To my 親愛的 Liebsters

Thank you Analogueblues!  HAHA in no way I’m remotely ‘sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome’/liebster but I’ll take it as you are saying ALL of that to me XDDD *muak*

11 random facts about me (I MUST do 12, a dozen.  Nope, a baker’s dozen, I’ll go bake myself cupcakes):

  1. I am not a miser with words, but a faithful of TMI.  SEE BLOG (AND THIS POST!)
  2. A doomed liar.   I tried lying since 6, tenaciously, every attempt ended up in various degrees of spectacular tragedies, akin to episodes of Seinfeld just never funny and a few times involving hospital stays. I may try lying here haha 11 facts (9 more, oh I said I’m doing 13 so 11 more) AS I KNOW IT…
  3. I’m Aquarius.  I was told I’m such an Aquarius since grade school and every time I would throw a hissy fit, bugging for the reason labeling me something imo so ridiculous.  But I thought I matched various descriptions every time that happens to a 90%.  I no longer know if it’s nature or nurture, as in whether I heard an opinion of what I am like, and I like what I hear, therefore I mold myself into the description?!  Or at times when I’m not like the description at all but somehow I want to belong and lean towards that tendency?  I’m also a blood type A, and there is also a varied set of traits I thought I fit to an eerie degree.
  4. This is most true: have many acquaintances, tbvh not very close to anyone in particular.  I could be quite detached and definitely changeable.  *fr traits of Aquarius*
  5. From traits of Aquarius:  Lucky Days are Saturday and Sunday, ie le weekend. And it’s been true my entire life. I’ve never failed anything, eg an exam, nor failed to whine about a Monday, on a weekend, for one.  *SEE! Hey do other horoscopes have this endowment or are we lucky Aquarius luckiest bastards blessed with TWO lovely lucky days?! Or am I stupid enough to take to heart some obviously stupid list on some webby?  Yes I AM!*
  6. My mom said I cried like a banshee if she put me in an outfit of any shades of red/pink/orange, I would be the most difficult child/devil incarnate rest of the day even when I’ve badtempered my way out of it.  I own an obscene amount of navy blue clothes, not counting jeans, it’s not even my favorite shade of blue.  Every picture of me, has some blue in my outfit.  My Chinese name has a character homophonic to ‘blue’/藍, my favorite color is kelly green.  I do not own anything wearable in kelly green.  The visual of my closet: ‘non-colors’ of whites, greys and blacks, tonnes of navy blues and purples, a few skin tones and pastels and lots of reds, then a piece each of random colors or patterns I seldom touch.  I love/hate red.  I thought it’s an ‘old fashioned’ color as a child since I associated it with everything older gens are obsessed about or are giving me:  red pockets, red is ‘lucky’ so wrap child in head to toe red according to my superstitious kinsmen.  What was a 5 yo me supposed to do with copious amount of luck?!  It’s not a currency for sweets nor edible.  But I look good in red, I’m told, and I think so too. *haha this is randomly here because I’m organizing my closet and it’s SUCH A PAIN!!!*
  7. Is vain. (^See above for tip of iceberg)
  8. Positive Qualities : Veracity (SEE!), Legitimacy (I was voted by my graduating class most suitable to be a policewoman or a lawyer, I am neither), Investigative spirit (SEE!!! In SPIRIT I should be Sherlock!), Pleasing personality bm可愛 , Candour (SEE!) and Innovation of everything sillybm繽紛. *of course fr Traits of Aquarius*
  9. Negative Qualities: Inconsistencybm彩色, Disinclinationbm反對, Detachmentbm挖鼻孔, Tendency to deviatebm吃驚, Inefficiencybm思考. *yup, copied and pasted from Traits of Aquarius*
  10. My only brush with the law:  I had a b*tchfight of sparring words on one of the busiest streets of Hong Kong to the point of alerting 2 very hot and handsome policemen passing by (in my memory, one of them is a doppelgänger of Daniel Wu).  Totally the token scene from a genre HK movie in making.  I was 15, an ahole boyfriend of a gf who was cheating on her, she told me, was trying to wristgrab her into his car to his party and I stuck myself in btn them, spit out my obscenities after the dumbass told me to shut up and get out of the way.  Needless to say the sight of those hot policemen put me in my best behavior and transformed my acid tongue to a lapping one in an instant.  Later I was told that ahole bf was son of a prominent lawyer working for a triad boss.  I was scared shitless.  Gf (no longer) married and divorced him.  Am a hotheaded wimp.
  11. My preschool Math teacher is the first person outside of my family to love me unconditionally till this day.  I honestly still can’t figure out why I’m her favorite pupil, I was the opposite of a teacher’s pet, the word appearing most often on my report card in the lines of teachers’ comments: withdrawn.  But she loves me, never was I as loved by any other teacher and I love her and math since.  I can only repay her with dimsum when we are in the same city.  I live 6974 miles from her and Hong Kong, the place I will stubbornly call home forever, whether It will still exist in my lifetime, or not.
  12. I love chemistry and it morphs into a passion for baking and in a sense gardening.  Am a lousy cook *working very hard to move on to so-so*, so-so baker, an aspiring gardener with a blackish green thumb and a magnet for very annoying plant eating critters and birds. Not a consistent person, nor fare too well strictly adhering to recipes and rules (AQUARIUS!)
  13. My brain works in visuals. it is always a very spectacular sight to me inside my head.  Sentences appear in images to me instantaneously.  I wish I can capture them, then express them in a form, a painting or photography, but I can’t.  I started painting when I was 3, religiously.  My pacifier was paper and crayons.  My folks still keeps boxes of them, all turds. I am just not talented.  I retain memories of any medium by snapshots.  I stored a visual of my very first cartoon I watched when I was barely one.  However I have no way to organize my visual library in my head, nor effectively retrieve it and share it.  It is my constant frustration.

