Pretty Yuan Hong posts come in TWOs

Yes I’ll call myself having some magic touch MUAHAHA and am utterly craycray.  Just when I’m trying to limit myself to one sporadic silly pretty post on Loverboy, it triggers so much more Loverboy goodies out of nowhere I need to yet make another silly pretty post on my Loverboy.  You can smirk and stinkeye me all you wanna, I don’t feel nor see it LALALALA!!! just like I have stop bothering to command in futile for my heart to be still.  Just go tachy berserk, what else can my poor heart do otherwise?!?!?!

And also, I’m hecking it.  I might as well keep the silliness going JUST IN CASE THAT IS THE MAGIC DUST NEEDEDTO SEE SOMETHING, ANYTHING HE DID SINCE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First there is a gorgeous sandpainting from a talented fangirl dedicated to his YangKang

Then apparently he did a webmovie in Beijing last month and this is how he looks at the presscon today.ADFGDJDHFDGAFSDHFDAGDHHGADJFHFGHGHHJJKLLLLLLKJ!!!!!

I very seldom care/praise his hair in RL (coz his big bobblehead really renders a lot of dos in vogue so hilarious (and that is also why he rocks the bald head like no one else, but I, of all peeps, can look beyond that because his face is freaken gorgeous), but here, this is one lovely pouf.

So he is also making an appearance for the BeiJing International Film Festival (?) today. This is probably to promote his upcoming movie Devil’s Right Hand starring Simon Yam and Ying Er.  Coincidentally ShiShi’s upcoming movie with JetLi will also be represented there, but somehow SS won’t be attending though she’s quite close to Beijing in TianJin (and Nicky is rumored to also be attenting) which is odd considering this is quite a marvelous exposure.  This gets the SS fans to get furious at TR’s management and to oh-so-dumb-and-shxtty LadyB for the Nth time. Ohwells, not that I’m superhappy with Loverboy’s current management, but any representation is better than TR.

A reporter asks him to ‘put on a handsome face!’ for photo op and he has to be witty and fake pouts, ‘That is hard to do…’  Looking so dashing that ahjusshi crew on the side is grinning like one of us pervie fangirls.  *Seriously girls, take note of this evidence seeing what the Uncle is reduced to, we have THE pass to do so much more to him in person*


And more fansnaps from the set of HXY, more gorgeous bts snaps…I’ve not, never seen:

My mind is made to think 98% of the costumes of HXY cheapo FUG done by a colorblind streetwalker of yore, but this gorgeous midnight blue number cancels out all the funk and more (plus I do love that wedding gown of JX’s SongNing)  If it is even better on film, this could very well be my favorite outfit out of ALL period outfits of my Loverboy (and there is one huge glorious pool of pretty to pick and choose from because he just doesn’t look fug in period, like ever *lets forget that Chinese Ghost Story forgettable snippet of him and an even fuglier Rainie Yang at her absolute fugliest*)

You could be asking me to give you my portfolio and deeds and passport and checkbooks……I’ll happily obliged, esp if it is to bargain signing some marriage license or slavery contract you are holding. *starrystarryeyess*

ADFGFGHHKHJGHFGADFFSGHJLKHJGHFGDALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! This is officially the most gorgeous pic of Loverboy EVER.  Loverboy must’ve thought the same and gloated a reply: @袁弘: 2013春季新款,加倍温润,安全舒心〜 The new Spring 2013 version, enhanced in warmth and gentleness, faithfulness and comforting sweetness~ *<__< while I agree in his utmost shameless assessment of his improved perfection. 加倍温润,安全舒心 can also be a spiffy slogan for what else but sanitary napkins, and that is why his tweet is replied by what else but his brandname sanitary napkin gf Whisper giggling if he has ‘her’ in mind and does he need her to send him a care package of…the product he’s befittingly describing?!?!?!?!?!???? @护舒宝:弘亲说的是舒宝儿的Pinkcess系列不?棉柔表层加倍温润,超强吸收给你安全舒心哦~要不,给您老邮一个?*

What else is he trying to convey other than, ‘I’m too gorgeous for this smirk?!?!’

‘…Or this smirk with so much Win *Vsign!*’

*……………………. I’m basically too far gone and gurgling bubbles now in place of words or screams and squeals………*

I still can’t take my eyes off his prettiest face even if he’s holding his alien stuffed toy baby inheriting his huge head in an outfit using up a whole 50ft of tinfoil. *hmmm but who is the lucky Mommy?!?!?!??!?!?!??????????????*

YH: Yeah I know I’m prettier than those pink blossoms behind me and my hands…I cant take my own eyes off my prettiest of pretty hands.  *blush*


With his costar YingEr:

Loverboy is quite chubby with YingEr, but WHY isn’t ShiShi there?!?!  Even her fellow BBJQ castmate YeChing (the poor poor YuTan/Prince9’s doomed love) is there!!

