This is a HongShi-holding-me-hostage-on-their-ship-forever-post.

Happy birthday Shishi!

[credit on pics]

It’s ShiShi’s bday, Mar 10th, there was the fanfare on the set of BBJQ, so staged and peeps were not really looking like having any jolly good time (and TR’s scummiest shameless promo tactics are so revolting, so tastelessly shouting ‘get married’ tweeting a pic of SS with her bday 3 tiered cake and Nicky, causing so much outrage they had deleted the tweet.  Tang(Douche)Ren(bag) is TangRen(Douchebag)….) unlike ANY bts we seen of BBJX.  And gosh Shishi is still stuck in an outfit so mumsy I can’t.  Oh wells.

And almost a whole day went by China Time, and no weibo greetings fr Loverboy to ShiShi.  I’m so very fine with it tbh, I don’t think the fact they are ‘ironclad bff’ has to be paraded to the world, so I’m so against the shippers and SS fans to holler at Loverboy’s weibo urging him to give SS a bday tweet just for their merriment almost.  I’ll admit it’s odd and he’s seen online everywhere randomly chitchatting, starting off the day with a tweet on him telling us about his AC broken down and him sleeping with a too thin blankie, freezing, grabbing his ‘autumn pants’/ long johns, ‘ but something is off, I feel around, and finding out I wear the pants back side front’.  <-His words, but he was too tired to right it, thus having nightmares all night long of himself flaunting in public with a gaping hole on his backside (again).

I can not be the only one lolzing at the lovely hilarious visual, but his ballsy redbeans fangirls whined where was the missing attached pic illustrating of said visual?!!?  <_<  Along the same line of thought of this infamous tweetpic of his he took himself:

Anyway not until 22:22 did Loverboy tweeted a cryptic (to me at least) weibo:

@刘诗诗 生日快乐,下次我来演个原版的给你看〜
YH: @LSS Happy Birthday, next time I’ll act out a real one for you~

By the time I read his tweet, the tweet was thoroughly dissected and all conveniently ready for my squeeeeeeees.

The sharp eyed HongShi shippers did some great investigative work and he tweeted SS a pic of agave ie the plant used in making tequila *it is actually a yucca, but it’s of the same family, close enough Loverboy~!* Loverboy went through the trouble to google/baidu and post.

Agave has a flower once every long long longggggg while, the plant will give its all for the bloom, withering after.  I stole the bloom that can soar up 20, 30 ft from google pics:

With every flower there is a ‘flower language’/hua yu: For the flower of agave/tequila, the redbeanies posted: 六 十年才开一次花 花语是为爱付出一切 龙舌兰的花朵 不代表绚丽 选择燃烧了自己 将真爱延续 就像刺鸟的宿命.  A flower every 60 years.  The language of its flower: Sacrifice all for love.   The flower is not dazzlingly gorgeous, but it chooses to burn its brightest, gives its all, in the name of everlasting love, like the legend of the thornbird:

A mysterious bird who sings just once in life, the sweetest song ever to be heard. In fierce pursuit of the thorn tree, the Thornbird leaves its nest and does not rest until it has fulfilled its final quest. Silent its entire life until the final hour, its voice begins to float through the air and the whole world stops to listen to the music from the tree. And God looks down and smiles upon the beautiful melody. More lovely than the Nightingale, more melodious than the Lark, the very first song it sings comes flowing from its heart before dying among the thorns. What kind of bird would save so sweet a song until the end of its life? Its months of utter silence and then one single ballad to transcend toward the heavens. Who is this peculiar creature, who would so beguile and mystify us with its exotic, bewildering and transforming song?

