April’s Hook, Line, Sinker…or Stinker

I absolutely didn’t watch anything without one eye tired shut last month+, and in prep of me falling into the abyss of lapping up everything under the sun with all the withdrawal, I slept almost an entire day of Sunday in anticipation.

30 hrs later, caught up with my most ‘urgent’ to-watch dramas.

Saikou no Rikon:  Hook+Line

I watched it with my visiting horde of family, ie meanies who would not wait for me when I’m at work.  I’m at 5 (or 6?), the convos at times are way too dense in speedy dialogue as if the characters are doing tongue twisters, I’m a pro at subreading, or so I thought, but I had a hard time speedreading.  That is nowhere near a deal-breaker.  Eita is perhaps at his best nuanced performance.  I even pulled out an ep of Orange Days to marvel some more on how far he’s arrived.  I do not recall seeing Ono Machiko in anything memorable, but she’s now on my keep an eye out list.  Maki Yoko also grown from her b0Obilicious uniformed vase days (sorry that’s my only impression of her).  Ayano Go, ‘the dependable head of his class talent’-a quote of my bestie- is so fluid and seamless in his character, which is more to the sideline than the OTP, but exactly what it should be, I’ve heard nothing but the most insane/intense praises of the dude in any discussion on SnR with my longtime RL Jdrama besties, so my next project is to check out anything he’s in I can get hands on (like Soratobu Kouhoushitsu with Gakki).  The drama slows down a tad, but it’s still full of beautiful little touches that makes me chuckle one moment and the next my heart bruises a bit for the younglings finding their ways in this messy maze of marriage.  IF it’ll give me more plot in the coming eps, I’ll gobble up the sinker happily.

Like a Fairytale:  Hook+Line

Not gonna be a diehard fan of Lee ChunHee.  He’s superb in CitC but  I’m so shallow I lost respect of myself, really.  I just don’t find his face pretty enough to keep me staring at his face alone, which I LURVE to do to my namjas.   It does not help that I LOATHED OnAir (where I first saw him), I got bored very fast with Gloria and shall we mention RoadKill#1?  This is a rec from my bff, who just threw a line on Whassap this reminds her of an rehabbed less cracky Reply1997: less bloated on its own dazzle.  4 eps in entirety and after an ep I’m more than hooked.  If I have to give one very silly mookie reason for what really hits me in my gut, it is because there is a random scene of them watching Days of Being Wild so I got bonus Leslie and Maggie.  Choi YoonYoung is not of the school of acting style I like, she tends to play scenes out with a tad too much effort.  But so far, the story has been delightful, nth is able to stink it up, I hope.

Jang Ok Jung: Seeing the hook and swimming around it.

I’m not one who loathes KTH, even though she sucks being serious or ebil as a boggle-eyed murderous pup.   I think she as drop-dead pretty as she is (or was) awful but very entertainingly hilarious with so much effort and heart poured in I can’t hate her and somehow she managed to never bug me.   She is magically frothily delightful in My Princess just on the fact she makes me tolerate SSH for the entirety of a drama.  That’s a feat.  If not for a praise I glanced at The Vault of all places, and at DearKoala’s, I won’t be curious enough to check it out.  Shoujofied fake saguek is rarely my thing (eg I have not much of any love left for QIHM towards the end and I was RABIDLY obsessed).  I’ll also out myself as not a fan of YAI since Fashion King and I think his face is weird, which can be fascinating if he has the machismo to carry funny face but he still comes across as a 12 yo without the coverup of mane of glory or facial hair.  But there was this scene with palpable chemistry with KTH in ep1.  Even when I’m forewarned this is surprisingly watchable, and KTH doesn’t stick out sucky in it, I didn’t expect chemistry btn the two, oy impression of each of them as not really sure of what they are doing on screen. Ep1 is decent, I’m not invested, yet.  But seeing the ratings pooped I want to stick with it just to give a middlefinger ╭∩╮ to those tasteless silly K TVremotes dictators.

Itazura na Kiss- Love in Tokyo:  hook+line+sinker

I breezed through the 4 eps.  My brain is dying if I don’t feed it with endless saccharine fluff.  It’s mindless and delightful and perhaps has my favorite Kotoko by Honoka Miki.   Yuki Furukawa is a very decent young actor and he’s very decent here, but I still prefer that aggressively scenery chewing, electrifying charming screen presence of a less technically sound young JoeCheng as Naoki.   This maybe the best balanced adapt there will ever be of the shoujo manga, but somehow I miss that not perfect but so deliciously zany ISWAK more when watching.

Last♡Cinderella: hook+line+sinker

It’ll forever be my personal conundrum of not totally getting the beauty and charm and immense talent of Shinohara Ryoko.  I can somewhat acknowledge it, but it seems she is this revered Goddess of the Jdoramaland and in the hearts of most Jdorama watching audience. That, I don’t get.   I dunno why but I cringed so very often at her well-intended hardest effort on screen in every drama she’s in, even in ones I enjoyed and are decent (eg Anego).  Imo she overacts, quite effectively, but constantly.  In some ways, she reminds me of Kim SunA.

