May Updates on Yuan Hong

Updates on Loverboy,  ie the slashy pretty thing born to write or live in a BL fanfic.

He is still busy on the set of his Manguo spy romance drama in SH somewhere, somewhere close enough to go eat at Fount, HuGe’s fancy schmancy J resto, where YH is known as its ladyboss.  The filming should end in June.  There is a rumor circling some producer is contacting him and HuGe to be in a modern drama together.  Rumor.  But let me tell you something:


It always started innocent enough, a fangirl snapped a pic with him at the restaurant gushing about how nice he is.  The official weibo of the restaurant joked under the thread, ‘Boss said:  Eats it all up…so you will have the energy to clean the pots and pans!


Lets look at the careful choice of verbs in Loverboy’s response: *做 can be the character for do, make…, be*  *翻 is turning over 身….is body*  Literally from his word choice it can be translated as: My goal in life is to turn my body over and do the boss. Yup, the HongGe shippers have a field day flipping over their bodies in delight.

HuGe:  A dishwasher who does not want to do (his job) for the boss is not a good ladyboss!

I added the ( ) part in translation, but they are obviously playing with the characters to be as slashy as humanly possible.

Their writer friend joined the convo:   Did you beast eat up everything causing the restaurant to go broke?

YH: No, not long ago I ate there so much till I’m the ladyboss.  (That is really bestial)

This is from an ancient interview with Shishi during Chinese Paladin 3.   They (SS, HuGe, YangMi, YH…) went on a vacation to Egypt together.  The reporter asked about SS and YM’s obsession of taking chummy pictures of themselves and posting to their blogs all the time.  The conversation segued into HuGe always sneaking into their pictures doing all sorts of silly poses and faces when the girls had no intention to include him.

Reporter:  HG always takes a lot of too chummy pictures with YH as well, right?

SS: Whenever they take pictures together, I used to think, ‘O-kay…let them be as hentai as they want’  I’ll be at the sideline and just treat them as the biggest joke.  Both of them are hopeless pranksters.  When we were in Egypt they would pretend to be a couple and sashayed in front of the gang, twisting their butts and so forth, we all laughed our tummy off behind them.

Reporter:  You also pretend to be a couple with YM in your pictures!

SS:  Our pictures will not cause anyone to think otherwise, but the two of them…. LOL…will start misunderstandings!

Seriously ShiShi, you know too much!

Some BTS pics from his drama set…how come even in uniform he still looks like a silly boy?!

New stills from Young Detective Dee drama, he is cameoing as the King.  Pretty, but sooo pudgy, the last one looks like he’s pregnant.

Still some more leaked bts from Hua Xu Yin.  *sobs* Look at poor heroine SongNing’s malmed hand in elaborate period cast and the ‘scummy’ hero off romancing the hand of his mistress.  tsktsktsk I really need this in my life like NOW!!!

Obviously he’s slimmed down a lot and looking FINE in a suit lately.

The reporter visiting the set is one of his old classmates from drama school (so are his costars: the heroine Han Shu and the guy2 Zhang Dan Fong).  So this is basically a class reunion for them.   It is only fair his old classmate leaks out some college secrets: like he is YH’s secret admirer.

Reporter:   He has long billowing hair in college.  I’ve always asked myself the question back then…how could this guy grow such a handsome face? *Jealous*

YH *clearly blushing*:  We were students back then, too young to have good taste (I’m talking about you thinking I’m handsome).  *blush some more*

For old time’s sake, the prankster later arranges a bit role for his reporter classmate… he is going to be killed by gunshot after an explosion!! haha the reporter classmate has to ‘thank’ him A LOT for his very scary first cameo in a drama.   YH said this is vendetta for reporter friend dating his fellow pretty classmate under his watch.

I think baby agrees he’s looking mighty fine.

These are from his fangirls visiting his set.  The sweetest darling he is gave an impromptu photography 101 to his fangirls and even helped them out with the perfect setting for taking his pics.

And haha, per his mischievous fangirls’ request, they not only want pics together with him, they demanded him to make different faces…and he obliged.  AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

And he’ll take selca with their phones just so they asked.  I bet they’ll use the pic telling everyone back home this is their husband.

