Hyun Bin at BaekSang

*Don’t cry~! ;____;*

[credit on pics; thanks to original posters]

He does this all the time, taking his time, giving a good appreciative look at the audience showering him the attention and love.

I do not care for the hair, the outfit, his panda eyes, the emaciated face, but I love him.  And somehow he still looks dashing.

And he’s presenting an award to the hot ajusshi Ryu Seung Ryong.  So.  Hot.

To the audience in front of the TV, in attendance here, to my sunbae(senior) and hoobae(junior) sitting in the front rows, long time no see.  Hello, I am Hyun Bin. *bows*  I can not remember the last time I was on this stage,  It has been so long since  I have attended the Baeksang Arts Awards.  It really seems like a long time ago, that is why I’m very nervous, even though I am here just to be a presenter.  Hm, I got the drama grand prize in 2011, I was stationed at Baengnyeong Island and I could not give thanks in person to you.  Although this is late, let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude again.  Also, I will be more serious with my acting, working harder to present you with better projects.  Here I am presenting the grand prize award for movies.  The 49th Baeksang Arts Awards movie grand prize goes to Mr. Ryo Seung Ryong.

He said he can’t remember his last time at Baeksang, well, he’s made quite a few appearances in the past.  MNIKSS won the grandprize in 2006, he is also the most popular actor in movies in 2006, he himself won the grandprize in 2011 for his job and megapopularity in SeGa.

Just skinnier from after mnikss days (this is fr MBC awards that year MNIKSS swept it), but with similar questionable hair,  he hasn’t changed much.

He nabbed the most popular actor for Millionaire First Love in 2006.  Other than he needed a better shave, I actually loved him chubbier and the specs did not hurt.

Maybe we’ll see you next year again at Baeksang, Binnie?!  Who knew 2013(+ 2014) will be a year my type is nothing but hot Joseon kings?!  First YAI’s Sukjong then Binnie’s Jeongjo.  I. Can’t. Wait.  He said the script is the main draw, AHHHHHHH I’m super curious to know how amazing it is.

What hits me every time he makes  a public appearance is how sincere his love for what he’s doing, and more so his audience.   I hope the hectic fanmeets are finally done and he can rest up and prepare for his next challenging role.  Hwaiting!

This is from an interview he did after his FM in Shanghai.  He said he’s a perfectionist, so he is very annoying/troublesome to live with.  Reporter injected, oh your future wife will have a hard time.  He blushed and said, ‘감안하십시오……’ –please reconsider me/give me another chance…

Oh.  Boy.  You are laughing at yourself being ridiculous slaying us all, huh?


6 thoughts on “Hyun Bin at BaekSang

    1. So. True.

      That is this new aura, it’s almost like he’s finally comfortable in his skin, as a charming man that can easily throw a joke on himself. He used to have this slight awkward shyness in every public showing in RL, now I can see he’s enthusiastic, excited to talk on camera about himself and his work. I can only deduce his new movie, the script is one kickass killer, because last time I see this confidence is for FOL.

  1. I love me some bespectacled Binnie! Fav getup from all the fanmeets was the return trip from Guangzhou back to Seoul. Just a simple tucked in shirt, trousers and dorky sneakers plus glasses and a killer smile. Not thrilled either about the panda eyes…I hope the movie will require him to gain some weight because the boy needs some.

    1. Me too. He’s not really my kind of fashionista tbh, I seldom like his outfits at events, I love him the most when he’s wearing sth painfully simple like a normal joe…but just NOT! haha

      His face is getting gaunt, SeGa gaunt…while his features are still the sparkly gorgeous, his face is like an inverted equilateral triangle, and I doubt this works for an authoritative look in the young king under such turmoil but still able to hold onto his reign and be a pissed off dragon of sorts.

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