Weekend Pretty Post: Spring’s MEN edition

It will get so hot in here, it’ll be dead heat of summer by the end you finish the post.  Guaranteed!

Lets start with harmless cute: HanDong and doggie

Or HanDong on an RV trip (where can I sign up to join? I get first dips!!!! haha I ❤ HD, but because there have been fans account of Loverboy randomly visiting his hotel for chitchat while they were both at Elephant Mt, I have to be ready in case he’s also visiting HD’s RV, rem he did a spread with Ye Qing (ie Prince 9’s lover) driving her off to frolick in deserted woods in an SUV, you know?!):


Eddie, aka the 3% bodyfat Man:

…whom LGX has gloated on weibo the other day having the privilege to touch:

(and for those worrying about Xin-chan’s career, I think he has it sorted out, he’s seen on some set filming a promising drama already.  There is freshly out an interview of KC where he told the reporter he has official gotten the invite fr PD Li , I guess TR sees it as some golden ticket to some precious Chocolate Factory <_<,  and he has agree to cameo right after HXY wraps.   But the chance of Xin-chan getting the invite?  Slimer than Loverboy.  And seriously TR, I will Officially HATE you and spit vitriol at anything TR related if you do not give poor sensitive Loverboy the ‘golden tic’ SOON as well, and I actually want Loverboy turning it down but visiting the set oh, every wkend, to huggle ALL his big bros and his SS and spamming weibo with pic a minute just to spite ur silly moronic ass!)

So what is the deal of this Marie Claire TW 20th anni edition?! is this ALL in one book?  Like a phonebook thick of UTTER HOTNESS we should all now keep in our nightstand instead of the Bible so when in need…and we’re hungry, it’s sizzling hot enough to grill a steak?

There is Joseph:

There is Bolin:

There is Rhydian:  and there is Janine and all the rest of the TW who’s who not in my fandom, but surely very pretty to look at.

Aaron:  I love this set of him.  Goodbye heavyhanded airbrushing!  Hello, HOT AHJUSSHI!!!  He’s now grown into a 99% facetwin of Toshiaki Karasawa, whose Tokyo Cinderella costar Emi Wakui is officially the envy and cause of heartpain of half a planet of women (and some men) for marrying off MYYutakaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob* I do am happy for them with my achy weepy heart.  Imma gonna watch Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose soon (as in 2046).

Is it just me, or is the whole Takeshi NEVER ages is starting to be freaky?!?


Set? (a palate cleanse):

GO! …Good Luck, ladies, see you at the other end:

19 thoughts on “Weekend Pretty Post: Spring’s MEN edition

  1. Today is the hottest day (in RL) I can remember in ages! Guess one can’t run away from it. haha.

    All the men are yummilicious fine, but omg I can only see HXM! <333

  2. OMG, Emi and Yutaka?!?! Really!!! I love Emi so I’m happy for them…geez she’s one lucky woman – first Masato as ex-hubby (i have a soft spot for him since Wakamono no subete, which forever holds a special place in my heart) and now Yutaka >.<

    I may be the minority who enjoyed Mou ichido kimi ni, propose (i think that was the only dorama i watched in that season), just can't believe they'd become RL couple!!

    1. But I was so happy for her to divorce Masato, he’s a terrible cheater through out the marriage. I honestly thought Yutaka will be The Kekkon Dekinai Otoko!

      Oh! I haven’t heard of praises for Mou ischido kimi ni propose so I thought it’s a dud. Ok, pushed up my to watch list!

      1. true that. what we saw in TV screen tells us nothing about their personality in RL. just hope Emi and Yutaka will be happy ever after ❤

        i can understand that ppl would think Mou ichido quite a slow-paced story but i guess i was in the mood for such a drama haha

        oh btw, i'm going off on a tangent but have you watched House of Cards? SO. ADDICTING.

        1. I haven’t checked out HoC, my folks are crazily addicted, but they said the BBC orig. is better. It is a show that begs full on attention….. I’ve been chowing down stuff I’m not too invested in (That Winter, the Wind Blows) and mindless US sitcoms mostly, oh and GoT (but I’ve read the book, so I can watch it with half an eye).

