A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep8

{credit of gifs and pics as labelled, thanks to the original posters at weibo! ^^}

This may be the post holiday blues talking, but is this episode…frustrating?!   I can almost tweak every scene to better them, for my enjoyment. Honoka is now promoted to the so cute she is unreal and can do no wrong just with her different cute ways to say ‘NO~~~~~~~~!’ alone.  I’ve been so sweet and placid a fan, stoked with all the little morsels of nuanced innocent cuteness thus far, it’s like I’ve been patiently toasting a fluffy marshmallow, but it’s now time for my s’MORE!! I like the tweaks and editing keeping the characters very cohesive pertaining to this adaptation and mellowing out the OTT in the manga, but don’t you think I deserve a little shocking surprise here and there and we amp it up a little now with a more toasty Irie, ladywriter and ladyPD?!?! *I’ve read in baidubar, this episode is done by another PD.  I have no idea if it’s true but that would explain a great deal. ARGH!  Gimme back 永田琴sama from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Another rant I need out of my system, I had enough of Senpai, the actor.   He is clueless technique-wise but has not been bugging me with the outrageous OTT earlier on.  In small doses, I can explain it off as being 2D straight out of the pages, and he’s such a side character to bother, even spiffing up the tone of this is a manga adaptation first and foremost, making space for all the heavy lifting, creative license and nuances to the OTP.   But he can’t have more screen time than the adorable Kinchan, who can make his brows do this:

I shudder every time senpei is touchy feely to our Kotoko like a pervie ojisan, Girl2 doesn’t deserve this.  Lets keep his future scenes to a minimum, m’kay writer and PD ladies!

This is just not as brilliant as any previous eps, it is missing the flow and some necessary beats are omitted.   I’m glad we do not have the panties scene.  All along, Yuki’s Irie has been toned down.  It would be odd and juvenile of him to throw Kotoko’s panties back at her just because he’s annoyed after witnessing her close with Sudou (plus Mom forcing marriage down his throat).  He didn’t make it as huge a screaming deal like the manga when the kiss is known to all, I like that.  I fine with cutting out tennis cockfight and have a quick little physical accident, but not at the expense of the transition so clunky to develop Irie’s jealousy over Kotoko and senpai’s scandal, inserting crudely a gossipy Girl2 is below this cute little drama.  When I see Kotoko and Senpai, it was 2 klutzes tripped over, but to her it’s making out in broad daylight, thus rumor of them lovey dovey must be true, and you of all peeps believe every silly word, Irie, and jealousy runneth over, spilling to a date with Matsumoto.  Did Irie lose his mind?!  That running around Tokyo slow-mo as if this is a travelogue won’t do when his pretend date with Matsumoto is so much more.  And what is with the added intimacy with Matsumoto just to spite Kotoko now?!  Not want!  And how I’m bugged by Irie dumping Kotoko while he’s off doing something, even if it ends up sweet, but what is the hassle with TELLING the poor girl to wait for you!?!  We have another Kotoko running around the park, wasting time, when we are robbed of  The Notebook lake with SWANS boating scene, PG13 boating kind.    Yuki is off this episode,  I know the poor baby was sick lately, but a WHOLE lot more feels must be conveyed in that last scene, his face was entirely blank and emotionless save for a few brooding glances Kotoko’s way while she’s busy eating a hamburger, enough of the very awkward, romance department challenged cold wooden prince.  This is him can’t keeping in his emotions, his oratory magnum opus of his life thus far!  And Kotoko’s reaction should be more than sobz.  If you finally hit a serve after a few grueling days and you are smart enough to grab an Iriekun’s arm, this seriously needs a stick to canon  proper meaty embrace.  I will blame it on a clueless PD.  I just miss almost all of the spazzing fluttering goodness everywhere last 7 episodes.

