A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon: ep6

Hihi~ If anyone is wondering, no, I have not forgotten our mischievously kissing darlings.   Actually, I’ve watched the episode twice and I can’t be the only one.  We’ve gotta attack the episode again from the just barely melting wax figure Irie-kun’s pov, right?
ep1-ep5 is here.  That was a translation of an awesome most observant baidu dearie with a bit of my input.  This time I’ll try it myself, this episode is just so brimming with Irie is in love but wanna hide it goodness.

[all caps fr baidu, gifs fr weibo poster 四时欢; thanks to original posters!]


No shoujo is complete without the OTP walking under cascading sakura petals.  Kotoko even have a matching outfit for the sakura.  Seems like typical Irie, telling Kotoko to stop following him, but not.  He could have told her in front of his dept, he is obviously aware of her walking 3 steps in sync behind him all the way, another 30 steps or so could not be buggy enough for him to say something.  But no, he said so right before he has to cross the side walk, in front of HER dept.  It is almost like he’s walking her to her class in his Irie way.  And wanna place a bet?  When he asks Kotoko if she is going to follow him to his dept, to his classroom *note the Irie we first met wouldn’t give her a choice even in the form of a rhetorical*  if Kotoko says, o okkayyy.  He will smirk ( we all know by now his smirking = smiling = he’s actually delighted) and rub it in with, ‘Oh~! Didn’t you say you will stop loving me?  Why are you following me?!’  With picking that exact spot in front of her dept, he can get another reconfirmation fr Kotoko if she carries on following, that will totally make his day and he’ll unconsciously be carrying around that smirking smiling face.

2. ‘No way.’ said Irie, with a tiniest smirk.  *coughsheismywifecough*  Kotoko, you know if you are branded with the inquiry of ‘your girlfriend?’ from a supposedly super threatening drop dead gorgeous and brings her own backlighting crew goddess (lets just…go along with it)  because you bumbled into their path and said a few dumb words… Congrats, that’s another OTP stamp right there.  See, I get you Irie, still stewing from how embarrassing it must be for the square-pants perfect model student you to kiss Kotoko at some dingy back stairway at the graduation dinner and you like your routines and standard operating procedures: no kissing before dating must be on your manual.  You must be confused with why it’s still ‘bothering’ and the memory is stuck in your head, maybe not at the frequency of every morning like Kotoko.  It’s because you like it, yo!  It’s double confusing when you don’t realize it.   So when Kotoko is gloating in her new confidence you may however improbably affirm girl2’s inquiry, it does not take a genius like you to figure out that is because of your kiss giving her the idea, you do not like to be refreshed of your confusion there and then.

3. ‘I will marry you as my WIFE~!’ Oh Kin-chan. That is what a bestie is for.  You fake it as a ‘rival’ to get that slow genius’s innards churning, wake the Kraken up and be threatened, laying out ALL your plans of attack but really are pointers for him to imitate and you said that kicker not to the girl you set out to marry but lolz at Irie.  SellingSonOutfor10000YearsMommyIrie is also assisting with complimenting how good Kin-chan looks all professional in his chef outfit.  And look at DaddyIrie’s face,  that is the proper expressive face with everything written on it, witnessing all the commotion.  Juxtaposing it with Irie’s face, isn’t it too calm throughout the scene?  We’ve seen how he get brooding and jealous with every slightest instigation by KinChan last episode, not even to the extent of a declaration of marriage, this is so wrong a non-reactive face, Irie.  The Irie doth protest too much, methinks.

4. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my poor darling Irie, you put up the act of nonchalance you thought you’ve aced so well just so you can’t take your jealous eyes off Kotoko, while she has her full attention on a ganbette!KinChan.  You are hatching your own plan to make Kotoko pay for her ‘infidelity’ huh?  What if she turns around this instant and catches you paying attention to her which you’ve made a point never look her way the whole evening?!

5.  That hair patting of Kinchan to Kotoko as encouragement is sooo cute and must’ve been a long going gesture between them for a while.  They really are from the same pod with such a genuine friendship between them.

This is not just petty jealousy at work for Irie to stop and gaze with teacup in midair in the middle of drinking tea, his face is softer, I sense some envy…does he want to be nice to Kotoko and encourage her in college on their first day like Kinchan?!  He has opened up before saying his life is interesting with her in it.  We’ll interpret it his way of saying he enjoys her company, but he doesn’t know what to do with her and himself.  Seeing THIS visual, he wants, with slightly seething teeth and downing a whole lot of tea.

