Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong wrapping up on the set of Hua Xu Yin


*Still alive…and quite well.  Hope y’all are spiffy too!*

I have no idea my 2 talented darlings are still filming Hua Xu Yin. I’m not sure why just seeing or hearing anything of them attached to this picks my mood up many folds. 😀  It is bonus that this is weibo’ed by the PD himself with nth but the sweetest praises of the 2 hotties.

I can’t lie, my eyes haven’t failed me  *yes, I’m able to continue typing because I’ve successfully pulled my eyes off that second last pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *if you don’t know or haven’t heard, there will be a hot and violent rape scene btn the two. Yeah, I know it’s wrong, but it’s HAWWTTTT!* *And Loverboy has already shamelessly boasted to his visiting fangirls the scene was taped on Valentine’s Day.  And it was ‘LONG’ kekeke.  And Prince 10 would need all the ‘be still my heart calming potion’ he can get his hands on and why didn’t the fangirls bring him some for the scene just so he can take a pic of it and weibo’d it to Prince 10 on this apropos occasion just to rub it in some more his cutiemeanie style?!!?* …ok so….where am I? Oh…my eyes….these two are the prettiest by leagues than the rest of the cast and just a bit of fangirl bias thrown in, they are also the most talented and oozing CP chemistry out of all the many intriguing pairings (on paper at least) in the drama.  *ermmm sorry the dudes playing the supposedly hot royals in 13 Moon are both so tragically styled to the fugliest, I still am giggling to tears just vaguely remember the outfits.  Poor guys!  XD)

@譚友業今天两位我喜爱的演员杀青了!@蒋欣 @袁弘 这两个多月以来感谢你们的专业…敬业…合作…和谐…欢乐…辛劳…拼搏…种种点点滴滴都记在心头!期待华胥引-宋凝沈岸编!更怀念跟你们合作的欢乐时光!感谢
PD Tam:  Two actors I adore wrapped up their filming today! @JiangXin @YuanHong  Thank you for your professionalism…passion…collaboration…harmonious…delight…labor…moil…bits and pieces, all stored as memories in my heart!  Looking forward to Hua Xu Yin-The Chapter of SongNing and ShenAn!  But more so, I treasure most fondly the happy time spent working with you both!  Thank you!

Aiya…sooo cute!

He also tweeted this lovely pic of Thirteen and Miss Jenni Guo/Mrs. Thirteen then and Madam Thirteen Moon now.   Not skipping a beat flaunting his pervie flirtatious self when Jenni lovingly replied under this pic of them hoping on till they meet again in ‘another life time’ and not just brushing shoulders. YH: ‘Instead of brushing shoulders in our next life time, lets brush something else!下一世能别擦肩,擦点别的吗[花心] !’  That sth can’t be anything PG coming from my notty notty Loverboy.  Argh.

All is well when Kevin is still looking at my Loverboy all lovingly, and the younger bro is still flashing his patented gorgeous smile like a blooming flower:

Seriously, tell me who can don this honestly quite silly and fugly costume with a chopstick/breadknife/letteropener stuck squarely in the middle of head, used turkey roasting disposable foil pans as shoulder pads and still look so dashing?! even with his own perfectly halo-ing backdrop of pink blossoms?!?!!??!

Yes.  This angle is still very pretty to me, or I should say no one on earth can be this gorgeous from this angle.  I’m hopeless like that.

Yup, still pretty if you ask me.  Plus ridiculously hot in his badboy charming slaying ways. :O~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sooooo prettty!!!!

And they have the most pretty fangirl as well.

Also, while I’m taking a break from my usual silly fangirling on this blogging couch, Loverboy has been so busy flirting with everyone on weibo, including my other weibo favorite Liu Ye.  Liu Ye, a follower of Loverboy’s weibo (and vice versa), is now the Weibo King of Sofa (ie he is the master of grabbing the first reply ‘the comfy seat/sofa’ of random bizarre weibos, including some of Loverboy’s, usually the silly/slashy variety, because he’s so adorable peeps will keep deleting any reply in front of him just to make him the King of Sofa.  They have officially hugged and smooched each other on weibo exactly as I begged/wanted them to.  EXCELLENT!  I know now I’m an Xmen of the peculiar kind, my superpower is to sometimes mind-control the Power that Be, where my fandoms will collide in the most entertaining and fantabalous ways setting off fireworks of explosions of hearts to my liking.  Next up I just need Loverboy to be in a movie with Liu Ye and Tang Wei.  TPTB, I know you love me more than You’ll ever admit, therefore I have the right to be a greedy spoiled brat: they can be all clothed when hotsexing, I’ll be slightly disappointed *poutpoutpoutpoutpout*.  But come next CN arthouse erotica it will be a G!O!O!D! golden perfect PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEGIMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE vehicle that will make this ahjumma very super happy (or else…you are DEAD to me. So, JUST DO IT!!!)