Here she’s playing a character reminding me of SamSoon, so it’s a good thing because her love to OTT works for the character.  But you don’t know me at all if you are not already seeing through all this mumble for why I’m checking this out.   It’s 90% Fujiki Naohito <33333 and 10% Miura Haruma.   Shallow fangirl is SHALLOW.   Plus it’s a romcom, it’s a MayDec romance with hairstylists and BMX riders,  Naohito as a HOT uncle stylist and Miura riding BMX *and other nottier ‘things’*.  AND GEEZ while I do agree with every breathing girl Haruma is hot, I’m not sure I can take him being mostly topless and pantless and spending his scenes with one hardworking black boxerbrief (or even without, briefly).   Not something any girl, esp NEVER ME, can look away even if you are using a bulldozer on my butt.

War and Beauty 2: STINKER

Gawdbloodyexpletivesawful.  I tried to pay attention for entire ep, towards the end of which I am just being masochistic just to figure out IF I can get the mindfcking nonsense if I do a clockwork orange. but I just can’t follow the needlessly convoluted all over the place story told by every character in narration after tedious narration with multiple time-jumps and story within stories.  I’m done with the most horrible stock TVB music that has been in use since War and Beauty 1 and it has the most atrocious noise pollution of non-melody like a schizo (no offense to patients suffering from the disorder) is pooping on the strings nonstop and some pothead decided to record it and think it’s genius and use it AD NAUSEUM FOR OVER A DECADE NOW!!!!! I mean it’s blaring Non-fking-STOP every second with no regard to plot nor mood to the extent I have a hard time hearing some words in my freaken mother tongue. TVB needs to DIE. and bring on that competing cable it’s so evilly trying it mightest to squish from the airwave.  Please for my sanity’s sake.

14 thoughts on “April’s Hook, Line, Sinker…or Stinker

  1. I’m sad about the stinker, was looking forward to it ,hoping it’d regain some of its predecessor’s glory. ;( Checked out only bits and pieces of Ep 1, and could only o_0 in awe on how horrendous the production. Yaiks.

    1. the music alone is one freaken deal breaker, it’s like re-frying 10 year old cold stale rice for 50+ min till the stench will never ever go away. I still have that most disgusting non-tune stuck in my head

      I’ve read fans of PD Chik saying it’s his usual artsy convoluted fare. Whatever, I’ve watched everything he’s done and earned my right to brutally slash him he went way overboard and this just ends up being a farcical nonsensical sorry mess.


  2. AND GEEZ while I do agree with every breathing girl Haruma is hot, I’m not sure I can take him being mostly topless and pantless and spending his scenes with one hardworking black boxerbrief (or even without, briefly).

    Hardworking black boxerbriefs? What does that even mean? *laughs her ass off*

    I’m enjoying LC quite a bit, I’m so easy like that – just give me a jdrama that’s not a procedural and I will mostly likely love it. Except Fujiki Naohita does absolutely nothing for me….First of all – creepy mustache. Second, his misogynistic diatribe in first ep completely turned me off to his character. Not that I’m rooting for the alternative all that much either but at least Miura Haruma’s lack of mustache and possession of nice buttocks make him hella more attractive…

    Jang Ok Jung is on my list to try this season, along with Cruel Palace, but sageuks are so rarely my thing, I’m not superbly excited. I am, for some inexplicable reason, excited about checking out the live action for xxxHolic which has subs now. Seems like I’m on a Jdrama kick.

    1. lolz I hope that lil black garment is nicely laundered btn scenes being the only piece of costume he’s fitted in in 50% of his scenes thus far XD

      See, that is our diff taste in guys at work~! ^^ I had the hots for Naohita since puberty literally HAHAHA and it’s actually because HB shares some resemblance to his features that started it ALL. *doesnt this look here echos back to HBinnie’s questionable stubbles in SQ?!*

      I’m also easy like that, the cliches are everywhere, all laid out for us to loadon like an all you can gobble up buffet. BUT this is solidly done romcom. And we all know the puking misogyny is going poof! very soon and he’s a softie with a heart of a golden lab in LURVE with our machoHeroine all the freaken while! 😀 I love his eyes, and it’s still doing things to me all these years. I’m also a very loyal puppy moons ago muahaha.

      1. You are so right about the black boxers…I payed extra close attention (and you don’t even need to pay me for that *smirk*) while recapping yesterday and doesn’t seem like he has taken them off once…

        Very excited to follow the adventures of the hardworking black boxer briefs this week ^^ (gosh, what a nice alliteration)

        Dunno, dunno about Naohita resembling anything of Binnie’s. He is okay, but he always gave me an ‘uncle’ feeling. I might have been introduced to him too late (in fact, in Hotaru no Hikari).

        Ditton on solidly done j romcom, which makes me think on why did I miss out on Rich Man, Poor Woman, since it appears to be that as well?