6.  Oh, you jealous? *phewwwww* is about right what is going on Irie-kun’s head.  How hard it is to stick to one frigid I’m too cool to be grumpy but I don’t know I’m grumpy rawrrrr face the whole day?  Attaboy you can finally exhale.   Also, you know you are hot and wet just passing by the girl already, and you of all peeps have to chitchat a ‘Take a bath.’ Is that a real concern of you, I wonder.  But is it you need some talking over spitting of YOUR own jealousy plus the daily nourishment of Kotoko is thinking of you huh? Or else why would you be sooooo delighted with Kotoko asking about the girl you walked with early in the day?  Hmmm, I wonder how much of the seething jealous you felt yourself a cold shower won’t take care of, witnessing Kinchan doting on Kotoko is at play to jump to the judgment she is jealous.  I mean Kotoko has no chance to be your girlfriend, does she even qualify to be jealous of other girls chasing after you?! And WHAT a chatterbox you suddenly become praising some girl you did not even cast an eye walking by until she stuck herself right by you side?  Lets not even go dig into the whole psychology of jealous and games, if Kotoko’s whatever reaction can trigger a SMILE on ur face, she has squarely a place in your heart. 

You do not know how cute is it to be so obsessed to the point you need to remind her NOT to forget loving you huh?  With an almost second kiss at that!!?! Lets bring out the Old Irie to give you a good lecture how precious your lips are to even bother with talking to her, let alone teasing her with kisses.  Old you would be ASHAMED of kissing a girl with no chance to be your girlfriend to the point of never mentioning it, let alone playing a prank with the embarrassment.  Look how HAPPY you are all smiling just knowing she is not against you kissing her again, Kotoko reaffirming her feelings for you with closed eye anticipation brings you such immense joy.  I bet you are relieved she is not offended by you forcing a kiss on her and be your old annoying self just to push her away knowing not how to deal with your emotions.  I’m embarrassed for you not joining the dots of what she is to you, silly.

Lets also bring out the talented fangirls doing the work for you with their PS.

7.  Did Kotoko see you?  No.  Did Kotoko say hi to you, bug you to start a conversation?  No, she’s busy thinking out loud but not really that loud unless you are paying attention as obviously you are and you have to announce it yourself you are noticing her even when she’s being silly thinking out loud to HERSELF.

8.  Kinchan the forever bestest of wingman is at work again with his I LUB U~ hand gesture.  This is to Kotoko, but I am not the only one noticing every time Kinchan is making a love declaration Irie is in general direction it is directing as well.  Irie is such perfectly trained by Kinchan pavlovian jealous puppy now, just a hand gesture will do the trick.

This begs rainbow color highlighters and all the hearts and stars we can spit up to mark Irie’s EVERY WORD and witness him EATING EVERY ONE OF THEM down the line! Oh Irie, you made the observation Kinchan’s way of earning his girl is to center his life around her, letting her influence his life’s decisions.  You said you can never do it, with a smirk.  I wonder what was said in passing ‘this is quite fun~!’ after being the most unfortunate disaster on exam day and oh why did you pick this uni?  is not because of Kotoko in your life huh, not the Old Irie.  Not just that, we know every Kotoko-love-battle-attack-plan Kinchan plants in Irie, he can’t control materializing (the kiss, and later declaration of marrying Kotoko!).  Let alone this is an observation he arrives at himself.

9. I know you want to join the same club, huh?  Old Irie:  Do not join the club I’m joining, stay 2 clubs away from the club I’m joining.  Do not let anyone know you even have the thought of joining the same club as me.  Never join any club.

Yup, pretending you are looking at your watch,  not noticing a thing by the stairs.

If you are so against Kotoko tagging along, you won’t even waste you time toying her, and you just have to stand there where she can see you, blatantly playing hide and seek and LETTING HER FOLLOW YOU SOME MORE.  Because, you do not want her joining your same club. Sure~.  Irie kun, Kotoko is pathetic at following tracks, if you do not drag your legs by STANDING there and busy wasting time SMIRKING at her a comehither, is she going to find it out by herself? Fat chance.

