(Most Gorgeous) Official Stills for Hua Xu Yin’s 浮生尽

浮生尽/The Denouement of the Floating Life/The Story of ShenAn and SongNing has slayed and ripped and minced my heart when I read it on dry ink, in the care of my most gorgeous and talented C duo Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong, both of whom have carved out careers out of playing complicated characters who are not exactly role models (to the extreme of murderess of children, rapist or child kidnapper) but we shed tears and blood over and to hell with our morals and wanna hug and pet their characters despite… it will be EPICALLY EPIC!  *This is what I can try to fake it as having any control over my SQUEESSSSS and GIMMMMMEEEESSSS! and OMGOMGOMGMOMGWANTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Picspam,  Come SQUEEEEEEE with MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What absolutely is flipping me senseless is I’m seeing shots of some superhot explosively charged scenes (the wedding night, Our HeroineSong warming her General Shen with her nikkid body and thus saving his life…) and me likey!  And just the first pic alone, not since Young Yang Clan have I got a taste of MY most YUMMY messy beasty smexy Loverboy!

38 thoughts on “(Most Gorgeous) Official Stills for Hua Xu Yin’s 浮生尽

  1. Be still my heart, lol. Thank you very much for the eye candies. Hopefully somemore later, similar to what I posted today to quell my hunger. I mean it in the literal sense, haha…..

    1. You greedy girl! What more do you want, these are 17 gorgeous stills even me is not complaining no more, anything more will be too much spoilers spoiling the fun. And WHAT eye candies did you post today literally then coz I don’t see it lolz

      1. Hey, so spooky as I am reading a book called ‘Greedy’ & now I am being called greedy, lol. Your loverboy is in 11 of them only which is abt 65%. This is merely a pass so you should be complaining, haha…..I love spoilers:P I didn’t post any eye candy, just use your imagination, lol.

        Also, the stills are too small ar, so I can’t admire YH’s hands:( In the last still, YH looks like he has eaten too many candies, lol.

        1. haha but I also love Jiang Xin about as much, so either one of them is in ALL the new pics~! XD

          See I’m such a sweet friend I’ve posted a few blatant hand p0rn in the next post just for you <__< And also to shut you on him eating too much candy~! *roarrrrrr* ^^

    1. You know me too well Dear!!

      Come to think of it, that midnight blue (my absolute fav) number is all bts fansnaps, it has not made a showing in any of these new stills…hmmmm WANT!

    1. Muakkk~ How have you been Shinta~?

      lolz I honestly dunno how much of that can get by the censors….I mean if u look closely at that rape scene JX’s SongNing’s hand is all maimed and bloodied….I’ll be watching through my fingers if they dare go full on true to novel.

      I do not care if that enormous fake hair has all kinds of unsavory stuff in it, I still wanna mess it up some more with my own hands!!! hahahaha

        1. It’s ….complicated. *MAJORRRRRRRRR SPOILERS* *I’ll sum up the story till the scene then somewhat give a gist of it*

          She fell in love with him at first sight on battlefield, they are of opposing factions. She saved his life by lending him warmth from her body…and he promised to marry her in his semi-consciousness. However, she had to leave him to the care of a mute young lady and her healer grandpa when her brother was hounding for her….thus the mistaken identity as the mute girl is also in love with General and didn’t correct him when he’s mistaken her as SongNing as soon as he regained consciousness. Therefore, when SN’s powerful bro/family asked for generalShen to marry SN, first because the girl has fallen for the dashing general and asked, and most importantly it’s beneficial to the families politically…or else…he’s bitter and furious and swore never wanna have anything more to do with her to the extent of seeing her (very gorgeous glowing) face on their wedding night since her clan forced him into the marriage threatening to harm ‘the other woman’ whom he now thought as the angel who saved him and he’s forever indebted to and has the duty and loyalty to forever love and cherish (but is actually SN). The mute lady also took her half piece of jade and love letter explaining everything, all intended for GeneralShen, of course.

