Da Mo Yao, banned

Hopefully for good and it is not some under the belt publicity stunt (I will never underestimate how low TR nowadays will bend to save some ad pennies).  And I’ve no urge to read any more TongHua, maybe ever.

I saw a distasteful shoddy production when filming, with halfassed production value so glaring for all to see.  It is impossible to be decent.  Flat no chance AT ALL.  If I were the darlings attached, esp the ever improving Eddie, I would sigh a HUGE sigh of relief right now narrowly escaping the public witnessing the blemish on career.  Imo ShiShi is such a miscast for JinYu.  She has nothing of the loud presence on screen to be instantaneously fetching and alluring and attention grabbing and intriguing as what JinYu is claimed to be in the novel.  Lets not take into consideration how I’m rubbed the wrong way with the book.  There is a reason why I would never risk my poking own eyes and spitting brains out watching a YuZit’s poop fearing the stench will forever haunt me.  Like Goong did.   I did not finish DMY, I will never.  I can’t bear to hate TH more.  All my thoughts explained better in an eloquent open letter written by a poster who claimed to be a highschool teacher.

I won’t tell the world I’ve tried reading DMY twice and failed, by dropping it in shock, could not enjoy the book, I should say disgusted because I am turned off by ‘the love is all there is to life, the only meaning of existing at all’ preaching, as this teacher is.  We all know it is not, not even in the lalaland of romance novels.  Western Han dynasty’s accomplishment is crucial in establishing MY ethnicity, and without which…me and my kinsmen would cease to exist, for real.  General Huo was not a saint, ShiMa Qian made a few colorful mentions of him in Shiji that shed him shades of grey, a military genius, a leader, not particularly compassionate, nor sensitive.  He cared little of his troops fighting for him, would not share food with his starving soldiers, to name one.  His mind was firing all gears, all the time for war and strategies and winning.  It was the young years of Western Han, we now know it’s one of the most significant dynasty shaping the course of history in China, but living it, as the young general did, in 100sth BC, was really not for the faint of heart, nor fantasy shoujo land.  To think this young Han military hero, who died at 24 of plague, from biological warfare, led his army to 4 marvelous hard fought wins against the strong XiongNu in the few years he’s The General, ie he’s at the very front line of battlefield most of his adult life since 17, and you are telling me he could spare a thought to heck it all for LURVE.  Not buying a lick of it, sorry no woman would ever worth half of it particularly in this kind of man.

‘匈奴不滅,無以家為也’ ——西漢名將霍去病 from both Shiji and Book of Han ‘XiongNu is not demolished, no home can be made’  This was a quote from General Huo most of us know by heart if schooled in any part of China or Chinese speaking lands.  Well known poems were written about his life through the ages, a favorite Han Chinese patriotic muse.  As the teacher above bombarded, the novel trivialized patriotism, magnified egomania, romanticized love to an indecent degree and glorified elopement and escapism from honor and duty to the abhoring level of it is the most reasonable, noble thing to do, to abandon your duty, your country, in the name of LURVE, pushing it to sanctimony, when we are currently at a dire time and age in mainland society where morals are thrown out of the window to make a quick buck, which is essentially what these ‘writers’ and producers are doing.  By twisting a historical figure’s character till it no longer bears any logic in lieu of romance, it is just disgusting to read.   It negates all the historical records, all the brilliant literature prior *To put it nicely, I do not think TH is close to a brilliant author to hold a candle to her predecessors in her occupation, what she is making money off is picking some well known historical figures and inserting them into a token sweeping romance*.  I am all for novels to take an artistic, creative license, but when it’s done so crudely with no respect and total ambivalence of facts and truths as we know it.  There is a tomb, a mausoleum built for honoring the general’s passing, ie now a tourist magnet, well known historical records of the funeral, the mourning, artifacts for freak’s sake, and TH being a history major herself (REALLY?!?!?!), aggregated to a clusterfuck rubbing me the wrong way every page I turn (I dropped the novel quite soon, I just don’t think JinYu, or any other characters, are constructed with much sincerity or believability) and every spin on the drama adapt.

