How cute, how so very very cute

Back to my favorite routine of watching a bit of dramaz over lbreak.   I was clicking on Eight Days, which is terrific and so engrossing and terrifying and somewhere, in a scene involving a box and straw and I’m watching behind my fingers and I kinda need a break, a horrible gf pinged me whether I’ve seen InK5.  -No, I know what is in store, pretty much need to watch it alone in a locked room to squee my heart out.

-Oh, then have a gif. [credit on gifs; fr weibo]

-And have another one.

-2 more

-3 more.

OMYBUDDHAAAA what the what are these?!#$@%#^*#&$^!##%#@$%# I’m told it’s some bts.  OHHHHHH Yuri-san, this little Honoka is underage, I don’t think it’s safe to say バカ…that sweetly and smiling so attestingly at the babe.

the BTS: (c subbed and so looping material.  and lolz, they added in a lot of scenes fr Kdrama’s Playful Kiss and the netizens are smirking it must be there to set the bar so low… coz why not use the classic dorama to lay out story? Or the best known adapt/mega rating hit ISWAK?!?!)

And so with a few gifs and a few Yuki smiles, I’m finding the boy, who is the closest to a RL Naoki than all the other actors attempting the role,  as charming as the sunshine esp when he’s casting that smile at his Kokoto, and only at his Kokoto.



19 thoughts on “How cute, how so very very cute

    1. Their BTS, it’s impossible to not ship…it’s like Yuki can’t stop smiling when he meets eyes with Honoka and vice versa and one of them even said it ON TAPE in the bts their relationship in RL, is mimicking that of Kotoko+Naoki, and he smiles his widest and he would not take his eyes off her smiling when he did littlest thing to make her smile and they do that ALL THE TIME.

  1. I love Yuki Furukawa now and i read that he’s a Keio Uni. Grad who transferred from Science engineering to medicine just like a real life Naoki. I wish i had more blogs covering j-dramas to read.
    I love love LOVE nerdy hotties ❤ especially ones that can smile like that.

    I think Joe was the hottest "Naoki" and i have so much nostalgic love for ISWAK but this version perfectly capture the essence of what Itazura Na Kiss is all about. and Honoka is WINNING as Kotoko. I love Ariel and ISWAK but her characters stupidity was mind-blowing and she kinda made me root for her against my will. I still don't know how she did that; i went from wanting to slap XJ silly to tearing up when she cried. 😮

    Its great that they're developing Kin-chan to be a more realistic competitor for Kotoko's affections because as adorable as Ah Jin was everybody knew that that boy didn't have a chance n hell with Xiang Jin.

    1. He is seriously slaying me with his smile. I’m trying hardest to stay away from reading about all his awesome but GOSH. I saw a clip of him b-boying, can’t see his face and its a large group but it is listed as one of his hobbies. This richboy science nerd can also dance like Channing Tatum PLUS his other hobby is MAHJONG (I <3333 Mahjong)…AND HE CAN COOK!!!!!!!

      The OP said he's the one with the hat in the middle ~1:30 and there's a short solo in ~3:10
      And this:

      No turning back now, I'm a fanahjumma.

      Word on what you said on ArJoe and ISWAK. ISWAK is so precious to me partly because I went the route of falling in love romcom style haha and I'm the cold prince falling for the ditz. I was seriously screaming NO~~~~ GET it away from my sight when I tried it out, many many times, I can't get past how much I find Ariel's XQ so dysfunctionally stupid I just can't help but be annoyed and allergic. But somehow I get past the first few episodes with a lot of effort…maybe it hit me as in if I do not judge the worth of a girl with her looks, I should not judge her by her stupidity?! Ariel is just so good and honest with her XQ she roped us all in feeling like she is our underdog gf, our family, that's why. Now it's pure love I still rewatch.

      I have a soft spot for AhJin and Jiro like every breathing girl, but can't look away from Jiro was so green and technique-less. Imo this adapt is much more realistic in every detail, much more nuanced but still keeping all the shoujo fluffiness. I love that spotlight on Kotoko after that ADFSFGHGHGGJHFGDAFSFF scene in 5. It is scene straight out of a manga as dramatic emphasis, nth short of magical!

  2. ,I am not ashamed to admit that when I watched episode 5, I had to replay that “photo taking” scene gif-ed right on top several times just to catch Naoki’s smile…. btw, this series is so full of cute. I marathoned the first five episodes with this goofy grin in my face and some squees in between… 🙂

    1. It is also e5 that is hitting all the gears for me. I missed a good shoujo adapt done without all the OTT froufrou, how about we just let very able young actors do their finest jobs and present us a simple, worthy story?!

      It is not just how Yuri has this sweet affecting smile, but it’s what tiniest of thing that is making his Naoki smile and do exact the gif-able face at that particular magical instant we call falling. It has always been why InK is precious. It is a very st forward predictable twist-less story. I bet most of us know what we are getting at the end of 5 before even clicking the episode, but every tiny buildup and gesture and nuances of the 2 leading to the scene is handled so well, with no hammering of fraught, it’s impressive.

  3. too cute to handle!!!i love this version so much!!perfect naoki and kotoko..^^,..nway mookie, have u watch legal high special episode yet?coz i cannot find any link to watch..T.T..i need to see my masato so much.

    1. ahhhh u remind me sweetie I still have 2 eps of Legal High I totally forgot to finish!!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!

      I had so little free time last months for fun stuff T___T

      And more urgently is the Ooku movie out anywhere?!?!

      1. hehe..sory for my late reply.. i look in dramacrazy and still no legal high sp..T_T…y?y?y?..i hope you can finish legal high and i heard season 2 is coming too!!!yay!!!

        i looked for ooku 2 movie too..maybe it is too early..i cant wait to see masato and kanno chemistry because they get married after this movie!!

  4. Sweet JESUS Miki Honoka is the absolute perfect definition of all that is (and all that ever will be)….


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