OK, but that is not stopping me having my fun with what I got, however measly:

1.I ❤ MamaIrie,  I need to say it properly.  I can’t be the only one going muahahahhahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa~ along with her hilarious outburst.   The investment she’s put in renting all the places is hardcore.  These 2 dumbos have you to thank forever, Auntie!   Drama is now at times tagged 一妈定情  (Love fated by a Mom) instead of its official chinese title: 一吻定情 (Love Fated by a Kiss). Honoka is sooooooooooooo adorable, her Kotoko is the perfection of cluelessly winning here.  Babe, you are the one with the kiss forced upon, as a ‘sick joke’, even if you did not keep silence, telling the world about your ‘ordeal’, you are way lesser of the evils.  And keep waving your cute arms and your sweet earnest nonononononono!  Your future hubs is clearly just faking pissed but is taking advantage of the occasion to stare and adore you, in moonlight.

Now this is the first time I don’t really know what to make of a Yuki’s face as Irie when he’s pestered by young bro Yuki on whether it is true he kissed Kotoko.  Is it A) Argh, under the same roof again and I’ll….I can’t stop…I’ll fall for her and I don’t want to, but I will… I had.  Argh.  B) Argh.   Back to square one, now I have to amp up the act of I hate Kotoko just so Yuki will follow suit, saving the boy from all this confusion and frustration of liking a Kotoko in any way.  It is a very difficult life to lead and impossible to get out of.   B) Sighhh I’m tired.  I want to take a shower.  She’s not light for my twiggy arms, arms subjected to a lot of tennis lately, carrying her in a princess embrace in slow mo and we just went househunting with her koala-ing my arm the whole time.   And speaking of shower and our familiar stairway….hmm -> C) I wanna kiss her again, lips already ready and apart this time.  D) *sigh* how about not faking it no more and just tell her I love her in some stupid Irie way.  E)  YY aside, Yukichan I want a lot more confusion+embarrassment+lost anything other than this almost non-reaction, or as I see it, ‘Someone. You. Oneechan. Kiss. Me.’

2.  This, a few seconds, is supposed to convey the following that is going on in Irie’s head.   No, I’m not standing next to you senpai, I’d rather be next to a yelping Matsumoto, you just had skinship with myKotoko.  (can understand, but how about standing squarely in the middle btn the two, you can so fit and not too close to Girl2, thus not letting every of her silly words stick?!) What now Matsumoto? *glance in shock*   There is a rumor of them dating?!  *suddenly face is colored sooty BLACK* What now Kotoko, you are telling everyone you are done with me?!  After all the sweet things, according to me, I did in ep7?  Have you left your brain somewhere can’t be found? *look at senpai, laser eyebeams Kotoko* I’ll park my brain right here!  Might as well!  REVENGE! Do the opposite of  want.  Date with Matsumoto it is!

I’m not too fond of this arc, it’s one thing to be jealous over Kinchan and another very absurd one with senpai.  I can’t for the love in me believe Irie will get this jealous as to go along on an elaborate fake!date with Matsumoto just because he believes a few of her words and is jealous.  I prefer what they did in ISWAK when Kotoko and Senpai planned out a charade to deliberately make Irie seething, falling into their ‘trap’.

-Nonono,  there is a trap, I set,  for you, it fits, no… a bigger one

-It’s of no particular concern to me, I’ll show myself the way and just walk right into it.


Poor Kinchan, hey does antenna thingy work in enclosed dungeon-y pantry?!  Wouldn’t it be better if geeky skill is flaunted by the window of the 3 cutie’s table while an Iriekun just happens to walk by and eavesdrops along and works in this familiar adage btn the 2 hotties from manga.  Kinchan and Iriekun have such bickering bromantic chemistry I’m sorely missing lately, that and kinchan being one of our dearest guy buddy triggering delicious OTP goodness left and right:

4.  ❤ this scene, my respite of the meh ep:

How often have we been frustrated with grown and successful in every other dept in life heroines, much more capable than Kotoko not having the clarity to figure out their own feelings? Out of touch, clueless of their inner workings, beating around the bush, dragging themselves and us along in that conundrum. *Kotoko beats Sakura-san in LC old enough to be her mother.*  Here Kotoko is reassuring a worried and apologetic Daddy by being her simple, straight-forward self.  Yes, she is still in love with Irie, it is guileless and precious on its own and she is not asking for anything, she is prepared he may never love her back, but it’s lovely loving him, why does she has to smother that dokidoki, why not sticking with it till the end and regret not persevering?  She is never denying herself being honest with her emotions….like her Dad, he told her.  And her Daddy pinches her cute nose with a pride and adoration only a Daddy has, ‘That’s my Girl!’