Of course a little drama, a nonessential romance novel won’t sway a thing in ahjumma me, but I if I were a tween atvm, who on one hand had to learn and memorize profound historical texts and poems on Huo, when there is this instant, easy, gratifying pleasure of a titillating romance novel with bits of soft porn inserted it, and the companion piece of a drama with well known pretty packages, idols glossing things up…… negating everything said in textbooks what will stick?! I think it’s crossed the line, that is why I support the ban of the drama with all my heart, jumping cartwheels as many C netizens are.

*I’m off on vacay and no bandwidth to stream dramas, no InK for spazzy me. but I’m having a lovely time! XD*


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  1. Mookie, I’m upset though T_T I like DMY! Maybe cos I didn’t go through those history lessons, so I dont feel the extent of the distortion, and maybe cos I’m part of this wretched generation of idealistic lazy asses… I dont know how to feel about the teacher’s words. I do agree she’s is right on many things, but I dont want to believe that my thoughts have been damned by the media I have grown up consuming, or maybe I’m luckier since I grew up somewhere else other than China. This is just a semi-rant and possibly me in denial.

    1. Let me ask you something to ponder….will DMY be any less epic a story to read IF it is not using a real historical figure such as general Huo and setting it up with a hypothetical time of yore?!?! If that is the case, why is the need to offend so many of us well versed in Han history though?! It is enjoyed as an epic historical romance, but without the respect of history and using a real historical figure as a cipher, using a well known name such as Huo to attract attention, it did not prompt you to check out real historical events, I assume. I just can’t understand the why this needs a respect to the novel keeping it as Huo when there is no respect in the first place respecting the real human being who breathed and fought valiantly for his country flaws and all 2000+ years ago. There were a lot of broken hearts from the fans of DMYclaiming this is a novel, why so serious and I love how people against the novel and adaptation pulled an illustration of modern history. What if we are talking about a KMT patriotic general, who fought valiantly for the country but fell in epic love with a girl brought up and aligned with the IJA, then he pulled himself out of duty and service and eloped with his lover in the middle of the second sinojapanese war?! WHEN in actuality he was a real human being and there were multiple records of him dying as a war hero?! It’s stupid of TR not to play the game like YZ, and change the names, not that I’ll watch, but at least it wont legitimize what is going on.

      1. Ah, I see your point. TH should’ve just made someone up as completely fictional, it would’ve worked equally well. She’s not just using history, she’s sort of abusing it.
        Sigh, a pity though, because I really liked the story and do wanna see the drama.
        Thanks for your thoughts! And happy hols! 😀

        1. *sighhh* I really can live with TR changing up the names and just fakes this has nothing to do with Gen Huo. I may even be interested in watching it as a period romance because this is one super nice cast on the shallow prettiness alone!

  2. Don’t bash me, just giving my personal opinion:P A lot of novels use famous historical persons as the leads, especially TH’s books. I don’t know how close they are to history & sorry I also don’t care. After all history is HIS STORY, from the point of view of those who recorded it. I’ve never studied Chinese history & I treat reading Chinese novels & watching drama as a form of entertainment, which mean I never believe anything I read or see. If I want history 101 lesson, novel & drama will be my last source. Thus I don’t see anything wrong with me watching it. Fine, don’t release in China, just release it overseas. If it is really bad, we’ll have a great time bashing & complaining about it, lol. Wow, luckily Hu Ge is not General Huo, such a controversial figure. Actually I don’t really like the book & I don’t find the story epic at all, I just wanna watch MJ, heehee…TR can still change the names now with the dubbing as this happened to YMM’s Legend of Lu Zhen where he changed the names.

    1. As u said, it’s not even worthy a book to you so why reduce a historical figure to nothing but a love lorn stupid pup?!?!?!?

