A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon

あらま!!!  InK fandom, you need to stop being insanely AWESOME.  Yuki-kun, you being the cutest noobie at weibo, obviously reading (some of the) 3000+ comments to your every post, posting accordingly to what the fangirls are begging (see the pic with Honoka) then this vid, yourself, too criminally CUTE:

QTpie you do not do as the fangirls say, because they will (or are) demand nikkid pics of any of your body parts, and preferably with Honoka too…and both of you making out for ‘some scene in drama’.

No episode 6 Friday didn’t register in my brain and I kept looking for it a few times, and keep forgetting.  Any luck distracting yourself from bring robbed of your crack and you can feel your brain shutting down, deflating without its candy? I’m waiting for my redeye and this literally perk me up better than 3 cups of coffee. But be warned, anyone not really in the fandom will think this is the silliest thing ever in this blog…and I’m talking THIS BLOG XDDDDDD.

Here.  I seriously giggled out loud at the airport reading this cute post, and again when translating, which laid out how our Naoki fell for his Kotoko, and I mean this dearie observed every flickering of his innermost thoughts and emotions and put it to words, compiling the best watching companion we can only dream of.

This is originally posted at baidubar: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/75f4ec69jw1e4aaunkbtcj20c8a6b4qq.jpg  the how-to watch guide/what you missed companion for InK: Love in Tokyo ep1-5 ad nauseum rewatches.  It is the best thing chronicling every tingling swoony progression of the Fall of the ‘doomed’ mighty IQ+200/EQ-20 genius boy Naoki into the cute loving lap of Kotoko.

I’m not responsible for any life ruining, time sucking rewatch(es) of 5 whole eps of dorama from now till next Friday.  That play button, you click it yourself.  And I’m too lazy to even come up with thoughts of mine, this is a quickie translation (too tired and lazy to put in caps…maybe I’ll later, but…I need zzz more!) LALALALALALA~~~~

*Biggest thanks to Genius Original Poster 庄婕希!*

Episode 1 in one line: Kotoko’s love declaration is major FAIL, but she is moving in with the Iries

What is going through Irie’s mind:

  1. A craycray fangirl makes a love declaration at school’s front gate,  absolutely ignored.
  2. This craycray fangirl is moving into my house, shocked but not concerned.
  3. Yelled by this craycray fangirl at school’s front gate, speechless +*snerk*
  4. The craycray fangirl is shocked senseless (at learning she’s moving into MY home), laughed out loud.
  5. Craycray fangirl is so stupid she does not know the answer to a primary school quiz problem, speechless+ignore.

Ep2: Kotoko coerced Irie to be her tutor; she successfully gets into Top100

  1. When this stupid girl carries a mad grin on her face the next morning, eyes not able to leave him, he expresses his bewilderment and ignores her some more.
  2. When Kotoko takes out the photo to threaten him, ‘Cool-as-cucumber-kun’ Irie experiences his first incident of fraying around the edges.  It is a feeling he has never felt before.  Everyone around him is worshiping the genius, he has multiple halos on him.  Even Kotoko’s bff said no one in the right mind fights with Irie, but, shockingly he is intimidated by this stupid girl, and he has no choice but to go as she says…
  3. ‘This girl’s stupidity is another planet of its own, even with the simplest thing to me… speechless*lesigh*, it’s bizarre a person can live with this level of stupidity, ‘Irie must be thinking.
  4. Although she is beyond stupid, she is determined, and very hardworking.  She is so tenacious he can’t help but be moved and shaken, so hardworking she really squeezes onto the Top100 list.  This is a very earth-shattering experience observing from the side line for Irie.  This is also the reason why Irie is envious of Kotoko at this moment:  for a genius, everything has neatly fallen on his lap, he has never encountered anything requiring every bit of his effort to attain.  Irie has a lightbulb moment: living like Kotoko maybe interesting. And Ganbette.
  5. Morning Coffee:  A very intricate and significant scene in ep2.   For Irie, spending every moment the week before exams with Kotoko allows him to observe every aspect of Kotoko’s perseverance and charm. When he wakes up that morning, this is the girl *with all the sparkling soft focus shoujo glorious glow* who is making him a cup of coffee, sitting across him at the breakfast table.  This is a scene the heart is made to skip a beat.

Ep 3:  Those dubious butterflies in the tummies we call almost love is building up, as they spend night and day together.  This is the pivotal episode where Irie’s feelings are obviously shifting…he is even beginning to enjoy the experience.

