More Updates On Hua Xu Yin

Finally our OTP showing faces together in one frame:

[credit on pics; thanks to OP!]

Hmmmm.  They actually look swoony together, maybe not as canon MY and JF, but it’s couplish.  However, the costumes are a bit too much.  Vivid burgundy LEATHER with gold and greys and RED and a bit of teal and brown boots, BLUE bangs and orange and yellow beads as hair-tie?!    Still I love that pic of their backs, it’s telling a lovely story.  I can live with a young feisty girl like JunFu using a rainbow ribbon, but it would be so much better if KC is not spotting some Bo Derek inspired hair accessories (and MYGOSH the blue bangs are SO VERY BLUE!0___O).   I don’t think the costumes are necessarily FUG,  I quite like the last white number with bold red and gold embellishments, but they are just strange on KC.  And KC is a bit out of his element posing, fantasy period is not something he’s ever done.   I’ll hold out hope on the cinematography.  I think HXY the drama has a very meh Mr. photog tbh ( *sobz* I miss that friendly TR Uncle Photog who LOVES Loverboy almost as much as I do! T___T)

The following bts is posted by 念念club @ baidu .  OP stated no repost of any material, so I’m pasting the entire baidu thread.  It captured the filming of quite a scene and Loverboy is YUMMMM!!! :

The clip:

What the scene is about:

@念念club: 这场戏是沈府家宴,沈父不让阿凝入座,不认这个儿媳。阿凝发问:公公是要我和婢女们站在一起吗?即是婢女那就做婢女的事儿!阿凝为沈岸倒酒,婢女笑了!沈岸怒斥,告诉沈父这是他俩的事儿,拉着阿凝走了!所以沈岸没有那么渣.  This is a banquet at Shen mansion.  Master Shen won’t let AhNing (SongNing) be seated, disowning her as his daughter-in-law.  Ah Ning chides back, ‘Father-in-law’s intention is for me to stand by the maids? ‘ That is she should perform the duties of a servant!  Ah Ning pours wine for ShenAn, the maids snerk and giggle!  ShenAn hollers at them, furious, talking back to his Dad this is a matter between the two of them, then he grabs Ah Ning and leaves!  (ie SA is not as douchy a dreg as the novel <—opinion of OP not mineSA is not douchy at all to me, my heart pains for him almost as much as for his SN.)

I’m not sure why there is like a busload of pics of our General Shen, posing as some hot model for some CN period version of Sports Illustrated Beachy Equestrian Edition?!

If there is a CN Urban Dictionary entry for ‘2’  (ie silly derp)  He should so be the visual illustration.  Here he is posting this himself saying even his means of transport, his horsey is ‘2’.   Poor POOR HORSEY!  *I’ll be obvious, his horse suits his style to the tee, quite from the same tree they are*

And I had SUCH a hard time choosing my new wallie btn these two:

《北京青年》中饰演“何南”的 贺刚将饰演郑国廷尉容浔.  He Geng (Jordan He) will be our YungXun (the Nephew).  He’s most famous for his role in 《北京青年》Beijing Youth (I’ve not seen it).  I’ve seen him in some HK ATV Anita Mui biopic drama playing a character inspired by Andy Lau moons ago.  It’s made an impression on me in an otherwise super MEH soap.   Some may have seen him in the adaptation of GuLong’s Meteor.Butterfly.Sword alongside Baron as the wuxia master Ye Xiang (and now he has a resemblance to Tamaki Hiroshi in the following stills as well!)  Imo he’s quite a perfect cast for the Uncle Yung look-wise, his features have a frigidity to it.  How come YungXun is not dissed at all by the fandom as being douchy?!

Again, I can see a lot of interesting things going on, and that must be quite a lot of designing and thoughts poured in, BUT it’s a bit grandma’s having a wee bit too much fun with her patchworks of leftovers from her technicolor magnum opus quilt.  Again, it can all be filtered down to a very rich and bold palate onscreen, we’ll see.

