Zhen Huan Zhuan MVs

*I’m babbling something on JOJ8 in the other window, that is if I can pull myself away from rewatching…which I had since yesterday, both the ep and now from ep1.  H. E. L. P…..*

While so smittened by Jang OkJung, and the ever improving Kim TaeHee, somehow I can not shake Jiang Xin’s Consort Hua from ZHZ in my head.  I wish KTH has caught snippets and soaked up the most perfect awesomest job Jiang Xin did in ZHZ with her ‘evil’ babykilling lady imprisoned in the gilded cage, whom we root for and cried buckets over.  A ruthless woman who in the heart, though not of gold, but a simple girl who has fallen for a guy she should not.  A dearie made a lovely obituary for the character in the form of a fanmade MV, capturing every spot-on moment of one of the most enigmatic foxy ladies gracing our TV screens.  I have no idea (and I don’t want any hint of spoiling) where TaeHee’s JOJ will head, I hope it sticks with the ‘conventional canon’ lady Jang will get darker, survival of the most ruthlessly conniving, as the stakes become steeper.

This never get old.  I miss the encompassing gorgeousness of ZHZ, and I’m still marveling on the collective great job of the cast.  It’s rare, we all know how miserably obsolete the current dramaland is.

6 thoughts on “Zhen Huan Zhuan MVs

    1. Argh argh – i just watched the MV properly… and suddenly i’m all gut wrenched.
      I always tell my friends that they only need to watch until Hua Fei dies. Afterwards, nothing matches up. 😦

  1. I am currently listening to the audiobook of Legend of Ru Yi (which is thesequel to Legend of Zhen Huan). I’m really quite enjoying it. The bg music has made me all sorts of nostalgic – they actually used the soundtrack of the tv series. ❤

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