Aye Aye Captain!

Not getting off this Dreamboat anytime soon.  I have no intention of making this a purely YH spazzydrunkdisco, but is there a way out?  Am I given the tiniest of breaks for a normal bloggie existence?!  T____T

[credit on pics; thanks to OP]

His character still for Mi Mi Hang Xian 秘密航线 (Secret Passages) the civil war spy drama he’s currently filming is something I have been staring and staring and staring. It’s official, THIS tips it off to I can shallowly watch to droolz and spazzzz even if it’s a piece of silly manure, yeah even IF Yumehmeh butts his fatass in and be another thing pining after our dashing captain in white here.  I’ll watch.

Fan account on the set of HXY: 探班日记:“人非常的好,明明都遲到了還一直想聊天不想走,然後拿巧克力給他,他本來不收,我們說,明天是情人節啊,收吧,他就收了。朋友就問 他:你不喜歡巧克力啊?他就委屈的說:我特別喜歡各種巧克力。他很可愛啊,我們和他說新年快來,他自己就接恭喜發財,紅包拿來,還伸手”——好萌的老O 哦。  Such a very nice guy, he’s already late (for shoot) but stayed on to chat. Then I gave him some chocolate, he didn’t want to take it at first, we told him,’ tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, take it!’ And he took it.   My friend asked him, ‘you do not like chocolate?’  He sulked and said, ‘I, particularly, loves ALL types of chocolates.’   He’s very cute, we said Happy New Year to him and he immediately followed our greetings with, ‘Gung Hei Fat Choi, Red pockets a-hoy!’  He even held out his hand! —Old O (Yuan) is so adorbs!

@珊珊来迟23:吃货,[哈哈]我们给他吃的时候也是,明明很想吃还很虚伪的说你们快分了不要给我吃的,过一会就自己伸手去翻了吃。。还说自己一吃就停不下来[鄙视]  Such a foodwhore, it’s the same when we gave him food.  He obviously wanted it very much but would fake it asking us to split it amongst us and not let him have any of it, after a short while, he’s the one with grabbyhands…even saying once he starts eating, he can’t stop.

Maybe he has some business in ShangHai (poor dead piggies and regular folks of the metropolitan ) and in just a 20 hr stay in the midst of shooting in FuJian, he met up with one of my fav HK ahjusshis Paul Chun/秦沛 (who reminds me of my K ahjussshi crush M&M Kim GapSoo in this collage done by Loverboy).  They worked together in 真爱惹麻烦 (Love Trouble), I’m not sure this is just a friendly get together or sthsth related to promoting the drama (hence it’ll air SOON?!?!?!?!)  Either way, this is tooo cute!

I do notice I have a thing for guys who are very loyal to their clothes (case in point: HyunBinnie), Little Red Flower has been jabbed by his fangirls for wearing the exact same jackets like clockwork, this blue fair isle one for leisure and his flamboyant shocking pink lined work-coat.  Hey, I love this greensmart in my men, don’t tease my precious lil’ flower!!!  *ROAR*

There is this article I meant to translate last few days because it’s just wonderful (but I’m lazy).   I don’t know about you, but every time I read anything coming out of his mouth ie his brain, for a moment, I can put my shallow flailing of his pretty on hold, and lust over his braincells.  He is articulate and I fangirl his use of words.  My translation, as always, will not do him justice.  You get the gist, but how he put it in Chinese is very tactful.

On Hua Xu Yin’s ShenAn:  ‘He’s not a douche, he just places too much emphasis on duty and loyalty’

Reporter:  You have acted in a lot of fantasy periods, like Chinese Paladins, and Hua Xu Yin as well, are you particularly fascinated with this genre?

YH: Yes, I’ve been in a lot of fantasy periods, but HXY is very different from the rest of the pack.  What sets it apart the most is its world is meticulously constructed.   You can not go on a whim and do whatever you fancy.  You will not get your magical power at the spur of the moment, you can not bomb the world when you feel like it.  Its world is very intact.  In HXY, there will be special circumstances requiring unique magic to perform tasks that are catering to the event.  In my opinion, it’s a more advanced/developed fantasy drama.