As rumored, Jenny Guo ZhenNi, our LuWu from BBJX will be 13 Yue/Thirteen Moon (looks like she’ll be playing both the sisters).  I’m ok with her, I don’t think she’s drop dead gorgeous enough tbvh, iz shallow, and I’m just so-so with her acting even though she is a regular in so many periods.  Imo this heroine(s) is/r the most challenging out of all characters in Hua Xu Yin, and if Jenny shines in it, she’ll steal the show.  I doubt she can hold a candle to the Loverboy x JiangXin fireworks in my heart, but she’s not a bad choice at all.  But have an AWESOME HongShi/13Yue fanMV:

PS:  A tidbit on BBJQ.  YZX (ie Prince10)’s character will perform a somewhat similar function of Prince13:  LSS’ ZX’s boyBFF.  He studied aboard, a metrosexual, has a snarky tongue, but he’ll always be there when she needs him, helping her out, fending for her, a most dependable loyal friend.  lolz so….Loverboy has his hands all over romancing Prince10’s RL GF, Prince10 OTOH is fulfilling his role as SS’ BFF.   I hope his character can shine amidst the funk because I like the guy.

11 thoughts on “More Updates On Hua Xu Yin

    1. Orange beads as scrunchie with cobalt blue bangs? It’s too much and it’s just the hair alone. I’m not jabbing at KC, I just think the art direction could be better.

        1. Goodness, she has a chunk of purple too! The thing is, it’s like a last minute thrown tog idea of painting a random chunk of hair as if it is a paint swatch instead of doing a professional color job. Minor grievances, this is not a deal breaker, I can see effort, I still hold out hope it’ll work fine on screen, and really it’s not a big deal if they insist on dyeing Kevin’s hair blue, but I’d rather if be like Aaron Kwok’s Cloud in Stormriders, a whole head of cartoonish blue instead of this failed not even half-done hair salon job.

  1. Can’t remember names anymore. But I think Rongxun is the nephew and Rongyuan is the uncle. And I was shipping her with RY like mad, which is why RX being douchy wasn’t a bad thing since he wasn’t the OTP. Ahhh I wish YH and his lady lead could’ve played this couple instead. Gonna go and reread their portion now.

    1. Yeah, YH and JX will be perfect for this couple (but I can’t think of anyone else able to rock SA and SN). haha I’m serious in saying I think YH and JX can rock ALL the CP in HXY. I have to doublecheck as well, yes, RX is the nephew. Some redbeanies are still YYing YH can cameo as the Uncle and give them a proper ‘reunion’ of 13 and LuWu.

      But fact is RX is douchy, whether he’s the OTP (but how come towards the end I think he actually IS her OTP?! It’s not a st-forward romance from what I rem) or not does not cancel it. He intentionally disregards her feelings and well-being for his own.

      1. Yep he’s majorly douchy, and you can argue for his main lead status of the story but in no way was he her OTP.
        I do see that he regrets his treatment toward Yingge and realized his love for her a little too late. And he was the last one standing ie the one picking up all the broken pieces, so there’s a bittersweet factor working for him. But fact is, it was RY she called for and it was RY’s grave she crawled into. RX at that point was so far removed from her mind and body already. I think that’s why fans don’t really feel the need to call out his douchebaggery… or at least I don’t, because he was not the idiot heroine ultimately loves. He was just an idiot. I’m too consumed with RY to dwell on him.
        And now with all the HXY talk I can’t appear to remember the other two stories >_<

        1. I can’t help but delve into the WHATIF he hecks it all (the falling for the assassin he groomed trope) and did not shut her for good with that heartbreaking deed he did. There is no way YG won’t unconditionally love him till the bitter end if he just is not so douchy.and there will be no place for RY in her heart, you know?

          1. Ooh, that would be interesting. You’re right that YG would probably be faithful if the last straw wasn’t drawn. Now I’m thinking of scenario where RX sent her to RY as a coy for spy/assassination, not as a replacement for lil sis. That would be more compelling cuz then she’d have more of an inner turmoil choosing.

            1. YesYES! And also I love Tang7 for parsing the falling, how much does the superficial shell have in play vs the person within? in YG’s mind, RY fell in love with the YG he thought was her lil sis, and it’s up to YG to hold onto the notion he has fallen for her instead of her sis solely on the fact…she is most aware she not her lil sis.

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