Spoiler gifs and caps of Jang Ok Jung 11



That last face of hers with King on her lap is thrown at InHyun, MEOWWW~!

With that.  Game. Is.  ON!

Now the only thing that may peeve me is if Lee Soon is reduced to nothing but a hormonal lovelorn harmless pup because I can’t part with this hotness on my screen:

These are the 7 min teasers for 11 in 2 parts (I haven’t seen it myself, I’ve spoiled my addicted self enough! ^^):



And have some MVs to tide us over:

This is an fanvid done 2 years ago by the awesome 적혈야화 to which the TaeHee fans remember her mentioning she likes it:

5 thoughts on “Spoiler gifs and caps of Jang Ok Jung 11

        1. That is…as expected. I’m way more peeved by Lee Soon…he is now the usual cold prince so lovesick he doesnt have a care for ‘career’ and any other worldly responsibilities :/

          1. Now he is still in love clouds (not as much JOJ I feel) but seeing the end it sounds it Will not last forever …

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