Hua Xu Yin Field Day

The press was invited to visit the set, interview the leads for the day.   I was jumping up and down with my laptop as I click on pic after gorgeous pic, listening to a clip recorded on the set of Loverboy’s own cute voice delivering his lines (hahaha it’s rare, and I bet he won’t be dubbing his own lines in the final product, but I can’t stop guffawing at his too cute voice! muahahaha), or a clip of him not missing a second munching on snacks.  Then I went on gagaing about my dream OTP JX and YH looking soooooooooo kickass perfect together I’m weeping.   Then, some annoying news sent me off really to a crying fit.

First, the good, a gorgeous picspam (credit on pics; thanks to original posters):

They were filming the battle scene where SongNing first met, and fell in love at almost first sight with ShenAn yesterday.

O___O This pic of our Song Ning is the shuaiest, most handsome of the WHOLE HXY I’ve seen thus far.  *_____*  Questionable headgear is NOT taking any gorgeousness away from JiangXin.

imo, he’s so dashing but his horsey is cuter.

I mean just Fri, I was eating all my words of I don’t want Loverboy to have anything to do with the most definitely crappy and half-baked BBJQ, EVER, but seeing HONGSHI being loving as only they can be fried my brains and I was cheering on, I mean a cameo by 8 and 13 could so be arranged and it would be perfect:  these 2 talented busy guys won’t be stuck with an entire time-wasting crappy drama, yet they can have a smashing BuBu reunion, preferably around ShiShi’s bday Mar 10th.  This will shut some hardcore BuBu fans bitching they are not ‘filial’ enough to join this project no matter what and robbing them any chance of an authentic BuBu redux.  According to these extreme fans, the gang should just do it out of gratitude and normal decency/piety alone, they won’t be half where they are without BuBu, blablablablabla.   It will pain me if they turn down anything for this very meh script, so a cameo is Win and WIN.   With the cameras rolling on its first day of filming, TR’s ladyB sent out the BBJQ tagline tweet.  Many TR behind the scene crew retweeted it, Loverboy is still a good friend with quite a handful of them (one of the TR ladies tweeted a bday greeting to YH’s RL bff/HighSch buddy/his roomie just the other day), so as my gut is telling me after all the HONGSHI!!!! mindless squeeing, this is most probably Loverboy being the sweetest thing, giving a hand, a little encouraging pat, on the new drama his old friends are involved in.  ShiShi, who really is the opposite of the outgoing social butterfly chatterbox at weibo unlike yh promptly replied his tweet with a cute followup, nudging the gesture they came up with, ‘the Tequila’ in BuBu. I really am not greedy and never interested in intruding in others’ private business, I frankly only need them to be JUST EXACTLY THE WAY THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, ie THIS!  I am serious, I did shed a tear of joy because I can truly feel their genuine tightest friendship nothing will ever get in the way! And I must say, this is more precious, romance is for us normalfolks. <33333

Some quick-witted, sharp-eyed Redbeanie noticed TR leaked out definite chatter on EVERYONE possibly joining/in talks lately except our 13 until this retweet.   Even after he retweeted labyB’s tweet, only SS replied, not any other TR peeps.   Then came a wkend of all kinds of heated gossips and rumors of 8, 13 most probably will cameo (which makes a lot of sense tbh), 9  still in talks but anything is possible blablabla, basically wind fr TR is: The BuBu Gang will be almost back as whole, fangirls! BBJQ is MUST SEE!

Back to the media field day on the set of Hua Xu Yin, there is one cute and YHisaDERP anecdote, never a boring day with him around the set.  JiangXin is suffering a high fever, but she’s such a professional giving 120% on the set on top of interacting with the press, lots and lots of them.  Kevin is also present, and smiling his warm smiles.  The reporters asked YH if Prince10 Ye ZuXin( JX’s bf) had visited the set.  YH said (lied/ very thinly veiling the secretNot!  JX and Ye is a very steady couple) he doesn’t know a thig.  But reporters have already asked KC, and KC said yes, 10 had visited him, that’s all.  When the reporters asked JX, she didn’t hesitate and said Ye/Prince10 visited the 3 of them.  LOLZ.  haha He is the one posting a pic of 9, 10 and himself wishing their youngest bro 14 a happy bday not long ago.   *Look at his Derpy face in the pics above when that happens, caught redhanded LYING in this vid!  But when the reporters accused YH for lying when he said he didn’t know, JX quickly helped him out saying Prince10 is here visiting Prince9 instead, maybe. *lolz*

Then some questions segued into Bubu, of course.  I think it’s cute and harmless to mention say 9 or 10 and the Bubu brotherhood, afterall bros 8 and 13 are working together again and they have met up with 9 and 10 recently all chubby at Elephant Mt.  BUT to full on poke at another drama on the set of the first major official presentation to the media is rather tactless.  YH made it very clear, for the nth time, he has not been asked to participate in BuBuJingQing, not even as a cameo.  It doesn’t look like he’ll have time with his very tight schedule anyway.  My rational fangirl biased heart is actually very relieved on hearing that.  I don’t think he can afford too many duds at this very crucial ascending stage of his career.

