Jang Ok Jung 9

Do you mind revisiting the entirety of end of 8?  Not me.  It’s not the lazy kind of throwing in that hot talk of the town scene so all our butts and eyes will be glued, there are some terrific nuances inserted making this even more ADFFFJAHGDFGKJHASJSHG.

Lots of spoilers!!!  All gifs from baidu JOJ bar, thanks to original posters!

I have more to say about the kiss or what was going on with our poor first loves leading up to that.  I love how it is not a game changer, it is simply an expression, and a desperate plead for reciprocation of affection.  This is not a plot device pivotal for heroine to fall for the hero, both of them are very cognizant of what they are experiencing: they have fallen, and the other person can’t occupy more space in their hearts and minds.  Also, they are quite sure there are matching heart fluttering the other must be going through as well.  It is not fabricated angst or construed misunderstanding, as hot and romantic it was, it was also a big serving of the harsh reality.   He is the hotheaded one, his naivete is lofty, idealistic, unrealistic.   He is a man, is the King, he may feel as though he has all the power to change the game, but it is almost a ‘let them eat cake’ moment, she knows better.  She is the one who is first aware of herself falling for him back at his training camp, when he can still casually chat about his ideal wife material.  He’s aware of his crushing, but it had not overtaken the priority of his ascension, and nothing on his checklist of an advantageous marriage is pertaining to her, she is simply not of noble birth.  Her friend tugs her heart whenever she passes by the red flowers, whom sacrificed for love. A few short years and her lover does not hesitate taking OkJung in as a mistress.  Her Mom and herself are both constant living, breathing victims under the discrimination of the class system.  Also in less serious moments, her bff made sure to ‘nag’ some sense into the head-turning beauty OkJung not to fall victim to the unreliable infatuation of opposite sex.  In one of the OTPs first exchanges as adults when she informed him of her general opinion of guys in the library, when he said something carelessly suggestive that is after he patronized her on proper decorum of a lady in their prior meeting, all transpired while a pair of lovers was making out one moment, falling out the next.   It is not a fair world for the sexes, it’s more so factoring in the class discrimination.

If it is just a superficial attraction, Lee Joon should lit up seeing her unexpectedly, even for a passing second before the brooding, the disappointing heartbreak of her possibly being part of a conspiracy kicking in, and how he’s mistaken what they have as genuine mutual feelings for each other.   But amidst her own angst of there is no place on earth in the palace for her to rekindle what they had, she can never have any dallying with the King, let alone be soulmates, husband and wife.  However, she did not hesitate to eloquently put her feelings on her sleeves, while putting him in place of what their stations are and how doomed their romance is.  She kissed him back, with protest, she gave into her emotions for a fleeting moment, and let him kiss her, let herself drown in the bliss that is not hers to have but she never loses her head nor cool and promptly snaps herself out of it.  This is one determined young lady who will not allow love, though it is sweeping and all consuming her emotions, to own her and override her filial responsibilities.

I appreciate moving lips in kisses, especially when those are YAI’s.  It’s almost like because his character is smitten, it somehow permeates into his acting, bringing it to another level of awareness and deftness, hitting it scene after scene.  If 5/6 of JOJ is where we truly unanimously witnessed the awakening of KTH into the league of actresses who CAN act, YAI in 8 is a little revelation as well.  He is finally done with just easing into this role, a bit of a shaky start.   Now he is owning it, insanely charismatic, not just the usual YAI kind of suave like the smexymofo he can be, whom we never doubt for a second to be able to get into the pants of ladies of all ages, but befittingly as the young ambitious King,  prowling for more command.   Do not ask me why, but watching YAI in 8 and more so 9 reminds me of Simba showing he is the new king:

And the glorious extra nuances we get in the kiss in 9….left me speechless.  There is a marvelous continuity with the characters afterwards, not an every drama occurrence! I love how OkJung is not reduced to the usual flailing damsel, panting for air, brains is mushed, knees buckling and needing say PrinceD’s rescue or sth to leave the scene…instead she abort the hotness, keeping a clear head over their doomed demise…but what are you made of gf?  You get a PRETTY good idea of those lips of YAI, smooching back is an understatement, my lips will be krazyglued to those pluckers by sheer instinct and will, and so will you, all of you!

