It Got Cuter

Even before I’ve fallen in love with InK: Love in Tokyo that is a short week or so ago, my very first impression of it was this is so true to adaptation any purist fan of manga can sigh a relief…whether this is our favorite actress for Hotoko or is Yuki hot enough to be a Naoki is your judgement, but the care and thought put in revisiting the manga, fleshing it to life connected with me instantaneously.  It worms itself into my heart with that alone.   My memory is failing me, I can not recall I’ve ever seen something done so meticulously with the utmost priority to be true to manga every way I look at it.  (Have you?)

But why listen to me?!  Lovely fans from weibo did HARDCORE evidence {credits on pictures and gifs, thanks to original posters} can be presented in a drama court and win the case no contest:

A few lovely gifs:

This is the moment when it hit me this is a tender, less abrasive Naoki we are witnessing.  If it’s any uncaring prince with no apathy at all, there can’t be that glance to register if his point is getting across, and when she’s cluelessly shaking her head, instead of any grumble, he jumps back to the material to teach her some more.  This is O.T.P.

Yes, this is shoujo, hence it’s so dreamily lit, but still that is one perfect ‘I’m a goner whether I’ll admit it over my calculus or not face’ on Yuki’s Naoki.

Did I see some imaginary little swallow of droolz?!?!?! I’m not a boy in puberty, but that wink is downright flirty and flipping a heart that is already thumping all over the place with jealousy/confusion/LURVE.  And this little exchange progresses to what happened next is nothing short of THIS:

*I should never be doing this, ever, not when I was 16, set aside the oldness of my bones, but did I swirl to this little gif?!  DID I?!?!*

6 thoughts on “It Got Cuter

    1. I’m at a loss of words how much work and tender loving care the production must’ve put in just to stick to Kotoko’s hairstyle alone. *Lesigh* and to think Mr. Mangaka has a say in this and I’m sure he knows every detail of every stroke of every page of the manga like nobody’s business, I have such a big lump in my heart that is never going aways… *sobbbzzzz*

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