Friday Pretty Post 1: Hua Xu Yin bts

Yes, MOREEEE.  The more I see, the more I LIKE.

[Credit on pix.   BIG thanks to original posters! ^^]

<_< We all know you have the most gorgeous hands, stop your self-appreciation, in public at least.

Yup, very pretty hands:

And silky pretty hands since forever this is a compilation fr Prince’s Education and LoCH days:

It is official, I LOVE this outfit on Loverboy.  There will not be any pic of him in it that I won’t post the heck out.  *starrystarrystarryeyessss*

And his horsey is quite handsome itself:

I love this too on JiangXin, our SongNing, this is her outfit sneaking out to find a gravely injured SongAn early on in their tale.

Sneak peek of SongNing piggybacking a passed out near death ShenAn through the snowy mountains. Poor JX, I bet Loverboy is not even hiding his grins too well.

*sobz* Poor JX, she’s hurt on set:

Our Trio of ANGST!  I would love sth extremely feminine and soft on SongNing as her wedding gown but this is majorly kickass.  This is not the best snap of 677, in other pics I can see a soft fire burning in her eyes, quite suitable for the character I must say.

I hope the actress for 677 can hold her own against the powerful cracking chemistry of YH and JX I’m already feeling.  Because I hold the opinion these 3 characters are all tangled in the exact same angsty ship it would be my thing to delve into each of them as equals. The actress looks fine to me, but HAHA I would so watch this (Nicky crossdressing as 677, it’s for his Manguo drama w/ Prince10) wholeheartedly.


This is 677 from the back, I ADORE the hair!!!!! HXY is set in a fantasy historical period but it should be quite close to the days of HuangDi (the original legend of Hua Xu Tune) long long ago when middle earth consisted of 9 states.  So the very simple dos preHan is suitably lovely.

And as much as I love my loverboy, I wished the pic was snapped from the opposite end, my gut is telling me this red number on JX’s SongNing is breathtaking.

This is posted by PD, bts of the scene of poor SongNing dragging the gravely hurt unconscious SongAn through the difficult frigid terrain.  JX looks beat, but the ‘passenger’ is obviously having an easy fun time, in the mood of making silly faces.

This is what Loverboy replied under PD’s tweet:  We were shooting a scene of sledding with doggy pulling, but Ah Ning was stubborn in insisting it was the snowsled dragging along a doggy instead.  Therefore, in order to nicely go along with her idea, and being considerate,  I stuck out my tongue.

<_< POOR JIANGXIN!!! Gosh 10Sis-in-law what did you have to endure?!?!  haha you don’t deserve this derp’s smartassery, not even veiling he’s calling you names, making fun of you as a sleddoggy, and he has to put it as though he’s being sweet and considerate.  You are lucky you are cute Loverboy, or else I’ll hit you (most lovingly).  And to add on the fun, the weibo IdolOrIdiot retweeted Loverboy’s coy reply and…the other Crown Prince of Derpiness at weibo LiuYe rushed to grab the ‘sofa’ (ie rush to be the first to reply, a silly habit, really, of forums and weibosphere) of the tweet.  ie the TWO Princes of Derp are sorta interacting.   I’m greedy, I want them to be weibo besties, oh the hottest delish hilarity!!!

A happier JiangXin and is this our 677?:

*girl crush mode ON*

I actually love these 2 muted looks on the men.  I dunno why, maybe it’s just what sticks from my rabid love for Chinese Ghost Stories, I just love any Issey Miyake 80s inspired looks for C periods over fine neatly shiny silks.

MUCH better with less makeup and less fiddling.  Not too fond of the blue hair still, but I love that little hint of blue in his under-layer instead of full on primary cobalt blue explosion just because it’s mentioned in book he is wearing blue.  ONE garment in blue in the midst of the muted is fine and tasteful.   Our JunFu has a keen eye on pretty, she’ll notice such a lovely undergarment on a hottie of all things.

Lolz.  I am not sure when this was said, maybe to the visiting fans on set.  YH leaked out Kevin is very afraid of cold, he wears 3 under layers under the costume, ‘One piling on top of the other, each layer is very thin, but he’s wearing so many.  The collars are always crooked to this side or the other.’  To which Kevin smirked, ‘Why are you paying attention to me?!’ hahahaha.

This is also a better pic of the fanmeet:

The more I look at it, the more I like the details, there is that hint of royal blue in the trimming.  The makeup looks too cakey in RL, but I’m sure it will be fine on film.

SN+SA sitting on A horse: K-I-S-S-I-N-G (<ok, it is not captured but that lovely sweet smile on our SN!!!!  IF only she’s smart enough to turn her head…)

……First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby……
*sobz wrong song afterall sobbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

I’m asking JX/SN to turn her head silly!   I kid.  ahhhhh yeah, keep turning and showing your face in all the lovely angles.

Still at it, I see.  That is some cute booties.

*phew* so the outfit it as least moveable, unlike that scorpion number we feared for your neck.

This is 保剑锋/Jeff Bao as Song…. (I forgot to make note of whether it’s the uncle or the nephew).  13 Yue/Moon has a complicated love polygon involving blood related lookalike sisters and relatives.  He is the love interest of 13 Yue.  Quite dashing!


One of the soldiers

Grown SongNing and her younger version

The young heroine princess YeQin, and later our JunFu.

Hasn’t aged much since LoCH:


Or maybe even regressed a bit with those chubbier cheeks and munching on a lollipop (how old are you now my Loverderp?!)

Last but not least, this sweet blogger is doing very lovely English translation of Hua Xu Yin:


5 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post 1: Hua Xu Yin bts

    1. Yes, the key plot of story (SPOILERS) is SA mistook SN’s deeds as 677′s and fell for 677. SN sneaked out to find SA in battlefield, graving injured in and mostly out of consciousness by her general bro’s army and found a medicine man (and his granddaughter 677) to nurse him back when her bro has people looking for her, so she left with half of her jade and his half unconscious promise of marrying her (since she saved his life during a high fever and chills by warming/cooling him with her naked body). But alas, when SA woke up, he assumed 677 is the one saving him, she didn’t correct him, she kept SN’s letter to him with her half of the jade and took it as her own. SA fell for her wholeheartedly, and it’s then SN’s bro (and king) arranged the political marriage btn SA and SN….

  1. It’s nice to see the pic (1st) where YH and KC were laughing. I wonder who said and what was said that made them laugh so hard. Why is YH so adorable?! Even his hands are perfect! Now….I wonder….. what his feet look like…..

    I wish there is a pic that shows the lines of his palm so I can ask my Mom to read it (there I go again with my wishful thinking). Hehe!

    Is Jeff Bao a new actor?

    LOL….. I love the way you tease them……LOL.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. It’s amazing what a little make-up/costume change can do, and I think it speaks for JX too. I don’t think I would have been able to recognise her as Song Ning because her Consort Hua aura is so~ evident in her role. She looks like a totally different person in the BTS and stills. Her expression is so much more innocent.

    I have to agree on the costumes, I like the rugged ones more.

  3. (since she saved his life during a high fever and chills by warming/cooling him with her naked body)…

    mookie, it sounds so HOT even my mind going pervert LOL wonder how they execute this scene *sigh*………..and i want to be the lolipops T_T

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