R:  A lot of readers regard ShenAn as a “渣男”(‘douchebag’ or ‘scumbag’ or ‘dreg’), what is your take on the character?

YH: Frankly, I do not know what “渣男” means, I went to baidu-pedia for help, it seems to describe a guy who is outrageously worthless.  Actually I think “渣男” is a lovenick for ShenAn, he’s really not douchy.  As Miss writer Tang7GongZhi has said, he is a man who is too caught up with duty and loyalty, all his woes, the misunderstandings, all the grievances with SongNing, are stemmed from him putting too much weight on promises, on paying back his gratitude, that is the root of all the schisms.   It is because he is opposite of ungrateful, he’ll follow through indefinitely with his promise, causing the rifts between him and SongNing.  If he’s a douchebag, there won’t be a heartbreaking romance, it would be how to keep a wife happy and a concubine merry.

R: To a certain extent, SA will be despised?

YH:  Actually, an actor should not be too taken aback by this.  If one focused only on fawning over the audience, the character portrayed may not be true to its essence.  Of course, I do not wish to be hated by the audience, but I will try my best to present ShenAn as authentic to the character written as possible.  As to whether the viewers will like or dislike the character, that is their feelings, no matter what, as long as it evokes genuine emotions from them, the character is a success.

R: Did you pick ShenAn the character yourself?  Have you thought of trying out any other characters in the drama, like RongYuan?

YH: A friend has once said to me, ‘ When I read the novel, I have a visual of you in my head befitting the description of ShenAn’  * The redbeanies already dug out a SS publicly reading HXY snap, the redwhite shippers are also kekekeing as HuGe’s name is on the cover as a fan/endorser of the novel * 

So yeah, either way, a ‘friend’ said…kekeke

[back to  the interview]… In the end, ShenAn is my character.  Actually after I read the script, after reading the part on ShenAn, I’ve made the decision to do it.  The romance is very beautifully written for this part of the story, I think.   To be honest, I didn’t pick ShenAn myself, after reading the whole script, I think all the heroes are terrific and I love them all *LIKE MINDS LOVERBOY!!!  I seriously have you in mind suitable for every one of the characters (I don’t mean the ladies….or do I?!?! muahahaha)*  But because of my schedule, and the production team has an inclination for me to be ShenAn, so here I am.  I like the character RongYuan a lot as well, I think he has a lot of depth, and it would be thrilling to act, but my schedule really can’t fit in.  Perhaps they think I do not have the intensity, hence I did not get that role.

Commanding General vs Prince 13: ‘ In terms of romance, Prince 13 definitely has much less business than ShenAn’

R: Is there a lot of action scenes in the drama?

YH: Yes.  I’m very beat today, mostly because this armory is too heavy, it’s made of real material.  Can you imagine the experience of carrying 20+lbs around for an hour?  We do this for more than 10 hours a day.  It is a sweet treat to be able to sit down being interviewed.

R: Is it more challenging to act as ShenAn than Prince13?

YH: Depends, Prince13 has an emphasis on the brotherhood and friendship,  ShenAn has much more to do with romance.  From the aspects of feelings and love, Prince13 definitely has much less business than ShenAn.

R: You are so memorable as Prince13 in BBJX, the audience have associated you and the Prince as one.  Do you think ShenAn can surpass it?

YH: I’ve never worried about whether my next role will surpass the previous one, because we need to define what exactly is surpassing.  My definition will be vastly different than the viewers.  I have my own thoughts.  As long as I can feel an improvement in my performance, delving into the character more than my previous roles, I am technically better in some nuances, then in my opinion, I’ve surpassed myself.   I do not take it to mind the rest of it.  In truth, that is all I have control of, if I do a better job, that is an improvement already.

R: Kevin is not doing BBJX2, why are you not participating as well?

YH: I think it’s not hard for all of you to understand, my decision has no bearing on a lot of things.  If the other party wishes me to join, if this opportunity dawns right in front of me, I will treasure it wholeheartedly.   Of course I have to respect the decision of the other party.

R:  Do you have a chance to work with Kevin in this drama?

