Yuan Hong in blue, white, pink, red, cotton, on the floor, in blood, in a taxi, in Old Beijing

My pic: A sweater I bought for my hubs a few months ago.  Trufact.

[All the following pics are from weibo]

He loves it, he struts around in it, he takes pics in it.  He also appears in magazines wearing it dashingly.  FALALALALALALALALA~

The poor thing is having a few grueling days on his set in Shanghai, not stopping him being the sweetest cutest thing.

An anecdote from a visiting fangirl, just when she has curbed her own perviness to hug and molest him, and telling him she will not ask him to, and be a considerate fangirl bidding him farewell, resting in his van after a long shot.  HE flirted back, ‘how about if I want to hug you?’ And he really stepped out of his van to hug her.  She somehow gathered her gooey knees and made it home alive and calm enough to squee and post her account on weibo.

He posted a selfie of himself early this morning his time, his ‘day’ lasted till 5am, he is dropped dead exhausted on his floor while washing up, half asleep (and taking hot alluring selfie and posting it so we can’t stop giving him smooches and hugs and loving)

On a serious note, Mulan is watchable 2 eps in.  It is the hard to come by, decent, watchable Cdrama! YAY!  It won’t be anywhere near masterpiece, but there are emotionally effective scenes, they resonate, esp when the better veterans are involved.  Sadly my pre-show irkings are spot on, Elanne is technically meh, she’s earnest, trying, but every emotion is skin-deep, her emoting is slightly cartoonish for a period.   She is not bad, just not good either, and for a leading role of show, she’s underwhelming.  I can’t stand CSC, he’s so full of himself camp, and…fug but thinks he’s some god-sent adonis.  Then there is the annoying ‘pretty’ ie very plastic sister of Mulan being insufferably talentless.  Mom is also like she’s dropping by lost from some modern C drama shrilly daily.  But the serious bits are quite intriguing, that is what will keep me watching frankly.  YH is pudgy and adorbs in it, slightly OTTing, not the best I’ve seen him performance wise, but his chops and drills from periods are still apparent, I have hope he’ll improve as the drama gets more and more meaty.   Periods are just not easy to just show up and do the usual.

I feel a tad bad watching the ‘leaked’ pirated version of Mulan, so I’ll properly watch it when it officially airs.  If you are looking for a YH quick fix till then, there is also this:

This is the webmovie he’s doing for Mian (it’s clearly something to do with cotton/棉/mian) promoting the natural fiber and his current residence Beijing.  It is titled, ‘Mian is a simple, natural Beijing. It’s haha sooo deliciously meta, I don’t even have to wonder if Loverboy has an heavy input in the scripting.  HE IS the writer.  He Must BE!

We start out with the cutiepie changing into his outfit for the day before our eyes!  There is no acting in the entire 3min 50s, he’s clearly just being himself,  whining on the phone while hailing a cab on his way to some spazzy event.  He’s probably giving his manager a hard time on the other end, asking why he can’t wear his own outfit, he doesn’t care so and so will be there (LOLZ and his ladymanager just retweeted the movie quoting those exact lines saying he’s just being himself)  hahahaha is Nicky the so and so?!?!  coz after BBJX, there have been so many most silly, pathetic rumors of Nicky and SS as a pair clearly for some cheapest tackiest promo stunts (ie always timed around when Nicky has a drama out, or to hype up some upcoming casting, or SS having a movie, or BBJX2 is begging some noise or else we’ll just forget about it all tog…as I had XDDD).  Loverboy continues to whine he would only be there showing up as himself, this is not an acting job.  The taxi driver uncle is obviously the knowing streetsmart sweet kind, after asking his grumpy but cute customer where he’s going and getting a pouty, ‘wherever!’ He went on and chant a Beijing local tongue twister, to which our loverboy joins in.  Taxi Uncle either has a sharp eye, a very clean rearview mirror and a very fine taste, or is a YH fanUncle, he gives him a nice patpatpat for knowing the chant, and from how eloquent he is with his proper enunciation and how dazzling are his emotive eyes, how gorgeous and well dressed and charismatic he is, he is clearly an actor, classically trained in drama school blablablablabla*MUAHAHAHAHA, not that I do not agree with Taxi Uncle’s every word, but my gut can not stop screaming, this part of the script is written by Loverboy and he must’ve whined his way to keep every word in, every word of it*  Stoked by the patting, Loverboy asks Taxi Uncle Sifu if his outfit looks spiffy enough to be an actor?!