Answers to Questions asked by Analogueblues:

  1. What drama character do you find relates to yourself the most? Why?  I want to say Lizzy from P&P and Huang Rong from Legend of Condor Hero because in my embellished vision of myself I have a caustic tongue and am a little rule breaker and I like to think of myself having quite a sharp brain.  But in reality I have too many Lydia and Mu NianChi moments to count, in shame.
  2. What are some of your hobbies?  The odder one will be to google translate untranslatable Chinese after I thought of how it should be (imo) brilliantly translated and laugh my hearts out.   I’m unhealthily addicted to drawsomething, still.  I own ~80 types of teas and carry some with me, constantly.  I knit, horribly.  Is being a masochist as in obsessed in doing something I’m hopelessly shitty in a hobby?  IF yes, THAT.
  3. If you could spend a day with someone who is already deceased, who would it be? Why?  My grandfathers.  Both.  I have not met my maternal grandpa, he was a chemist, a painter, a scholar, a musician, a master chess player, a carpenter, a renaissance man.  He went back to China to teach, leaving my grandma, my Mom and my aunts in HK, in the 60s.  He died during the cultural revolution, from lynching by his students.  My paternal grandpa doted on me, he would drive to my elementary school and bring me lunch, rain or shine.  It bothered me, made me stood out when my fellow classmates either bought lunch from tuckshop or had servants/ah mahs/mothers to bring them lunch.  When my mom adventurously let me take the ferry to school myself, he followed me inconspicuously for a month to make sure I was capable.  I want to know every sweet thing he did, loving me, behind my back. He was an orphan at 5.  He had worked as a coal miner.  He almost boarded a ship to San Francisco as a sailor/slave laborer.  He’s made his fortunes and lost it all, twice.  He was a playboy.  He had illegitimate children.  He wrote.  He was a Dr. Ruth Westheimer with a few sex therapy columns.  I would sit them down most comfortably, make them tea the best I can and make them tell me everything about their lives, while I cry.  I made my first pay check in my life writing.  I admitted one of my failed composition at class to a newspaper with a column encouraging student to submit, out of spite.  It was $450 HKD/$57 USD, that was moons ago.  I spent the money treating grandpa dimsum/a small bite from my heart.
  4. Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 10 years?  Exactly where and how I am now.  I am blessed.  I am contented. I am not perfect. It is not perfect. I do not want more.  No change is a Godsent.
  5. How important is language and culture to you?  Everything and nothing much.  I can’t escape my roots.  No matter how hard I work at it, my mother tongue is my mother tongue.  I do not feel confident with my English, I will never feel it’s in my blood.  I have forgotten most of my French, I used to be able to hold conversation in, or watch a movie almost unsubbed, but now I’ve lost it, it did not stick.  I wonder why we need a myriad of languages and cultures. Would it be the answer to all the unrest in our world if we truly are ONE?!
  6. What kind of sense of humor suits your taste? (i.e. Nerdy, Crude, Puns…)  I can enjoy everything and anything funny.  Let me tell you what made me laughed till I cried today, my bro emailed me an NSFW gif of Miranda Kerr having a wardrobe malfunction; my friend posted a gif of the unluckiest motorcyclist in China, who got hit 5 times just crossing one intersection, and ended up in wet cement; bunnies falling on themselves; hearing I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok on my ipod while stuck in traffic.  After watching MadMen, thinking Jon Hamm is no longer attractive and it’s blasphemy in the highest order, so I go watch a clip of him on SNL and all is well again.
  7. If you were given the chance to teleport to one place in the world to spend 24 hours there, where would you teleport to? Isn’t it obviously Star Trek Enterprise these days?!?!?!!?  That or home of any one of the following: Hyun Bin, Yuan Hong, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy (or if MF and JM lives together, then THAT PLACE), Ryan Gosling, Colin Firth, Christopher Walken, Tony Leung CW, Sean Lau, Yutaka Takenouchi, Sakai Masato, Abe Hiroshi, Fujiki Naohito, Harumakun…and many many many more.