  1. The beginning of the episode is one crucial scene.  Irie read Kotoko’s love letter.  Starting with disdain, he willingly finishes the entire letter…Kotoko is no longer someone he ignores.  He is  subconsciously harboring an interest in getting to know this girl.   He has changed his old ways of slighting her and disregard, and trying to express his interest in his own ways,  like removing her breadcrumbs with his own hands.
  2. At dinner, The Mother Who Is The Expert In Selling Out Her Son for 10,000Years said out loud her wish for Kotoko to marry said son.   Irie’s first reaction is not to vehemently refuse, but immediately glancing at Kotoko’s face!  Kotoko is aware of the improbability, but for the sake of pride, she expresses her ‘mild protest’, which irritates Irie.  THEN, he throws in his nonchalant protest.   Both of them, under the instigation of Mom, said no.  Needless to say Irie is a highIQ lowEQ specie!  He does not understand the psychology of a girl, when a girl protests mildly, it may only be empty words, she does not mean it at heart, at all!  He must’ve done too many induction problems, when Kotoko said no to marrying Irie, he takes in her words as is, makes a big fuss to prove she is lying, and presents the silliest proof of all–reciting her love letter!  When Kotoko ‘answers’ him back with a slap on the face, he must be so lost.  It must be the first time he’s ever been hit…… This girl is embarrassed and flabbergasted, hollering at him why he has to read it out loud in front of everyone,  he is clearly flustered, if not for MommyIrie to the rescue, he would be absolutely dumbfounded and lost for word.  When he saved face by saying, ‘You are the one who should explain it!’ He is not saying it for face.  Because as The Dreamboat who never has a hair out of place, is it really necessary to lose composure just to prove whether the girl you are ignoring anyway is in love with yourself or not?   His action is clearly selling his true feelings out.
  3. When Kin-chan intrudes, Irie does not waste a second to KO such a laughably subpar ‘rival’ with, ‘I might not like her yesterday, but that does not mean I won’t like her tomorrow!’ In other words, whether I like her or not, that’s unsure, but the ball is in my court! ‘Don’t forget, compared to you, she likes me more!’  In other words,  Kotoko is pining after me, you are not even a rival!  After KO’ing Kinchan in less than a second,  he snottily walks up to his room, leaving an agitated Kinchan beyond.  (Hey, dinner is just set, a whole table of food is ready to be devoured, and you are not eating?!?!  ARE you embarrassed at yourself with what you said, hanging your heart on your sleeves and now can’t bear all the shocked and bewildered stares?!)  After getting into his room, he must be so mad himself, ‘Am I out of my mind?  What did I just say….?’
  4. When Irie sees Kotoko running circles in the field as punishment, he hits her with a tennis ball!  Hearsay, in grade school (or preschool), when a boy likes a girl, he will deliberately be a pesky bully…so we can deduce, the EQ of Irie in the romance department is that of a 5 year old!  Teacher is speaking the obvious, ‘You two should not fight/flirt here, in the open (get a room!)’  Kotoko is speechless, and what is the reaction of our 5 yo boy Irie?!  He is dallying a smirk at a flustered Kotoko running away hiding from the embarrassment, and he himself is looking at her backside…and smiles….he is smiling at the sight of her…SMILING!  At this very moment, Irie is not the Irie at the end of e2 who was so against having a scandal with Kotoko, he is almost enjoying and obviously having fun with it.
  5. Mom deliberately makes way for Kotoko and Irie alone time, there is no denying Irie gets her intention instantaneously!   He is no longer against spending time with Kotoko alone, he is even looking forward to it, anticipating what will this fangirl of his do to please him.
  6. When he sees the kitchen from hell, all the handiwork of Kotoko of inedible ‘food’, other than being speechless, he must be contemplating why dishes he can easily accomplish by taking one look at the procedures and pictures will turn out to be this abomination in her hand, after laboring over it for most of the day…but still he does not get angry at her silliest horrible mess.
  7. How many of you would lay your homework out on the table just at the nick of the day before class, that is when you’ve finished it the first day of break?!  Let alone someone who never have to study nor read any textbooks!   This is a trap!  A trap in broad moonlight! No doubt!  No doubt about whether Irie is woken up by Kotoko (Not!), when she trips on the chair, he must be rolling his eyes thinking, ‘this thing does not even have the ability to steal/take a notebook laid out for her….’
  8. Just when Kotoko almost accomplishes her mission, he grabs and flings her on his bed, starting a nosebleed-inducing, not that suitable for children, blatant toying/flirting with Kotoko.  When Kotoko says, ‘Although I really like Irie-kun, this is moving too fast, lets tone it down to dating at a normal pace.’  This dude is gloating, this is going exactly as planned: to confirm Kotoko’s feelings.  When he gets the answer he wants, he’s beyond delighted, so excited the guy who goes to bed at 10pm every night is pulling an all-nighter to help Kotoko with copying his own homework…
  9. Morning Coffee, AGAIN!  This is the plot device marking Irie’s heart fluttering, a scene of pure bliss with Kotoko for Irie, he likes this very much.  Therefore, he playfully commands Kotoko to make him a cup of coffee.

