Go Watch End of the World

Dearies, Chingus, Fellow Fluffy Candies/Rainbows/Puppies/Unicorns loving shoujo fiends,  my soulmates in our shallow pretty manboy-rems, I now is presenting: my day.

1. Woke up, Giggled some more at YAI next to a comparatively burly in presence KTH, warming him up while he’s uttering, it’s brrrr~~~~~~*whinespoutswhines* splashing gourds of ‘warm water’ she said on his body.  Oh, and it is the bts leaked out last night of that hot kiss with so urgent lips and flailing arms and rain and a very wet YAI and KTH, you know?!!?!

2.  InK Love in Tokyo everything can not be cuter.   It is 90+F today and I still don’t mind the extra warming fuzzies.

3.  Reading accounts of HB’s SH fanmeet from his loveliest, considerate fanbase.  They organized to sing him a song as a surprise and he cried.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~~~*sniffles*

4.  PC whacked, 10 am.   IT dude can’t figure what’s fried, at least stuff happening in my brain should not be contagious to machines.  Everything I’m working on: frozen.  Something is due, by end of day, of course.  So I can either pour myself and my boss a few drinks, always happy hour somewhere on earth, might as well be where my butt is at, or I can call it a day and duck it.  Or both.

5.   A mystery, without the capability of engaging in activity 1, 2, 3, I magically spilled out most of what I’m working on frozen in acting up PC, all neatly done hrs ahead of when boss will come huffing and puffing down my neck for it.

6.  Hmmmm.  Still have no connection.

7.  Hmmmmmmmm, lets play clean out yucky purse. How did 8 eps of End of the World in a thumbdrive ended up next to my handcream?

8.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm coworker PC is sitting there, the USB 3.0 slot is saying hihi~ to me, she’s gone to lunch.

9.  It fits, like lock and key.  Click.  Play.

10.  40 mins later.  ‘Hey, I need my PC back like 5 min ago, something “SUPERAAWWWWESOME” again, huh?!’

11.  Shamelessly still hostaging said PC, rewinded and subjected coworker to some white lab coat p0rn done to perfection.

12.  Yes, a virus drama may not be your thing, but how about all those darker human tendencies lurking in us, like cancers, which just need to be propagated, initiated, manifested by a…virus?!  BAM!  We have a terrifying, deep thoughts inducing terrific apocalypse Kdrama.  I may have a tiny gripe just about to start,  like ‘Hold~! Why is asymptomatic carrier treated like he has the black plague…oh, ohhhh wait…this, makes so much sense. Woohhh~!’   Drama is written and directed by some geniuses knowing their stuff through and through, my nitpicking rant monster is cut to size precisely before it can rear its head.   Everything has a purpose and serves the story, every little speck of thing.

13.  WOW.  Go.  Watch.  I mean if you read what I’ve been up to last 2 wks, it’s fluff and stuff, good fluff and stuff, and if I can part with my JOJ obsession, my HBinnie stalkerdom, my InK Kotoko+Naoki4eber pompom taunting and watch this.   When I can let my cold beer get yuck and warm and it’s 90F and I kinda want to strip in public, and instead I typed this nonsense.  What is stopping you?????!?!?!?!?????????????????

14.  Best Drama 0f 2013, at least.

9 thoughts on “Go Watch End of the World

    1. I have a very hard time thinking very thoroughly if I’ve seen anything I’ve watched better than this across ALL dramalands , I can’t think of a thing.

  1. I’m patiently waiting to watch the last episode of EOTW. Still slightly peeved that it got shortened to 12 eps.

    Just started watching JOJ thanks to the almost across the board thumbs up it has gotten.

    1. I do not think JOJ has a chance to disappoint! 😀 The minor gripes are all in some questionable performances of the side characters, other than that everything I can think of exceeds any expectation imaginable.

      :/ While I love and will bow to the honchos at jTBC for pure perfect taste, 2 things I will bear a little grudge forever: 1. robbing me 30 eps of ILICDD and this.

      Hopefully I wont be too tardy catching up, I have no desire to watch anything else but to marathon EotW

  2. To watch EotW…. I wish. Alas, no chance…. I’ve got a 2-4 page communication strategy + a communication plan to write as an assignement, due on the 20th. Never written one and have no interest in ever writing one either…. only now I must. This’ll probably take up most of my spare time till I’m done. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to wing it….

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