A Call to Arms

This is the teaser of the webmovie with Mian (I’m sure it has sth to do with ‘cotton’) theme is: YH in Beijing.  As the taxi driver said to my Loverboy, ‘wherever you are heading,  I will take you there.^^’

And then, Lil Red Flower gives Driver Uncle this smile. *g*

and the darling HongShi shipper @目夭 already made a terrific gif:

The following is a translation, a heart to heart from a YH fan pleading for a how-to, calling all like-minds for pointers on how to marry the real guy, for realz.

Posing ‘heart’ with fangirl is understandable, but to go all the way bending knees and slouching?  <333

In marriage and life in general, not every moment is smooth sailing, this is how your hubs will look when :/ or he’s not allowed to be on a horsey or sth.  Still pretty darn hot if you ask me.

No, I’ve not gone completely mad.  Also, I didn’t come up with any of this,  I’m merely a vessel, translating word for word a douban discussion thread (think CN Reddit) on the fangirl nirvana of snatching Mr. Yuan Hong.

Original Poster 弱水三千 2013-04-30 11:12:01:


AHHHHHHHH Absolutely totally my cup of tea-a….I’m begging for pointers on how to marry him! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • While dreaming

OP: It is exactly because he is in my dreams, I dream of him ALL THE TIME~!  What to do???!!!!!!

  • You can send a PM to HuGe and ask
  • Get rid of his girlfriend

OP: He will be mad!  We are rivals!! *ie easy suspect*  And who is his gf???? I don’t know why but knowing he has a girlfriend, I feel a sense of calm and relief….at the very least he’s straight.

  • Very enlightened life goal
  • Oh, I’m also under his powerful spell! Although my heart skip a beat dozens of times a day.

OP:  I’m extremely loyal. Although Daniel Wu is my ultimate adonis, Loverboy is the only man I want to marry!!!

  • How to marry Yuan Hong?  Ask you boyfriend to change his name to Yuan Hong.
  • ^ very good idea
  • My love rival!

OP: NO!!! I can never accept a replacement!  It must be that cutest and idiotic and shameless and straight guy Yuan Little Red!!!!

  • I will seduce HuGe, so you can be together with Yuan Hong!!!
  • Stick with being a fangirl with extreme determination.  Follow the playbook of the wife of Jimmy Lin (a fangirl of his)

OP: No one is around to give me pointers, I’ll go cry a while T___T

  • I want to marry him so bad as well! Totally my ideal type of boyfriend/husband material!  How to marry him?!
  • I’ve heard YH has a douban account.  OP and all the posters above, have the thought of what will YH think reading this thread ever cross you mind~  I want to marry Daniel Wu!!! Bosco Wong!
  • Knock off his bromance bff.
  • You can ask him at weibo…or next time when he makes his usual appearance on idoloridiot…it seems like he’ll chat back.
  • Heh.  Hook up with HuGe first.

OP: If he is willing to marry me, I DO NOT MIND HIS BROMANCE BFF!

  • I think it’s better to ask HuGe, I can never ask out loud, ‘Hey man, how about me marrying you huh?’ in front of the man I love. *blush* o>_<o
  • Isn’t he HuGe’s?
  • He has a girlfriend.
  • Open a bakery.
  • If you can get the first reply ie ‘sofa’ of his every post, you earned the right to ask for his hand.
  • YH is mine. OP can keep dreaming. Even if I’m not next in line, he is HuGe’s.
  • I vehemently protest OP stealing my Boss/HuGe’s Ladyboss!
  • YH is a straight guy..I can’t. I just can’t.  He must be gay, if you don’t believe me, go ask HuGe…
  • He is a Virgoooooooooo….But still I want to marryyyyyyyyy him!
  • He loves LSS, work along that tangent.
  • He is also my cuppa!!!
  • May I ask what is the deal with being a Virgo?  What’s the snag? And why open a bakery?
  •  YH is MINE….
  • Go wander around his neighborhood?  Marrying him will be a very happy thing. Yup.
  • I want to marry him too….!!! There are times when I will horribly think if Loverboy can’t be mine in this lifetime, it’ll be better if he is with a man!! Afterall he has been in a bromance with HuGe for 10+ years <_<
  • plastic surgery
  • I want to marry him too….
  • hahaha Little Red Flower is really good husband and lover material! Me gusta!
  • OP, I share your same life goal… My brilliant idea is to work hard at being a terrific scriptwriter, then ask him to be in my drama, step by step, go from there…
  • Hmmm don’t marry anyone in the mean time.  Fangirl can be your adonis’ bride~~~~~~~~ I love Lao Yuan very much, he slays with his drop dead gorgeousness!!!
  • From the example of Jimmy Lin and Wallace Chung, we learn the lesson of perseverance till the bitter end and fangirl can marry an adonis!  OP, add oil!
  • Apply for his assistant, maybe more practical, or be a star and fight for a chance to work with him.
  • Yup, Lao O is very nice!
  • Start a WuHan Spicy mixed noodles food truck, do your business wherever he is shooting~  He will continue to be LADYBOSS!!!
  • YH said, ‘has to step over HuGe’s dead body…’  That is really Lil’ Red Flower’s own words when asked by fangirls visiting his set.


Isn’t this the cutest silliest thing?  As the saying goes, fandom imitates the idol.


Have a few fangirl snaps to ‘calm’ down?!

That is how he looks at his fangirls, like a blushing bride.  It’s making so much sense serious discussion threads like the above exist

I do not think it is fair to be in this outfit, with this face, looking at that (dead) fangirl like so.

This is how he chats with his fangirls:

See, making so much sense.

And this is usually the angle we midgets will look up to the tall darker and handsome.  See for yourself, the fangirls are being dead serious.

And if you are a cat lover:

If you feed him icecream, he’ll do chores he should not have to:

His silky pretty hands, ‘the only feminine body part on his entire body'<-his words, are put to most suitable use, being the spokeperson for Jurlique’s handcreams,  just another bonus to be his wifey, free unlimited supply:

For all the aspiring Mrs. Yuan, this is how the line is looking like:

The MC lady is saying, ‘I want your skinny long legs, too!’

He is just doing this for a random fangirl in the massive crowd.  No, no one dies of cute.  I hope.

And let me remind you, he can switch to this badboyhotness with a wig and scuffy:


6 thoughts on “A Call to Arms

  1. OK. I concede defeat. He is hot. That yt clip of his webfilm… Gahh!

    I love the bit about his having a gf being a relief he’s not gay is hilarious. And accurate.
    My strategy is if I can’t have him because he’s unattainable etc, I usually like to ship him with someone who IS within his orbit who I approve of lol.
    Fangirlism. It’s an incurable disease. Some, like myself contract it in childhood. D:

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s in our blood and genes, nature and nurture!

      haha my fav is the working hard in being a scriptwriter and go from there, because the babe seems genuinely serious! lolz and to know quite a few writers, who work closing in the TVadapts of there babies in Cdramaland, have openly declared to be fans of this guy…hmmmm.

  2. Luv that sort of shy happy smile in response to what the driver said. So adorable!

    Can’t help but smile ear to ear to the fangirling thread. If he does have a girlfriend; I hope she is not the jealous type. With women of all ages adoring him…. it could be a challenge if she is.

    It’s good to see new pictures of him… such as sweet guy…. accommodating his fans. Makes him more lovable.

    Still, the last pic made me skip a heart beat!

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