5.  So the Date:

ARghh.  What the Fk is wrong with u pervie senpai?!?!!?  At this rate you are having more intense skinship with Kotoko than Iriekun! NO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

What does that bearded boar wanna do!?  <- MTE.

While Kotoko is cute and quick on her feet throwing popcorn, dumping beverage on Matsumoto and cute obasan+ojisan voice-acting with senpai, Yukikun, do you have a stiff neck?!  A tiny bit more turning of your head and a hint of smirky devilish grin will do wonders.  I’ll just let you slide since you smartly crossing your hands to avoid more harassing from Matsumoto.

6.  Matsumoto on the aggressive, basically spilling out details similar to Kotoko’s love letter, just annoying vs endearing.  What is the deal with asking the dreamboat his ideal type?!  Are you so full of yourself he’ll mention everything fitting you to a tee and you can go get your marriage license after another cuppa, all in a day’s work?

Again Yukikun, a bit more neck twisting will do you and me a lot of good, like taking a break from a dry, boring prospective sperm donor interview and kill my frustration a little.  LOOK HOW CUTE THAT GNOME IS ON PLANT at 3 o’clock?!?!?!?!? You said your ideal type is pretty, has nice body, is intelligent and a good cook, you deliberately left out the part you are not interested in ideal types, that is just for us normalfolks.   You have enough perfection to go around the block and more, huh?!   He can even fight like a wuxia hero.  I’m ahead of myself. *Hey that following shopping scene was aggravating if not for supercute Kotoko!*

Back to the tedious fake!date, I’m fine with Iriekun being a properly brought up gentleman to his date of the day, but picking jewellery matching her dress?! That is not in the manga, and I do not have to like an added scene just there doing nothing much but bugs.  And geez Matsumoto, your long limbs can so zip that dress with a bit more effort, or the saleslady can help.   Iriekun, Kotoko let you off easy with just a little bit of swooning later on, but I am so not forgiving you unless that necklace is actually for Kotoko, you do not go buy a girl you are not interested in a necklace on first date, especially if we have to buy your premise this is all an act to bug your poor darling Kotoko out of jealousy.


7. HAND P0RN!!!!!  I’m not fond of the running around Tokyo slowmo, Iriekun, your legs are too disproportionally long and it is too much an exercise for tiny Kotokochan to follow step for step, if it’s all for the pur-po-su of the big hand on small hand gif, and the visual quotation of 2 lines from Shijing/Book of Odes . Odes of Bei. Ji Gu: 執子之手,與子偕老。(Our wives’) Hands we grabbed, growing old together.  The most quoted lovey dovey we’ve heard RuoXi uttering to Prince8, Prince to ZhenHuan…in place of the modern wristgrab or decorum won’t allow hot grabbity kiss as a more poetic love declaration.  STILL. it’s unforgivable.  *BUT BUT BUT…It is Gorgeous gorgeous hands and fingers so long he can tie bowties with them,  and that is one tender sweet grabbing we rarely get *___* *

Seriously though Director-sama, if we are inserting scenes now, why not make the most out of it?!?!  Kotoko is falling flat on her face when Irie is holding her hand mad-dashing,  he should not let go of hand and let her fall in the first place.  He should’ve fallen down with her senpai style, we saw his swift wuxia moves, and you at bottom Iriekun, cushioning her impact.  Lets heck the slow-mo.  That is just one awkward TLC from Iriekun helping Kotoko up, he should’ve plucked her up, both shoulders, sit her down, let the poor thing catch a breather, or freeze frame her happytime, checking whether she’s hurt, and STOP the running, what are they running from, again?  Matsumoto?  Meanie in cheapo soiled shirt?!?!  Senpai with racket is putting himself to use finally.