19 thoughts on “Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong wrapping up on the set of Hua Xu Yin

    1. I. Can’t. Wait. I’ve never ever WANT sth so ridiculously hard and it needs not be even good. I can frankly say even if all hell breaks lose and everything SUCK in HXY, just the scene of YH and JX in a bed together will undo any wrong.

    1. It is The Power That Be…or dramagods? XD It starts out as the group of peeps (writers/directors/producers/actors) responsible for a specific fanatic fandom, but now I keep it as a pet.

      1. ahh thank you mookie 😀 i wonder if in the drama, every parts wil show one by one or it will show alternately, if they’ll do it one by one i hope LB part will going to be showed first, since i really really really cannot wait, ahh damn you bed scene, now my mind cannot stop to thinks abt it :p
        and i love how PD Lam act like his actors, being cute in photos 😀

        1. I bet it will show the Loverboy part first *fingercrossed* coz the OTPoftheOTPs of Kevin and the main heroine’s storyline progressed through the different vignettes. As long as it’s a sure thing end of year, I’ll take it.

          In the mean time, my neck has grown a few inches waiting for Mulan and the Cidoldrama with Siwon, those 2 should be safe enough to make it on air soon. We heard June, but this is midApril and still NOTHING!!!


    1. Hi Mye! ^^

      It just looks like such a happy delightful set to be on! And I totally have to repeat I need this drama to show asap. I need ANY Loverboy drama to show asap!

  1. We miss you mookie but more importantly we miss your post on Loverboy in HXY, lol. Hui3r will be jumping with joy since she is buried under the pile of paperwork:( I thought HXY has finished filming & your LB has moved on to minguo era? Did you or the PD hoard & withhold all these juicy pics till now to test our patient:P? Bah, another waiting game for this drama to be released:(

    At first glance, your LB looks like a bride having her makeup done on her wedding day, very feminine haha…..Ahahaha, I get to see his 1st bedding pic for HXY but not much expression woh, laying there like a dead fish, haha…..Hopefully more action on screen & the labour intensive bits don’t end up on the cutting room floor:P

    1. *WAVE~~* Hihi Peanuts! ^^ How have u been?

      This was just from yesterday, I bet they have some reshooting or whatnots or they have to work around YH’s schedule. JiangXin also made a lovely tweet saying farewell to her ShenAn (and haha Prince 10, seeing that bedding pic, begged for that calm down be still my tachy bursting heart potion and JX the jokester gave him a whole tweet full of pills and shots, to which they then openly flirt and be saccharine cute!)

      lolz, lest you forget, it was quite a violent and physically exhausting actiony scene…on the bed.

      Yupyup my Loverboy is as pretty as a blushing bride, esp if that bride is Princess MinMin in RL! XD

  2. Gosh Yuan Hong and Jiang Shin in the same drama. One dream came true.
    Now I pray for a drama with Ady An and Yuanni cheri 😀

    1. Actually YH & JX are much more my hoped-for onscreen OTP than YH & Tong Liya. HXY isn’t even out yet, but I still wanna see YH + JX collaboration again!

  3. Sorry I am offtopic but Am I the only one who think that early 90’s wushia movies OST – swordsman 2, Tai chi master, Chinese ghost story, Fong sai Yuk, Green snake ect… just Kickass ? I can’t stop listening to them

    1. Lolz how can you possibly be the only one in this lil nook here! XD I am still in mad love of all the stylish feasting on the senses of the gd old days. Not perfect, but with so much heart.

      1. Especially Swordsman 2 (I love Brigitte Lin song) and Green snake. Tai chi master is great too…they all are great. I love this style of soundtracks and instruments of that era. do you know the names of the authors ?

        1. You mean the author of the music or the script work? I am absolutely a fanslave to Green Snake, from the book to that adapt. I was in love with TsuiHark’s luscious whimsical style back then.
          Do you mean this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I0tiRcYG98
          and this one in GreenSnake? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFSZq4bhMTE

          Both of them are the masterpiece of imo the greatest writer in Cantopop ever James Wong (RIP), he collaborated with composer Joseph Koo all the time, and they are responsible for the Swordsman OST. (<3333333333333333333333) Maestro Koo is singlehandedly responsible for 90% of all the golden Cantopop of yore. Look at their wikis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wong_Jim http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Koo

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