HongShi Watch

Hey fellow HongShi babes, wanna bet on when we can pop some champagne and cheer on our darlings?

It all started with the sweet and so pretty Janine visiting Loverboy at his HXY set at WengDian (she is filming her GuLong drama Big Four).  YH, losing his marbles when any pretty girl showers him attention, forgot to snap a pic with her and is pouting and whining on weibo, to which the dreamy sweetheart Janine PS him one with her looking up fondly at the sillyboy.  I ❤ her.

YH’s fellow bestie from college, who was the bff of both LSS and Janine’s characters in Clothing the World, and very tight girlfriend with the other two in RL, quickly added herself onto the collage, leaving the empty spot next to YH to challenge LSS to add herself on.

And this is the tweet YH replied not once, not twice, but thrice, with his partner in cutest slashy crimes Eddie adding in a finger. Edwin (the wifebeater in CtW) also joined in the cheer for SS.

Janine: ~General Lin!  We’ve time traveled~lets wait here for XiaoMei (Xu)! It’ll be awesome if we can make Princess JiaYi (LSS) makes a splash and we have our grand reunion!! keke

YH: I’ll let you get a feel of The feeling of being looked up upon by a beautiful lady! [花心]

Eddie: [挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎][来]

YH: With the presence of a gorgeous girl, why would I get lured by you!

Miss Xu:  Taking a pic ‘together’ like this is in vogue right now?  @LSS, farmhand still left 1/4 of the space for you yo~ please get the red bean soup ready!… Red bean soup!  Redbean…soup?!  Janine!  You’ve definitely promised to cook me some red bean soup, if it’s not set and waiting for me, I’ll grab the bowl and go berserk!

*obviously gloating at being virtually surrounded by gorgeous ladies and maybe the mention of red bean concocting it’s a soup made specifically for him and the waxing lyrically reference of red bean soup signifying the undying love and longing for a guy if made by his lady….*

YH: I feel good~[阴险][阴险][阴险] Who else?

And totally not being so shamelessly obvious and trying to fake just borrowing that flirtatious finger  from Eddie, he replied yet to the thread to Edwin’s add-on when he mentioned Sis-in-law 2 is present.

YH: SiL#2? Who is SiL#1?  Who will be the next in line? [阴险][阴险][来]

I’m not one who will easily forget he’s the one who used that flirty finger on top of his badboy pretty face to lure his MianChi moons ago.

The HongShi shippers are already nudging him to properly @ShiShi instead of keep hitting around the bush, but he is like a blushing ‘shy’ teenager when it comes to his SS, I guess.

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