My Last Post on BuBuJingQing


Posters/Character Stills are out.  See for yourself before I insert my opinion underneath:

I think Damian(our Emperor KangXi) is dandy like Damian, Nicky looks dashing and younger than ever, Prince10 Ye ZuXin is the fairest of them all, like a pretty girl2.  Sorry I know it’s bigotry of me to be shallow and judgmental and all, but what the freak is that earring!??!  AND that even more flowery gay one on Jiang JingFu?  Lil’ Jiang is chattered amongst the fangirls with a face a cross btw the BFF HuGe and YuanHong and I agree.  He’s a young cute hottie esp in stills, so why, I beg to know, is he PS’d to DEATH?!  And if TR stuck him in a role paying homage(my foot!) to YH’s prince13, when they are sorta facetwins, it’ll get a chuckle out of me in its cheekiness.

This is a bunch of gorgeous peeps, one of the new guys is from the popular iPartment ‘sitcom’ series 孙艺洲/Sun YiZhou and the other, idolsinger 陈翔/Chen Xiang.  I have seen maybe almost one episode of iPartment anything, so I can’t be a judge and I don’t know a thing about ChenXiang.   I hope they are decent, but then IF they are and riding on their own popularity, WHY are they stuck doing this!?!?!??!

These are some of the laziest, uninspired and dourest of promo stills I’ve seen.  They all look like they wanna be in some copycat Cold War the movie or some lame HK gangster/cop show instead of this (but who wouldn’t rather).  However, lest they forget, this is some contemporary garden variety, run of the mill C manrem romance still no matter how it’s packaged, right?!?!  The story better has sth to do with the Forbidden City, even if it’s just the modern day museum or whatever, because sticking it right there squarely in the poster is all kinds of tacky.  But then this is TR, what do I expect otherwise?!?!

I’m saving the hugest rant for last, ShiShi looks like the image of death/Lady Macbeth with not a hint of liveliness to be found ANYWHERE here.  The styling is aging her by 2 decades at least and she can play the mother of Nicky IF they intend it that way (some dearies are already jabbing IF her love interest will include Damian, truest to MarySue romance fashion), her face has a yellowish grey tint all over that is so waxy and unattractive I’m beyond baffled.  I think this is the fugliest shot I’ve ever seen of SS, she sometimes lack a certain sparkle/twinkle in the eyes but this is the worst.  And TR, what is the deal now?!  Even if SS is tired beyond imaginable with her workload, there is sth called PHOTOSHOP, which you are using heavily on ALL the dudes, esp lil’ Jiang, why the stringent on SS?!  I wonder if they are having unpleasant surprises in store for us SS is playing some undead, ie that car accident did ‘kill’ and time-travelled her to Qing as RuoXi and now she’s in limbo as a zombie.  <- this of course is just off my silly head, but admit it, wouldn’t this make the so boring super meh BBJQ synopsis that much more interesting?!?!  It is not that hard TR peeps, DO IT.

And am I to assume any semblance to reality, living in a modern city, working as some ordinary OL in some office and there won’t be ANY girlpals of any significance in sight but the swirling of a thousand hot men orbiting around our Sun?  O. Kay.

21 thoughts on “My Last Post on BuBuJingQing

    1. *sighhhh* It does, I mean look at the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is some lazy stock cityscape they didn’t even bother with tweaking it to look any less unoriginal.

      And this is just one out of 12435746532416 things this project is looking like it’s slapped together with no heart. If it is just the posters, I can look the other way. But all these last minute rumors and miscommunications is telling me TR doesn’t give a damn.

      1. Sounds like this will be a stretch with all of the new characters. I mean, I would try the sequel if it had all of the original cast. But now…. O_O

        Also I wonder why they didn’t attempt a movie sequel instead of a drama? Maybe that would’ve worked out better?

        1. It’s almost like what is YZ’s pt of doing a SPW ‘adaptation’ when nth is authentic to the original but empty names? Nah, it’s a much more cutthroat biz with movies, unless you have say a FanBingbing as convincingly a leading lady all the guys will twirl around, no one is gonna pay for sth that is not CGI extravaganza, action packed, or visually epic. None of them have any box office draw, even Nicky, but with sticking with a drama format, at least some hardcore fans will check it out, afterall it’s free and it’s on TV/interwebs, and TR can profit through ads, otherwise, BB the franchise has no money making power at all.