The rest of my innards though, are twisted in knots like ‘the spilling of the 5 spices rack’.  On one hand, Thank You Jesus!!  Spare Loverboy being used left and right stringing along when his time can be so much better used prepping for his upcoming lead role or even just REST!  Then it still pains me a bit knowing how new low scummy TR is still capable of.   This is one loyal talented guy, giving your company almost the entire decade of his 20s, he didn’t bear any grudge of being idled and mistreated yet that TR LadyB DAREEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS to always, constantly snides him like he’s some homeless hobo begging her a penny to spare, and she’ll cast him an half-assed mention IF she’s feeling especially charitable.  Why leaked out all these false rumors, ALL these casting soap operas, stringing along EVERYONE with no shame just to make some noise?!?!  The interweb has a very scary corner of fanwars, carelessly throwing names and blatantly LYING make those not able to join BBJQ looks like ungrateful wishywashy bastards to some ignorant fangirls not familiar with the usual nauseating promo tactics TR is capable of (just think: is there a TR drama of late NOT imbued in the most explosive ugly casting dramas?!?!), when at least YH (whom I find no reason to doubt him one bit) did not even get the courtesy of an offer to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because I know my Loverboy so well, esp professionally, and he truly is one sweet darling,  IF he’s asked to cameo a day or 3, paying homage to the brotherhood on top of the friendship with SS which is clearly so so dear to his heart, what is a few days of no sleep even if he has to, compared to his last year of crazy filming schedule?!   And he’s such a nosy busybody, he’s NOT gonna miss out from all the fun on the personal level.   The conspiracy theorists are projecting from the look of the cast, Little JiangJingFu (the next cute but can’t act thing TR is obviously serving on a platter for the fangirls) will be Guy2, and there is no way LadyB will let there be anyone very possibly stealing Jiang’s thunder.  Lil’ Jiang has been said to be a younger YH lookalike, IF he’s acting next to the real deal, and a much better actor than that, it’s not a smart move, so rumor is LadyB  NEVER had the intention of asking YH to even cameo.   This will be a close collaboration with HunanCableTV, notorious for inserting idols under their contract left and right, obscene amt of product placements and just the silliest of crappy idol drama tricks and cliches known to mankind.  And so, the more we know of the cast and HunanTV’s involvement, the worse the outlook for BBJQ.  As if it’s not looking quite hopeless to begin with. But yes, this is the last straw, TR, esp that ladyB, don’t EVER string him along, drag him into all that hoopla of BBJQ just for some stupid noise for a crappy sequel.  LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

I think Loverboy is seriously disappointed/heartbroken/annoyed this time as can be clearly seen in this clip T_T, *soobbbbzzz* speaking in no blunter words he has not been offered anything related to BBJQ to even consider cameoing in, but he will help out if his schedule permits and IFFFFF he’s asked.  So, he replied the TR ladyB BBJQ tweet just out of his usual sweetness, I guess.  That B* of TR dares to once again for the @#$%!%#$&*($!*&* times string the whole gang along for promo’s sake without even the decency to ask them, I personally need to beat the shiz out of her so she won’t be so full of them no more.

And I think what pains me most is how this must pain Loverboy.  He’s been treating anything TR with this constant sweetness, he’s never missed tweeting about any TR production, making some noise, cheering them on.  And yet, this is how his kindness is returned.  I sincerely hope this will once and for all dash all his hope this is a bunch of peeps still worthy to have any professional connection with, and off any involvement with TR, the sinking ship.   And this is why there is a substantial group of SS fans begging SS to leave TR, asap.  I digress.

Anyhow, at the meet the press,  JX half-jokingly jabbed YH for not taking good care of her as she’s sick, it’s a lucky day for her on the set if he didn’t tease and poke her for fun.  Of course this is just all joke, they are 2 childish pranksters on set.  YH said he has only 10 days of filming left for HXY, then he has to hurry off to his coastal set for his spy manguo/revolution drama Mi Mi Hang Xian/秘密航线/Secret Passages.  They have already held a presscon and filming has begun.  AND YH IS IN A DASHING WHITE CAPTAIN UNIFORM!!!!