I love how this kiss is not the magic cure-all, it is part hormones of a lovelorn manchild at play, the hotheaded urgency, when he is trying to wipe her tears off her face, her face drenched with the down pour, can’t bear seeing her in anguish because of loving him, and the burden of his love, that little want of touching her face most tenderly, lovingly, longingly, right after such a charged kiss that is most telling of how genuine his feelings are towards this woman.

When she denies him, very slightly turning her face, as decorum can allow her to make her mind be known in front of the King, and his hands frozen in midair, lingering, so ready to hold her, but let her go.  When the camera lingers on YAI’s face as OkJung is leaving, that is after he take a longing look of her as she’s walking away, everything is written there for us to see,  how primal that want is, how it is leaving an impression indelible, how there is this sigh of relief he has let his feelings be known, and how it’s reciprocated, how it releases some of the sexual frustration and the obvious ‘Oh shit where is my head now…..not up there in its usual spot’.

Le sigh.  SangYeob, why so cute but soo very very clueless and out of place and regressing STILL?!?!   These are great scenes for your PrinceD, imo quite easy to be effective, and so very obvious what we should feel and we should feel so much for him, but I’m getting nothing.  There are passing scenes as if he’s dozing off and suddenly realizes he has to make some :/ faces and his attempts on cute sad faces are so not doing it.  I can’t hate him but he’s so not doing the role justice, period.

Another thing that is eating at my good will, the actress QueenDowagerMotherDearest is so abrasively OTTing,   There is not a single scene the actress doesn’t like to scream at the screen Hey! In case you did not get the memo 3 seconds ago, I AM A QUEEN B*TCHHHHHH!!! BE SCARED (not!)  Argh.  Dial the heck down please.   I do not mind b8tches in my dramas, honest (how I couldn’t take my eyes off PSY in Nice Guy), but lets grow a brain, shall we?

That entitled idiot Ja Kyung/actress who thinks acting is flopping her deadfish PS’d face around, how DARE you snide at OkJung when seconds before you were pleading for your life almost to your ladyboss AND ladyboss who just let you off easy is STILL 5 ft from you witnessing the scene?!?!  I was cheering for OkJung to just turn dark then and there, cut her with the coldest of stares and say something fake sweet but damning so ladyboss will just off her fr palace for good.

But back to the unhealthy things YAI is doing to me, namely instantaneous combustion. He heaves and with the slightest of smiles and sighs, reliving the exact sweet, heartbreaking words of OkJung, his name is what she’s been living for, to see him she clawed her way into the palace, but yet he’s not just the guy with a name, but a King.  The King she absolutely can’t have.

He closes his eyes, reminiscing the kiss, and YAI touches his lips.  I do not remember my name and the name of my mother that very moment.  And if that is not hot enough, he went back to his being-a-savvy- brilliant-young-King business like the Smexy he is.

And all the court politicking, there is not a nuance he is not spot on, I can’t take my eyes off it, and who knows we have the bonus enjoyment of watching our young King act, literally.  In the company of the slickest pack of wolves, he holds his own, even has a domineering presence when he turns on a slight flicker of a knowing smirk or a tiny twitch of his eyes.

We’ve swooned over Mr. Darcy since our formative years, and I’m sure it is true for all of us.  But his proposal to Lizzy was more an expression of his own frustration, demeaning Lizzy a few levels below him, leaving so much to be desired.  How we cheered Lizzy on to so eloquently and brilliantly turn the annoying guy down atvm.  How much more considerate is King/Lee Soon’s ‘proposal’?  How much more swoonworthy is an urgent yet respectful backhug than the stale painful wristgrabs, with both hands feeling her heartbeat?!  How impressive is our King to lower himself, to plead for her to allow him to possibly be the one she’s waiting for, dews frozen, wetting her feet, yet not a noticeable bother, at all?  How so very shrewd and smart is our Lee Soon to give an ultimate promise of forever love, not as a regular joe, but words of a formidable King?

The forced kiss was as hot and romantic as sageuk goes, but that cute morning sewing room meeting is nothing short for never-ending magical swooning.   It is a tender public display of affection he is not stopping himself, more so, the deliberation just to do the gesture is appalling.  It is silly, it must have caught some unsavory spy witnesses batting for team Min (argh please don’t be pudgy eunuch, he’s been cute!).  It is one thing to straight up admire and say to your love she is beautiful and talented, another to work it so slick like our King did.