Ep4:  When it rains, it pours:  The new, miserable life of Irie-kun.

This is the episode where the feelings of Irie towards Kotoko is steadily growing obvious (to us and everyone but the boy himself).  What started in ep2 and 3, Kotoko is now becoming a constant, a habit he can’t live without in his life!

  1. Kotoko gives Irie an omamori/lucky charm she made, this leads to the first deep discussion between the two, between a genius and a……Irie ponders big life questions not with his bff, not his parents but with Kotoko.  This fact alone illustrates how special Kotoko already is to him.  Kotoko is now a ‘friend’ Irie can open up and share his innermost thoughts with.  At the end of their conversation, Yukikun said the line, ‘I will head to bed, I need to wake up early tomorrow’ with his yummilicious voice with such a warmth…his Irie is considerate and a nice boy inside, not a snarky snob.
  2. Kotoko ties the lucky charm onto Irie’s bag.  Irie says to his friend he’ll tear it off when they get to school,  But as the reigning Dreamboat of every breathing girl, how can you tolerate walking in public carrying that?  Clearly, you are not THAT revolted, because this is from Kotoko, her thought that counts, or else you could’ve easily thrown it away, left it at home!  We all know you are just saying it to save face, hammering in the point to your bff, I understand, but …that lucky charm does not understand your point…and your misfortune begins…I will light a prayer candle for you. 
  3. Elevator malfunction, tripped and hurt his perfect face, all pencils broken at exam…Irie’s life has turned into one continuous epic tragedy because of the ‘lucky’ charm, his life is miserable for the very first time!   Congrats, Irie-kun for fulfilling your dream of leading a life that is not smooth sailing!  At the end of his ordeal, Irie-kun makes a conclusion, ‘This is quite fun!’  Irie feels like Kotoko is supplying him with endless unexpected surprises and excitement he has never had before, in his challenge-less life to the point of boring mundane.  He can’t deny he wants Kotoko to be by his side, so he can bask in her doting, enjoying a bumpier but so much more exciting ride because of her, that is why he fakes being annoyed to ‘have to’ bring Kotoko back home from running away.
  4. This must be the first time Irie is consciously expecting chocolate from a girl, like any guy in puberty, wishing the girl who likes him to make chocolate for him that special day!  BECAUSE he has already accepted and is getting too used to the fact he is loved by Kotoko and he enjoys it!
  5. When our boy fiddles the fridge for his chocolate, he puts it in his mouth without any hesitation, vaingloriously saying it tastes awful.  However, he brings the chocolate back to his room, and with a 45 degree tilting of head, gazing the sky with chocolate in hand, all we can say is, ‘Young man, you are in love~!’


This episode is here to hammer in the point: Irie the shonen is in love!  The mighty has fallen, even though he is as the passive end in this romance.  He thought he can sit back and enjoy being spoiled by Kotoko’s love, but he’s beginning to sense he can’t ignore the threats around!