8.  The 5201314 th time Iriekun is cracking up like a loon over nothing much just because it’s Kotoko doing it.  This time it’s because she has stalked him the whole date and another proof he’s keeping tab her heart is still his to own. It may also be fun running around Tokyo with the real girl you care, I mean Iriekun is not the most normal boy when it comes to what is romantic and fun.   I love Kotoko more in this episode, who doesn’t?!  She faces her own feelings towards Irie with so much positivity, made up her mind this is nothing to be ashamed about, went on the stalker plan though not without guilt.  She has such a big heart genuinely blessing Irie and Matsumoto if that is what his heart’s desire and apologizes immediately on her intrusion.  Even when Irie is clearly not the docile type and enjoying their lame stalking exercise too much, at her dispense, she still apologizes, wholeheartedly.  I think Irie loves her more for this moment.  I guess the date with Matsumoto is also there to show this Irie is not really hopeless in being textbook romantic and the perfect boyfriend.  Afterall, just reading about it on any dating website or Dear Abby column. with his super memory, eidetic probably, he can nail it like any other test putting his cool genius head to use.  It’s when his fluttery heart and EMOTIONS take over, with and only with Kotoko, he’s reduced to an inarticulate teenager.

Yeah Iriekun, she’s hilarious in her uber cuteness stalking you, but you are as laughable yourself thinking she is really in a relationship with Sudou.  Yeah, love is your achilles’ heel, eating your brain.

9.  ‘You want to go somewhere?’

This is one judging glare at his really not too bright future wife,  because ‘HUH?!’  is so not the right response, who is interrupted from still profusely apologizing for ruining his date with Matsumoto, and honestly thinking he’s probably in love with Matsumoto.   Kotokochan, we’ve seen your dreamy fantasies with soft p0rno music and lighting accompanying the thoughts of this exact dude saying sweet things and smooching you, but have you seen him giving you such a hot beyond your imagination intense comehither?!?!  No, right?!? So 1) this is not your lalaland, wake up and smell the roses or his hair or something on his body.  2) this look is expressing simply 3 words: I lublub you, not saying it out, he can’t, but his eyes are saying those things, exactly.  Trust your oneechan here.


‘If not, I’m going home.’ 


And I die of CUTE!

I’m totally illiterate in Japanese, so apparently what Irie says with his ridiculously*gahhhhhh* yummy voice  is a cute play on words, double entendre こいよ/「来い」/Come sounds very similar to Love/ 「恋」, ie 恋って言うから、愛に来た ‘You said come, I’ll go’/’You said Love, your love will come…’ SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

11.  I do not care for Irie leaving Kotoko unannounced.  AT ALL.   If it is to throw in some manufactured angst, even Kotoko is not buying it.  I marveled at this adaptation all along being so clever in some quite drastic picking and choosing, keeping the essence of the manga to a tee.  I love Iriekun bringing Kotoko the yummiest hamburger she’ll ever had, better than any fine cuisine, that is sweet, but at the cost of getting her worried he’s toying her for the N th time, back to the cold, uncaring, distant Iriekun in a snap is so inconsiderate.  It does not make a lot of sense Kotoko is taking it in so calmly as well, as if a hamburger can weigh out the letdown prior, is she now conditioned to take his insensitivity lying down?! NO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!  Again, I want my little scene where they row a boat with ducks and carps and swans and falling in water.  It is then he takes the opportunity to buy her dinner while she changes into the shirt she bought him while shopping. <-that gives some purposu to all that zipping of zippers and putting on necklaces on GIRL2!   ARGH!  *end rant grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

