Friday Pretty Post 2: HONGSHI!

What is this?  I can’t believe my eyes…..

The original tweet is by TR’s Ladyboss Karen.  It is the first day of filming for BuBuJingQing.  ‘One day, if you leave, I’ll go to your world to find you.’

To which many of the TR PR peeps replied along the theme, like ‘If you can’t come to my world, I’ll come to your world to find you…’ apparently this is some form of tagline for drama. THEN…

Loverboy butts in with, ‘If I leave this world, I will piggyback you along~’

WHAT THE?!??!?!  WHAT IS GOING On?!!@#$%^*%@&@  IS he CAMEOing?!?!?

AND SHISHI TALKS BACK!! ‘ If you come to my world, I’ll piggyback some Tequila along~’

OH MY GAWDDDD!  MY HONGSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TThis is bts from today, the first day of shooting.  The guy in burgundy is Prince10!  So….ShiShi is off hanging out with Prince10, and her YH is off romancing Bro10’s wifey.

And a few days ago, the BuBu gang already had a mini-reunion @ weibo, promoting the revamped MV for 3 inches of Heaven:

So should I be expecting the ones joining the party here:  Bro8, SS, Bro13, Bro4, Bro10 and Consort8(AnnieLiu)to make an appearance in BBJQ?!  *SHOCK!*


I love this shot of SS recently, it’s from one of her upcoming movies:

And just like that, my interest is PIQUEEEEDDD!

And please dudes, nudge JiangXin to be in it too!  I’m still pretty sure the script will be mehhh, but with JX, everything will be ALRIGHT!


4 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post 2: HONGSHI!

  1. I knew you’d be right up cloud 9 when I read SS and YH’s exchange in weibo, I was like, what’s that HONGSHI?!! <33333

    And who is this Jiang Xin?

    1. She is YH’s OTP in his period fantasy drama where Kevin is the leading guy. Also she’s the huge breakout of Legend of ZhenHuan. AND the RL girlfriend of Prince10.

      hahaha but it seems like Loverboy was just being a sweetheart lending his ‘hand’ in promoting BBJQ, don’t see how he can fit in with his right schedule even for a cameo, and most annoyingly that ladyboss has not even acknowledged his presence at all, ie he may not even be offered shiz.

      1. Oooooh she’s oozing gorgeous and class in the pics, and 10’s RL GF some more, I guess I will be seeing Prince 10 visiting the set often?

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