YH: I finally have scenes against bigbroKevin, but every time we crossed paths, I was lying down.  We did three scenes together:  the first one, I was lying in bed, gravely ill, he rescued me; the second one I was fighting with him, afterwards both of us lied on the ground; the third time I was poisoned by someone, lying in the middle of the courtyard, he rescued me.  Anyways, every single time I was lying down.

R: What is it like to be lovers with Consort Hua (JiangXin)?  She said just now you are such a cute flirty jester off screen?

YH:  It’s a blast to work with Consort Hua.  The producers asked me how I felt after the first day working with her.  I told them JX is a marvelous actor, that’s genuinely from the bottom of my heart.  Actually I feel like I must give thanks to her, although saying thank you seems like we are ver distant, but gratitude is what I honestly felt inside.  This is because she is most helpful in leading me, immersing in the emotions.  When we are acting against each other, I just have to look into her eyes, her glances, anything, and I can dive deeper into the scene.

As to SisterXin accusing me of being a flirty jester, I am guilty.  I just want to make everyone happy on set, the work of filming is mundane, it’s grueling, it’s strenuous, if I do not find a way to cheer up, it’s too dour a living.

R: What is the funniest thing working with Consort Hua and Kevin?

YH: I’ve already bigmouthed bigBro, like how he’s mistaken a crew member on set.  JiangXin is a ball of fun, she has a nickname of County Mayor amongst our crew, she has the authority to name village heads and neighhood watchdogs.   She is our biggest Boss.  I will also tell you she is very talented in mimicking a monkey.  One day, she wore a red costume, and we all call her Monkey King (Journey to the West reference) till she couldn’t take it anymore and she acted out the whole day as Monkey King, imo she is the only actor I know that can challenge 六小龄童 (the famous veteran actor owning the role of Monkey King in the seminal Journey of the West in the 80s).

R:  Netizens criticized Kevin’s character for not able to capture the essence of the novel, but your General looks dashing, is it because the costume designer loves you more?  A lot of netizens are also complaining the costumes are too ornate.

YH:  I do not think the costume designer loves me more, tbh it’s much easier to work on ShenAn because he is just a normal folk, no need to pour into fine design elements.  It is good as long as the look for the general is commanding enough.  To create Su Yu is a much more daunting task, he has to be very elegant and casual and nimble all at once, on top of shouldering the expectation from the viewers and readers, it is a much harder accomplishment.

Ornate is a good thing, it’s unheard of for styling to be too ornate and thus taking away from an actor’s performance.  Hollywood productions have very elaborate art direction, but our attention is always on the performer, aiding the viewers into the world of the characters and understanding them.  This will not take away anything from the actors.

*Oh! What is this?! An old pic,  a concrete proof KBitch of TR is both blind and stupid.  This random pic of Loverboy alone PWNS any character still they recently puked out.  The ombre can blend in with those bleak somber and save you some $$$$$$ for half-assed PS and styling and just……

THAT MUCH MORE PRETTY AND LIVELY AND INTERESTING AND WANTTT!  Y U NO!!!!!?!?!?!? IF YOU HAVE ONE FUNCTIONING BRAINCELL, YOU WILL CAST LOVERBOY AS GUY2 AND WE CAN HAVE A 3WAY OF MODERNRX+4+13 ALL SWEET KINDS OF WAYYYYYSSSS DAMNNNNNITTTTTTTTTTT! * Seriously I have an average IQ, but I know the only successful and dependable onscreen romance TR can milk is ALWAYS HongShi, if you give us a modern drama of HongShi eyesexing each other for an ONS and you keep your canon of 4RX happily ever after, what is there to lose, esp when you have already lost your entire mind?!?!?!?!?

Prince13 Off Screen: ‘It’s weary to put up an act.’

R: This is the general opinion on your Prince13: [a poem] A young man of royal birth, living as commoners.  Hair is greyed, worn by fate yet young at heart.  Loyal to brothers but wronged your love; chivalrous to soulmate, harsh on yourself.   You mentioned ShenAn is also a man with the highest regard of honor, chivalry and loyalty.  Do you have a hero complex in real life?