      Again, you and I both, sorta, I can watch a DMY, btw history is not whoever is written about it solely, if there are enough evidence and accounts through the years I choose to attribute it with a significance of portraying a truth. With a discerning eye and careful studying and researching it needs not be just one biased pov forming a story, his story and calling it history. I l know the history well enough to conclude at least the YY of TongHua can never happen from a shortlived ruthless cold military minded man glorified to be a patriotic hero, which he was, to a degree. I just don’t care about it, is all, but think of the babies though, with no knowledge of who is what, and gullible to form an opinion from whatever presented to them in any shape and form, and the most impressive thing Huo in DMY did is strictly out of love for a woman above all. I can be disgusted over that. Even YMM’s Goong has its believers as hilariously silly as it is, so an 180 on a historical figure in the CN curriculum, esp when DMY is clearly catered to first and foremost the younger CN audience whether you would love to see it or not, is dangerous imho.

      haha and what is the world we’re living in now!?! VACUUMS?! HAS there ever been anything ever banned in CN only but free for all to ‘enjoy’ in the rest of the world once it’s out in the interweb?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!??????The censors peeps are seeing DMY as putting a very unsavory light on a well known Han hero, whether you know him or not, he’s not passed down in history books and with so many Tang poems and so forth written about him for naught, esp not because he’s some oh so romantic leading man.

      I’m not saying nothing can be reinterpreted in history, look at what Louis Cha did with his wuxia fantasyland. Do the research, if it’s plausible, haha but most importantly if it’s terrific literature, go for it. DMY is neither logically plausible, nor really that enticing a read for me.

      See that’s the stupidity or put it nicely the ‘audacity’ of TR, change the names, and tonnes of us will shut the heck up, but K ‘insisted’ she’ll stay authentic to the novel, so be it.

      I’m not bashing you, per se, haha I just don’t see nothing worthy here to fck up a symbol of an honorable quality in a man for 2000+ years. No form of entertainment is worth.

      1. I won’t argue with you abt General Huo’s characteristics bcos I don’t know who in the world he is and neither do I know him personally. I’ll just believe what you wrote so change his name. I don’t care he is called General Huo or Tuo or Luo. I just wanna watch the drama, haha. I do agree with you that TH uses all these historical figures to make the books more epic, to sell more books. But for those who don’t live in China, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Yah, TR is weird. She did change BBJX’s novel ending ! I don’t mind killing off General Huo to conform to history but Eddie’s fans will be upset.

        Just bcos some ppl can’t differentiate fiction & reality, we can’t have any drama that distorts history. It is like just bcos someone killed herself after watching BBJX, time travel drama should be banned? It does feel like censorship. But I am all for it, if it’ll corrupt the minds of the young & impressionable. It should come with a PG rating & it is bonding time for the parents & kids where they can be educated on what is history. Louis Cha is allowed to distort history bcos he did it well but not TH bcos she is crappy at it? Double std?

        We live in an open world but China is different. They’ve their own versions of everything online plus plenty of internet police. I am sure with them on patrol, those Chinese kids will not be able to enjoy a bootleg vesion on youtube, haha…Btw if YH landed the role of General Huo, would you still support a ban:P?

        1. tbh it offends me a whole great deal it’s apparent you hold me as such a biased silly brainless fangirl of whomever with no standard, I would support the ban even if my Mother is attached, I would not watch DMY firstly because the production is shoddy and half assed but pretending to be all lofty and classy. As I’ve said before, here, too many times, if YH ever did a YMM, I would disown him, easy. That is on principality, YMM can do its shiz on even Gen Huo and I won’t give him a bat of care because no one with a functional mind would give him any merits, peeps watch on for snark, and tbh those who do not regard YZ’s shiz as the crazytown opposite of historical truth are beyond mental help anyway. With TR, with DMY, with TH, they are SELLING it as this is legit, authentic and worthy for a buck.

          And are we disregarding individuality now?! I’m an Eddie fan, I will not be at all offended if Huo died at the end. Isn’t it even more delusional to be upset over a fictional character’s death played by an actor you supposedly respect but there is no respect for a lick on historical accuracy in the name of your enjoyment?!?!

          See, what Louis Cha did is ‘reintepreting’ history, it’s not distortion per my definition of the word. A distortion done well is still a distortion, you know?! What he wrote in his fiction, he supported with his abundant amount of research and artifacts he labored over in research, it is a colorful interpretation of the facts and truths as we can observe with what is passed down for all to see, the world he created is fictional, a fantasy, but it’s within the confines of what the historical events and figures were. It’s allpublished as a prologue in ALL his novels if ever a piece of history is used in his works. There is a difference. HUGE one, I don’t see a double standard on my part at least. Now what the talentless douchebag did with LC’s reinterpretation and thus ur viewing of it, that is not what I’m even interested in commenting about.