It is too sweet for words and there can’t be prettier matching happygrins.  *sigh…lets enjoy while we can*

There is a constant slew of tiny rants from me during that whole rescue the damsel scene, but it is effective.  IF there is better action sequence in that scene, or just a few seconds of editing off damsel standing, doing nothing and gasping and waiting for horsey to hit and prince/king to rescue. It does pain me the damsel has to be OkJung, when we saw her learning her hard lessons in shedding the ignorant sweetness, and assimilating some cautious game for the long haul, and it pains me more when we have TaeHee regressing back to one of her ‘career making faces’.  Just a tiny tweaking, and that would’ve shut me up.  Because after what has to happen, TaeHee is back to decent, and it’s one convenient and charged scene swiftly moving plot along.  So now HE KNOWS!!! OHNOES~~!!!

The spoiler pics for 10 makes breathing nay impossible.  *I am spoiled…argh…and so sharing is caring T__T*

Yup, sign of my addiction is at the fullblown rabidddd stage when I’m scouting bts and giggle at random gifs:

I love what Hong SooHyun said in this interview of how she de-stresses:  with acting (KTH nudges in), the satisfaction of hitting a scene to her own satisfaction, letting the emotions as naturally flowing as the character should is such a joy for an actress it is de-stressing.  I feel it works for both YAI and KTH (still have to see what JH can bring), no Krdrama filming is not extremely stressful with grueling inhumane hours of no sleep for days.  When you are working on a role possibly the best thing that has landed on your lap thus far, and the ratings are not there to give them the patting on the back and of sponsors/CF deals so forth but they so full of verve, gaining new confidence, passionate on my screen.  It must be giving them this joy of doing a good job, it must give them such a fulfillment it is the best booster off screen, and I can feel as an audience, enjoying the ride-along, all this positive energy from them.

14 thoughts on “Jang Ok Jung 9

    1. I’m still shaking my head in SHOCK, esp when 9 (and 10) are still so solidly tightly GOOD. 8 was all kinds of awesome, but we’ve kissed too many frogs to expect surely the high won’t last, even for a decent drama, there will be a slower, make-do ep or 2 in the mix, but not here. The writing is still VERY decent! It’s not perfect, a little minor tweaking here or there, but DARN close especially in hitting every emotional note.

      ^ Even typing this all out, I’m still in disbelief, actually.

  1. “~oh I just can’t wait to be King~” sorry lol that’s my instant version of Simba when you mention him alongside YAI’s woobie face. But I trust your saying he’s the grown-up ver.
    I’m reading recaps for this drama, but not watching it or anything aside from ItaKiss per your last question.
    Coincidentally (that u mentioned P&P) I was watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on youtube and got a few good laughs for about 20 eps or so. *sighs* P&P is just awesome no matter what incarnation it takes.

    1. Arghhhhh I am urged by every living person I know who know of my crazy obsession w/ PP to watch LBD when it started. I was scared to jump in coz with this new webdrama thing, and it’s an American shows it could possibly be a life ruiner for YEARS if I got rabid and this has all the elements pushing me over the edge. Is it done now? *itchyitchyitchyfingersss*

      YAI is a relevation for me, call me slow on the uptake…but I’m quite sure he hasn’t been firing all cylinders and hitting it this spot on till last few eps. Funny thing is I actually find the fact he’s shaky in the first few but catching his strides bit by bit till explosively good around 8, when his character is also experiencing a big shift, is making this so much more awesome. Last few eps, he is so majestic and stately and formidable when he turns it on, when he’s hold his own against his opponents, perfectly mixed with all the hotheadedness of a lovelorn boy…it is a sinful lethal mix of ‘boyish machismo’ I thought PIE/CJM owns this category but I find him awkward in Duo.

      1. It is done! 100 eps of about 3-4 minutes each. I honestly liked it better in its earlier run as a parody of sorts… when it took itself too seriously with the drama-rama toward the middle to end I just really rather be watching Colin Firth… or Laurence Olivier (for his costar Greer Garson is my fav Lizzy).

        1. OMG… my Mother will LURVE you! I’m not a fan of Laurence Olivier *yes I know blashemy* but BOY was I subjected to the brainwash of my mother that is the best PP adaptation to date. She shares your fav Lizzy and she thought Ehle played her Lizzy too coy and know it all. I’m not totally agreeing with her, but I do find Greer Garson’s Lizzy less obtrusive to Victorian sensibilities.

