Old Steady Ships (Part 1)

….the type that gets us squeeeeee and swooon and even for a cynic like me….delve into a strictly escapist YY pipe dream of 2 RL breathing human beings being a couple, and united we shout at them at the top of our lungs TO!GET!HER!!!!!!!!

I’m not a fan of HXM on my screen (blasphemy I know, but too often he is swarmy and Moi Too Pretty For Your Screen) but I LURVE him in RL, he’s such a warmest prettiest teddy bear giving silly hugs all around.  Absolutely no air, no fanfare.  A kind, childlike derpy soul.  I’ve never dived into a fandom because of RL persona, if it doesn’t work for me on screen, I really don’t care if you are Jesus.  Sowry.  BUT this will be the first case, and I’ll now be on my best behavior and never another bad word on XiaoMing because along with the whole weibo I’m screaming at the top of my lungs:  I swear, I may not be lucky enough to be in the vicinity of such a perfect package in 10000 years.  And really what did you do in your past 10000 lives Vicky?!  Did you spent every single one of them rescuing children and baby penguins EVERY WAKING MOMENT to earn your blessing?!?!

Allow me to chronicle the  explosive fireworks at weibosphere yesterday, most glorious, so squeeworthy,  so ADFSFGDHGKJFHDGA romantic no drama airing atm in ANY dramaland I know of is even remotely close:

A bit of back story (For those living under an asteroid, planets fr any wind of C movie/drama land):  XiaoMing, ZhaoWei (and ChenKun) are bffs in college, Class of ’96.  XM has said he’s proclaimed his love in front of ZW back then.  If you google search their names together, there are tonnes of vids through the years of XiaoMing blushing and yelping about his eternal crush for ZhaoWei.   If my memory is serving me right, my take on them is they might have dated briefly in college, but it didn’t work out, it was love at first sight for our XiaoMing I’m not sure he’s recovered from.  To this day, ie we are talking about seventeen+ years have passed, he is still like a blushing teenager whenever he is asked about their relationship, and I’ve only seen him hugging ZW whenever he can, Public Display of Affection in its full glory, through the years, without abandon, oozing such sweet love that’s not seen with any of his costars in anything he’s done, he’s not such a terrific technical actor we can all agree, and it melts my botchy heart every single time.  Even now that ZW is married (to another Mr. Huang in Singapore) and has a daughter, every public meeting of the two, same passionate hugz.  XM is still recovering from a terrible fractured foot, that does not stop him from showing his support as a guest for a ZW interview promoting her very first directing debut: To Our Youth that is Fading Away, in crutches.  XiaoMing is not in the movie (no wind on a cameo), he’s there to show the grandest support of an old schoolmate, his bff, his possible first love, that fond memory and senses of his own Youth.   It’s also ZW’s birthday, March 12th.

This is a viral slew of tweets started by a producer for the interview, tweeting pics of HM, when asked to carry ZW in a ‘princess embrace’ once more, he threw his crutches, and did it with such joy.  To which so many ZW fans replied to the tweet claiming they are now jumping boat to XM’s fandom, and what a great great guy.  Our LuckyLady Vicky answered:  Again, I’m most deeply moved.  No rest, no sleep, rushing from his set to the set of my interview,  So dazzling, so irresistible is your charm honed by the youthful years.  To which Mr Perfect Huang replied, ‘ Whenever you need me, I am here.’


This is not a one time thing, he’s been doing it for 17 years.   His Wuxia Dreamboat character YangGuo fr RoCH waited for his GuGu/XLN for 16 and there was a hope of the romance between a man and a woman at the end.  XiaoMing is doing it out of the most swoonworthy platonic bestest of friendship and nothing more (and who need more, really).

黄晓明:1996那年夏天,你就这样出现,修长的背影,及腰长发随风轻扬,回眸一笑那双令人心动会说话的大眼睛……一切如童话般的美好,深印我的脑中;十五年后的 你,长发依然,背影依然,美丽依然,那份幸福却更加浓烈,那炫耀的光芒只属于你;今天是你的生日,一句问候,一声祝福,一切如愿,一世平安,生快!