          You can whine all you want, but this is a Cdrama, every country has their own censorship. Cdramaland do not have a ratings system, like many countries have, but why they have to cater to the International audience’s enjoyment or wants neglecting the influence on the C audience, beats me. The C audience is their bread and butter, there is enough of an outrage over the book, you don’t know the history, WE do. I’m not the only one totally supporting the ban and it’s not even showing in my neck of woods. It’s as though you are saying I do not care or personally know a Hitler and they can make him into a romantic lead in a Israeli TV drama for my enjoyment, why not, huh?!

          And we are not even just talking about distortion of history, it is not an ‘alteration’ of the original form but a blatant 180 opposite on what happened and nothing close to the character of the original man who really did live whether you believe it or not, could be found and whom most of Han Chinese known as general Huo, he was a super busy very occupied man saving a country 2000+ years ago when CN has just starting to establish commerce to the world, without him there would be no silk route to mainland at that FYI.

          I do not know how well you know of China and its workings, it’s not free and open but there are ways and under the table unspoken rules to work around. EVerything on youtube can be found one way or the other in CN. I just dug out every tweet a banned/’harmonized writer whose every platform of social media, every acct of interweb communication had been abruptly deleted and gone ‘forever’ and it became international news but there to be found, EVERY super political sensitive jab, easy, by nobody stupid me and my friends beyond the great fire wall. So you are absolutely joking yourself if you are saying the kids won’t get their hands on their HuGe their LSS their Eddie.

  3. I hope you enjoy your holidays! 😀 It’s been a long time since I caught up with your blog (I was quite sick but I’m recovered now *touch wood/Thank Heavens*) but you always write very interesting entries!

    I thought I was alone in my disdain for Da Mo Yao – I’m so glad I’m not. Thank you so much for this post! I agree with everything you said. I can’t stand the way Tong Hua twists famous historical figures into lovelorn romance heroes. It’s absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to the actual person and his/her contributions to society. TBH I hated the way Yongzheng was characterized in BBJX. I thought it was ridiculous and unbelievable the way Tong Hua twisted the struggle of Yongzheng and 8th Prince for the throne into a love triangle/square, which is why I never got into that series – I only watched it cuz my mom wanted to see it and I got it for her. The only thing I liked out of BBJX was the cast, music, and costumes.

    To turn the very famous, patriotic Han General Huo into someone who abandons his duties and betrays his country for a Xiongnu girl is sacrilegious and insulting. There is just no way I can accept that, fiction or not.

    I’m not a big fan of censorship, but in this I totally agree with SARFT. Something as offensive as Da Mo Yao should never be allowed to broadcast on national TV. The events of Han dynasty and the outcome of the Han/Xiongnu wars have shaped much of Chinese culture, and to purport the lies in Da Mo Yao is the biggest slap in the face of Chinese people and their struggles throughout history.

    1. My parents know and live Chinese culture/history and always taught us to never forget our roots. When I mentioned Da Mo Yao to them they were offended and disgusted beyond belief. My mom LOVES Liu Shishi and Hu Ge, but even she can’t stand Da Mo Yao and don’t want to see it mislead the general public with all its twisted lies.

      1. A tiny bit of why I so support the ban is I have such a soft spot for all the leads, even supporting actors like Han Dong and Fala Chan, and this is such a magnet for antis. A lot of audience do not care to separate real or reel, they will put most of the blame of the offense on the actors. Yes, of course there will be fans of the novel, hardcore fans of them still able to enjoy or support them no matter what, but that is nothing against the mass.

    2. For all my fangirling, I don’t care if my absolute favorite idols are in a project, if the project is racist / sexist / twists history / morally offensive, I will boycott it. It disgusts me on a visceral level at the way media/entertainment will sink to whatever lows necessary for a quick buck. There is freedom of art but there is also integrity and morals. There is a reason why I could never get into Tong Hua novels. This is also why as a long time Trekkie I’m so disgusted by the racism/whitewashing and sexism of Star Trek Into Darkness (but that’s another story for another day).