10.  New habit of Irie kun triggered by Kotoko, whenever Kotoko thinks to herself, this time not even out loud, you just notice her grimace, be a chatterbox.  This is the second time Iriekun is initiating conversation out of nowhere in one episode.  She did not ask you to, but you just happens to know all the hard facts of what she is puzzled and wants to share too much information, because she is nobody to you, of course.

Yelping and lets take note on how Irie is standing so close to Kotoko he’s almost touching her….and a foot fr girl2.

Still yelping.  Isn’t there a no talk policy?  Oh that’s so highschool.

He is rubbing it in on everything girl2.  Hey, you have kinchan since Yr1, I have girl2, since Yr1 too.  er…ok you still win Kinchan is too awesome.  Why they have identical defeated expression, beats me.  *OTP!OTP!OTP!OTP!!!*

11. Is it juvenile to laugh with so much glee we can’t even see your eyes at the suffering Kotoko, Irie?  ‘Duh. And I do not get the funny, and I have no chance, huh?’ Girl2 is screaming all of this with her face.   Often, when people overreact, laugh in fits for no reason, it’s because they want to hide something…you want to dash to Kotoko and carry her and tend to her but your hands are tied by your pride huh?  She gets hurt because you pissed off Chairman, are you feeling rotten inside honey?!  You could be so happy, your inner voice saying, see how you make me suffer the first time in my life for things so confusing and intangible I still can’t put a word to it.  *We call that jealousy because of lublub, Iriekun.*

Let us bear in mind, and forget about our cutie Kotoko’s suffering for a moment, if Kotoko can spark this smile on Irie’s face, we’ll let her have him, no more fighting for Iriekun, that goes for you too Girl2.  It’s a fangirls’ pact.

12.   I love the music prefacing the ending scene  <333

I do not have to tell you where I’ve been, but where have you been out so late?  Oh what perfect timing, did you wait for Kotoko around the corner?  Why the asking? And why are you initiating conversation with Kotoko when she does not even notice you for the third time now in one episode?!  You do not forget a thing, but have you forgotten you do not care about Kotoko?!?!?! Or is this your blatant expression of YOU CARE?!?!  Hehehe and look at our Prince Irie, still coolly strutting in front of Kotoko, a hand flinging his bag over shoulder, the other in his pocket.  That won’t last long.

Kotoko the daughter visiting her dad’s restaurant must only mean one thing:  an excuse to see Kinchan!  Only your logic, boyfriend.  And not so cool now, huh?  Can’t help but nervously glancing over the shoulder anxious to see whether Kotoko really met up with Kinchan, had a date, kissed, and kinchan proposed…all sorts of queasy thoughts huh?

It’s dark, late at night, Kotoko can’t see it, but we can….the disappointment and shock on Irie’s face.  And he pauses and he turns to look at Kotoko, 2 things Irie seldom do with Kotoko by his side walking.

‘You are moving out.’  You are leaving….me…. ‘What?’

You ask me if I’ll be lonely, that is if I’ll miss you.  It’s all written on my face, these are not faces of someone relieved, nor one bit happy life will be back to the way it used to be.  I do not forget a thing, my life used to be boring, mundane, unexciting, not funny, and I never smile and iz a wax statue.  You can’t see my face, I won’t let you, I’m walking away…LEST I CRY!!  *lolz

Dear Kotoko, it is not possible for you to know, but we have guitars of urgent angst accompanying you and you are in a shoujo role reversal this particular scene.  When a heroine thought the hero is notloving/leaving/dumping her and thus saying hurtful things to hurt him as much as he’s hurting her feelings, saying the opposite of her intention, she wants you to go chase after her, give her a backhug, kiss the brain out of her, and make sweet love to her.  Just this case the ‘her’ is Irie.  My memo is late.  This is not canon (a show of hands any InK purist objecting?  I don’t see none).  Better late than never, you need to know.

Special revision for Kotoko:

What is this face saying?

A.  Don’t leave me.

B.  Don’t EVER leave me.

C.  Don’t you DARE leave me.

D. No, take it back, don’t leave me!

E.  All of the above.

After close examination of this gif:

The boy is : A. Sad.  B. Miserable  C. Pleading you to take him back like a puppy  D. inner shrieking of just love me Kotoko.   E. parting lips slightly, desperately thinking if another kiss will make this go away.

This is:  A.  wax statue  B. Tin man with no heart  C. totally can tell this is the face of an IQ200 5 yo. D.  how your husband giggles at you till his adam apples is shaking and only at you Kotoko.

