Binnie At TaiPei

No I have not forgotten MYBINNIE.  [It is just that I’d rather not see him out and about….and work on a drama/movie/ACT!] <–lolz I’m so full of bull, as if I’m not squeeing like a loonie at him looking too ridiculously gorgeous in dozens of CFs, at the airport, at the fanmeet, even just on his way back to his hotel:

But I mean how can I not squeeeeeee till I’m deaf?!  SPECSS!!!!

Other than that, his Cantata CF is…SO GORG! *when is he not?!*

I can’t keep up with all the K2 CFs, there are SOoo MANY!O___O  This is my fav (I think):

SamSung is not making the best use of HBinnie in their CFs,  he looks sooo much more dashing in RL, there’s another one of mostly Binnie’s voice (yes, we all know it’s yummy) but 3 seconds of him out of a min?! oh why the bother?  There are THREE new ones out today (I haven’t clicked on it myself), I’m just gonna randomly post one below:

I’ll just take that ‘2’ binnie is gesturing as his subliminal message to me ie Ai, ie <33333!!!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

This is the one he’s doing some dandruff ‘dance’:

I must say he did it better at the presscon for TaiPei Fanmeet.  He’s cute beyond words though and he did seems genuinely having a blast meeting his adoring fans being as handsome and adorable as ever.

His mando of ‘I’m HB.  Very happy to see all of you~!’ is quite perfect!  Then his sparkles in his eyes when talking about foods he wanna eat in TW:  xiao lung bao, mango freeze, pineapple cake. Then he said he wanna collaborate with Director Ang Lee.

hahaha he was asked to do a cute 1<3 u face and he ended up blushing red and as embarrassed as ever (while of coz the fans went bonkers at the cute!)  He was then asked to say a line fr SeGa, if he can’t rem, he can do situps instead haha.  *I can’t rem/figure out the line he said and I don’t care XD* Then he’s asked of what perfume he’s using and he didn’t want to blatantly endorse, so the fangirl added she just wanna have his scent LOL. (he uses Loccitane’s shea butter hand cream like the rest of us, and his scent is Tom Ford Italian Cypress.)

He sang 3 songs:  That Namja (of course and in white at that), Bruno Mar’s Marry You (yeah right…yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah~~~) and my fav, Can’t Have You fr FoL OST:

11 thoughts on “Binnie At TaiPei

  1. Wah, I haven’t seen Binnie outside of dramas – I haven’t realized what an adorable dork he is. He is always playing intense jerks so this is definitely quite a change. He looks more marble perfect in dramas but in these pictures and videos there is all this charm and warmness radiating from him. He should channel that in his dramas too, (speaking of which, any rumors?)

    1. Butbutbut we need someone as perfect and gorgeous as him to play those intense jerks or else who will watch?!?!?!? <—hahaha excuse my supersillyfangirlself

      The roles I truly liked him in (Ireland, Friends Our Legend and to an extent Come Rain, Come Shine) he's actually playing miserable poor things, often dumped by the ladies. He started out in NonStop4 playing himself, very cute. So it's just that he's most well-known for playing those rich mental jerks. Haha it feeds in the masochist in the dark corners of the fangirls' mind, you know he's a jerk and you shouldn't fall for him but impossibly you did and that's what's most impressible?!?!

      1. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean, but I actually I was never hormonal over the characters he portrayed. Watching these videos, though, definitely sparks something…I need to check him out in Friends (I know, I know, I’ve been saying it but its right at the top of my list with Padam Padam…and if I I don’t like Padam Padam then it’s Binnie time for sure!)

        1. AHHHHH I’m HORRIBLE! I didn’t know you have a bloggie! *Go PLAY!*

          I’ve heard interesting things about Padam Padam the story, but somehow all the acting mildly bugged/bored me and I dropped it after 2eps. I’ll keep my ears and eyes up on what you think of PP (and maybe I’ll give it another go myself). There is only a very thin picking going on kdramaland to go rabid over, isn’t it?!

  2. Haha, yeah I have it since 2 days ago? *hands itching to play with design and organization and analytics*

    Yup, very slim pickings as of late. I gather you’ve fallen out of love with TWTWB? I don’t even know if I want to inflict my opinion of PP on you since it seems like our tastes different quite a bit or more like I have much higher tolerance for trashy, haha.

    1. I’m still watching TWTWB, just not enjoying it as much as you do. I’m watching it almost solely for SHK, who knew she can be THIS amazing?!!?! She’s right on every moment. Somehow JIS is reminding me of a very pretty Korean Ken Doll version of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, he’s doing a TON of unconscious strutting and posing which I’m sure the PD encourages thus sending me to laughing fits. I know, I’m a horrible mean mean weirdo haha.

      It is still insanely gorgeous, the palette of the show is to lust over, and their poreless flawless skin, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it and be engaged.

  3. SHK is quite good it seems. I’m a terrible judge of acting unless its someone horrificly obvious and stiff like the CN Blue guy or Kim Huyn Joong. I think the foreign language component contributes to that a lot. Body language is important, but aside from that – the actual voice and the language and the accent – is probably the biggest indicator of good acting. With TV/movies in English I can still pick on on certain things – oh he is overreacting, oh her accent is terrible etc., but it’s a lot harder with Korean since obviously I don’t speak Korean. Although, it’s interesting, how I can pick out the Busan accent so precisely from the usual dialect spoken in Kdramas. It’s very distinct sounding, isn’t it? I think me and you had this conversation about acting and Korean language before…So yeah, I pretty much stopped trying to judge acting in Kdramas because half the time I just feel like I’m grappling in the dark. I think it’s a good thing overall, because I’m much more nitpicky with English TV, and as a consequence tend to enjoy dialogue in English a lot less. But with Kdramas, it just boils down to “do I connect with this character or not?” if yes, then I continue on, blissfully unaware of any acting transgressions. I don’t think I connect with JIS’s character exactly, but I connect with the story in general…It’s hitting all my kinks so perfectly – you can’t even imagine! I love the tension, the growing attraction and the denial, the inevitable fallout of Oh Soo’s betrayal and lies but also the healing component of his love and care for Young. Anyway, don’t mind me, I have this unhealthy obsession with all things “forbidden attraction” and if it’s shot half as decently as TWTWB, it’s guaranteed I will be enamored.