          Months grudgingly flew by, they had such a combustible, misunderstood, caustic cohabitation, if I can even call it that. Song used the muscles of her powerful bigbro to halt Gen Shen taking in mute lady as his true love/concubine, but the lady was bearing him an illegitimate child nonetheless when General Shen was sent to battlefield. Out of too much jealousy and despair and spite and the bursting longing and worry for her husband in battlefield, Song quite directly caused the miscarriage. Gen Shen came back home, learning the fate of his unborn child and the distress of his beloved mistress, white in hysterical anger and completely lost his mind… his mind is deadly set to kill SongNing with his sword. And at the brink of it cutting her throat, she stopped it with her hand, and it slashed deep gashes to the bone through all 5 fingers, of her sword wielding rt hand. Freshly hurt even more so realizing he truly is intending to slay her, she spit a biting slew of even more flaming words his way.

          ‘I’m the only one who can bear you any legitimate child.’

          She thought these words will mark the last straw of him turning the sword precisely at her throat…but he cut off her clothes and undressed her instead.

          He uttered, ‘SongNing, I’ve never thought a woman as vicious as you could ever exist!’ With that he forced himself on her, she could’ve fought him off if he’s any other regular guy but he’s the great mighty general Shen, the one whom she’s fallen for being the powerful dashing general fighting against her and defeating her. All she can do now is to hold onto him tightly as he ravages her….her blood staining his back a tint of obscene blush of scarlet. She sobs and cries, she has never cried in her life being the tough cookie, yet this unbearable pain infesting in her heart is too much. And this is what he wants to inflict in her in his raging grief, he wants her to ‘share’ his pain. All she can do is to dig her nails and maims her hand some more into his flesh.

          She wakes up the morning with him lying next to her, a fresh tear in her eye, she grabs her 80stone sword with her left hand and stabs him in his abdomen just as he’s waking up. She cries like the 17 year old girl she is, her naivete showing on her young face and ‘whines’, ‘why did you come back, why didn’t you die in battle?!’ ShenAn grabs her left hand holding the sword and holds her into his intense embrace, embedding the weapon deeper into his body. Spitting out fresh blood, he utters, coldly, a hot breath from her, ‘this is what you want?! You want me dead?!’

          With that, he honors his words of 两清, an absolute severance of physical presence and forever out of his mental being. He moves out of the Shen Mansion following his mistress’ departure. SongNing gets pregnant with his child that fateful night, 2 months later. A boy.

          *But of course way more sharp rocks are gonna fall on them. T______T*

      1. LOL’d i’m fine mookie, thanks to u’r vitamins dose of Loverboy *wink mmuachh*
        you’re right, we only can imagined how many are left after being cut T_T
        here hoping it somehow being leaked into the internet XD

        1. I’m pretty sure it won’t materialize to a lot of hot flesh, mingling limbs :X but with these 2, who have shown palpable so memorable smexy chemistry with otherwise quite limited actors (I’ll name names: ShiShi in LoCH08 and JimmyLin in DGSD2002), what they can do with eyes and expressions alone should be explosive heartbreaking hotness guaranteed!

    1. I really CANT WAITTTTTT! Tbh the costumes in the stills left a lot to desire, but when it focus on their faces, in particularly their eyes….JX is rocking a 17yo feisty knucklehead yet naive SongNing

    1. It should be the most glorious delicious Angst EVER in Cdrama, if done right. If they just read out the book, page by page, line by line…with only these 2 talented actors, it should be glorious. So…it can’t be awful, can it?!??! *PRAYYYYYY*

      1. *rummages internet for book*
        something perfect has to come along once in a while. probably. should. MUST. omg I’m trying very hard and failing to manage my expectations

        1. Any luck finding? If not: http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/4Tjht

          It is a lovely read, I nitpicked the young writer’s prose…just not exactly the style I find befitting a quasi period novel. It could’ve been perfect.

          BUT she is a great storyteller with a creative mind. *and I should go read her other works…..*

          1. Thanks!! 😀 if you dont mind me asking, do you know other good books to rec? 😀 Do you know 血色浪漫? haha random but that one sorta changed my life when I read it a few years ago

            1. You know what?! I watched 3 eps of 血色浪漫 while my family was visiting…I’m a fan of liu Ye and after ZHZ of course I want to check out more of SunLi. I liked it, but I simply can’t find time.