Blogs I Nominate (I’m a believer of 緣分. IF you sweet things see my nomination, you are given the award by ME!  IF not, I won’t burden you with the attachment)

Living by Fiction



The Vault

Always my go-to place for the most brilliant writing I can always connect with, with goosebumps, amongst all the places I lurk:

I won’t ask questions.  Your blogs gave me answers to who you are! As much as you want to disclose to the world.


21 thoughts on “To my 親愛的 Liebsters

  1. Mmm, I think in a lot of cases people really want to see the traits their signs represent in themselves. I remember in my psychology class we were given out cards with our sign and corresponding traits and asked to rate how well it represents us. Most people rated that it represents them well. We were then told by our sneaky professor that she reshuffled the traits and just randomly assigned it to our cards. I’m a Sagittarius and I’m suppose to be extremely outgoing, upbeat, social, and leader like but I am nothing like that nor ever was. Although the fact that they shifted the signs a bit and introduced a new one recently does not make me a Sagittarius but anyway XD

    I don’t know how people wear red, it’s such an impossible color to pull off unless you are Lana Del Rey or something (or red lipstick? how I wish I could wear red lipstick). I think I’ve owned one red tank in my whole life.

    That or home of any one of the following: Hyun Bin, Yuan Hong, Michael Fassbender,
    And what would you do once you are there? XD

    1. It happened in my psych class as well. it didn’t work for me and a few of my friends because…I am not sure it’s just my school or Asian in general, Horoscope is a huge part of daily life and we know every trait ever said about any Horoscope by heart. I see it as a form of statistics, there are always deviation of the bell curve like your case. ^^

      Actually I think Asians, say my skin tone, paleish with a slight yellow undertone always works well with red, it’s impossible for me to pull off yellows/limegreens. LDR did not come to my mind at all pulling off red well, unless you are referring to her ‘sass’?!

      My skintone is exactly this when tanned, I try never to tan anymore, but I think this looks bright and lovely:

        1. ohhhhh I did not look into good matches. AND now I realize all (just a very few) are Sagittariuses!!! My hubs is venus in Virgo and I’m venus in Pisces actually and we r the classic case of ‘opposite attracts’ fits eerily to a tee our dynamics.

          I forgot to attach red

    2. 24 hours……I’ll play scrabble, pictionary with them of course, for a while… we’ll chat about how sweet the house is decorated, comfy the furniture arranged or can be better arranged. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. OMGOMG, do I have words to say? -(&%_*$#(+#(+#($ thank you sweetiecutiepie %_(#I+)(+@_)#@)#@, best thing is that I don’t have to a single thing lol! ^______^

    Total LUB on your take of Aquarius *hi fives cos I am Aqua too!*

      1. Hahahaha! I can only assume what’s going on! It is frustrating actually. On the other hand, I was able to focus on the actors without the subs to read (just sugar coating it).

  3. Wow, I never knew you were Aquarius! Fellow Aquarians rejoice 😀
    I love blues, greens, and purples. They feel really refreshing to me 🙂
    I love science and language/culture too. Which is probably why I’m very, very picky about movies and dramas (according to my mom anyway LOL)

    1. I don’t know what Liebster award is, but I’m sure it is a good thing and I congratulate for you for receiving it. I always enjoy reading your blog and I hope you keep posting always 🙂

      1. TYTY! ^^ haha I really have not much an idea what it is but a dearie is showering me love and I’ll take it! XD

        This makes my day, my posts are always quite silly and all over the place but I had fun with them, just bonus you enjoy them! :)))

    2. Hi5!! haha Aquas united! *hugzzz*

      I’m also picky and never lenient with anything I need to engage as well. I kinda hate myself any tiny thing peeving me can be a dealbreaker.

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