      1. Ahhh I just saw the movie a few days ago. I’m not a Trekkie myself because I’m not dedicated enough and I am not a completist, can’t see myself finishing every episode in my lifetime. BUT ST is sooooo seminal in giving us this fantasy utopia where we truly can go beyond creed and color. Trekkies don’t call it Into the Whiteness for naught!!! I have nothing against Cumberbatch, but JJ Abrams, shame on you.

    3. Oh gosh, you are sick again? I hope you are all well now dear! Take extra good care of yourself!

      I could tolerate BBJX because with that time traveling trope, it did not claim to be anything but shoujo fantasy and I read it as such. Main events in the princes’ lives still went along the vein as I know it, so I was not as peeved as DMY. tbh I liked the drama much better than the novel because of the surprisingly awesome cast and acting, that filled out so much the novel was lacking in characterization esp on Prince 8. I was never too fond of TH’s command of Chinese to be brutally honest. Have you watched Legend of Zhen Huan with your Mom? I’m not sure if it’s your thing, so this is not a recommendation, but its take on YongZheng was decently close imo.

      I want to throw things at TH when I read she said she felt more sympathy for the suffering nomadic groups in Han emperor’s way of conquering and expanding its continent. Western Han at that time was a new country just established, busy holding its own from invasion and never have I read anywhere it was the young Han dynasty, its emperors’ ambitious appetite for expansion. She could understand the XiongNu with their lack of resources thus need to invade on Han farmers and robbing of Han citizens’ properties… All I read of was the brutal wars was to HALT the invasion from north in defense, and Han has been treating XiongNu with as much decency as required, whereas there were plenty of records of the brutality the other way around and I’m not sure if Han lost to XiongNu, it would not be a genocide. if I were the reporter, I would follow up right away what is TH’s thoughts on Japan’s invasion of China, of the Asian seaboard, hitting much closer to home less than a hundred years ago.

  4. hello! 🙂 firstly, i agree with banning dmy, because from where I’m from we are already quite Westernised and ignorant about our own Chinese culture, and the misleading thing is really very very worrying.

    hmmm but just out of curiosity, where would you draw the line between where authors/drama producers have the artistic license to reinterpret history, and where it is too much? still trying to figure out the line between them and it would be interesting to know your opinion! hope this isn’t offensive because I really admire your opinion on a lot of things! ><

    1. hihi! Thank you for the interesting question! And I have an opinion, of course. *Long post alert!*

      I’m fine with reinterpreting history inasmuch as within the frame of unofficial history/野史, bit of colorful folklore, legend is fine. Take for example what JinYong did with QianLong who was rumored to be Han Chinese his ‘father’ YongZheng switched his daughter with in The Book and The Sword, it is a widespread legend with unofficial written records at the time of his visiting JiangNan 8 times during his reign, around the region JY’s ancestors were from (and legend has it where QianLong was rumored to be born) and he based Princess Fragrance on the legend of Emperor QL’s Fragrant Concubine who was an Urghur. So who knows? JY presented evidence, building blocks supporting his creation, he never claimed it to be ‘truer’ than the official history. And within the framework, it’s plausible and I can deal with it.