These are the three leads/love triangle posing for the official stills:

Back to more snaps from the set of HXY:

I think JX looks lovely  in this red number and hair.

This is LinYuan, our YeQin/JunFu, I’m not sure why she’s not present in much of anything.  In the book, she’s the main character almost appearing throughout the entire tale of 4 stories.  She’s quite cute, but why are we suddenly going along the age of the character in the book when EVERYONE else is not?!?!  I’m not sure how a visual of her romancing Kevin will be.  Maybe they’ll work like magic, who knows, right?


25 thoughts on “Hua Xu Yin Field Day

  1. I do not understand the reasoning behind Kevin’s blue streak of hair. O_O

    And I love the pictures of Yuan Hong in the uniform!!! *w*

    1. It’s their (failed) attempt in making him younger and hammering in ‘THis is Fantasy~!’ Also his character has a nick ‘little blue’ which the heroine gave him because of him wearing blue…how that is expressed by a strand of bangs instead?! No idea. I think the costumes are outrageous, the netizens have been dissing it left and right they had to answer biting questions on it.

      1. T_______T They should’ve just had him wear something blue!! Plus..I wish he wouldn’t have bangs..I feel like he would look better without them. O_O

        1. I wished they’ll leave it at that royal blue undergarment, it’s tasteful and subtle, but alas. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, if they all look perfect and spiffy, that’ll be icing on cake, but I’d rather the look of things is a bit off when everything else is solid.

            1. I do not know why there is such a slim offering of very young but naturally talented actors in Cdramaland, I bet with precious space all taken up by idols or vacant plastic vases will do that. As Kevin said when asked about his take on the criticisms just on his looks alone, he said critics have always been against him from day one so after 20 years in the business, he’s more than used to it. What I see in him is a drive and a sparkle in his eyes he has the fire and confident to do this role justice. I’m not worried at all.

      1. And the thing is this derp kept playing with it most lovingly and all serious doing his lines take after take in front of ALL the press. after like 20~ takes the fangirls said the reporters are all quite bored as it’s getting old, but he still kept himself so entertained. <_<

    1. yup fake, but he loves it, he also played with JX’s white fake stand-in horsey the other day taking pics with it in nothing much but food wraps.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful you gave whilst going through all those gorgeous pictues of the 3 of them. In fact, it was I who had a field day with them! Lin Yuan, finally. She reminds me of a mischievous pixie, she’s so cute and petite and I’m sure Kevin’s go;ing to treat her right royal.

    1. I like Lin Yuan too! She maybe the least known of the leads but I think her looks are perfect for the role, there really is sth ingenue/pixie in her, and it’s hard to emulate ‘Youth’

      This is my most anticipated Cdrama, now not just because I think this is like a dream trio of talented actors for me, but JX, after her breakout fr Legend of ZhenHuan must have all the scripts at her disposal to pick and choose but after she read this one, she said she cried through the night and called her agent asap in the morning, she must get the role for SongNing, it’s that well-written, she said.

  3. Your Loverboy looks like an adorable big cute baby lying on top of that big fake horse! I just can’t help but squeezeeeeee and swayyyyyy. I want to sing him a lullaby and pat his back so he can sleep tightly and have sweet dreams (wishful thinking). LOL.

    You are so right ….wanting to see YH in uniform. He looks so gorgeous (of course!)! It seems like he gained weight…his face looks rounder. He look better though. I can not wait for this drama.

    Luv all the pics!

    Thank you for this post….

    1. He is soooo adorbs when the reporters caught him blatantly lying in the vid when all he wanna do is to keep his mouth shut about the RL romance btn JX and prince10! hahaha

      tbh, he should work out, he needs some bulk so uniforms and outfits other than 20, 30 pounds of armory will hang better. I actually love this kind of face shape on guys, a stronger rounder jaw is more manly to me than the pointy chiseled at times PS’d ones in vogue, but yeah his bode is tooooooo skinny making his disproportional unless in period garb.

      1. I showed my co-worker his pics in my screensaver….she squeezed and swooned! She likes him! So I suggested she watch his dramas. She likes him better in period garb too.

        I hope he will find time to work out. But then…..Mookiehyun…. when he develops muscles…… we might not be able to handle his hotness!!!!

        1. hahaha you and your friend are sooo cute! XD

          OH YES WE CAN!!! The more hotness the merrier!!!!! I think during the press day at Hua XuYin the pd said he and the cast are so confident this will be a great adaptation some of them are claiming they will run naked IF it’s horrible. lolz. I bet one of them is Loverboy, coz he’s quite obsessed with the nikkid running, with silly bets left and right with his bffs to go full monty in public if they lost a bet to him at weibo.