    1. SHK is perfection here imo. She nails every nuance of material and her character to a tee.

      I don’t speak Korean either, and sometimes I’m too lazy to read the subs, so I’m also going along with a lot of body language, facial cues…etc and JIS is sadly so hilariously craptastic to me here. He’s almost Pythonesque to me, he can break out in some transitional scenes seriously struting and in glee running like a boy, and so out of character, it gets it to the point of he’s supposed to cry/emote/brood in the scene but it’s like a scared 6 yo trying to be macho. I do blame it on the PD as well, it is almost impossible for someone like JIS to sell nuance in closeups, his interpretation of emoting is always the constant shifting of eyes or lips or both of them, he has no master of the technique and that’s all he can do, which is fine in poignant moment, but when it’s 24/7 here and there honestly are gradients to it, it’s a miserable experience for me when PD is almost giving me repetitive very snapshoty visual without much of a fluency. It’s very pretty but I’m not engaged, esp when he overdose us with those music video saccharine.

      I see the tension, but the attraction/lust was there quite early on, so it’s been sorta ‘stagnant’ for me in development. We know all the components from the get go of the OTP, and it can be so deliciously nuanced and layered upon on a defter hand of a PD. This one is too caught up on the pretty and screaming of tense! every moment he can, it is crying wolf. I can’t stop rolling my eyes at all those exactly the same old almost touching lips/faces scenes….I mean SHK’s Young is legally blind, but JIS is BREATHING and his face will emit heat.

      But the writing still has brilliant bits here and there, and considering how cliched the story could be, this is already adding a lot to it. That’s the unique power of Noh, her earlier stuff, are so insanely unbelievably good. I just can’t shake for a fact if Oh Soo is in the hands of an actor that can do fine fine nuance and subtlety, I need an actor that can seemingly be stoic yet every nuance is bottled in, which suited OS the character way better than how JIS and PD are handling him, this character would be so full of life realistic he’ll slain me like some of the well written Noh characters of yore. It’s not bad, I still get what JIS is trying to do and it does work here and there mixed in moments where he’s trying wayyy too hard and I can’t stop lolz at his camp. But it’s just such a pity and extremely frustrating my end when it’s ALMOST good for me. Almost.

      1. I don’t know any blind people personally and I do think SHK is doing a fine job with acting like one (really no gripes with her vacant but still very emotional expression) but I’ve been getting a feeling like she is a bit too gentle in her portrayal. Her character could be fierce of course too and she even swings her cane masterfully when the situation arises but I don’t know…Just a feeling when I watch her, that she is a Princess and not a person who has been shaped by her disability per se.

        I did feel like the progress of their relationship has slowed down considerably but I’m just happy its picking up again with Young becoming aware of her attraction for Oh Soo. And in any case, it’s my kink – I can literally watch it forever.

        Haha, I don’t mind JiS strutting and putting on his macho acting. It works on some primordial and/or hormonal level for me. But I agree with you on the emotional scenes, I’m not really all there when they happen. Mostly, I find myself wanting to look away or do anything not to get affected. Perhaps, it’s a big failure of the directing and acting that I do not even want to let myself get affected. And now that you’ve been saying it so much, it got me thinking about Oh Soo’s character – how would he feel in the hands of a different actor? Someone like Huyn Bin? He might have been better at the emotional scenes and the breakdowns – but what about the intimate, playful scenes with Young – would the insane sexual chemistry still be there? I haven’t seen World Within – they certainly look good together but I don’t know about their chemistry. How about someone like Lee Dong Wook? No, he is too simple or even ordinary. Wouldn’t be able to convey the complexity of Oh Soo’s darkness and sexuality. Cha Seung-won? Sleazy looking enough – might have worked actually. Trying to think of someone else in their age group. Just not Kang Ji Hwan, god, no please make it go away.

        1. I was slightly disappointed as well when SY did not go more conviving, even more damage and fierce. But within the drama, her sheltered princess naivete works befittingly with the context…she IS one sheltered princess, esp when Secretary is not as simple as just here to con her inheritance or st-forward nefarious. She is over-protective of SY, she does care about her like a mother figure.

          haha I’ve been screaming in my head this would be perfect with HB. I do feel the chem btn SHK and JIS here, but never to the point it’s cinching clothes off. Before this show, I’ve never ever seen SHK having natural sexy womanly chemistry with anyone like what she has with HB in WW. I think WW is suffering from the same disability here, a ho-hum PD, no it’s worst in WW case, coz it’s so heavyhanded and with the aesthetics of an 80s cheesy niche show about behind the camera dramaland….Argh. BUT what SHK had with HB there is so much more real than what’s going on here for sure. I think nothing beats that, still, not here. Nope.

          I do like LDW’s acting very much, he’s been improving leaps and bounds since La Dolce Vita, but I don’t think anyone is as flawless Ken doll as JIS tbh. I do like the pick of JIS in theory, coz he’s oozing that gigilo vibe yet there is sth so childlike about his screen presence to me. BUT as the drama is progressing, that should be well-hidden and I don’t appreciate seeing any of that cute.

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