12. Kotoko more than make up for it, being so super adorable and enjoying her hamburger, even the unaware of Iriekun casting love beams her way is so Kotoko and so adorable <- I’m just borrowing those words of description fr Irie’s head.  ‘Everything tastes good when you are hungry’ It is good that I find you so yummy when you are being a whiny insatiable child fishing for yet another Kotoko’s love confirmation, you just can’t live without it, huh?!  ‘No, this is most delicious because you bought it for me and only me, Iriekunnn~~~~~’ That’s what her Cuteness said, tranlated to the 01000101010101xoxo you and ur robot-kin can comprehend.  Now happy, Iriekun?!  I know it’s probably the tight budget at play when Irie only bought ONE hamburger and ONE beverage and they have 2 mouths even when…joined.  haha I wonder if Irie is being goosebump-inducing cheesy waiting for Kotoko to share the hamburger and he can then smoothly offer her his drink and they will indirect kissu all over the the hamburger, and the beverage.  Or Iriekun is so wrecked with nerves of his Big! Speech! he’s lost all his appetite and is very thirsty.

13.  THE scene, THE SPEECH:  Irie expressing his FEELINGS with WORDS!  It is not eloquent, he is slightly frazzled and  unsure of himself.  The exact feelings he is stating and describing.   He is insecure, he is bothered (with feelings), he is affected, and that has been a new constant, of never-ending ‘big events’ since he received her love letter in highschool  *squee~ it’s quite clear he has put it to WORDS the letter is what starting his ‘fall’, Although he’s wording it as if he’s in 無間道/unceasing path/avici/lowest of hell*

This is eerily like the ‘proposal’ in P&P.   You are below my station…you loitering in my soul and I can’t get you out of my system, so take responsibility of your fault and marry me and make all these alien FEELS and frustration and uncertainties go away, woman. cause you started it.   Iriekun, you are not as dreamy as Darcy, but good that you find your perfect matchy Kotoko and she is not as feisty with a bite and claws as a Lizzy.

Hearing these words from Iriekun, ‘A Challenge , you, my first, ….I’m nervous, that’s why I ran away.’  Music to my ears.  He is explaining why he’s been a meanie and thus admitting his fault.  AWWWW.  And ‘Thank you~!’Or as in words of Miss Jane Austen writing for Mr Darcy, ‘My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.’   I suspect our Kotoko is a fan of Darcy or else how would she jump to the next conclusion this is a marriage pro-po-sal (is its japlish kinda like pur-po-su to our foreign ears?!), huh?  But see, after all my shaking and rattling some sense and shoujo logic in our cutiepie, she is a fast learner.  Lets dissect what Iriekun REALLY REALLY said to our shoujofied ears,

‘Thank you for intruding my boring life, thank you for making me insecure, panicky, nervous, bringing me all these human FEELINGS I was void of prior of having you in my life, thank you for challenging me, thank you for making everyday a big deal, full of hardships to overcome, and the uncontrollable laughs you triggered, thank you for making my life interesting and not boring and worth living.  Thank you for being in my life.’  <-So…he has his vow ready, so ready, you shy, denying silly lad!

The Baka gif

Calling your babe バカ with a conviction won’t cure your blushing instantaneously, nor with focusing on sucking straw, especially not when you are following the DE-NIAL with ‘I do not mind living in the same house with you.’ <- Lest you forget, boyfriend, last I checked society is still quite conservative, especially for kids still living with parents, and you know your Kotoko wants the ‘normal progression of courtship’…although you little notty boy has been throwing her off, kissing her THEN realizing your feelings oh so tardily.   You don’t mind, as in want, to live with her under one roof when she is an Aihara and you an Irie means WHAT the what exactly now?!?!? This?!:

So bonus points Kotokochan, you outsmarted your Irie in shoujologic 201.  BRAVO!  Your prize is your Iriekun, take him and go run around Tokyo some more before he regresses to stupid again, which is very soon.

You deserve more beating in this scene:   Yes, we can see you are flabbergasted and emotional and can’t keep your eyes off a moved to tears Kotoko, and totally unsure of what to do.  Reaching clumsily for your hanky…I’ll give you 40/100 for that.  And I swear the following comment did not come from my pervie mind but the dearie making this following gif taking note  for an expert of hands in pockets it’s taking the agile Iriekun forever to get hanky…it must be weirdly and suddenly snug pants. *:X  I did not come up with that*





Because we are robbed of this:

I’m fine with Kotoko just showing her emotions with tears, it’s effective still.  BUT ball’s in your court Irie!!!