        1. It’s not just me haha it’s kinda why binnie got more popular after SQ and much chatted in early soompi days http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/376179/hyun-bin-%ED%98%84%EB%B9%88/p589

          lolz I just read your lovely recap and those best of the best caps of Harumakun and that v impt prop of black. *goshhhh hahaha I see bulgeeeee*

          Naohito is an ojisan though haha no denying it. But other than binnie, many C/TW fans think RoyQiu resembles his much younger bro. He got me in Love Revolution fr the good old days of classic J romcoms. When I’m taking breaks from crying my eyes out, I did droolz at his doc in I L of Tears.

          1. Ahh, I see what you all did there…But scruffy Binnie is not my favorite Binnie at all.

            *bulge and crack in one Jdrama, I think we’ve used up all our pervy luck*

            1. scruffy binnie is not my fav at all as well~!!! ^^

              but yeah objectively they have a resemblance esp in the eyes and nose region, that’s all.

              When Jdorama touches on more adult themes, they do not hesitate to be nonchalant as in not made too much of a fuss about it, imo the bulge and crack is done in good taste here, nth too exploitative and haha we surely welcome it!

        2. somehow RMPW doesn’t do a thing for me. I can find Oguri Shun attractive, but I don’t find him hot there and so my shallow button is left cold collecting dust, a big deal breaker in any romcom for me.

  3. Fact: Haruma is SO hot I was able to watch turd like Kimi ni Todoke (all of it) and Koizora (film version — just a bit of it — it’s REALLY, REALLY BAAAD!). O_0′
    OK – Last Cinderella (No! No! Not that title — princessy shit is my kryptonite but then it’s Haruma-kun~~!) is officially on my must-try-first-ep-atleast list. [spazzspazzspazz!]

    It’s a brilliant show, but the finale!? A masterpiece! Beautiful soul-rendering romance at its most refreshingly original and creative. Ever.
    And yes, Ayano Go is effortlessly winsome and wonderful.

    Jang Ok-jung: ditto with you. Being cautiously optimistic. Though as of ep6 it’s not given me any causes for concern.

    I spy a Friend header. I’m currently watching this show after putting it off for years. Currently on ep9. HB is a phenomenon (still having a hard time keeping my jaw undropped in awe of his performance). But character-wise Kim Min-joon is currently my crush. KMJ is an uneven actor, either reaaaally good or completely wooden. Hopefully he’ll be consistent through this because I adore his Jun-seok.

    1. KMJ has the machismo binnie sorely lacks, he has an ease on screen, he’s really good here, totally his element being a son of Busan himself.

      but…ZOMGGGG if I can leap thro interwebs matrix I would flop myself squarely on your couch and watch along using up all your tissues and wailing and sobbing like a lunatic whether you are calling the police/psychward/both.

      There is a certain scene in 12, then whole of 19 which marks all the moments binnie at his absolutely best I’m not sure he’ll ever top it. And don’t watch 19 unless u can lock yourself somewhere alone and be dysfunctional wheeling in utter despair.

      gosh Chingu, you need to hop to tumblr and take a look at those Miura in LC gifs then. I dare you to stay away from this sucker given a taste LOLZZZZ

      See my MiL actually gave me and myhubs a ‘chat’ on marriage right after she finished SnR, hmmm it must have NOTHING to do with some glorious thought provoking perfect finale! :DDD I can’t wait to get there.

      1. Oohhhh! I consider myself forewarned. Will brace myself emotionally and prepare the tissues! :s
        Whew! Glad to KMJ is amazing throughout here!

        OK. I totally went on tumblr and checked out Miura gifs *gigglesnorts*. I totally didn’t see some stuff. *whistles and looks away guiltily* I must say, he’s working the perm!
        Hot hot hot!

  4. I’ve been patiently waiting for Saikou to get fully subbed so I can (try to) find some time and binge. I watched the first 2 epis a while back and made myself stop there…. with some effort, mind. Lack of time has been kinda helpful though. Like A Fairytale – ditto, waiting for subs to go with my crisp HD vids, LOL! Cruel Palace is on that list as well (OMG! it’s getting sooooo LONG, the list that is). Jang Ok Jung didn’t seem too bad going by ep 1 so I’m collecting episodes, heh. Nothing on the k-drama front has truly grabbed in in ages so out of curiosity I just checked out Take Five (j-drama) today and looks like I’m on the mood for a caper story. I liked the fist ep, it was fun. 🙂 The only question is where I’ll find time to watch anything? In July? One can hope…..

    1. I love how Jdorama goes by seasons, and always have sth befitting my mood pertaining to it….haha like this season, the shoujo fluff is GOOD and I want nth than stuffing myself with it till I have mind-cavities.

      I hope you’ll have the time! I’m having such an endearing time with Saikou, it’s not that the storytelling or plot is blowing my mind, but the performance and all the tiniest of lovely details thrown in the characterization, the nuances. It’s lovely.

      Cruel Palace is on my list, I’ve sworn my slavedom to jtbc after ILICDD, they can’t do no wrong. But I need to make a chunk of time (like busyyou) to savor and it’s not gonna happen soon :/

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