  1. Lets start with a rant on the obsession over breadcrumb.  The number of appearance of ‘breadcrumbkun’ ie a lovenick by Irie for Kotoko has surpassed Morning Coffee!  This is because BreadCrumbkun has always been the ‘cupid’ for them to bicker!  Ep1, Breadcrumbkun was under a lot of cruel snerking by Irie; In ep3, Breadcrumbkun is already treated with respect by Irie, removing it with a gentlemanly care; by ep5, Breadcrumbkun is the wingman for Irie to flirt with Kotoko…with a smile at that!  Why would Irie nitpick on the tiny Breadcrumbkun?  Because the Kotoko with Breadcrumbkun has grown into a very cute and charming thing in his heart, but he can’t say nor admit to that.  Yes!  To be frank, even a breadcrumb on Kotoko or Kotoko with a spec of breadcrumb is cute now to Irie!
  2. This whole episode, Irie has rarely broken from his Jealous mode.  And bravo to the director for feasting us every nuance of his pouting and jealousy. For example:  a) Standing by the window, witnessing Kotoko and Kinchan being chummy while walking to their class, the glimpse on his face that moment he turns his head is filled with annoyance.  b) When Kotoko follows Kinchan, leaving the room, we have a good look at his deflated side profile. c) At the graduation dinner, his face is frigid when walking in.  d) In the hallway, mistaking Kinchan and Kotoko is making out, his face is never lit, in shadows on purpose, stressing the point Irie is annoyed to the point it is turning into rage.  Yup, he’s JEALOUS!  In other words, he’s so pissed at Kotoko he’s losing his mind!  This is the girl who keeps saying she loves him but she is now having a relationship with some other guy, and he can not stand it, not once, nor twice and never almost every time he sees them!
  3. This is the first episode where Irie feels threatened, he is feeling this unease,  a sense of powerless.  He finds out Kinchan, someone he doesn’t even regard as a rival, can express his love of Kotoko so directly and with so much heart.  Every word and action of Kinchan towards Kotoko is a provocation on Irie.   Kinchan is leagues below him in IQ, but when it comes to love, he is much more competent, like any normal boy.  Although Irie has to keep his image of Dreamboat intact, and suppresses his true feelings, he also realizes this is a proper threat he can’t ignore.  His 5 year old EQ is useless in tackling Kinchan the threat, the only battle he has confident in a sure-kill is confirming Kotoko’s feelings for himself!  Yes!  Iriekun is going at it again, reaching for a reassurance, the comfort of Kotoko’s love.
  4. In order to get what he wants,  he bashfully said, ‘Aren’t you the one in love with such a cold-blooded person?’  Under the glaring eyes of all the witnesses around, Kotoko of course denies.  (Wait, isn’t this a rendezvous?  Correct, this is almost the exact replica of the family meeting, when Mom threw out the suggestion on the table of Kotoko marrying Irie!)
  5. Last time, in order to prove Kotoko is in love with himself, he recited her whole love letter in front of their family.  It ended up with a slap on the face from Kotoko, but, clearly he has not learned his lesson.  He is again, trying to prove the point!  This time in front of ALL of their classmates.  The egg beater and the chocolate she has made for him are his evidence this time around.  Too bad, this time around Kotoko has smarten up, his one and only blemish in life has been aired out in front of both classes!   Kotoko is really a girl of her words, she made a promise to bring excitement into Irie’s life and here she is.   Hence, Iriekun experiences another first in life, the feeling of so embarrassed in need of a hole to hide,forever.  Irie-kun, isn’t this thrilling!?
  6. Although Irie has been enjoying Kotoko’s doting without lifting a finger, in reality, he is also expressing his love for Kotoko in his own odd ways with repeatedly mentioning of breadcrumb and morning coffee.  When they are taking the graduation picture, Irie is the one tugging Kotoko closer, even though he has to thrown in a sniding remark on breadcrumbkun, the camera captures that glorious smile.  Who else has Irie flashed such a smile at but Kotoko?!  He is also the one who is not adhering to the ‘restraining order’ of 2 meters.
  7. Kotoko says she has been under a bit of his care, Irie rebutts, ‘ A bit?’ Why would he be anal over such a tiny detail? Because this little bit represents what he’s given up for Kotoko!  He has been wronged.  He’s hurt. He’s done so much for her but in her eyes it’s just a tiny bit.  He has never stayed up and studied, but he has to tutor her most patiently, helping her with getting onto the Top100 list, when her stupidity is dumbfounding.  Is this just a tiny bit of care from his part?  His bedtime has always been 10 pm sharp, he pulled an all-nighter to help you copy HIS OWN HW! And this is just an insignificant bit of care to you?!