Ok, I’ll give u an extra 5 points for adoring glances at her when she’s snorting into your hanky, this is quite high on the true love checklist.

lets compromise, how about this:

We have lovely talented dearie doing YOUR work.   Just this gesture alone, will shut EVERY rant l had of episode and we’ll better spend the time from wasting on this 4 thousand + word count delirium (!!!!!!!!) and just stare at the gif FOREVER!!!

Oh Poor Kinchan!

Poor Kotokochan too! She was yanked from cloud9, no worries darling, he said he doesn’t mind living with you under one roof… so this could very well be the guy being veryvery ballsy asking for the permission to move out with you and you only.  I KID OF COURSE!

The genius C fans are at it again.  Lets have 2 insanely awesome MVs of the ep to  Mr.Children – 常套句 dedicated to our poor lovely Kinchan and another making the best use of all the slowmo Tokyo travelogue of our OTP to the song :私奔到月球 /Elope to the Moon Mayday feat. CheerChan.  Last but not least, get this, trailer of a misread, non-canon Itakiss movie.

I sincerely hope we’ll get to see this smile on our Iriekun next episode:

One can always dream.  I’ll settle with a better ep9.  I’m willing it to happen with my word diarrhea!

23 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep8

  1. Yeh! finally. I’ve been waiting for your review. I must agreed things missing in this episodes. For example, Irie shouldn’t disappear and make Kotoko ran around like crazy to find him. At least the scene could be that Kotoko went to the restroom to clean her dress. It’d be more making sense for me. and Kin-chan’s back to be just comical character again. it’s a waste of all efforts he’s built up in all previous episodes.

    1. YES!! I can totally understand budget and time constraints but this little drama has been making the most out of it all along and I’m even fine with Kotoko waiting there in the gorgeous sunset, but just a WORD, like Irie told her to wait for him right there, not even spoiling the squee of him bringing her food would totally make it so much better.

      I want more Kinchan myself, and it can easily be worked in if he join hands and fight that gaudy shirt moron with Sudou senpai while catching a glimpse of Kotoko with Irie fleeing scene. Nothing is cleared up for the poor boy and He still thought Kotoko really went out to some seedy places with Sudou senpai.

  2. Its here! I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for your take on episode 8 hehe. I agree with about finding this ep rather… meh. I only watched it twice (once immediately when eng subs were out and once in HD because its so hard to catch Yuki’s subtle actions without HD), when I’ve watched the other episodes at least 4 times each. LadyPD-sama really needs to take over next ep onwards FOREVER cuz she knows what she’s doing. Everything was just so clunky and wasn’t related to the developments we’ve been seeing 😦 Naoki believing Matsumoto about Kotoko and senpai was really abit out there. Unless I’m giving the boy too much credit for being able to maintain his intelligence when hisKotoko is involved! 😀

    “C) I wanna kiss her again, lips already ready and apart this time.”
    Hahahahahahah~ I love how parting his lips has become like a token of wanting to kiss Kotoko.

    Anyways, hopefully things will be back to normal with this week’s episode *prays*
    Hope you had a lovely holiday, mookie-san! 🙂

    1. Thank you dear! I had a wonderful time! ^^ But June would be ruthless and I doubt I can even blog much.

      This coming ep would be quite a bit of angst for our Kotoko, I just need it to be good! ep8 has been missing ALL the Irie nuances that makes it so lovely all along. We’re TOLD he knew of them stalking all along, but during the date, there should be hints it was all an act towards Matsumoto, and clues Irie is doing his own observation on Kotoko and Senpai because if we were to buy he truly thought they are going out until what he observed today, which legitimizes the urgency of him to make the subsequent love confession, there needs to be something we can grasp on. It’s more for soothing our nerves, Kotoko and Senpai would be too slow to pick up any of it, and everyone would be happy. Without those touches, better transition, building up to the end scene with at least a semblance of of date between Kotoko and Irie as in letting us and Kotoko see Irie enjoying himself with her, instead of just them running for a bit, making Irie’s exposition seems sudden and out of character.