          My highest priority is to catch up with my JDORAMAS!!!! Finally saw an ep of Saikou no Rikon last wk and instant love!

          1. I LOVE Saikou no Rikon! Smartly written and Eita’s performance in it floored me. Sometimes you just miss the wackiness in dorama 🙂

  3. Hi Mookiehyun!

    I read the post where you were really excited about 许我向你看 being adapted into a drama… would you mind giving a short synopsis? Unfortunately, I don’t read Chinese, so I couldn’t look up the info myself.


    1. Hi Ana

      *So I’m assuming you do not mind the spoiling….*
      The sweeties at ShuShengBar did a short synopsis and lovely discussion on the book in english: http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=573

      Argh. I’m horrible at this (being very wordy yelpity). I’ll only zoom in on the main guy and heroine but there are also many key players filling up the story. Miss Xin has a very lovely deft command of the language and she’s one terrific storyteller, her clarity and precision in feeding us just the exact amount to move the story along is astounding.

      So yeah, I hope she’s not reading this. :X

      When we met Jue Nian she’s working at a curtain store, a woman in her late 20s with looks so demure, she can disappear in a pane of curtains and no one will notice. Our miser with words is a convicted murderer who did her time. One day, a guy walks into her store. It’s Han Shu. HS is the first character introduced to us in detail in the book, he’s Mr Swoonworthy Perfect. A dashingly handsome lawyer from a good family, nice all around, fun to be with, filial to his parents, his only vice maybe he’s a very competitive tennis player/sportsman, but all in all a ray of sunshine. When we met him, he’s in the process of being matched up for the nth time. (The girl is one of the bff of the heroine in author’s previous work To Our Youth That is Fading Away) Perfect catch at every angle. But when JN saw him it’s like she saw death. They have a history.

      A History. She was in prison right after highschool 10 years ago. It took more than the equivalent of crawling through acids, pins and needles to get to where she’s at. She also has a ~10 year old girl under her care.

      She is HS’ first love. There is a picture he’s kept superbly well physically and deeply locked in his memory, his only picture with her along with the guy she loves and the girl who loved him, his most precious possession. He has not seen her for 10 years, she’s never stop haunting him. He can’t keep his eyes off looking at her, again, in his view, when she’s hid herself so well….even if it’s just standing by the dim lights at the corner of her street, with a distant view of her apt. He’ll be content to be a shadow a far, almost. Almost, begging for her to just let him look at her.

      She loved a boy WuYu, a childhood friend, her only companion, during a childhood void of warmth, simply because she’s not a son. She adapted with the neglect from her parents and caretakers by living in her own inner haven, finding contentment at all creative nooks….including the companionship of an outcast, a lonely boy WuYu, the son of a murderer. He’s dead at 18.

      She still loves him, and she’s doing everything in her power to keep him alive, no matter if the world judges, she does not care. Her world is all she has, is all she’s guarding, even if it’s a very decrepit fortress.

      HS raped her. HS gave in to his urges and took advantage of a weeping mess, a drunk and semiconscious JN, the girl he loves so uncontrollably, so intensely, with all his heart. They were 17, 18. It’s not the first time a guy forced his hands on her, there was a worse trauma with the owner of the village’s tuckshop. The boy she loves fell to his death in front of her eyes, she sees their hands smothered with his blood. The child molester also laid in his own pool of blood, slained, that fateful day 10 years ago. She’s ‘proven’ guilty of the murder. The murder which took place while she was unconscious in a seedy motel with HS. HS’ parents bribed to save their only son from the implication, from a rape indictment and HS did not stand up for her innocence. The guilt that he’s living with constantly, is eating him alive inside. There is no way out, he’s wronged her most terribly, he’s locked her in jail, thrown away the keys. It’s irreversible, he has destroyed the girl he loves with all his heart, beyond repair.

      HS did not even know of the devastating violence she endured in prison. JN went to the extremes to cut off HS completely, for all the heartbreaking nightmares she has carefully left behind and keeping them where she wants: out of her life.