          1. NOOOOO WAY! I want it to be the greatest adaptation ever. Yet…… Loverboy running naked!? Hmmmmmmmm. YES!!! As long as the pics are not censored when posted online.

    1. First TR is now shrinking into a smaller crappier production company since the misfortune of LoCH08 than they would admit. It is very obvious they are very strapped on cash (it’s almost like they need the profit of one project to steamroll the next one) to meet the needs of the current C market. It used to be able to churn out very decent in production value, tiny budget C period lighter fare. Now it’s on the wrong track trying to compete in those ‘epic’ bonanza that is very expensive to make decent. Even YZ, who is sorta the leader of the pack, shamelessly did not give a lick in the quality of ANYTHING but just in it to stir up poop, make maximum $$$$$$ at the expense of misery of our eyeballs.

      So with the limited resources, they can only focus it on one or two artists they can keep pushing as leading man/lady, ie HuGe and ShiShi. It’s now dwindled down to solely ShiShi tbh. LadyB expected YH to be filial and absolutely obedient accepting his role in the company as the forever supporting guy2, the soy sauce guy but he’s mighty talented, and has been doing leads in proper CCTV historicals since very early on. So it’s the case of too small a pond, but he’s not large enough a fish to be on his own. He should’ve left the sinking ship after LoCH, but he wasted another 4, 5 years with them during which the company has given him NOTHING except a very offending ‘Guy1’ by name only in the superlame Clothing the World. Then came BBJX, LadyB has been touting YH would be prince4 since the break of dawn for that project, but as with TR’s style, it somehow takes forever, literally years in pre-production, during which this tiny shoddy company has no regard to arrange other work for him in particular. YH has been sitting around doing bit roles here and there for years waiting for BBJX, and what kind of up and coming actors in their 20s have years to spare?! So in the mean time YH wanna try out things, he’s been typecast in strictly TR idol-period guy2, so he took up outside projects by himself AND when it’s finally almost all set LadyB wants bigger stars and make bbjx more profitable. I don’t blame her exactly, BUT she’s been stringing YH all along, and even so scummy in implying it’s him not sparing his schedule AND leaving TR therefore they can’t work out a bigger role for him, but she is KIND to still ask him back to be a guy4/5 prince13.

      TR is now set to push Jiang JingFu like they did with HuGe, casting him in the lead role in XianYuan Sword. Lin GengXin/prince 14 was actually in similar situation as YH, he’s not as ‘obedient’ and therefore TR is clearly gonna waste his time giving him only supporting roles forever in their productions. But to LGX’s cred, he’s shrewder, and is leaving TR no matter what before wasting more of his time even when it’s getting very ugly.

  4. i dunno, everytime i saw Loverboy pics, all i want to do is to hug him tightly 🙂 and he look so handsome in uniform although tbh i still not willing to let his ancient-hot-style to go *sigh*

    1. I think he’s reached a perfect ‘compromise’, he is still doing period fare, mixed with turn of century and modern.
      For a C actor to get proper street cred in the industry, a turn of century war/spy piece under his helm is a necessity, I hope this will be decent and he’ll finally get his proper breakout to the mainstream.
      William (that HunanTV producer very chummy with the BB gang, esp YH at weibo) is leaking out that idoldrama with SiWon will be out soon (rumor is March/April) and he tweeted it’s funny to see YH so serious and so unlike his usual derpy self on screen. I’ll take it as YH is doing a fine job being in character.

    2. Mookie, I can’t wait to see more of Lin Yuan and Kevin the next time. I just hope that these two hit off and exhibit some sparkling chemistry to stop all the criticisms hurled against Kevin re his age.

      1. I actually read the bulk of the novel AFTER knowing who is cast for what and I don’t think aging Kevin’s character by say a decade or so is a big deal in changing the flow and dynamics of the story and relationships. The character is obviously older and much more experienced in a lot of things than our heroine, so what is a few years more?! IF it’s the other way round, when the characterization of YeQin/JunFu relies heavily on her ingenue and they go cast someone without that particular aura, then it’s a travesty. But with KC, even without the young manga-like fantasy looks, I trust he can do an amazing job with his acting alone, and actually in a lot of the scenes where MoYen is very caring towards YQ/JF and I can totally picture KC in the scenes without a problem reading. KC is very honest in admitting when he read the script, there was no mention of age in it, and he obviously had not read the novel, and he thinks he can do it and this is a good script.

  5. Oooh yayz more Hua Xu Yin goodness! 🙂




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