This is: A.  also how your husband smiles at you and only you Kotoko every time you are about to kiss for the rest of your life!

And you should’ve:  A. pissed him off again with glaring eyes shouting you will forget him and all those lies in order to make him smooch you again, gf.  B.  grab his freaken towel and just do it. C. grab his wet hair and just freaken do it. D.  chase him up his room and just…do it.

So yes, Kotoko, yup he’s yours.

29 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon: ep6

  1. “And you should’ve: A. pissed him off again with glaring eyes you will forget him and all those lies in order to make him smooch you again, gf. B. grab his freaken towel and just do it. C. grab his wet hair and just freaken do it. D. chase him up his room and just…do it.”


    1. HAHAHA me so silly. If this really happens this won’t be Kotoko of InKLiT but us pervie fans! LadyPD just said on weibo that full on rain kiss WILL happen haha, and the weibo dearies are totally being greedy begging her to include the wedding night and so forth.

      1. OMG!!!!! I WANT TO SEE A RAIN KISS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ok, how far do you think INK will go? Do you think they will even show them getting married? Or do you think they might leave that for a second season like ISWAK did? I’m VERRRY curious!

        1. I think, realistically they can make it to the wedding with 9 more eps to go, but I’ll be fine if they stop at the rainkiss and Iriekun speaking out he loves Kotoko. But anything after the wedding will be too rushed and haha I am not ready to see Kotoko worried about Naoki not wanting her physically for a whole ep. I’m not sure if this is so immensely popular in J, but even if it is, I think I prefer a few SPs (the honeymoon can make a good one on its own on location) because I think the after marriage life is harder to capture this dokidoki it’s nailing thus far.

      2. Um….at first I read this as “full on rain kiss WILL NOT happen” and was like “noooooooo, whyyy, damn those innocent japanese when they don’t have to be, when they can be so pervy” and almost cried.

        1. LOLZ
          oh let me cap what ladyPD said:

           photo rainkissok_zpseeb9acc0.png

          永田琴/ladyPD replied a fan asking if there will be the rainkiss scene we’re all longing for and she said ‘OK!’ haha then they bothered her some more asking if there will be scenes after marriage and she said, ‘it’s top secret!’

  2. Oh ****, these are my exact thoughts watching this ep. Naoki is TOTALLY bewitched by Kotoko by now! Everyone sees that except Kotoko :D.

    I have by now re-watched this epi. 3 times in full and many more the “restaurant segment” and the ending scene. Kotoko had followed him for 3 years without getting noticed by him. But now, everytime she took her eyes off him, his follow her closely, parts jealous, parts envious. And I like watching that so much! Kotoko, go and make him suffer!!!

    Seriously, I really like the actor playing Naoki, very very much. He has such subtle acting that show emotion in a suppress way but still obvious. He has that ability to change his expression just a little but enough to get the message through. He, and Kotoko, make me crazy waiting for the next episode!

    Mookie, zillion thanks for this dose of MK! it’s still few more days until I get to see the next episode. I will have this to tide me over until then. Will read it again and again and again…

    1. OH HUGZZZ HI5!!! XD

      Part of the tingling charm is Kotoko is kept in the dark of all these Irie-brand expression of his affection. And this must also be frustrating him, because clearly he’s communicating something to her in his strange rude ways, something he can’t even pinpoint…and it is exactly because Kotoko is so tardy it pushes Irie to up the ante. So true, he has never cared her having a life outside of doting on him, but as soon as she pay any attention to KinChan, his switch is turned on instantaneously. Kinchan has been the same old with Kotoko, Irie just never paid the attention.
      I love Yuki’s job as Naoki, he is splendid, there is not one scene I think he’s not spot on with the perfect nuance and control and flare. I want to compliment the PD on this as well. It must be some very dedicated directing at work.

  3. Fans of the original manga are likely to find this version the most endearing simply because they put thoughts and care to adhering to the original while adding little touches that can only be the interpretation from someone who truly loves the manga. No distortion for TV drama sake. No new plots added to the original story. And that’s called respect.

    1. Agree! It is one thing adhering to the manga (ISWAK is faithful almost down to page by page as well) another to have a team with just the right people to translate it to a drama and have the manga characters feel relatable in RL.

