Palpitations, Hives, Shortness of Breath, You NAME IT!

And I literally can’t feel my limbs and have been pinching my cheeks while doing vitals on myself.

许我向你看 will be adapted into a Cdrama.  许!我!向!你!看!  My most engrossing, destroying every fiber of my sanity read by my current fav C contemporary ‘romance’ novel writer Miss Xin YiWu.  My C novel enablers/bookclubSages.  O! M! F! G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and 蚀心者TOO!!! THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone hit me REAL hard.  Like for reals?!?!

Then I have 茅山后裔 which my bro is forcing on my as long as 9 lifetimes to read list and I have just learned both Loverboy and ShiShi loved the book!  Must. Read. NOW!

OMGOMGOMG Some fangirl (not really me but MTE!) is already pitching Loverboy as the main guy HanShu.  This must be one of the most challenging character to flesh out on paper of late and it could be translated into one of the juiciest role EVER.  If in the right hands (ie hopefully Miss Xin will have a part in writing the script and some say in its direction) and it really lands on Loverboy’s lap, I see no chance whatsoever he’ll not take this and turn it into the role of his career.   TPTB, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!

It looks like Loverboy has wrapped up his filming at the HXY set and like magic, is showing up at his next drama, his first bona fide leading role in YEARS:  秘密航线/Secret Passages/Mi Mi Hang Xian

Still Hua Xu Yin Central here.  I do not know why Le Derp went frolicking and preening with his cute horsey at the beach on his last day at Elephant Mt, but he did:

He’s also caught ‘red-footed’ kicking and abusing the crew for fun, tsktsktsk:

*sighhh why so cute life-ruiner?!*

I’m not sure the dearie snapping these bts is a professional photog attached to the drama or just a fangirl who is a professional photog for a living, because these pics are so ridiculously gorgeous they can be used as posters and wallies as is:

HOW. GORGGGG! ><  Gossh I need this drama N!O!W!!!!

The vids by the press are trickling out and these three are soooo ridiculously cute:

They will do whatever the reporters asked them to: JiangXin made the cutest faces and when they suggested them to pinky swear and JX throws one lovely smile at YH, his helmet can’t hide the blushing.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

And in case you don’t know, I LURVE Jiang Xin.  LoveLubLURVE<33333!!! And I just love her some more for this alone:

KC is being the warm caring bigbro, stepping aside and pushing these 2 OTP to take a picture together.  JX immediately adds, ‘It’s ok.  You two are a CP too!’  HAHAHA  are there any rare Prince8xPrince13 shippers out there?!

Hahaha Sina made caps for the cutest lie:  YH blatantly LIES, saying he knows nothing, and why do the reporters know of sth he doesn’t know.  When the reporters let him know ‘hey KC said Prince10 has visited him’.  He still TRIES saying ‘Oh! Bro8 must’ve forgotten to tell me’.  KC admits Prince10 visited him but stating he is not leaking anything else, not saying a word more. JiangXin is most honest, and with YH next to her, she said Prince10 visited all 3 of them, to which YH still keeps lying most adorably, ‘Argh! I told them I did not see Prince10!  I don’t know a thing!’ JX, ‘How can you lie like that?’ YH, still pouting and with his pleading eyes, begging JX to cooperate with his story, ‘I really don’t know!!!!’ JX, ‘oh…. Prince10 visited HanDong, not you then (silly).’

Some more bts:

ermmmm, I dunno why he’s pouting his lips at Mr horse trainer, maybe he wanna have the same snack the horsey is having?  or he wants a smooch?!?!

And this is ShenAn with 677 (the ‘other’ woman):

And it bugs me how little is out of our YeQin/JunFu.  Lin Yuan is very refreshingly lively:

Oooohhh, and a bright number on Kevin!

And I wonder how much weight there is in the rumor 宋茜 ie Victoria (Song) of fx will be 公仪珊.  We’ll see!