Remember Tequila?
Remember this tweet of his?
[March 14th, 2011.  An almost empty bottle of  Tequila Herradura and our loveliest Loverboy waxing poetic:]
‘The corner of desk.  As filming is wrapping up, the liquor bottles are left with less and less lingering liquids, percolating whiffs of despair.  One of those nights, the wind and rain beating on the windows.  Stoic, I sat, pouring myself a lonely drink, the ennui of goodbyes,  dispersed in liquor.  A small sip down the throat, a thousand words transpose into a song.  Heedlessly I hummed: oooooooooooooohhh, oooooooooohhyeahhh~’  *he’s smarting with this viral song忐忑 (tǎntè) then. 忐忑  is literally  (“up”), (“down”) and (“heart”).  Heart bumping up and down in chest, perturbed.*
Remember this scene?
If not for the loveliest HongShi darlings, I wouldn’t have noticed SS was gesturing the plant form of Tequila, and this must be one of the cutest ad lib both YH and SS had talked about ad nauseum that they made up:
This was how the two of them partied: in case you dunno, SS was totally engulfed by Loverboy in a playful embrace WHILE THE WHOLE CREW STOOD WITNESS.  Betcha they were unanimously chanting, ‘Get a ROOM! Get A ROOM!’
This was how they played with cake and cream:
And last but not least ShiShi tweeted a big thank you for all the downpour of love on her on her special day, shortly after YH’s tweet (as if she’s been waiting for his very tweet).
Lemme just sound like a pulldoll:  NEVER CHANGE YOU TWO~~~~~!!!!!!! <333333333333333333

8 thoughts on “Tequila

    1. I won’t be surprised if Loverboy writes fanfic as a hobbie (and is super good at it) because just a simple tweet of like 20 or so characters and a google stock pic of agave = shipper’s heaven. And it’s not even that thinly veiled there are tonnes of innuendos btn the 2 that only they know and the world can only speculate (not that what we CAN yy is not ridiculously swoony already)

  1. You won’t believe it, I actually wait the whole day to see if ur Loverboy would tweet. I checked and I checked, not that I was anxious why he didn’t or anything, but I wanted to know what he’d say to his dearest SS lol

    And HOLA, can of worms on his cryptic message! What does 22.22 mean because his weibo was also also filled with, so u waited this LONG to post at this specific time? <3333

    1. HAHAHA you did? I was out and about and just checked before going to bed and nth. Never doubt Loverboy, he is the sweetest thing and he never misses one even for just friends, so I was thinking he must’ve called SS in private but it was odd it’s not till 3/10 morning my time did the HongShi ship explode in fireworks!!!!

      Oh, to be sure I think we’re just scratching the surface with tequila and what went on in private btn the 2 and they make sure to brazenly wink at us they are the only 2 persons in the know. I recall Loverboy made at least 4, 5 tweets specifically on Tequila through the years and it did pinged my shipper heart during BuBu of the line SS adlib on Tequila and gestures they made up that first night RX and 13 drank and sparked their bff friendship.

      2 is what Cnetizens commonly use for 爱/LURVE/Ai. phrases like 520 stands for ‘wo 我ai 爱ni 你’ is ‘I love you’. You know Loverboy is shameless and ballsy enough to pick that exact minute (or even down to the second) of the day with the most aggregation of ‘2’s. haha and also he is ShiShi’s ‘2 si gē’ (second big bro after HuGe) at TR, then there’s also the other gesture they made up for BuBu:
       photo 05b62c381f30e924589a9f664c086e061c9_zpsfcc0874f.jpg *there is a gif for this but I can’t find off the bat*

  2. Dang! i was teary eyed reading your whole post. I come here often just to check for any HONGSHI update that would feed my shippy heart and I thank you always. So much love between these two whether being friends or more than that. though i really hope for the latter. i love how cryptic Hong was and he really preferred to give Shi a message that only she will understand and the rest of us speculate and send to shippy heaven.

    1. I’ve said it so many times but I’ll say it again, I have no words on how precious they are and it’s been ALL THESE YEARS!!! And YH always always ALWAYS manages to one-up himself, and that is one big feat.

      It’s all his wit that that tweet can be interpreted every way we want, at superficial at paying homage on their Tequila bff scene in bbjx only or delving as deep in nuances and it won’t offend any group in any fandom at all. He’s in a class of his own.

      haha and while I’m at it, YH also poke at LGX/14 out of nowhere lately, and specifically not long after his 22:22 tweet to SS. I’ll lump them all together and take it as he’s subliminally hinting to a certain someone it’s 22:22 1314 (1314 stands for always and forever in webspeak)

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