17 thoughts on “May Updates on Yuan Hong

  1. aahh my Loverboy doses 😀 i thought you forgot your loverboy and exchange him with smexy king Yoo Ah In, mookie, and no, i’m not complaining here, everything in life must be in a balance 😉 that ancient interview is so cute and i think ShiShi is HongGe biggest shipper hahaa
    ps. i love your new SoonJung banner, so much love there, oh my heartache T_T

    1. Oh I’m the sweetest most loyal Loverboy fangirl, if I can say so myself! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA XDDDD

      SS is one of us… slashy BL fanfic fiend. She also is the biggest addict of all those fluffy angsty popular internet novels we are now seeing adapting with a fervor. haha she can smell slash a mile away, let alone these 2 jokesters.

      and le sigh…how I miss the trio, they have this so lively rapport and ADFSGHGKJGHAFGDDGSHGKJFGAHD back then I’m so sorely missing in SS in particular. She’s now too cautious and guarded in everything she does or says.

  2. omg I would die to be their friends why are they so adorable and loverboy just looks plain freaking good everywhere and omg that interview HAHAHAHA shishi rocks

    1. I REALLY sincerely is going to start a little prayer corner, aside from my notty corner at home and to stick a picture of HuGe and YuanHong IF I hear another word of that whatever modern Cdrama in the talks so it will and MUST materialize…because just thinking of all those most slashy yet somehow unoffensive but most delicious tweets between these 2 at weibo can be its own reality show I will PAY puppies, babies and unicorns for.

  3. It’s official: you’ve converted me as a Yuan Hong fan girl ^^, thnx for all those adorkable pics and weibo translations ^^

    1. haha WELCOME!

      And I’m lazy, or I should say it’s impossible to keep up with him unless I have 48days, he is this adorkable cute witty self 24/7, like EVERY tweet.

      Why so perfect for fangirling?!?!

  4. Oh no, you are not lazy; in fact you’re motivational :D, it’s me who needs to get off my lazy ass and ante up my Chinese so I can stalk the weibo of this perfect adorkable, witty, coy beautiful gent ^_^
    By the by, I’m going to be an opportunist now ( sorry! >..< ( btw, It's perfectly okay if you don't know what to recommend too ^^)

  5. Okay, wordpress cut a part of my reply >.< erm *blush* My question was whether you could recommend me some Chinese dramas, ast time I completed a drama was BBJX and LZH –"

    1. TBH Cdrama is so ridden with turds there is nothing, absolutely nothing watchable right now. I’m holding out for YH’s Mulan in June frankly I doubt it would be addictively good, but I’m craving some Loverboy (of course) and it should not turn me too batty from what I saw in trailer, I hope.

      I’m currently watching Love in a Fallen City 2009 If you want to brush up your Chinese, maybe this is a good exercise because it’s based on one of the most famous novels of Eileen Chang. It has an English translation which I just got a copy, I’m curious as to how well the translation is, I’m rereading the novel as I’m very slowly watching the drama along.

  6. Hehehehe! Thanks Mookie. You make me the happiest in the fangirl kingdom. It is so endearing every time he goes extra miles for his fans. I hope your Loverboy won’t change. If he becomes mean to his fans….. give him a good beating!!!!! Hehehehe!

    1. lolz oh Mye, I just read of a fan account visiting on his set, it was a long day for him and she did not want to bother him too much, so she’s ready to just say bye and on her way, saying ‘I won’t ask for a hug’ as he’s already in his van, about to go or rest. He smiled (of course most dazzlingly gorgeous) and said, ‘what if I want to hug you~?’ and he really stepped out of the van to hug her, what a tease and a flirt and a sweet sweet Loverboy. Yeah, that fangirl is dead by gooey-up knees.

  7. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be any good cdrama’s… Sigh…thnx for the recommendation ( will check kt out ^^) and wow, hope you enjoy watching and rereading Eileen Chang’s Love in A Falling City ^^

    1. It is going by ever so slowly hahaha but so far it’s ok, the drama is watchable but nothing to write home about. BTW Mulan is watchable 2 eps in, honest. It isn’t great, and I don’t see hope it would (some subpar acting jobs) but there are decent scenes that actually moves me to misty eyes. Surprise!

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