YH: I used to.  A few years ago, when I was younger.  As I grow older, I have less of that complex.  I do not have faith in one person saving the world anymore.  What I believe in is the unique characteristics in individuals, because heroes are often caricatures. I prefer things multifaceted.

R: From what you wrote on Weibo, you have a slick wit with words.  The netizens have also commented on you as, ‘armed with some intellect, mixed with a dose of humor, partly a literati, thinly veiling a libertine, channeling an angry young man….with a tiny streak of snark.’  It is a big detour from the characters you are usually portraying.

YH: haha, tbh, if I have to be a character that is slick and frivolous, it’s way easier to grasp for me, and not much work.  I will have an easy time acting.  A character like ShenAn needs some posing more or less.  It takes masquerading to be an emperor, a general, a prince, no matter what.   Even in real life we need to pretend, but it’s weary to put up an act.  I wish to try out characters with no facade.

I have always love comedy, I feel like I have a great comedic timing. Last year I filmed the drama ‘Mulan’.  It should be out first half of this year.  This drama is lighter, closer to a comedy, lets see how the audience feel about it.

R: Your bff HuGe is trying out as a producer, have you thought of being a producer?

YH:  It’s a very remote for me, because there are a lot of things I am clueless about, and imo arduous and beyond me.  I’m more interested in scriptwriting *OH YES PLEASE LOVERBOY~!!!* and directing.  If I’m going to work behind the scenes, I’ll most probably give these a try instead, producing is not my forte.

8 thoughts on “Aye Aye Captain!

  1. He slays me. That’s all I can say. I should probably be glad he doesn’t live ANYWHERE near me at all (not even same country) because he will bring out all of my stalkerish tendencies.

    That is all I have to say.

    1. And he’s at it again today, poking fun at the ‘election’ in his cute veiled witty ways. I’m quite addicted to weibo because of him.

      I really need to see any one of his dozen of so dramas. Like NOW! I do not care which one, just gimme.

      I honestly do not understand why even the drama with SiWon and Wang LuDan, both big names, is not out when much less interesting to plain old stinky stuff are all over the place.

  2. I have something to say:P Hui Er is planning to go to Shanghai next year to stalk Yuan Honey so you better weibo him to watch out, lol.

    Last week, I was asking Hui Er, why YH always wear that jacket? Does he have many of them? Or do I need to offer my laundry service:P?

    Aiya, YH is so ‘wai sik’ (in Cantonese), no wonder he is putting on weight, heehee….

    Vicki Zhao’s So Young trailer doesn’t really look much like the novel. I feel it looks more like Let me Look at You then Lost Youth. I want to see tv drama adaptation which closely follow the novel. Will be nice if YH is in both or either of them. Any news abt the adaptations?

    1. oh Miss Xin just reply the weibo of that editor/publisher/producer guy of a pic of TangWei concerning a tweet on Let me Look at You. And a dear redbeanie retrieved out a tweet of MissXin blatantly saying YH is one of the very few actors he follow (ie iz a fangirl) and he is the personification in her mind of HS.

      Considering it all, it’ll be close to ideal with YH be the drama Lin Jing. TangWei is unanimously the perfect JN, so please let it be true for her to be cast in the movie version. I’m not sure she’s enough of a box office draw though to carry a movie on her own, so if they are aiming for mainstream, they would need a big name for HS, I’m fine with someone like HXM taking the role as long as I have TangWei in place.

      Argh. No. My mom just finished To Our Youth and I just showed her the cast and like the rest of the interweb, she’s like, ‘Are those random pedestrians they are interviewing on their opinions on the characters?’ T____T

      Other than YaYa, really no one is even eyecatching enough and I still can’t tell who’s who without the caption
      Please let Tong LiYa be RuanRuan in the drama. T__T

  3. The first pic made me scream “OH GOD!”. Your Loverboy is such a killer!


    Thanks for interpreting the interview. I had fun reading it.

    1. He just did sth at weibo soooo ballsy and witty and satirical I just …can’t. he’s too much! I just hope he won’t get himself into trouble though….

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