More on the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival:

Part of the cast of Zhen Huan is there….and thought it’s a halloween party.  Why Jiang Xin?  Why?!?!

Liu Ye, ie Loverboy’s new BL bff at weibo is also there.  I hope they get a chance to really meet up and be loveydovey and have their cells full of the silliest NSFW pics tog and could be pulled out at random for ransom on their fight to the throne of the silliest hottie on weibo.

Tong LiYa is looking gorgeous and the dress suits her.  *please do sth, hopefully a fluffy romcom with Loverboy STAT!!!!!!!!*

Look how cute below YaYa, don’t u wanna just take the work advantage and keep pinching his cheeks while smooching and making out and laughing your hearts out (and I approve of all of the above~!) in our place and for our pleasure??!?!?!?!??!


17 thoughts on “Pretty Yuan Hong posts come in TWOs

      1. Spring is barely here so it’ll be a while befor we get anywhere near summer. 🙂 School is keeping me ever so busy, I barely have time for anything else. Intresting times….. XD

    1. And they have to show off to the world not that he will happily take the pic with them, volunteering his long arms to hold the camera, he’ll suggest the best light and angle…all with a smile or one of his witty flirty lines thrown in.

      And moreso, some of them HAVE to make it known he’s even skinnier in person BECAUSE THEY HAVE HOLD HIM AND HIS TINY WAIST!!! AND BTW FONDLED HIS HANDS WHILE THEY ARE AT ITTTTT!!!!!

        1. YUPPPPP.

          One of the redbeanies there at the event was BLATANTLY asking for hatred and cursing haha saying at first they ahve the space and time to grab his too skinny waist and hugs his skin and bones and whatnots then later they have to ‘relegate’ to just touching his hands <____<

  1. Thank you sweetie for purposely posting more YH’s hands pictures for me, lol. Yalah, I know they are not just for me but more for yourself, haha….On behalf of YH, here is a kiss to your right & another one to your left, smooth, smooth:P Don’t slap me, just slap YH, haha….I’ll be in Beijing in June. Is there any way to find him & get some souvenir from him for you:P? I also have a wishlist, heehee….

    Drooling at the pictures now & wiping my saliva, wahahaha…….He does look good here, tall & thin:P I wander where have all those candies gone? His hairstyle look kind of like Nicky’s style but he doesn’t need it as he is tall enough:P Yummy, yummy, all these pictures are just too delicious, more than enough to quell my hunger, lol.

    1. Oh how exciting!!! Have you been there before? Lemme refresh my memory….did Secret Passages start filming in Feb? I can’t rem, hopefully it’d be done by June and he’ll be back in BJ for you to molest him for us~! XD

      1. Yah, I went to Beijing a few times before but I have never come across YH:( How to molest him when I can’t even see him? Can you weibo him & ask him out on a date on my behalf, lol? I will bring him lots of candies to fatten his waist, heehee..I also want to wrap my hands around his waist:P No, no, I am shy so holding his infamous silky soft hands is enough to melt me, haha…

        1. haha how about get yourself a Totoro handbag or a tee and keep wearing it all over BJ dear~!

          and just like every girl, ask him for a pic together, he’ll never say no and while handing him your phone/camera DO NOT LET GO and just molest on. HAHAHAHA

  2. in the last pic i think that the one he was talking to is Tong Li Ya, but not so sure???
    they could make a pretty couple on screen but missed it 😦 they are supposed to be together in a drama :((

    why he is so compatible with every one ( boys + girls) =)) So handsome , love him 😀

    1. Yesyes it’s Yaya~! 😀 haha and he’s his usual sweet chatterbox self.

      And imo they’ll have the greatest complimentary chemistry yet! YaYa is quite versatile imo in periods, she can be vavavoom conniving drop dead gorgeous beauties or she can tone it all down and be soft and gentile contrasting with his commanding screen presence. *but I want them to be playing equally conflicting complicated grey characters, the HOTTEST mindgames!*

  3. So sweet of your Loverboy to accommodate his fans for pic taking and also to hold the camera. Such a nice man.

    Me too… I’m just so enviious of the fans that saw him in person much more for those who touhed him. I wish I could too.

    Love all the pics and your post. Thanks.

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