              Now I’ll definitely dl the bk and read. *I should get back to reading more….sighhhh*

              1. I LOVE LIU YE!!! He was cast perfectly. (And omg I just realized the girl is Sun Li… revelation!!) It’s definitely a very guy-centric story though.
                But I think the book was much much better than the drama, which changed and cut alot of the stuff. It was just so amazing I dunno :S
                haha yeahhh sigh feel like I havent touched a book in years, even though I have to read all these books for class, it doesnt feel like reading reading

            2. Out of the contemporaries Xin YiWu is my latest favorite (hahaha I went nuts and yelped about her nonstop for a while reading one of her books) I love her prose the most, her style is crisp and powerful without trying too hard. But most of the characters in her book are not too ‘desirable’ for swooning I think, many are not exactly likeable. I just find her contemporary romances quite realistic and relatable.

              I haven’t finished all her books, I’m a sporadic reader….I have a dozen+ books I’m currently in the process of reading but some I’ve forgotten to keep up with but if I suddenly rem it I’ll lap it up in hours…actually there are a few dearies visiting my blog who has a lovely site chatting about CN books: http://www.books.shushengbar.com/

              1. :O this site looks like a treasure trove!!!
                sigh yeah totally I like have book ordering sprees and when they come I just leave them on the shelf and watch dramas cos I’m just too tired whenever I actually have the time ><

                1. It is harder for me to multitask when reading, but I always can do sth on the side with an eye on some drama playing on the screen. Horrible habits I know.

                  1. Have you read 桐华’s 曾许诺?I was dreaming about an epic drama adaptation all the way I was reading it, but I just know if there ever is one, the CGI will prob drag the whole thing done >< BUT it would make such an epic drama omggg

  2. @emsterz

    Is 曾许诺 your favorite 桐华? I may check it out then.

    I’m not the biggest fan of TH. I liked BBJX the novel, but somehow it felt like it’s missing something. I find her writing style a bit detached from the characters, if I can put it that way…all the angst and emotions are there at an arm’s reach, it is as if she prefer to indulge in a safer, distance with aloof than putting us right where the bleeding heart is.

    I somehow never got too rabid with her DMY, I get detached with how much she deviated from history there.

    1. Hmm I think 云中歌 would be my fav compared to DMY and BBJX, but 曾许诺 is pretty different. Her writing definitely improved with 曾许诺, and the world she created is incredibly lush and beautiful and dangerous all at once. I guess the fantasy plays a very huge role in 曾许诺, because the setting sort of infuses the romance with alot more stake and epic-ness. It’s alot more intense than the other novels, in the sense that the story is extremely fast paced and there’s alot of action happening. I never thought about her writing being detached from the characters, though now that you mention it, I think I vaguely get what you mean. I dunno, I feel like TH is a very visual writer, everything she writes is so easily visualised and translated on-screen, i.e. her books aren’t very deep lol. But 曾许诺 would make a mindblowing wuxia epic, IF they dont screw up the CGI, because it’ll be filled with CGI and so far wuxia dramas have had very bad trackrecords with that sadly… you should give it a go, if you have the time 🙂 though I must warn you, it’s even more heartbreaking than BBJX once you get into it

  3. I haven’t finished the novel yet but in the drama will Hua Xu Yin still be used to enter people’s dreams and alter them and that whole thing? How is this drama altered from the book? And Kevin Cheng looks atrocious as MuYan… like please, I used to love him in TVB dramas but he’s aged so much he doesn’t have that Mu Yan feel… >_>

    1. I think JunFu will still be able to enter dreams, that still of her playing the zheng that was just out is the same as how she can cast her spell in the book.

      I have shied away from any synopsis of the drama, so I can approach the drama with a fresh eye as I am watching it no matter what. Yes bookfans have been grumbling nonstop since, but anything leaked out does not mean it is going to make it to the screen anyway, there is no definite date this is airing and till then there is still a lot of wrangling with SARFT and even the broadcasting channels have all the power to chop it to sth unrecognizable as what the Yunnan cable channel is doing to an already aired drama Legend of Western Dance and Music, what they are showing atvm is such a shame, poorly cutting off plots and ruining a near perfect script.

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