          Who wouldn’t rather watch Colin Firth THOUGH?!?! HAHAHAHAHA

          1. Haha Ehle IS coy now that your mother says it! She always has a very secretive smile on her lips. I think Garson’s beyond adorable with her playful and straightforward way… not frivolous, but very young and lively. Like Ehle, she too keeps a smile on her lips always, but hers has a glint of teasing humour. I take it Ehle is your fav Lizzy then?

            1. I guess I can’t separate the character from the adaptation and imo PP1995 is the best, I mean Colin Firth is just…I have no words how much I’m in love with the man for so long.

              And I don’t mind Lizzy with a bit of game or snark and true to canon she seems more judgmental. What you said about Garson’s Lizzy is exactly what I love about her. Somehow she captured Lizzy’s essence while making her nicer.

  2. Oh I’m so glad to have found your blog! I love your beautifully expressed thoughts about the episode and this drama. I agree with everything you wrote here.
    Thank you! I’ll be coming back here for more JOJ spazzing for sure. <3<3<3

    1. Oh thank you~! This is too good to be true, there are dramas which are technically perfect, then there are dramas that hit every kinks we flail over. EVERY.

      1. I looove YAI (my lipscisious boy) since years because not only he is a challenging actor who was very underrated for years, but he is good at what he does. Nevertheless the revelation of the drama for remains KTH. I remember because the drama airing everyone told her costars will eat her alive, she is a pretty bad actress. Even I found her uninteresting. But watching the show she just hold it on her shoulder. Nobody overshadow her on the contrary sometimes she is a scene stealer for me with her subtle but strong performance. Her diction doesn’t annoy me at all. The way she counterbalances YAI intense depiction of SJ and at the same time how she slowly opens herself to his character to display so much determination and strengh in love at the end. Chemistry between she and YAI is just Boonza !! She is not technically perfect but oh so emotionally efficient ! Now I just can’t see another actress as this JOJ besides KTH. She really sold her character and her psyche. Seriously KTH surprises me with this drama and wish her all the best.
        About YAI performance here I completly agree with everything you said. He is MAJESTIC here. Boy has always had charisma, not necessarly because of his look, even though I think he is good looking because of his standout features (pretty thick lips, high cheekbones, dark eyes, warm smile, tall…), but because of his aura ( I think this is because in real life he is very mature and he has experienced a lot through his career). Therefore he always hold his own in front of veteran actors.
        Anyway JOJ surprise of the year ?

        1. I expected great things fr YAI, I didn’t know him before SKKS, but he’s so oozing charisma and raw talent is obviously there bottled in, he just need a bit of honing of technique and control and he’ll be there. In SKKS SJK impressed me the most with his whole package and did the best job. YooChun was probably the hardest working one and he was a small revelation on his own because he was absolutely idol terrible in those short dramas/skits he did in DBSK days. YAI showed up and charmed the camera and us and called it a day with us flailing left and right with his unique boymansmexy. That is why I was expecting an awful lot with Fashion King but it was such a clusterfuck of fail. I need a one-two-punch with falling for them hotties: caught my eye in one thing, and proving your worth in something else. This is it. I’m a fanahjumma.

          There is not an episode that went by where KTH STILL shockingly impressed me in some scenes, I thought it should have settled in but no, it’s STILL SHOCKING. Her reputation is about right though, she has been cruising by with 2 expressions, glaring bulgy eyes and…no. Finally! I can love her more than her pretty.

  3. Mookie, you awesome darling, you do have a way with words. One more thing… that keen observation gift you got. When you put those two together……my world rocks with giggles, squeezes and swoons!

    Prince D, Prince D, until when are you going to have that good boy demeanor? Will you ever break? You are slowly stealing my attention from the king.

    Oh my… that morning scene in the sewing room. You said/wrote it so very very accurately (lots of swoons and squeezes). LOL!

    1. Ohhhh Mye, hahahaha I do not deserve such sweet words from you~!

      The thing I love most with how the OTP is dealt with is how nothing is dragged out and milked for fanservice. Yes the kiss is hot, yup the bedding is quite swift as in urgent for these 2 in modern standard, but it’s done with more meat to it (haha not literally skin showing of say YAI, but I won’t be complaining if we got that too LOLZ, trust me), There is honest, direct communication going on with them. They put their affection to action and in speeches to each other. It feels genuine like 2 people desperately in love against their odds would…and that scene with IH, where King is passively pleading her/scaring her away from trapping him in the political marriage grounds but with a few very eloquent, poignant words of a wise IH, his character back to having the savvy of the young ambitious king, not really losing everything in his hot head over love.

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