      He still loves her, since he’s set eyes on her, his heart is hers. He knows he is the last person to have the right to even think the thought, but he does. Self-servingly he has to manage his own enormous suffocating guilt, but most of all she needs help, there is no one to show her way out of her entrapment other than…him. He can’t help but budged himself squarely into her life, time after time, no matter how many times she beat him down, cut him to size, treated him as an invisible gust that still shakes her to her core. Deep inside her austerity, she is actually safeguarding the soul of that eccentric little girl with a mental strength of steel, somehow she did not lose the innocence despite. Yet, with it, she’s also trapped in her own living hell she’s refusing to leave in the name of keeping WuYu alive, in her mind, in her life.

      Pushed to a point of extreme desperation, HS forced himself on her, again. Yet out of the trauma, her will to live and to change, finally hits, and his undying love for her despite his deplorable irrational mistakes, through the pain he is responsible for inflicting on her…shakes her, wakes her, makes her feels, and heals.

      It is a happy ending, but the ride led me to the deepest ends of murk. I can’t forgive HS, and I’m never a rapist apologist, but author instills this clarity in her story and her characterization, and equips with a very powerful pen, every development makes sense as it goes. Heroine did not fall for him because of the physical intimacy, because of him forcing his intense love for her, she doesn’t even want to grant him the significance of hating him, for him to have any place in her psyche. HanShu is a truly decent, lovely guy, and I spent the first chapters flailing for him left and right esp when he’s being so hopelessly sweet to his first love…that is before writer opens the chapter on their past. He is still this close to flawless catch, IF we could discard the rape, but we couldn’t and shouldn’t, and she shouldn’t and couldn’t. That is what made this such an intriguing read.

      1. Thanks … sounds so much more intriguing than a lot of the stuff that passes for emotional dramas in China/Korea these days.

        1. Yup. But then I don’t trust Cdramaland tackling the material and keeping the authenticity. There is no true artistic license there, The best of PDs have ranted out loud they have no say whatsoever on casting, it’s in the hands of the investors and they only have profitability in mind. Then there are the censors. That is why the only well made c modern dramas are mostly civil war spy thrillers glorifying the Party,

          It can work as a Kdrama/Jdorama if in decent hands.

          1. I think the former is also a big problem in Korea (Kdramas seem to be in free fall mode) … yep, censorship can go die in a fire, but I wonder if there’s also a problem with respect to the lack of talented scriptwriters who are actually willing to do modern ‘urban’ themes. Maybe romance for the sake of romance is just not appealing to them? I just find it so hilarious that even the laughable stuff coming out of Taiwan and even Thailand these days is often more addictive and viscerally evocative than C modern dramas. Sigh.

            Anyways, thanks for your perspective. There are precious few English blogs that cover mainland dramas so please keep up the good work!

            1. There are still some rare evocative gems out there in C contemporaries, maybe one a yr or 2 :/
              There are talented writers, but they are so low in the hierarchy. Who is investing get all the absolute say there, on top of the censors, and actually writers who stoop so low, to the lowest denomination (eg yz) are the ones profitable, attracting snarky eyeballs from the outrageous.

              It’s impossible to do a respectable contemporary with totally honorable heroes and heroines, it’s just not realistic, but then the censors are so stifling in thinking it’s detrimental to society to allow any kind of ‘glorifying’ of the human condition that is not neat and perfect. It’s now such a big scale business, with so much $$$ involve, it’s like theWalmart squeezing out all the Moms-and-Pops.

  4. takeshi <3<3

    is it just me that thinks sung joon looks like bolin chen.
    i do find the former slightly more attractive than the latter but neither of them are what i would consider attractive.

    1. facial features wise, SJ and Bolin has nothing of any resemblance to me, Bolin has very deep set eyes and his nose is also much larger than SJ and he has thick lips… maybe they are styled the same in a pictorial.

      I actually see resemblance of Bolin to a less pretty, younger, not yet chiseled Takeshi of the 90s.

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