          1. Hm maybe they should’ve made a drama special instead of an entire new season T_T I just don’t think it needs a whole new season for the sequel..

            1. *lesighhhh* they kinda need it for $$$$$$ purpose, i mean it’s outrageously obvious TR is in it to milk it, nth more, LB has no intention whatsoever to do anything she claims she’s doing, it’s the typical Cdrama producer a la lying liar who lies. She and YZ are really of the same pod. drama sp is not really a thing in Cdramaland, they do NOT care if this is necessary, I can bet on my head they have nth of interest going on that can carry a 20/30 ep drama, so why not gather this bunch and churn out 30 hrs of nonsense and SELL it for 30 hours of ‘BBJX2’?! It is futile to think for TR in any regard to normal logic and decency.

    1. *sigh* the thing is ShiShi is the one who looks like she is least enjoying it one bit.

      I’ll be silly and the only thing that I can YY and cheer myself up a bit is maybe her YH is not joining and thus the sulky faces.

    1. I maybe nosy enough to check it out, but I’m quite sure I won’t be able to sit through one ep of this. TR’s original scripting and HunanTV’s brainless idolfare moderns will be one big cluster of…funk.

      When Nicky just replied under these stills, nudging a veiled jab saying, ‘things will look better’. I wanna pat him as having the balls to say it as is and not like the rest of peeps involved treating it as some Emperor’s New Clothes of nothing is awry.

  1. U know ultra MEH when you see it, the posters are all fuglyboring. =_=

    Your next post will happen ONLY if Loverboy cameos or comes to visit BTS.

    1. *sigh* that’s why I hope this is the last post on this turd, because I don’t even want him to cameo and let douchyTR use him in any way. That ladyboss is worst than YZ in shamelessly lying. I just saw the vid of reporters asking him if he’s going to join this, there is so much hurt in his eyes and voice asking the reporters back rhetorically the filming for BBJQ has started no? AND HE IS NOT ASKED IN ANY WAY TO JOIN….like he’s the only one not knowing, not asked to be at some birthday part of a bestie as a child. TT____TT Oh my poor Loverboy, they are so not worth it!

  2. Golly! They all look like they are going to the funeral of a beloved family member!!!!

    I still love you Shi Shi….

    1. Exactly! And I mean the pic of Nicky is lit fine and some of the rest of the dudes, so WHY is ShiShi’s so horribly lifeless? I dunno how they pick and choose because even the one in the bottom and the one of the ensemble are much better.

  3. ahaha read some peeps on weibo saying that the posters could pass off as horror genre, even the name sort of fits the horror vibe xD

    1. No joke! Tbh when I look closely at SS’ still alone last night, I have the creepy jeebies! I do not understand how they can lit it so poorly SS’ eyes have no sparks but a pool of scary abyss nothingness.

  4. Goodness gracious me! Shi Shi looks like an ahjumma >.<
    It's obvious that TR is so milking it for the money,which is just plain sad cause I loved BBJX to pieces. To know that this drama is most likely to be a mess just breaks my heart. WHY DID THEY EVEN SIGN UP FOR THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    1. I don’t think ShiShi has much of a choice. Nicky’s production company is rumored to be somewhat collab with TR in this and Ye/Prince10 is under Nicky’s company’s management. I think this has a chance to do decent rating wise, but on my head this will be one ROYAL MESS!

  5. URGH I hope I don’t sound too harsh but I think these posters look awful! All the black and white/gray snow looks so depressing, and I don’t get the make up/styling for Shishi because it makes her look at least 5 years older than she is! And the fact that key characters like 8th Prince and 13th (my favorite!) and 14th are missing makes me hesitant in accepting this Bubu Jing Qing as a decent sequel to BBJX…

    1. *frankly in my head, when I see SS’s still, I wondered was it styled after Kathy Bates in Misery?! :X *

      But then there is this unfounded rumor swirling SS is actually playing twins:
       photo 135408573_zpsa2403d2f.jpg

      I guess this is the TR’s way you can keep her being the only girl surrounded by half a dozen guys in our modern world.

      *sighhhhhhhh* THAT is why that scummy LB is gonna keep lying through her behind nonstop this ‘is’ BBJX2, the orig cast all still in talks !#$#%!#!$^$%@&^#$! the crap, string everyone along even when she has no intention to ask them back for a cameo, fearing they will totally overshadow the newbies they are trying to hype up with this turd.

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