Jang Ok Jung 8

[pictures, gifs from baidu JOJ bar and weibo]

So gorgeous it hurts, it really hurts emotionally when this is an engaging memorable scene and the pretty is only there to embellish, like so many other moments in JOJ, and KTH is carrying every one of them in poised strides.  This is nothing short of a miracle.

**Spoiler pics, gifs, OMGOMGOMGOMGs ahead**

With this breathtaking scene, I remember the story with the flowers, and my heart tugged even for scummy ‘I’m Evil’ weaselly Uncle, with the succinct powerful background given to us in earlier episodes of his late daughter, fleshing every one of them out to be humans doing understandably bad, horrible things, it just takes me captive and engaged with everyone…ok except Ahjumma KingMama actress needs to tone the OTT and screeching WAYYYYYYY way down, and shame on you some veteran actress, you are so pwn’d by every youngling sharing your scene I’m embarrassed for you.

BTW, is there anyone safe  as in blind from the spoiler cap of JOJ8?!?!??!??!!?  If yes, please, I’m begging, teach me your madskills! Because while I can live with being spoiled by 8, I wasn’t a goner then, now I am.  This is my Crack and I can’t with spoiled crack, especially when I’m anticipating this to get even more intense and awesome. ~waku~waku~doki~doki~
I tried, very hard, hopping around the webz eyes squinting but this is just EVERYWHERE:

As a spoilerphobe, it was a bummer and a blessing, because IF I was not forewarned, I do not think I’ll still have my voice.  And can one squeal oneself to deaf?  If yes, then my hearing too would’ve perished.  However, since this is solidly written, something clearly neatly thought-out GOOD stuff, it pains me I don’t get the full dose of awesome.

However, even with seeing the caps, the intensity, the buildup, the everything leading up to the titular scene is beyond my imagination.  Usually a freeze frame will capture the intensity of the moment, but not here:

Not when everything leading up is perfect, not when the scene is handled as well as these 2 actors did. But then, the capture gives it such a tenderness in contrast.

When he seeks solace in her, after the heartbreaking passing *T___T*, when she happens to be there and she perks up smelling his familiar scent, sure it is a figment of her imagination and there he is standing, needing her, to lean on, like their many fated coincidence……

There is a wrist grab…tender, longing, need, want:

I love these little touches, the sweet things Lee Soon’s thumb is doing to OkJung’s hands (where is this from? bts?!)

I love all the juxtaposing of the yummy scenes between the 2, the flashbacks are relevant in making the scene more compelling.  I love how fate has a part in it, the proximity plays a part as well, but it is not simply predestined.  OkJung’s first meeting with Lee Joon did not leave a romantic fluttering in her, it is her job and she cut him to size really when he’s accusing her of impropriety.  I love how he’s the one who is skipping a beat first for the ‘cinderella’, again more because of how alluring she is at work.  How often do we see a role reversal when the hero can not take his eyes off smitten by the heroine being her most attractive when she’s immersed in her vocation?! A vocation that is really earning her keep?! Whether it was her putting her talented touches on the garment he’s wearing close to his body, or studying lewd illustrations for the draping of fabric.  All the coincidences and flashbacks did not force the point across, but deftly show us the build up of layer upon layer of their relationship.  How she enters the room and how he is casting his first eye on her, unexpectedly is subtly different than they first charged and angsty meeting in palace confines…and how intricately their relationship is deepening and unfolding.   I love how we know for a certainty they will realize their childhood connection, but that is not crucial in their falling: on the contrary, they have fessed up to each other their feelings, without connecting the dots.  It is not of a matter.

And it rains.  In a lesser production, it could’ve been there just because it looks good and the dramatics.  In JOJ, it’s mentioned in passing our young King is under the pressure to pray for rain, the auspicious sign to flex his power as the son of heaven and sky ie 天子.  And all he can think of is OkJung suffering in it because of wearing the hanbok fit for a queen, his queen.  *A minor gripe, come on OkJung, you have your talented brain screwed firmly on your head, is it beyond silly to do as ur evilb8tchy gf said, right after what she did, just saying.  Don’t let it happen again. OK?!*

It is pouring.  My mind works in silly fangirly ways and I thoughts of the kiss, that rainy night in ep6 MNIKSS:

Furthermore, the buildup of the tension, in particular for our Lee Soon, is giving me a rendezous of the Childish King SamShik in ep11. *Do not ask why, when my mind is fried.  It is fried.*

But the fact Lee Soon acknowledges his own childish deeds out of not able to function out of her sight, whereas our SamShik is still kicking bikes, messing with Samsoon, beating up the Samsook piggy, and later painfully wristgrabbing and dragging the woman, the cause he is going crazy, near bodies of water in the loo forcing his kiss on her.  I’ll say the real King Lee Soon totally KO’d the Cold Prince.

My heart starts skipping beats when he starts dashing in the rain towards her outdoor laundry pond…and even with all that rain and feet of water between them, it’s suffocating.  Lee Soon (from Csub): 如果我对你来说还不是个男人,而是触不可及的天空的话,你给我看清楚了,我这片天将为你崩塌!IF I’m NOT a man to you, but the unattainable sky, take a good look, at me…this sky is crumbling for you!