      But what rubs me wrong in particular with TongHua and DMY is her ‘reinterpretation’ (I call it delusion or fabrication) has no basis, and her spin portrayed a Gen Huo so outrageously out of character he was no longer recognizable from the official historical records, and there were never unofficial ones hinting on any of her claims. She even went on extensively in an epilogue presenting her spin on things are more plausible than the general opinion because she loves General Huo so much, she had a very thorough understanding of Gen Huo’s complicated character the historian’s accounts of events through the ages could not effectively portray. General Huo in her fiction was so against the grain it would negate his loyalty to the country, his insatiable drive as a formidable war hero first and foremost in the several best regarded historical records in human history, so Han Chinese honoring the hero for 2000+ years now for his undivided devotion, patriotism, sacrifice to his country, his kin when we should be praising him as this uber romantic, practical jaded victim of war and giving up on sacrificing for his country at all cost, eating his own words he would not even deserve a gift of the emperor, a home if he did not demolish the ravishing of XiongNu on the citizens?! Such are clearly written in Sima Qian’s ShiJi during Western Han, there was Zizhi Tongjian written by another Sima, Sima Guang in Song dynasty, then the Book of Han by the Bans, the father and sons did extensive research and when they saw no dispute nor need of elaboration of Sima Qian’s ShiJi, they recorded verbatim. There was never grounds for reinterpretations. Sima Qian famously stuck to his reporting of the absolute truth, angering the emperor commissioning the records and was thus castrated and endured 3 insufferable years in prison for staking his grounds for the honor of Li Guang whom Sima respected and was ostracized after losing a battle and captured by XiongNu… and TH dares to jab the records painted Huo as a man with puzzling conflicting accounts which can’t be all true (can’t a person had different facets to his/her character), attributing it to the historian bias, for example over Li Guang and in TH’s opinion Sima Qian, the great historian, was just a lowly civil servant with no means to know the conspiracies by just mentioning Huo death briefly but elaborating on every detail of the funeral was odd. That was 100+ BC, thousands of years from the invention of modern medicine, antibiotics, and Gen Huo spent an alarming amount of his adult life in battlefield exposing to injuries and the elements and it didn’t strike anyone as odd he would die an early but gallant death, but miss Tong. She claimed nothing could be certain back then with no DNA, so along her line of thought we should neglect all recorded history until last 30 years?! And how was it logical for the emperor granting the war hero the highest honor having a mausoleum built right next to his own with statues commissioned commemorating his bravery and mastery in battlefield if he took a hike his country cold in the middle of holding off the brutal invasion of XiongNu?!?! She stated there must be conspiracy surrounding his death and her account of the events could happen to the probability of ‘85%’ of truth. HOW ON EARTH did she garner this level of confidence she knows the fact better than a historian living at that time dumbfounded me.

      For better writers, like my Loverboy’s fav ErYue He famous for his reinterpretations of the early Qing emperors, they would write their fiction brilliantly within the frame of facts and records, that is called respect. Only the lesser capable ones would be shameless enough to twist and bend history and real human beings, their characters, to suit a dime a dozen romance at the end of the day.

      Here is a thread at Tianya where dearies ranted on all the fabrication and silliness that went on in DMY: http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-funinfo-3097140-1.shtml I must say I find it a better read than the book.

      1. All about historical awareness, really. If you reinterpret history within a realistic paradigm, then most minor distortions are fine. To do that it takes actual understanding of the period, so at least a rudimentary background knowledge (no need to be a history major, but a “buff” should at least be a requirement). If you resort to anachronistic renditions of the past because you couldn’t be bothered to research why something would just be out of that period’s common sense, then you’re not really writing a historical drama. You’re dealing with a fluffy costume piece.

  5. Hello ! Long time no see ! Enjoy your vaccay !

    About DMY I somehow agree with you about LSS I think Tangren overhype her too much. Besides I am not fond of her ‘dead eyes’
    Sorry offtopic but I can’t wait for HXY for YH and JX storyline 😀

    1. Good Good! How are you? 🙂

      hahaha I keep seeing news of HXY out late this year, so a few more months!!!

      There is also news out today the very interesting 龙门镖局 with tonnes of the most gorgeous who’s who cameoing will be out in august, (and YH is one of them) it should be a RIOT!

  6. First of all: thank you for the interesting post ^^, while I did a bit of research before fangirling DMY ( sorry, pretty cast >....< that's one of the reasons I want to improve my Chinese =^.^=

    1. Sorry about it acting up and cutting your post! *hugzzz* I’m mighty curious to know what you think.

      tbh I usu turn a blind eye. I can always not watch sth really challenging my sensibilities. Yes, I think the book is not really all that it’s hyped up to be, and I do not like TongHua as much as everyone else, but I think Eddie is truly talented and improving at such an alarming rate and he’s snugging himself in the almost A-lister now in movieland, to have him sign on a drama when his movie career is on the rise, this must be something worthy. I think HuGe will be fine as Meng9, I truly do. I’m not too sure about SS, her looks is too gentile. But that is not a dealbreaker.