  3. * sorry for double post… it posted before I was done typing for some reasone

    lolll I’m not the only one!!!!! this episode definitely felt… flat… @___@ i looked it up on wikipedia to find out that there are two directors/producer (?? don’t know which one it is) that oversee the episodes… and so far I’m finding 永田琴 to be the one giving me all my favorite episodes, and 阿部雅和 affiliated with all the episodes that bug me and makes me roll eyes. :

    各話 放送日 サブタイトル 監督
    #01 2013年3月29日 恋は流れ星とともに 永田琴
    #02 2013年4月5日 恋の入門試験
    #03 2013年4月12日 モーニングコーヒーは恋の香り!? 阿部雅和
    #04 2013年4月19日 チョコレートは恋のお守り!?
    #05 2013年4月26日 ファーストキスは誰の手に!? 永田琴
    #06 2013年5月10日 ライバル登場!?前途多難な恋 阿部雅和
    #07 2013年5月17日 恋のサービスエース 永田琴
    #08 2013年5月24日 ファーストデートは突然に 阿部雅和

    weeps I want more 永田琴 too~~~~
    there were some goodies in this episode (like the hilarious fangirling of Matsumoto and Kotoko XD hahaha that was just awesome, or the hand grabby slowmo that reduced me to goo<– I'll have differ with you on that one… mostly just on that shot alone… the unnecessary running I just laughed away/compartmentalized)
    but for the most part you've explicated a lot of my annoyance with it: the choices/directing in this episode was just plain awful. I almost flipped the table when they made Kotoko run around the park for hours with suddenly-missing Irie.

    1. *Sweetie, I just went ahead and deleted your duplicated message*

      AHHHH this makes sooo much sense now!!! Thanks for digging it up and I agree! The 永田琴sama episodes are definitely superior, though the other PD’s episodes were still decent to me till 8, which would certainly be handled better by 永田琴 because there was so much inner workings going on with Irie in this episode that was totally missing without lady PD’s touch. She’s just so good.

      But that lovely handgrab can be done when they first hold hands and it’ll still be lovely, it’s just that physics wise how Irie picks up Kotoko is not practical at all, they are lucky that Honoka must have insane core muscles as a ballerina.

      That leaving Kotoko without a word in the middle of their ‘date’ was the biggest offense for soooo many. It shed an insensitive light on Irie, breaking the momentum building up to his confession for one thing, then for Kotoko to just take it as no big deal is so not Kotoko, when earlier in the ep our darling made an ultimatum to Dad she is never going to give up on Irie even if he will never like her, and the shock it must be just minutes ago ready to give up and send her blessing for Irie x Matsumoto and the guy suddenly gives her hope, asking her out on a date Irie style…then dashing it. That is one intense emotional roller coaster ride it takes an unfeeling heart to not be devastated. It won’t be just a shrug of, ‘oh well, here we go again Irie’.

      1. It also looks like they’ll keep alternating the PDs for the rest of the episodes…. I hope I’m not looking forward to a hate-love-hate-love watching experience =__=;;;;
        lol and about the hand-grab… hahaha it’s just swoony cuz of their pretty hands (especially Yuki-kun’s~~) I think i’ve given up trying to find what makes sense in this episode =P (like Kin putting an antenna thingy under a table?…. =__= can you really not think of something better?)

        1. I haven’t watched 9 yet, but from the raves of it, it’s AWESOME! ^^ haha I think the fans at weibo have tweeted ladyPD their complaints on 8. Hopefully it won’t be as jarring from now on!

          1. how much do you want to bet that it’s awesome because it’s 永田琴 PD? LOL wiki hasn’t updated yet so I can’t tell =P

            1. I’ve heard Mr. Mangaka was seen at set for this episode. This us actually done by another new pd. 🙂 i really dont have a problem with 3,4 done by guyPD responsible for 8. So there is hope it is a 1time thing.