I can not be the only one busily telling my body to get back to ‘work’ and breatheeee, and I thought the dude in the doorway is just a minion holding the umbrella for the King. It didn’t hit me till the credit is rolling it is our poor puppy no chance even if the whole sky is crumbling down Guy 2.  It is a delicious touch, but SangYeob will need a bigger miracle to have the skillset to deliver the character with any layers, he’ll angst, then brood, he’ll be forever friendzoned but comforted by OkJung, he’ll smile a cutest chipmunky smile, every emotion, frame by frame like he’s having us sillyfangirls who want to screencap his every cute face in mind, the bromance will crack, he may turn dark… we’ll see:

10 thoughts on “Jang Ok Jung 8

  1. Hooray! So happy to know that you like JOJ. I like YAI after watching SKKS. These long haired “bad” guys (YH as YLX) with softer sides melt my heart.

    Golly, Episode 8 is drenched with emotion… the facial expressions, body language and the dialogues are so intense! I was glued to the screen! I was swooning and squeezing until I realized it was Prince D standing by the gate. This was when he lowered the umbrella. (WOW…just saw/watched Hyun Bin’s commercial of Cantata on my TV /KBS2. Another handsome guy). Anyway.. my heart sank. I felt sorry for Prince D. I can not wait to find out what he’ll become after witnessing the kissssssssssss.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. SKKS was a lovely ride for me, but Fashion King just about cancelled out all my good will on the hottie. I started this drama completely clean slate, hoping for it to grap me, and it did soon enough!

      This is much more loaded than the urgent, physical intimacy of the kiss. As I said, I was spoiled rotten that is a kiss coming, in the rain, and their outfits, and no kiss with just a few minutes to go and we know it’s coming when they started chattering on The Rain…but I expected much less of it, I expected it to be some hotheaded painful wristgrabbing Y DONT U KNEEL AND FLAIL BEFORE KINGME!!! NOW YOU ARE MARKED MINNNEEE! bodering on misogynistic deal, still hot, but none of the poignancy. Here we have heartfelt words of confession of feelings of thorough thoughts, there is no tiptoeing around unsure, he loves her, she knows it, he is fully aware and put it in simple words he’s been downright a hopeless moron in front of all his minions just to keep her less than feet from his sight every waking moment, because he needs her to and is aware he is in her heart too. She did not go the noble idiot denying damsel ways, she is as forefront about it, yes she kept the uncontrollable outward circumstances she is maneuvered into the palace, but what she can control, her feelings towards this man, to go through the perils just to meet ‘Lee Soon’ again as part of the drive to sacrifice her being, her soul for. She said it all, even the cold hard fact they are not meant to be with the strict status quo classism governing the order. And it is not just preachy talk, this is rooted in her heartbreaking experience losing her kind friend, her big sister almost to a similar fate. She is stepping in her bloody shoe and it is not only her head on the line, it’s also her Mom, and the future of the young King…the man she has fallen for. He can remind her he is simply a man in love during that hot forceful kiss, but the moment their lips part, the cold rain is still pouring down, nothing is changed and they are heaven and earth apart.

      Prince D is also written layers, I wished we’ll get to see SangYeob filling him in with more shades because there is a hint he may not just be a very loyal puppy, he could have his own agenda for his own faction, which he has kept aside. Now the game is not the same.

      1. Oh boy! It seems like there are more unpleasant stuff to come. Is JOJ firm in declining the love of the king? She kept saying that he is higher than the sky that she can not touch. To me, it seems like she was punishing him by persistently saying she came to the palace because of Lee Song. Of course, the king will not reveal his identity outside the palace for his safety. I am curious to know in the upcoming episodes if she’ll confess her love for him when she becomes his concubine. Can’t wait!!!

  2. The gif! The giiiiffff!! Don’t! Little grenades are popping in my heart. Ouchies…
    You’re right the captures do look tender in comparison to the real thing. Just…

    I think I could’ve done with a forewarning now too hehe.

    You have neat observational skills. I didn’t pay attention to the red blossoms in any recent ep but their significance as was highlighted in the first ep — is simply unforgettable. Gahh so haunting this story….

    1. Oh and Prince D… I was actually taken aback with how chill he was after his brother’s execution.
      But I suspect he’s a dark horse – this unwavering loyalty of his is only now being tested. I think it was a nice touch when he stormed towards the king in 8, yeah his chance to speak with him was thwarted but I think the potential sparks of friction were intriguingly palpable.

      1. Oh yes how calm he was with the uptake had me pondering if he has an agenda of his own, he seems more than simply a loyal bff guardian angel to the King. He could be, but it would be so much more interesting if he’s also playing his own game just adhering very strictly to his loyalty and principles but it all can be fluid.

    2. I’m soooo sorry chingu~! (I’ve added spoiler warnings :P)
      I promise caps/gifs are so not doing the scene/ep justice, it is truly a nicely written, dedicated progression accumulating to this.

      1. Noo… Don’t worry you spoilt nothing. I watched 8 on tuesday. I meant it more in terms of the impact that scene had, how I’m still reeling and the gifs are having me relive it, in that sense if I’d been like you and seen a spoiler beforehand maybe it would have padded the impact or something… Hehe…
        But who am I kidding… Moooaar, Show! Gimmer moar impact! 😀

        1. I’ve rewatched 8. It may not be perfect, but I can appreciate even more all the nuances written in. I love how both of them are not beating around the bush, have their realistic inner battles I love how OkJung is the levelheaded one, and all the bricks laid of her past experience, what her parents went through breaking the class system and suffering, in the name of love, how the pretty red flowers in bloom, the vivid color and scent which must be a feast to her keen observations, yet it will forever be a cause for pain reminding her of her friend and how her own hands are tied facing the same fate.

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