  8. Irie vs Kin-chan round 2!  In ep3,  Irie did not even register Kin-chan in his system, and KO’d him within seconds.  In ep5, for a guy slowly (and steadily) falling in love, the presence of Kin-chan is suddenly a threat to Irie. Things are different now that we are in the ‘fallen’ stage, he is much more sensitive to everything pertaining, much more anal, petty and nitpicking, all human nature.  But Irie is not a normal human being, he is so much more in touch with his human side after meeting Kotoko.  After he’s fallen for Kotoko, his jealousy is also turning him more and more into a ‘normal guy’.
  9. What exposes Irie’s feelings for Kotoko the best in ep5?  Taking the picture together?  Flirting with her? KISS?  NO! It is when the three of them exchange charged glances at each other in the hallway!  Irie sees Kotoko running after Kin-chan, and he can’t help it but follow her.  (What?!  You really think he has to use the loo?!)  When Irie sees the ‘intimate’ innuendo between Kotoko and Kin-chan, he stalls, his whole face is barely lit, in the shadows, sombre reeking all over his face, is that a face someone with urgent business at the loo should have?  This is exactly the face catching your love cheating!  Kotoko is smart for once to sneak away, leaving Irie and Kinchan behind for a tête-à-tête! Kin-chan smirks at Irie, outing him as being jealous.  He does not deny.  Kin-chan says he is going to kiss Kotoko tonite, Irie hollers at him he should keep his somniloquy to his dreams!   This is the first time Irie directly responds about his feelings towards Kotoko, making his stance for the first time.  Irie is not Kin-chan’s competition in matters of the heart, his only weapon is Kotoko’s feelings towards him, that is why he has to urgently get another proof from Kotoko, he needs a reaffirmation of Kotoko’s love for him in front of Kin-chan, using her love for him to vie off Kin-chan the threat, something he has been failing since the episode. That is why he hurries back to the graduation ball, interrogates Kotoko isn’t she the one in love with a cold-blooded monster such as he himself?   ‘You gave me the egg beater!  You gave me chocolates!  So you must now admit you love me!!’ <-the screams in his head.
  10. Hahaha! And Kin-chan is really the best tutor in romance for the clueless Irie, it is after Kin-chan being chummy, hugging Kotoko around her shoulders that it registers in Irie’s head without him consciously aware this is an expression of intimacy.  If not for Kin-chan provoking, literally planting the idea of kissing Kotoko = a declaration of love,  Irie may not be ‘smart’ enough to come  up with the gesture of ‘marking his territory’ on the spot.  And spoiler *heh* further down the line, it is Kin-chan who tells Irie the last resort to win back the girl’s heart is to ask for her hand in marriage…and guess what Irie does shortly after. kekekekeee
  11. Is their first kiss really a random prank?!  Don’t be silly, set aside Irie is the Dreamboat of every breathing girl(or his bff, at least), even for a normal boy, who would give up his first kiss just for a prank?! (What?!? ! Don’t tell me you are wondering if this is Irie’s first kiss…)  Lest we forget, Irie is a model student, perfect teen role model never stepping a hair out of decorum!  This is a kiss that has been brewing in Irie for a while, I would say that tease the night he lets her copy his HW:and it precipitates under a trigger, breaking loose of Irie’s reasoning, exploding into….That KISS.
  12. When Irie is threatened by Kin-chan, he desperately needs another reaffirmation from Kotoko of her feelings towards him, instead, Kotoko loses her marbles, is hopelessly crying saying she is quitting, she’ll quit loving him!   He also loses his level-headedness along with her words.  There is this very slight deflating disappointment even when he’s trying his very best and almost succeeding to seem nonchalant. That is why he can not control his emotions, he can’t pretend he is cold and unfeeling, or whatever dreamboat every girl has her eyes on, or whatever the proper decorum of a respectable boy, all is gone to the …gutters.  At that very moment, he can only follow his instinct, using the most direct way of expressing his feelings….and…he kisses those lips of hers!!!
  13. After the kiss Irie said to Kotoko, ‘Serves you right!’ As in you deserve it, that is, you deserve to be kissed, by me.  AND WHY IS THAT IRIE-KUN?!