This was his tweet on her birthday 2 years ago:  That summer of 1996, you appear as is:  Your silhouette lithe, your waist-long hair flowing in the wind.  That sweet gorgeous smile when you turned around, those large beautiful eyes that can talk……everything is as dreamy as a fairytale, deeply imprinted in my brain.  15 years later, your hair is still long, you look as beautiful as always.  The happiness you are basking in is more affecting, that dazzling brilliance can only belong to you.  Today is your birthday, a hello, wishing you well, hope all your dreams come true, a lifetime of serenity, Happy Birthday!

This is what he tweeted just now:


HXM:  The days of being young is unique for everyone, the happiest occurrence is to have grasped love once, so it’s not a bother if it has faded~  Thank you for making your indelible mark on my youth, wish you can still be as bright, as optimistic, as happy, as pure, as childlike, as beautiful as you were back then, that year.  Happy Birthday!  @ZW

Along with this pic, which he captioned, ‘To Youth’:

ZW replied him with a heartfelt thank you and these pics (that is the cake he bought along, ‘To Our Youth! (fr)XiaoMing):

A lovely fan MV: the song is 心動 from a gorgeous movie with a young Takeshi called Tempting Heart (gosh be still my heart~!)  *and I’m just posting this vid here, off topic sorta but me and Takeshi, our ship, goes WAY back*:

@湖南卫视李柯影:有一种友情叫赵薇黄晓明,有一种初恋叫大学时代的表白,有一种坚守叫16年我依然在,有一种男人叫骨折也要抱,有一种羞涩叫抱着你默默微笑,有一种陪伴叫当你需要的时候,有一种期待叫再等你16年,有一种距离叫你是黄太太却没嫁黄晓明,有一种回忆叫致我们终将逝去的青春. (There is a friendship of ZW+HXM, there is a first love of love declaration in college, there is a constant of 16 years ‘I’m still here’.  There is a kind of man who will hold you in a full embrace even when he has shattered his bones, there is a shyness that only happens when he smiles with you in his arms, there is a companionship ‘when you need me’, there is a longing of ‘waiting for you another 16 years’, there is a irreconcilable distance when you are a Mrs. Huang, but you are not married to Huang XiaoMing, there is a reminisce we cheer, ‘To our Youth that is Fading Away’.)

@要慢慢长大: …..李大仁只在《我可能不会爱你》里,唯黄晓明在且一直在真真切切的生活里 (……Li DaRen is only in ITWY, only HXM has always been really existing in real life.)

*LESIGHHHH*  Madam Director Zhao, can we have a movie based on THIS, All of it, however loosely, instead of all that heavyhanded handling of my beloved novel?!

11 thoughts on “Old Steady Ships (Part 1)

  1. Oh so cute. I’m one of those who lived under a rock for too long.

    Have you seen him in Last Tycoon? I think he was ok in it. Tbh, I have not watched any of HXM’s shows except for Da Han Tian Zi, but i was more in it for Chen Daoming (I know – what’s wrong with me? He’s an uncle, but he was really entertaining in that one). Tried watching Shanghai Bund (also because of SL) but it didn’t hook me… never liked the story for ROCH much, and he was WAY too smarmy in Royal Tramp. x____x. Lol.

    I’m really looking forward to Patriot Yue Fei – Gallen Lo is in it too (I have an attachment to him despite all of the “bad press” he had since he really was one of the top actors in TVB when I was growing up). Are there any news when that’s going to air?!