      It is until I really sit down and read the book, reading TH’s ‘epilogue’, knowing what was fabricated, and TH’s delusional grandiose stance this is truer than history I’m alarmed, especially when this is clearly catering to the tweens.

  7. Okay hope my comment wont be cut now -.
    Erm so what I want to say is that as a second generation Chinese living in Europe,
    it is so, so hard to find useful, resourceful quality information about China( Asia in general) ,
    media nowadays are all about sensational scandals and IMHO, western media
    tends to cover only the bad news in China and even the academic works about Asia is written
    by western professors and so, a lot of sensivities, historical and cultural relevance is lost,
    Therefore, I didn’t know the importance of the actual historical figures in DMY -.-
    I looked forward to DMY because watching drama’s is one of the few ways to keep up with
    my Chinese and TH seems to write more dimensional characters and solid plot,
    something I find hard to find in other C-drama’s -.-
    It’s hard to know what’s really going on in China and what’s really living there -.-‘
    This is why I hope to improve my Chinese, so I can read Chinese news in Chinese by my
    self so I can form my own opinion on the covered issues
    (instead of solely relying on western news or Chinese news)

    Oh, btw, I agree with you that modernizing and simpelfiying history to one ‘big, epic’ romance
    is very annoying and twisted, teens should indeed learn more than the importance of a glamourized,
    overrated, commercial mythe that romance has become –”

    Anyhow, thnx for addressing this interesting topic ^_^

    1. Thanks sweetie for sharing your thoughtful pov. I think TH is a good writer with a very shrewd head. Her stories are weaved nicely with careful planning, BUT her Chinese feels aloof and missing some human warmth and sincerity to me, it’s something intangible…it’s the style of her prose.

      No one can put it better than MrX/조폭고양이 above. It is the historical awareness that is crucial. I can tolerate it even if it’s focusing on the romance front, fabricated, IF the historical figure is still within a tolerable framework of plausibility. Who knows if General Huo experienced an epic romance, or not, it’s quite normal it’s not mentioned in the historical records. However, you can not disregarded everything written about him just to spin a romance. No International audience will be too bothered by TH’s writing but what is quite a horror in DMY is her use of way ‘modern’ speech in Han, when many of the usage did not hatch till Ming or even later. It’s one of my biggest peeve if you are constructing a historical figure and didn’t even put in the care when actions and more so words speak so much. That is such a disregard of what she’s doing. It’s not even careless, it’s utter disrespect of what her own writing, betting on her audience would not have the capacity to nitpick. What is the nail in her coffin for me is when she went all high and almighty claiming her twists are more sound than history. I had enough of her,

  8. sighs 诬陷民族英雄……. 桐华 had just gone a bit overboard with 霍去病
    she should just ………. yea write pure fiction not historical fiction
    but then, maybe they will just censor out the name and air it
    like in 轩辕剑,马天宇’s character was supposed to be 李世民, but 广电 thought that was a bad interpretation of 李世民 so they changed his name to 吕承志, so then its purely fiction LOL
    btw i hope 黄晓明’s 岳飞 will be good, its kinda weird how 岳飞 was such a significant figure in history but yet there aren’t a lot of dramas about him.
    there’s actually so much novels being made into tv shows….云中歌,寂寞空庭春欲晚,华胥引,秀丽江山….and even some contemporary romances like 无爱承欢 and 乐俊凯….i wonder what this sudden surge of novels-being-made-tv-shows will do to the careers of scriptwriters LOL

    1. TR’s ladyboss has already screamed the the world repeatedly she won’t ‘compromise’ the ‘integrity’ of the original work. Either she would have to slap herself in the face with changing up the names,or it’d be forever shelved.

      We’ll see if 黄晓明’s 岳飞 is any good next wk or so! I doubt it has any chance to be good, the PDs and writers are big turn-offs, they have never done anything with any depth. Nowadays when we can’t even trust respectable veterans in the field for decency in their craft…I honestly have lost hope.

      The swarm of novels adapts are stemming from maximizing profits. They have the $ in budget to throw in the extra hook and just the noise and controversy every step of the way is worth the ad dollar alone. It is not because they have a sudden artistic interest nor these novels are seminal, begging for reinterpretations on the screen. No.

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