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      1. Miki looks quapa (quarter white). I’m mixed race myself (Asian & Jewish) so it’s easier for us to pick ppl out.

        for example most ppl don’t realize that Bruce Lee was 1/4 German or Keanu Reeves 1/4 Asian. but if you’re sensitive to it you can at least pick ppl out that seem like they are/could be. basically they look like whatever they are 3/4 of but a little bit “off”

        but usually Japanese are usually a bit mixed with something… whether white, Ainu, Okinawan… which are all slightly different ethnicities from ppl who developed on the main island until like 1800…

        1. Well, that’s my opinion. And i disagree with yoir observation in that makeup of race must be visibly distinct, that is not true from my own life experience. i am 1/8 and my Mom is 1/4, many ofmy relatives are different ‘fractions’ we all look different and distinctly our own being and was never a point nor issue made whether we looked a tinge mixed or in my case not.

  1. Lolol so adorbs. I too forgot that 06 did not aired and so stupidly went to the desktop in lalala mode looking for it… even though I’ve just read bewoe fangirl posts some hours prior about waiting ’til next week. Magic dusts of lalala, this show.

    1. hahahhaha Magic Dust of lalalala indeed!

      Other than doing your marvelous job at translating Tong7, Are you watching anything else Hamster?

  2. I… just… can’t… contain myself against his cuteness!!! Yuki’s eyes just seriously kills it– so so deep, and so so dark. Honestly I didn’t like the classic premise of Itazura na Kiss, as this weibo-er so aptly put… it really is Yuki’s performance that really made me connect to Naoki from the very beginning. Joe’s performance in ISWAK took a while to win me, but by They Kissed Again he was ON FIREEEEE and i thought he’d be the best Naoki around.

    But Yuki.. Yuki brings the subtlety from the get-go and I’m won hook, line, and sinker. Gahh~~~~ He actually makes me pity Naoki for once, from the beginning. Rather than a proud jerk that itching to get his ego knocked down a few pegs, this Naoki is coming off as someone who really doesn’t quite know how to handle his ingeniousness in the face of others– so I pity him.

    as for the Kotoko’s,,, this character is really just so hard to play. Ariel Lin’s strength was in playing off the bumbling but sincere side of this character, and Honoka’s strength is in highlighting the fighter side of Kotoko, it’s just that she has all the will but no brain =P Each gives a side for which we can cheer Kotoko on for, but both struggle to rein in the ridiculous fangirling written into the character that strips her of her dignity. Honoka’s still doing ok so far, so I’m satisfied =D

    Aight, time to rewatch from Ep 1 to enjoy Yuki again XD

    1. I agree on Yuki being just a better actor in this role than anyone else attempting. I still hold the opinion out of all the TWhot!modelactors, JoeCheng has the most impressive raw talent/screen presence bar none, but he doesn’t have the skills to put it to a better use and lately he seems to have lost interest entirely in honing anything.

      I honestly think Ariel’s Kotoko is mentally retarded, I still do, she is sincere and she will never give up but boy….she has no chance of surviving in normal world if not for her loving adhoc family. I ended up loving her dearly but that doesn’t cancel out she is as extreme in stupidity as ditzy goes. I really want to believe she can graduate nursing school and be a professional in that field but I can’t say I’m one bit convinced. The plot in ISWAK and TKA is playing up the silly and the tone of InK:LiT is much less hyper and better thought out. I do not see this Kotoko as offensively brainless as Ariel’s Kotoko. How she interacts with Kin-chan, how she can hold a normal encouraging, sensible conversation as a helping friend with him and other normal folks is very telling she is just any normal senior in highschool who is missing the bookish gene, ie normal.

      1. LOL yessss on your Ariel vs. Honoka perspective. By ep 5, I’m actually quite proud of Honoka’s Kotoko (wait what?? =P ), especially that scene where she’s smart enough to bring everyone’s attention back to the homey goodness of Kin’s food… compared to the fancy/elite… but distanced gourmet food of Class A. She’s just absolutely WONDERFUL there. The thing about this Honoka, I think, she’s just slower in picking up the academics… which take a very strategic way of studying the material in order to excel (and Naoki’s #1 at that: how he wins his tennis match, how he can beat the system by anticipating the types of questions they’d give). Kotoko, however, proves to be a reflective person too (with Kin and with Naoki on what college means), just one that has yet to fully grow up. I love that about the actors here… they actually feel like young people who are still growing up. Well then again, they have baby-faced Yuki and 16-yr old Honoka… compared to the much older cast in other versions =P

  3. (What?! You really think he has to use the loo?!)

    *dies laughing* it sounds like, YOU REALLY THINK A GENIUS WOULD NEED TO USE THE LOO? ever? Ah, this whole thing is such glorious, delicious crack. I can’t stop smiling and giggling. What is this drama doing to me. IT’S RUINING ME! NOTHING WILL EVER BE AS BEAUTIFUL AND SHOUJO AND MAJESTICALLY ROMANTIC.