      I do not expect them adding new plots to the original for a 16 hour dorama, it’s what they pick and choose to include that is also a show of very keen eye. I’m not truly purist so if done right I’m not against it as long as the characters still feel authentic. Like I do not mind say Naoki genuinely flustered and concerned in the tennis with Chairman scene, esp when Kotoko is knocked out and he can put his act of making his point of ‘I don’t care about you’ on a break for a while. That will be great development juxtaposed with their early scene when he hit her with a tennis ball and genuinely not care other than poking her.

  4. Aww, Mookiehyun. Thanks for giving us all the wonderful Itzura na Kiss goodies!! You’re the best:) And, I can’t say enough how much I love this drama adaption! The characters all have their owns little quirks and charms about them:) And I love how much Kotoko loves her food! Cracks me up the way she always eats with such relish:) Irie is really falling hard. I love that it’s so believable and understandable. I never could understand why Baek Jo fell for Ha Ni. Thanks again:)

    1. Oh TY! I’m so surprised I’m loving this adaptation more and more with each episode! This is the only adaptation so far, softening up all the characters, which I think it’s necessary in making the characters feel more real leaping off the pages of the manga. But the care it takes to balance a great reinterpretation, with all the tweaking required yet the characters will feel so authentic when nuances are added in skillfully, scenes are edited out for a steady pace, it’s magical!

  5. 12. I love the music prefacing the ending scene <333

    Same ♥

    Only your logic, boyfriend.


    This is: A. wax statue B. Tin man with no heart C. totally can tell this is the face of an IQ200 5 yo. D. how your husband giggles at you till his adam apples is shaking and only at you Kotoko


    This is so perfect. Seriously, thank you.

    Girl2 is such non-competition in this adaptation, I almost feel bad for her.

    Going to go do my own “gosh, is it still one more day till InK” post =3333

    1. I can’t help but think as we are hearing all along Mr Mangaka has a big input in this adaptation, and that is why Kinchan is a worthy rival like none before and Girl2 is almost a non-entity (I’m now terribly curious how that date in next ep comes by) because that is exactly how Mr mangaka regards them in his mind.

      This is not really a ‘true to manga’ adaptation strictly speaking, it actually puts in so much thoughtful touches to make the characters even more charming than the manga, but leaving the core of how the romance works intact…it is just then now Naoki and Kotoko and kinchan are more charming and winning on their own right. That makes watching them falling in love so much more squeeworthy!

  6. love ur recap!!!tq!! i’m smiling and u also include ur fangirling thought which made me giggling…kekeke..hope u will continue on later episode!

      1. just finish epi 7 without sub 2 times already.. i love epi 7 so much..kinda remind me epi 2..love it!!! OTP is so cute!!

        1. ohgosh I’ve just finished 7 as well *I’m slow* I love it as well. It left out quite a bit of the manga but I actually like it with some thought.

          1. haha..dont worry i found out the subbing team for inklit is so fast..i am shock because in the morning inklit 7 have been already available at dramacrazy with sub..the raw version only upload at midnight!sugoi!!it usually takes about two day or more to be available with sub..i’m glad inklit has many fans and seems they aware of international fans love on their drama..how awesome is that!

  7. I have been refreshing your blog to see if you have any post about this drama!. I cant even begin to describe how i feel reading this post of yours and yes you nailed all me feels watching episode 6! Thank you so much. Im dreading that we have 9 more episodes to go but im relishing every single moment. Also YESSS TO THE FULL ON RAIN KISS. I beg you PD nim!!! have the wedding night too! hahahha

    1. HAHAHA gosh I hope LadyPD is not too scared by the C netizens by now. I’ve seen quite a few of them posting specific hot scenes later on in the manga @ing her and her if this will be in the drama? if that will be in the drama? plzplzplzplz lolz

  8. T.T Why do we only get one episode per week? I cannot get enough of this show. I love how this show is so fluffy and endearing, and there’s not much thinking required too. :3 I adore our OTP to bits!

  9. ,have you seen episode 7?..so much <3!!!.. I didn't really like ep 06 just coz I can't connect with the "theme" of her world revolves all around his and that all of Kotoko's actions are motivated on how it can bring her closer to Irie but ep 07 more than makes up for everything..

    1. Yes I have.

      and LOLZ why wouldn’t the ‘theme’ of 6 be how Kotoko will try to bring Irie closer to her?! He’s the one who kissed her at the end of 5, the guy she’s been crushing for 3 years and any normal person would think there is something more going on.

      You may need to be kissed by Irie to ‘connect’ XD

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