Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo shout-out

The CutestThingEver is nothing but this fandom.

I won’t be able to watch 6 like the rest of the world with abating breath at the edge of seat I bet with snacks and heart-shaped chocolates in hand.    This is such a sweet shoujo drama I am somehow cherishing it, savoring it.  How many of us are also rereading the manga?  It really gets under my skin how precious this is.

This is their shout-out to the English speaking audience, and of course Yuki will be speaking his cute english.   Just the OTP being themselves is cute enough but Kin-chan is totally holding his own being the third wheel we can’t help cheering, ‘Ganbette!! *pompoms*’ x10000, not for getting the girl, but finding his deserving happiness.

This is certifiable the biggest shoujo hit amongst C netizens I’ve seen in quite a well.  The buzz wasn’t there to be honest before its airing, nor even after the first ep.  Actually the first episode was stampeded by the C netizen, giving it a metacritic-like score of 1.2/10 for ep1. Ouch.  But by ep5 its score is now 8.5 and rising.   Every passing day I will see some big name dropping a tweet at weibo falling victim, ‘rekindling her shoujo heart’.  Just now it’s the C ladywriter FeiWoSiCun nicked ‘evil stepmom’ with many melo Cdramas adaptations under her belt, always taking the ‘delight’ of dragging her characters through the dark, deep end of makjang.  The fact she is gushing about something as innocent fluffy shoujo gold as InK:LiT has my brows furrowed.   But what beats female newspaper writers publishing fangirly review?!

It is titled:  Naoki is finally not a wax statue; Kotoko is no longer a retard.

The writer stated all the odds against the dorama, the complaints I had as well in the beginning but it becomes apparent after a few episodes this is some terrific casting going on.  It’s not just these young darlings are talented actors, but more importantly they truly possess the aura of the characters.  Yukikun equips with all the extraneous qualities a RL rich prince with smarts and that is what is lacking in his predecessors.  And his voice!  This may be the first time we heard properly enunciated English in a dorama.  His less dashingly handsome face also plays to his advantage of sneaking into our hearts, because he is relatable, just like the regular smartest dream guy we crushed in every highschool.

She also praises how this adaptation addresses the biggest mystery of InK the best:  Why did Irie fall for Kotoko?!  In the 1996 adaptation, Kotoko was a loud, brash, bumbling idiot, it was almost like Irie had stockholm syndrome under her pining and just gave in to shut her gob for good.  While Ariel did a good, precise job with the characterization she was given, the writing set out to exaggerate the dimness of Kotoko for slapstick.

This adaptation is told from Irie’s point of view, the love ode from Mr, Mangaka to his late wife:  ‘I have loved you all along~!’ is palpable.  In this adaptation ‘Kotoko is more naive, not retarded, she is outspoken, not brash,  she is persistent without being frenzied.  She can be bumbling, but not the vortex of inconvenient disasters to everyone around.’ the ladyreporter wrote.

What is winning in this adaptation is it focuses on Kotoko’s strengths and downplays her misgivings.  Honoka has a face full of collagen (reporter’s words) just like a 16 year old should, caring, cute and full of life.  She can be like the head of PTA committee comforting and giving career guidance to Kinchan.  She can be like any popular TV host (writer named the famous TW TVhost SiuS) livening the mood of every occasion, or be an ‘unforgettable’ cook from hell, turning a piece of steak into a lump of shxt.   It is not scientific for Iris to not fall for this cute darling always around him, squarely in his life so full of sweet mischief, charming in her slow mumbling ways.

Many fans said this is very true to the original, actually this adaptation has surpassed the manga in its reaches, it pertains to our times.   This is no longer the usual cliche of the idiotic average girl snatching the impossible annoying cold prince where it is frankly a guilty pleasure emphasizing the guilt we usually call fluff, fantasy but in reality demeaning our sex.  We are no longer obsessed over those angsty romance where the girl will lower herself, sacrificing every strand of her pride her self-esteem, everything that makes her unique, all in the name of unrequited love with no abandon.   Even the domineering princely hero is out of vogue, even our snarky abrasive assertive Irie is now a warm, sensitive, jealous softie at heart, far from the most considerate person and Yuki’s soft and bashful features fit the characterization to a tee.  Hail to girl power even in a shoujo~!

11 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo shout-out

    1. too!

      “Naoki is not a wax statue; Kotoko is no longer a retard”<—–makes me laugh hard!!

  1. ,awww.. the English! OMG the English! After hearing a lot of Japrish(??) and Konglish in my screen, it is so glorious to hear English so clearly spoken…and I find it amusing that they stayed true to their InK characters while doing the promotion..

    1. I love it too! It is still how perfect Yuki’s Irie’s aura is and the whole package that is winning, but I remember the first instant when heard his English in InK is the exact moment I think this adapt may be decent. I did not know a thing about Yuki then I thought this is hard work, but even knowing he’s fluent, they must’ve made it a point in casting to get this right. That is dedication.

  2. I love how half-awkward, half-acting they are in this video, especially Yuki Furukawa. It’s like GUHHHH, if they act like this all the time behind the scene, I will not be able to contain my RPS tendencies any longer.

    Yup, totally on Yuki being relatable. I love his geekiness to an unimaginable degree.

  3. the title of the article brings laughter lmao ‘no longer a wax statue’ XD I’ll wait for more affections from him toward Kotoko 🙂
    btw, I just cannot believe that Yuki is already 25 yo, I think he is only around his 17 or 18 :O

    1. I know! He has such an innocent baby face. He looks 17 max, and we all know Honoka looks every bit her real age. This is the first adapt where there need no suspension of belief they are highschoolers.

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