Jang Ok Jung 11

A rant.  Understatement.

And most of you, don’t read this.  DON’T.

ARGH.  Is this episode titled: Captain Obvious IS OBVIOUSLY HERE?!?!?!  or 此地無銀三百兩 ?!?!?!?!?  I wasn’t expecting much still, still deliriously happy with what a pleasant surprise this is for this early third+ of drama.   This is a painful episode to sit through.  Writersshi, we were friends remember?  I liked you, I loved you.  In your line of work, you can NEVER park your brain at the door,  we could and we should watching this piece of work of yours, this episode, but you can’t and you SHAN’T.  You know that, I hope.  Even if you did not, here this is your memo, an ultimatum.  This is one episode I’ll grumpily take in and TRY to forget about it existing for past goodwill, but no more, no amount of YAI’s moving luscious lips is going to do a THING to this scorned fangirl.

As much as I enjoyed and am addicted to drama as my crack, it was never perfect, this never posed itself to be more than any period shoujo with intriguing arcs going on keeping us engaged enough while we enjoy the main course.  All parts clicking like a functional machine.  The Mamas have been infantile at best in characterization, I’ve ranted about QueenMotherDowager in particular every chance I babbled and she was not risible enough to be dealbreaker….yet.  I do not need every character to be full and colorful, as long as they stick to their schtick, service the plot along reasonably, but this episode have them overdosing their craycraysilly pills.  Who said the shit they said at all those most unfortunate inappropriate occasions and in THAT company? No one with one aorta of sense as a presentable adult, let alone some supposedly shrewd b8tches surviving the court to be Queens and have the ability to SCHEME.  Has everyone forgot the meaning of that simple word?!  Hatching a plan of action TO BE FOLLOWED.  LORD those sillierbythesceneQueenDowagerbitches, you were never tactful and had always been screechy, but that was mostly confined in your chambers, behind closed doors, now everything is screamed out of your lungs like the courtyard of the court is your fish market.  WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLllllllllllll? What is the point of even showing the act itself later on when everything is hammered out in preceding lines they screamed?!?!??!  Oh OkJung has stuff to say in every other scene as well, oh there may be a very important bun in some oven, COME SNATCH IT PLEAZE!!! TaeHee’s back to bulging smolders are so clearly conversing to me.

If you can’t tell, I LOATHED this episode.  Where are the nuances?! Subtlety and behaving like at least adults not zombies with brains completely crapped out?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And poor TaeHee, so much heart and effort she’s put in attempting this feat, and she’s been doing such a commendable job considering how limited an actress she still is, it’s very noticeable in better written scenes, she could be awesome and has been hitting it with strides.  With what she has to work with this episode,  she is so lost most of the time, I almost want to reach in and hug the poor girl, not OkJung mind you, coz now I’m back to seeing KTH taxing herself as some character she does not understand.  it’s like OkJung has truly perished in that fire and is now a walking fake.
I’m not too fond of what the OTP is reduced to.  IT was a very believable, palpable, forthright romance while the darlings are functional, kept their brains quite squarely on their shoulder most of the time, and we’ve enjoyed the ride with them thus far.  I have the least of complaints as so full of… it as I usually am.  The bedding, the pace, I can take it all,  this is the king, any practical woman won’t hesitate the ‘fortunate consummation’ with or without the romance.  I see OJ as quite fearless and not caught up on decorum if it doesn’t put her family in harm’s way.  The point of they can’t live without each other, and will leap into lapses letting their intense emotions taking over, very understandable, I welcomed it.  I welcomed a bit of the fraying in Lee Soon, and OkJung, emphasis on the ‘a bit’.