    Wait, who is companion piece written by? Just some fan? it is so wonderfully detailed and fitting, it’s almost uncanny. I especially love the explanation of the dinner scene…It totally makes sense that Naoki would react in such a childish way as to humiliate Kotoko about her feelings because he just needs to reassure himself that she is still in love with him RIGHT NOW and so he does it in the only way he knows (teasing, making fun, KISSING AND SMIRKING). Also great point on the kiss not being just a prank. Just the fact that Kotoko is on his radar to be made into a prank (even if it is more than that, obvs) speaks volumes about his feelings.

    1. I mean isn’t there a very well-used cheeky compliment asking the smexyprettygods and goddesses whether they go to the bathroom (ie they are too beautiful/perfect for stinky human business)?! I just saw a vid of the cast of JOJ promoting the show a month ago and the first question asked (by JH) of KTH is whether she goes to the loo (because she’s too beautiful to…) XDDDD

      This is really beyond my imagination cute and Yuki is sooooo hitting it out of the ballpark perfect in every scene. So is Honoka, and this Kinchan hot young actor is also the best job ever for a Kinchan (tbh, Jiro is really terribly unskilled)

      This is just some fangirl of the dorama being a fangirl of THIS dorama! ^^

      1. Haha, so Yuki is hitting perfection after falling a bit short in your first impression?

        Kinchan is cute but I don’t think he is oozing fire like Jiro in terms of the ridiculousness of his crush on Kotoko. And I actually think the actor is pretty average looking but when he is trying to woo Kotoko he really is too adorable so the charisma makes up for everything pretty much.

        I was going to mention something else…but I forgot…I bet it was something brilliant..Oh well.. I can’t believe it’s still Tuesday!

  4. Wow I enjoyed this post way too much. It was like I was reliving each episode, except I was seeing things more from Irie’s point of view. EHEHEHEHEHEHE. I have to say I am MORE excited for the upcoming episode because now I am even more convinced of Irie’s ~LOVE~ for Kotoko! Now I’m probably gonna read into every single thing he does as LOVE. AND OMG, THAT PICTURE OF HIM IN A SUIT!!!!! WITH HIS BELOVED KOTOKO!!!!!!


    1. I want to credit the lady director as well. Clearly she is so dedicated to this production and has the keen eye to cast the perfect Kotoko and Irie!!

      I was one of those skeptics ranting this is not taking the time to develop the relationship, while I’m not sure how precious this would be given the leisurely pace of ISWAK (the 11 ep length needs a lot of omitting of scenes in manga), and how I do not find Yuki eye-catchingly handsome like what I imagined a Naoki. BUT it’s all beside the point when handled by a talented director pouring in every detail. Do you know even the food they are eating, every is very close to the manga?! And the PD lady weibo’d the K necklace Kotoko is wearing is hers, the K stands for her name Koto she shares the kanji 琴 in their names, the serendipity!

  5. mookiesan!!!i’ve been waiting for you to write about this drama since it was hard for me to wait till this friday..ahhhh!!!!my ship sail so hard for yuki and kotoko..i love2 so much this drama and this is yet the best iswak adaptation ever..i have been rewatching episode 1-5 so many times!

    1. kekeke good that I have other crack to tide me over! This dorama is growing on me exponentially by the episode. I am literally fearing for my sanity comes the SDADHHGADFHGJHAGKKKLLL part later on!

      1. kyaaaa!!!i totally forgot the feeling of being crazy about drama…the last time i feel this way is meteor garden..totally crazy and will watch it again and again…friday please come faster..totally cant waith the tennis camp and when mom knows he kiss her!!!^^,..
        last night i read iswak manga and in the end i cried even though i know the story line..i love iklit so much because it include a slice of life moment which is lovely and bring balance to cute moment..

  6. Ohh!! I love this version best!! The thing I hated the most about the other versions was how incredibly stupid the girls were. It drive me crazy! At least Kotoko does have a brain. The wheels don’t always turn fast, but they do turn:) I can’t wait for the new episode and I’m so happy you love this drama too! You have fine taste, if I may say so:)

    1. yup, i totally agree.. i just rewatch they kiss again..and i realized xiang qin is too dumb in here..it ok to watch it in first time but not when you try to watch it again..for iswak i think i can stand to watch xiang qin in here..my god!!!tomorrow is friday!!!