    1. No, I have heard no good things about Last Tycoon, I have no faith in JingWong and not really a fan of ChowYunFat. XiaoMing is not gonna make me sit through ANY movie on his own. XD Agreed, he’s increasingly swarmy in every drama he’s in since DHTZ, I can’t sit through The Bund. RoCH is my least fav LC novel, and he’s sooo unnec. sleazy in it. His best job to date imo is The Message. He was shockingly good. He’s not bad in Sacrifice and even his cameo in Love in a Puff 2 was quite memorable. I think HXM has talent, but he has no awareness/control over it, needing a very deft hand of a meticulous PD, micro-directing him. I think in dramaland, he’s encouraged to ramp up the campy and posing, but in movies he’s allowed to flex his real chops. I’m looking forward to his upcoming movie Business Partners in China, he’s so against type it should be fascinating to watch. I have no idea when Patriot YF will be out (not a drama I’m terribly excited), I bet there will be lots of noise and promos for it near its premiere.

      hahahahahaha I’m a silly gushing hugest fangirl of ChenDaoMing here in my bloggie actually and I’m pretty sure everyone checking Da Han Tian Zi out back then was in it solely because of Chen. My fav performance of Chen is not the more famous choices, but Chinese Style Divorce. Hot!Uncles are totally my type, the exceptions are the super-talented absolutely gorgeous and witty and funny and perfect one, like Loverboy.

  2. Excuse me while i sound a little spazzy here, but my heart beats faster whenever I think of how Loverboy is likely to actually be quite smart IRL. Like, he has beauty and brains! *ZOMGFTWlifeisunfairspazzes*

    What’s Business Partners about. I will watch if it gets online (which is likely) lol.

    Chen was SO awesome in DHTZ. Totally outshone HXM… but then again, they were hanging their hopes on Chen anyway so… totally no pressure. I was so sad he didn’t come back for season 2 that I think i gave up halfway. lol.

    1. AND he’s not just smart, and wellread, he also is so very eloquent. He may get a bit passionate on some sensitive current affairs once in a while, but gosh he is a master orator from his interviews!

      This is the new HXM movie:

      It’s (loosely) based on true story of some vulture capitalist/dotcomer. It’s not out till mid April, but since Peter Chan is helming, it should not be too silly.

      1. Totally beauty pageant material there. Or UN ambassador. Ruler of the world. Master of the universe. Gyah… hahaha – he makes me feel less guilty for fangirling cos he’s totally deserving of the adoration. Yuan Honey – I love you. Did you hear – Peanuts says we have converted her to a LB fan too.

        The HXM movie looks interesting. Will check it out if it premieres in Msia… or will just watch it on YTube.

  3. Now if that isn’t the sweetest RL story I’ve ever heard – it’s like a Nicholas Sparks novel! Goodness, I’d be shipping HXM and ZW like mad if it weren’t for the fact that she’s married! HXM must the the bestie every girl dreams to have in her life, so sweet and supportive and just so damn cute!

    1. Yup a N Sparks novel just better coz it’s REAL! Or as real as it gets. I just don’t think either one of them is that good an actor to put up the charade for 17 years, esp XiaoMing. And really they are both so established top stars in the industry in no need of any publicity stunt whatsoever. I have no reason, not one, to be a downer on this ship!

  4. Awwww… adorable! I tweeted something about friendship, and this ZWXM was meant to be part of it (plus HongShi, plus CKZW hehe). Their weibos exchange, so darn lovely filled with their youthful innocence of the past. 17 years and still strong as ever, what else can you want in friendship? 🙂

    Anyway, excited for Part 2! heeee~~

    1. *oh…part2 is my thing only haha and probably will weird you out and not CK related….CK is rubbing me the wrong way a tiny bit lately, maybe his superstardom is getting to his head*

      I don’t think I ever even dare to dream of such a friendship, I’ll kill myself from pinching too much.

  5. It is so bittersweet thinking about all of this. LDR exists in real life. But real life LDR did not get his woman. Still, she is forever his first love and his youth, someone he still treasures, the memories that he refuses to forget even though it was not a happy ending. Love may be all about timing at the end, and their timing was not right probably. This deserves a movie.

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