Weekend Pretty Post: Spring Edition (1)

Gosh, another March.   My garden is suddenly blooming in one afternoon, after my ruthless abandon, I do not know how living things survive under my care, or lack there of.

March, 2003, I was in Hong Kong.  It was the most depressing darkest days of my life in that city.  Time is flying in a speed that is too scary now, when the unit is going by decades instead of years.   Enough of my downer blues.

Happy WEEKEND!  What’s better than a mindless pretty picspam?   And I really do not fangirl a whole lot of C actresses, or do I?  Every single one of them seems to have a monthly engagement covering EVERY glossy magazines while I’m sipping red dates sweet soup that time of month. :X

It’ll be wise to rest your eyes before clicking 😀

[Thanks to OP summer的连衣裙VV]

Jiang Xin:

Usually, every time I see JX in RL, I would say to myself, hmmmm if they are pirating MadMen, and transport it to HK 60s (think In the Mood for Love aesthetics), she’ll be the perfect vavavoom worldly Joan.   Then, she turns an 180 and selling me some chaste mixed with comehither of a notty young ingenue.  ❤

I do not care about Tong LiYa’s RL BF, but for the fact he is responsible for her cute happy grin here, I’ll make an exception.

 She is actually my vote for 13 Moon of HXY.  She has my vote for playing every drop dead gorgeous assassin lady so feminine and harmless looking that will sure fool them all.


Most netizens hated this Figaro cover but I love it.   She looks like a young apprentice of a Peking Opera House… wide-eyed, face half-made almost ready for her debut.

If not for her new movie Finding Mr. Right, I would’ve thought her day job is now a very hard working full time model. Here she is with her costar the ahjusshi heartthrob Wu Xiubo.

Don’t tell me you don’t have a hair-envy the size of Jupiter.

And even more TW +WXB:

Peeps are saying Tang Wei and Janine Chang are lookalikes.  I’ve never thought of it,  but in the pic above I can see the resemblance: the aura of a well-read elegant lady sophisticated yet girly:

ZaiZai will never come close to a Tony Leung on screen, but in glossy magazines, him and Janine is channeling some magical Tony+TangWei+ShuQi in IntheMoodforLove+ThreeTimes fireworks

Guey LunMei:  Miss bowlcut Pixie!  How magical is the first pic?!  The number of grown women able to pull off this hair and still look so effortlessly alluring and pretty can be counted by one hand.

Zhou Xun, ie  The Queen Bee of Pixie-dom:

ZhaoWei: What a gorgeous glowy pic, ZW is actually quite iffy with magazine pictorials, it can be really beautiful, or the other end of the spectrum.  One luckiest, blessed lady indeed.

SongJia: I love her I love her I love her.  She reminds me of Jeon Do Yeon in screen presence and talent, just in need of better luck in picking great projects.

Fan BingBing in Adidas (?) Frankly I can’t think of a movie/drama FBB is jaw-dropping terrific in, but with this face, looks really can kill.  I can’t wait to see her rocking it as Blink in the upcoming X-men if the rumor is true.  All she’ll be asked to do is to pose and be fierce and that will be like breathing air to her.

And last but not least, and whom imo pwns all the younglings in Chic! gracing the cover for Cn first edition of Conde Nast.  Maggie Cheung, Positano, Italy and those breathtaking spring dresses.  Lust!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Pretty Post: Spring Edition (1)

    1. I’m hounding that movie! haha My Mom saw the movie (she’s a huge Wu Xiubo fanahjumma) and loves it (even though she’s not to be trusted with any proper critiquing)

    1. Her spread is my favorite!!! I mean how often do we see an actress in the 40s still be cover of a magazine and not PS’d to death with EVERY line and sign of life ironed out of their faces that have stories to tell on its own?!!?

  1. JIANG XIN IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! My other favorite photoshoot is Tang Wei’s because her photos have a natural refreshing feel to them..like she is not forcing a pose or anything. *w*

    1. That is why I hope HXY will be truly amazing. It’s about time JX hit it big!!! I don’t see anyone with her mix of talent and looks, I think with proper styling she can so be a FBB, but of top of it, she has the acting chops FBB lacks!

        1. Never said she’s bad. FBB is servicable, she’s never floored me with her acting in anything and considering her A-lister status, she is overrated….if how huge a stardom is proportional to acting talent.

          I’m curious, can you name her definitive role? I’ve only heard of the flailing for ZhaoWei/RubyLin in Princess Pearl.

          1. I like Fan Bing Bing in drama red snow and her Beijing movie. She has star presence in my view and she doesn’t try hard to (over) act younger than her age cough*Ruby*cough. She is not best actress in town but there is worst

            1. I do like her too, and agree on her having a stunningly gorgeous screen presence. As I said she’s a decent actress, but very overrated considering she’s the honcho in the business breaking the glass ceiling when she does not have one seminal work to boot. Her Lost in Beijing turn is ambitious and commendable, but the movie itself is just soso. She did carry the show in Rouge Show and was a memorable Yang GuiFei starring alongside Winston Chao, but again, those are 5, 6 years ago, in btn, she really did not put the emphasis in honing her craft. I don’t see her reaching higher heights in the industry because her heart is not set to do so.

              Ruby is at least a few leagues below FBB, Her dramas are now watchable only because she’s smart to dazzle us with the prettiest of Cactors.

              And that is why imho Jiang Xin can Pwn them. She has the acting chops they are lacking, and she’s widely regarded as the last of the naturally gorgeous faces of the up and comings.

  2. I think C-shot photos and pictorials are way more gorgeous and naturally sensual than the Korean photographed. The “models” just look more comfy and natural in conveyance of mood and emotion. Or can it be because you’ve picked the best ones to show? hehehe..

    Tang Wei has never looked better, or more natural. FBB can do no wrong in anything to do with looking good in any pose. And Gui Lun Mei, uniquely alluring as she is always.

    1. I think Korean glossy magazines are aiming at high fashion chic, when I look at the looks all I get is nope no normal human beings can pull THAT off, because HEY! YEH is pantless! kinda deal.

      Whereas the nouveau riche of CN may outnumber the entire population of SK. These glossy magazines are like their shopping catalogue for reals. Any magazines I know from all over the world now has a CN edition. That is why TangWei is the eternal favorite because she is not of the unattainable pretty of a FBB and she has just enough this aura of elegance and sophistication that seems effortless and within reach. TW is what I thought HJW career should go for, I miss HJW having billowing hair and be a versatile chameleon.

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