    2. lolz You have fine taste yourself!

      It was e5 doing me in. I was still watching it for mindless fun and its quite good but not crack…yet. And I was swearing I love ISWAK more, I’m not so sure now and it’s just the diff of 1 ep. I’m…… finicky! 5 is the most perfect ep thus far.

      1. I think it did me in even in ep 2… just seeing the studious Kotoko and Yuki gradually becoming more patient when teaching her, it really moved me. And finally when Yuki sincerely gave her a “ganbatte” in the staircase I was hooked. The morning coffee scene was icing on cake =3 lol i was a bit early huh

        1. haha nonono actually from all the gushes I heard e2 is about right. Most C netizens were busy stabbing Yuki being down right fug for Irie in ep1. But by 2 they admit they wanna kiss their screen when he’s on XDDDD.

          The scenes you mentioned, I adore as well, but those were quite similar to ISWAK and I was still busy comparing the 2 then. I thought 5 was tighter in storytelling than the same plot point as ISWAK….also the Kinchan here is a much better actor than Jiro and not as…countrybumpkin looking (unpopular opinion 32456781523464)

          1. ROFL Jiro as an actor has always been a MEH to me (don’t kill me pls Jiro-fans) his Kin-Chan was a complete AIRHEAD so honestly I couldn’t stand him and XiangQin together… it’s just mindless baffooning all over my screen. Kinchan here is definitely much more endearing and I actually like it when he and Kotoko are talking together XP

            and really? It’s been so long since I watched ISWAK… did ZhiShu really wished her good luck? The thing that really made those scenes stick out to me here really was Yuki’s acting. You hear that there was a hint of newfound respect for Kotoko in his “ganbatte”, it was his verbal high-five to her. And Kotoko studies hard like a real student… which made her entry into the 100 list much more realistic… honestly in ISWAK, it felt more like a miracle than her hard work =x=

            I must sound like a ISWAK hater by now LOL but really! I really liked it when I first watched it and for a very long time after~~… or should I say I loved They Kissed Again more (??) The pre-marriage life… didn’t really stick out to me there =x

            1. Oh yes he did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELJFYF1iA-0 ~21min mark… XQ said thank you as he’s walking into his classroom, he hesitated and said ‘add oil~!’

              It is the opposite for me, I enjoy their highschool/college years the most. ISWAK is actually sticking quite close to the manga, which I like. And I can stand a really slow XQ bumbling around when she’s younger, it is beyond me to believe she is still the same but a functioning contributing member of society and a nurse at that. Plus TKA drags out the episodes too much, adding too much filler.

            2. oof! it’s a removed vid =__= lol ionno i guess i didn’t really like xiangqing PERIOD. it’s just that ZhiShu was too… cold and nonreactive in ISWAK… maybe that’s why I liked They Kissed Again more, cuz ZhiShu just becomes so human there =P

              1. Try 2:30 mark http://www.viki.com/videos/16737v-it-started-with-a-kiss-episode-3-part-3
                We’ll have to agree to disagree, I find Joe’s ZS v inconsistent in TKA, one moment he’s the passionate husband the next he regressed back to the cold prince, at times as annoyed with XQ, even though understandably so, as in ISWAK.

                And it was in ISWAK we saw the transformation to human because of the falling. ZS is reacting, all the nuances in plot are almost identical as in InKLiT chronicling his fall are there sticking true to manga as well, the same as Yuki’s Naoki, just Joe is not as consistent with nuances

                1. LOL maybe i just need refresh my memory of ISWAK and TKA cuz honestly it’s been so darned long since I watched it =P… I took ZS’s mood-swinginess in TKA as the process through which he had to learn to deal with his emotions, which understandably gets stronger as he ventures farther and invests deeper in relating to XQ (as husband and wife)

                  Hopefully Yuki’s Naoki can keep up the consistency and won’t be as jarring =P

  7. i just realizes in epi 5 irie saw kinchan hug kotoko and after that we saw irie suddenly hug kotoko for graduation picture!!!kyaaaa!!thank you kinchan for becoming a guidance to irie kun!!

    1. It is EVERY step of the way. Haven’t seen 6, but saw some caps and ramblings haha it’s still exactly the case…Kinchan actively pursuing and stalking Kotoko is causing some delish bottled up sourpuss in our Irie.

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