossible dilemma who is the most 萌/’moe’/cute (the word itself means ‘sprouting’ and it concocts causing FEELS of frenzy, of cute, of flailing):  Loverboy@袁弘 vs LiuYe@刘烨 vs HuangJue@黄觉 Argh.  These 3 yummiest manboyahjusshis are the only 3 weibos I can’t stop but read EVERY single tweet once I follow and never missed one, often so sated with their awesome and hilarious wittiest hotness I have a smile for a mile to see on hours end.  On the weibo charisma alone, I think Loverboy is the most accessible, easy to read and entertaining for the masses plus he has the prettiest package.  HOWEVER, LiuYe is hilarious as shit and he’s even more shameless in selling ‘moe’ along with his boy and his dog:

He is the relative newbie of the three in weibosphere, and famous for being the biggest derp, writing out a long tweet with real pen and paper and snapping a shot of said paper to post instead of using easy apps and tools, punk’d by his fans.  He also sworn since so many of his fans said his son is cuter and more handsome than he is, he’ll make it his life’s mission to immerse the baby in EVERY N. China redneck colloquial slang on earth so when he grows up, he’ll scare peeps by opening his mouth alone.   His friends also claimed he’ll read EVERY single tweet w/ his mention, and he’ll reply a blushing face if you fangirl his handsome awesomeness.  Imo, he is from the exact same planet far far away of Loverboy and they could’ve swapped brains and real existence and no one will notice much (other than LiuYe has a more amazing bode, which he’s not shy to go full monty, he exploded to the scene with the critically acclaimed controversial film Lan Yu afterall. * blushing just flashing back some visuals of him and HuJun*.)

He’s also a bff of hotties I adore, like Daniel Wu (whom he’s already ‘arranged’ their kids to be married and rule the world) and a few days ago, ChenKun.

He was cutely wailing on weibo the other day, ‘Don’t stop me.  At the premiere (of his new movie Chu zi Xi zi Pi zi Chef, Scoundrel,Thespian.  It looks like an outrageous circus with shades of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly based during the sino-J wars.) …There was a bro at the event telling me he knows of a lady who loves my charm of slight melancholy, but since reading my weibo, witnessing the loss of all virtue and moral compass I’ve exhibited here, she’s stopped loving me.  However, her bf starts loving me after reading my weibo…Don’t stop me.  Let me sob a while, then laugh a little, then cry while I’m laughing.’

ChenKun chatted back, ‘Darn, I’m now pondering whether I should reinvent my weibo image!

*O Kun~, you can go the MUCH easier route of just posting a pic of yourself daily.  No complaints my end. *

To which LiuYe patted back, ‘Kun!  It’s too late.  I can wax poetic in a thousand, a million words of prose, but two words.  Too. Late.  There is no use mentioning the past,  our virtue and morality are gone with the wind.  Reinvention may not bring resurrection, resurrection may not last forever.  The journey is far, hand in hand, we could leave our longing for this tree on VirtuousMoral Mt behind.  Kun, really, it’s TOO LATE.’

lolz, too darn cute.

Then there is the even more peculiar case of HuangJue.  I fangirl his brain the most out of this triumvirate of hotness.  He is the most badass of the 3, the best eye for photography of the 3, he is walking talking breathing brilliant ART in the shell of a former model/dancer.  His tweets are the most abstract to grasp at times but most brilliant with his very unique wry sense of humor.  AND, he also have the weapondry of a cute babyson:

Pertaining to the theme of this post (yeah this has one, I’m working very hard weaving everything into one cohesiveness, and I’m patting myself it’s brilliant, me smart, and my biases love me, read on): He taped the character 草 ‘grass’ in shocking pink on his army coat for a role he’s playing back in 2010.  It’s his usual brand of existential form of expression.  He HATES snow and the frigid and will cutely whine about it like a child deprived of candies.  The word ‘grass’ is homophonic to 操 ie…’FCK’.   An aside, he’ll be in an arthouse movie with a ladycrush of mine SongJia, who is in the titular role of the legendary lady writer Xiao Hong who lived during war torn Northern China between 1911 and 1942.  Keeping a very keen eye on it:

Usually these open headbutting of fandoms turn very ugly very quick, but not these 3.  I guess a lot of us are fangirling all of them anyways.   I have a pipe dream of these 3 lovely things be in an act together, maybe a standup gag (I mean the Cn comedians are all one note…plain and ‘normal’ looking ugly, why not spice it up with hotness).

And so back to the dilemma of picking a side: this is one brilliant reply by a redbeanie:

萌字一词分为:艹,日,月: ‘ The character ‘meng’ is made up of three parts.  We can let the 3 guys split it between them.  Then OriginalPosterlady, you can , the one you wanna (that is the root word for ‘grass’ ie 草…implying that…action), and you can日 the one you wanna 日 (erm, 日 is also slang for again…the action implied by…草), then you can date the one you wanna date (月 is homophone to 約, ie date)….if it’s too much to handle, please let Si Sister takes LiuYe, let me have YH, and Who ‘realized/覺 ‘ Huang first?  You, of course.’

Mr Shameless Loverboy will not be one sitting at the sidelines observing his own being being harassed left and right without jumping in. He asked, and we can insert his pouty face, ‘What will you do (with me) after the decision?’ (This dearie happens to say sth very direct and…NC17, the same action as ‘grass’ but she’s not the only one.)One witty pervie redbeanie answered him simply by ‘WANT!’  A word play on his Q of  ‘(what) you wanna do…(with me)’ ><

LiuYe is of the same branch as Loverboy, he replied cheering himself, ‘LiuYe! LiuYe!’

Gosh they made my DAY!

Loverboy is not done for the day though:

His brand of thinly veiled hilarious coquetry sprouting from his cold muddy ordeal the other day ends up in a lovely tweet: ‘ Last time when I was frolicking in the mud, there seems to be some muddy slurpy crept into my ear.  Tried as I might, I can’t get it out, I think it’s now dried up.  Seeing that spring is here, I wonder if it’ll sprout some grass.’  Also, he’s going around his way, clearly to express two words, in the most PG, unoffensive fashion: 草 ‘grass’ 泥 ‘mud’  or…Fk!

And I captured this from his Mom’s weibo, she replied him half-jokingly in a cute tune, ‘Oy! This (the mud-filled ear growing out grass) sure can happen~!

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