Wise FanUncle chirps,

‘Clothes, is just an object we wear on our body, what the person is truly like, that is deep in his bones…how do we call it…’aura’.  And the thing with ‘aura’, often our simplest, most natural self is most charismatic.  What do you think?  Let me put it this way, our Old Beijing, has nothing of the glitz and glamor, then why would there be so many of us loving it, cherishing it? Isn’t it not deep in our being, that simple, natural charm?! *and we have vignettes of the red walls of possibly the forbidden city….and oh how the BBJX  Prince13 prince fans are delighted our 13 is finally BACK HOME!!!*  Let me be nagging for one more thing…’

‘Sifu, do tell.’

‘Driving the car, that is my job.  Wherever you say you want to go, we’ll head there.  However, how do you walk your path afterwards, that is your say.’

‘*smiles* Sifu, can I trouble you with taking me back to where I hop on?  I’ll go to the event…in this outfit.’


HAHA the lovely awesome Prince4x13 bromance shipper/YH fangirl has already manip the Court of YongZheng/YongHe Palace in:

Last but not least, the great HongShi fandom are at it again.  So adorable!  Shishi is filming BuBuJingQing on location at the forbidden city (with Nicky actually) atvm, just the day this Loverboy at Old Beijing webmovie is out.  HOW timely!?!

He made an appearance on a newspaper article today, along with his equally derpy bigbro@weibo LiuYe.  It said in the title, #1 Snarky Healing Type:

Indication:  For Depression.  Doctors in charge: LiuYe ,YuanHong… Treatment: 2 catties of jokes to cheer you up!

It’s exam time for many highschoolers in CN, and one of his rabid fangirl put the auspicious day of May 20th  (5.20 is homophonic to I love you) to good use, making a love declaration to #13.   She filled out her student id with: 135201314.  ie 13, I love you forever!  She then fills out her answer sheet with LOVE YOU 13.  This, is wayyy too Cute!

7 thoughts on “Yuan Hong in blue, white, pink, red, cotton, on the floor, in blood, in a taxi, in Old Beijing

  1. Oh how I’ve missed your Yuan Hong posts!!!

    OMG THE WINK!!!! AHH! And I’m so jealous of the fangirl that got to hug him and talk with him, AHHHH!!!!!!!

    1. Oh sweetie I don’t know what is wrong then, because I’ve tried all the browsers my end and they all work fine (I uploaded them to imageshack.us)

      My guess is you may need to block your VPN?! A convenient way even a dummie like me can do it is if you use chrome as browser, add on an app called ‘unblock youku’, searchable, one click. Fr my understanding and I can be so very wrong haha, It’ll give u a dummy IP addy (or fake u r within the greatfirewall, I think). I’m using it and it is definitely working.

      1. awww its work, thank you dear 😀 dont ask me why because my cousin workin’ it for me, see, i forces my cousin to fix it and he’s like -its all just for seeing those pics, jeez girl lol-
        and squeee, he’s so handsome, i love that blue sweater and the gals is so so lucky huhuu and i love that gif with shishi, so fit in 😀

        1. Hey but this is not a one time thing, I WILL KEEP POSTING HIS GORG EVERYWHERE! HAHAHA it’s like abstained from rice one single is not a life altering thing, but what if no rice for the foreseeable future?! OHNOES! hahahaha

          The fangirls are having such a grand time visiting him, it seems like he loves them keeping him company as well, he’s sucha busybody, never able to be still, either playing with his phones or teasing his fangirls….or taking lovely pics of his costars!

  2. Just so very DASHING! I like all his shoes too. I caught my breath when he smiled after putting his sunglasses on. Goodness! Also love the HongShi fan made video.

    I watched several episodes of Mulan in YouTube even though there was no English subtitles. That’s how crazy I am when it comes to your Loverboy! Hehehehe!

    Thanks for this post!

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