10 thoughts on “Palpitations, Hives, Shortness of Breath, You NAME IT!

  1. Is it true? Is it true? You know how much I love 许!我!向!你!看 & Han Shu. Remembered how we suffered after finishing the book:(? Any breaking news, pls update me ASAP:) I can’t wait for the drama to start filming but I hope they’ll follow the book closely. Don’t white wash Han Shu. I am not a rabid YH fan so as long as the guy is someone suitable I am ok. Of course, it’ll be great if Yuan Honey (that is how Hui Er addresses him, i m just a parrot:) is Han Shu. Then I’lll convert to become his fan immediately & buy all the totoros I can afford, plus eat as much red beans as my tummy can tolerate, haha… Also, pls pls no ‘plastic’ girl as JN.

    蚀心者? I don’t like that book bcos the male lead is a 1st class douchebag & the female lead is also not likeable. The story is not flesh out enough for me to feel anything for the leads. She should have written it in 2 books. I don’t need HEA ending but I don’t like Fei Wo Si Chun’s step-mum style where the tragedy is kind of forced. If you want to read abt my rants, go to shusheng bar. Nothing can top 许!我!向!你!看, when Xin Yi Wu is at her peak !!!

    1. Of course! You are the one holding my hands at the deep end! *hugzzzzz* Gosh the delicious heartpain!!!

      I’m not sure if this is drama/movie. Again it’s a tweet from that publisher/editor/producer affiliated with MissXin. I’m just very surprised of that 50 or so replies, and not a lot is concerning 许我向你看, I’ve counted THREE replies urging for TangWei x YH and they are throwing in ChenXiao (from the new swordsman) as 巫雨/WuYu. I’m so very much more concern about the lady who is going to be JN and TangWei is my pick as well, Loverboy will be the perfect HS, hahaha bias or not. He is so experienced in making you feel for his versions of scums. Just please nothing like the butchering of To Our Youth, PLEASE!

      I’ve read a chapter of 蚀心者. Nth much pushing me to Must!Read! and nth buggy. I love reading MissXin’s prose , so it doesn’t need to be perfect storywise, it can be a leisure read….because I’ve now tried out a chapter or a few pages of ALL MissXin’s novels and I just don’t see any inking anything will be as world shattering as 许!我!向!你!看!!! They don’t need to be, and I will read them one by one when time allows.

        1. I’ve just reread SN/SA parts in HXY last night after reading that OMG it’s from my id fanfic and GOSH! Fresh new Appreciation! I’m still not truly a fan of TQ’s prose ( I still love XYW’s command of the language much more)but I have a new adoration of TQ’s wit in storytelling.

        2. I check my weibo more regularly than i check twitter. Correction – I never check twitter.

          I think it’s LSS’ birthday today? *Checks* Yes it is! She shares the same bday as my mom.

    1. Ohhhh sweetie! Hugzzz and here is my shoulder and arms and hands and boxes of tissues. It is not real tears I shed but the utter devastating trauma haunts.

      And don’t u think our HoneyLoverboy is perfect for HS?

      1. *accepts tissues*

        Yes and no? As in I am perfectly confident that he can deliver that GUT WRENCHING performance as HS. But at the same time I have not watched any of his moderns that I can see him out of long manes of glory (I still maintain that to date, he looks the best in braids.)

        Actually YH does way better in his anti-hero/flawed roles than he does good guys. Although his p13’s bff role is still one of his best to date, his YK and YLX gives you that bad boy intensity that every good girl wants.

        Hahaha… but actually, HS’s character might be very close to his in real life. Intelligent, handsome and gets whatever he wants? A bit spoilt but still got a backbone to do whats right in the end? HS grew up to be a better man than he was a boy.

        In conclusion – YES, I WANT HONEYLOVERBOY TO PLAY HS! (And depending on how the SAxSN arc in HXY comes out, I WANT JX TO PLAY JN)! I’m going to be devastated/kill myself if they case Chen XIao as HS.

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