Now after a long lost life/death reunion, the (so very unlikely it’s still not fully sunk in tbvh) undeniable chemistry and lovely sexual tension between KTH’s OJ and YAI’s LS suddenly felt forced, not even a shadow of the former, and I do not feel any of the  fluttering butterflies in my tummy watching them like voyeur since day1.  I thought at least that would be the most dependable constant in the drama because back in ep1, everything was shaky and that was almost the only thing keeping me on board, that and nothing was buggy.  Now the two of them are even using their precious (to me) romance as vengeful staged acts to spite a what?! A defeated and cornered InHyun?!?!?!??!  Let me say this straight, for two lovebugs so in love and just back in each other’s arms, they should not even give a care of IH, nor anyone else in their privacy.  What is the point of the display of affection right in front her?!?!?! Oh to tell her me-scheming with that needless menacing look cast by OJ her way?!?!?!  IH is a sharp lass, we got the memo way back and she’s most observant of these little intangible things we call ‘feelings’, ‘pa-dam! pa-DAM!’, she may not fully understand the workings but everything is duly noted underneath her calm and gentile, not one hair fazed facade.   We  don’t need that risible scene, more so the characters all suffer in this little tragic pointless exchange.  It dumbs down the whole construct of IH’s character, what part of THAT scene does she not fully realize prior?! Nothing.  It regurgitated what was presented much more eloquently and tactfully in 10.   And can I skip my vitriol over how disgusting this makes OJ?  Yes, take your revenge gf, make them pay, I’m all for it, but where is your level head, why exposing ur cunning so obvious and so soon?!?!?!  This is the act from the playbook of the cliched sillyevilgirl2 in kdramaland.  It is so clumsy, so crass and serves no purpose at all for her character but to get OJ’s hands filthy, adding coal, sparking sthsth in that supposedly bright IH’s mind to bite back OJ’s own arse sooner rather than later.   It is so heavyhanded of writer to plant a seed for OJ’s downfall, you have the King flailing on your lap, he’s not going anywhere this very moment, that is enough rubbing it in, unless OJ wants to die an explosive death like those fireflies or fireworks and might as well be another fateful fire.  You said it yourself OJ, you need to gather the sticks of your Soron faction, ie you have no formidable political backers YET.  You did not go through all that hardship of your life, every day of it to crap it all this very moment and be stupid.

And, how do I console myself of this frivolous presence of LS?!?!?!?!?????????  Lee Soon has lost every ounce of his attractiveness to me with his careless pettiness in how he’s handling IH and OJ.  You’ve got your love by your side now, with or without IH and her faction’s ‘help’ or meddling, so keep a mental note but be on the prowl, that’s your usual way dealing with things, no?!   Even with that obviously coy remark thrown in by OJ,  there really is no point to spite to the point of alarming IH to put on her guard and hide her schemes and tracks PLUS presenting her the skidmarks of OJ being the schemer.  I trust you and OkJung with your 2 pretty heads combined to deal with QueenMother dilemma with so much more acumen.  He only regained some when he’s at some passing court machinations, but I’ve seen better from a greener you, you young charismatic KING!    That is like a death sentence by constant stabbing at the rate of his every scene to my shallow fangirl heart.  YAI has been having some gusto presence last few episodes and I am just converted into his fandom,  I WANT TO STAY THERE FOREVER VERY VERY MUCH.  And this is getting too hard, it should not be.  THOSE LIPS!

I hated that dragged out scene of them rekindling that childhood connection.  Oh love is eating brains again huh?!  Don’t we have scenes dedicated to that already just oh, LAST EPISODE?!  I have attention span deficit and I remember them, even quite fondly as cheesy as they were.  And OkJung, as the heroine living in a shoujo with a charming young smexy starryeyed king on your lap, in your arms, on your bed and childhood destined lublub and that rekindling of your repressed memory when you were almost toasted to death and that was just A FEW DAYS AGO, what’s up with that blank face of OH REALLY?!??!  OH YOU ARE MY DESTINED LOVE?!  For fuck’s sake, STOP IT.   I don’t care if the theme of episode is Love is a brain eating cancer.  I can’t.  CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Jang Ok Jung 11

  1. I read this, and I read the post before, writer must have been on some kind of crack, because what was love is now no more?

    1. There were some fraying in 9, 10 but I could yelp some sense into every scene and nuance. There is not even a nuance to hang onto. NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’ve been pretty level headed with this show, albeit some of the good that I’ve been getting the past few eps. I think I must have foreseen or predicted the dwindling of Lee Soon’s character, ever since OJ came into the palace.. as much as I loved his efforts put into solidifying his empire, everything seemed weak compared to his undying devoted love to OJ.

        Now I know what and what not to expect from 11.

        1. This is shoujo, nothing more or less from the get go, so I’m FINE with him dabbing into romance a bit too much, and I thought his young King has been effective in the owning his empire stance all along, it was not weak compared to anything. it’s just that the romance is truly sweeping and so well laid out.

          We just have to call it what it is, jumped the shark. :/

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