  4. And I swear the following comment did not come from my pervie mind but the dearie making this following gif taking note for an expert of hands in pockets it’s taking the agile Iriekun forever to get hanky…it must be weirdly and suddenly snug pants. *:X I did not come up with that*

    Seriously? o.O Someone is more perverted than me? XD Actually, while I was watching him fumble with his hands, I did not expect him to get the hankie out. I was sure he was just putting it in his pockets because he couldn’t trust himself not to reach out to her, to touch her face and wipe the tears, embrace her or do something equally revealing.

    I still enjoyed the episode but I wasn’t impressed with with the date either. Kotoko broke my heart when she said she couldn’t watch them any longer. I can’t imagine how much pain she’s been going through, but still so courageous to have come out to see the date and maybe do something to hinder it.

    1. BUT…what he said it quite revealing already and Kokoto can totally YY it to he’s proposing so it’s kinda too late to take back his speeches and not want the action to speak his words as well…he should’ve reached for her. It goes with everything he’s mumbling about. I just don’t get how anyone don’t wanna HUGGGGGG that adorable crying thing.

      haha I was more his hands are too big to have much space to fiddle in the pocket…but then it still goes kinda sorta down the gutter after I type this out :XXX

      I still love Kokoto in her every scene, but it’s Irie I need more from.

  5. “Did Irie lose his mind?! “
    LOL I also thought Naoki was acting rather out of the ordinary. O_O”” I liked the episode overall but something felt like it was different, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was because of the different PD? Or because it wasn’t faithfully following the original?

    And in the sunset scene, I also wish they would at least hug or something!!!! I was hoping for a kiss but gee, at least a hug!!!

    1. It hasn’t been faithfully following page to page to the manga, but thus far the changes are if I may say so, brilliant and what an adaptation should do catering to its medium.

      It’s a frustrating episode for me because little touches, just a look or a bit more nuances thrown in for Irie’s case, I would be an utter happy camper. I really do not mind it as much as I sound, except for a scene or two, BUT the thing is, it could be so much better.

  6. Hi, i’ve been lurking your journal quite a while and finally got a chance to comment. 😀

    seeing many spoiler and caps from the manga (i haven’t read it yet, so correct me if i’m wrong XD), i’m noticing there’s quite a different Kotoko interpretation. Kotoko manga is more the aggressive type with outspoken confession to Naoki that she loves him, and that’s making Naoki act all ego and confident that she loves him. there’s many manga scene which Naoki ask Kotoko to “prove her love” to him, right?. While Kotoko miki’s are different. She’s mostly act like “usual” girl in love type and still does have her pride, i only heard she’s saying to Naoki in person that she likes him (not counting the “stop loving” confession) when Naoki “Attack” her in his bedroom. We all the viewer know that how crazy Kotoko to Naoki, but truthfully i’m can believe how unsure Naoki (and his 5 year old EQ ) for the possibility Kotoko still like him or not. that’s making Naoki Yuki’s more awkward in interacting to Kotoko, and he choosing to gave her a handkerchief instead of hug is just Naoki Yuki’s would do… ofc, i would prefer that he embrace him or smthing, it will be a huge fanservice. lol

    and LOL. the confession is like a wedding vow also to my ear >< Kotoko, you're jumping to the right conclusion~

    Still, mostly i agree with everything you said that this eps is quite a let down. But the "Koi yo" totally win me over and my fangirl inside. XDD he's totally waiting to date Kotoko instead.

    sorry for my long rambling 😛

    1. Hihi~!

      gosh that ‘Koi yo!’ is just ridiculously yummy, my knees are weak just typing it and reliving his voice saying it in my head.

      It goes both ways. Both the Irie and Kotoko here are toned down in OTT from the manga. In the manga, Irie is meaner and more annoying, prone to pervily teasing and toying Kotoko every chance he has. His nick for Kotoko is baka and he never hesitates to call her that from the get-go. He gets mad at her quite easily, he hollers at her. Kotoko in the original seldom gauges herself to the circumstances/decorum, she will almost jump into her I love Irie missions blindly, oblivious to sensibilities. It’s almost like she’s truly living in the daze of obsessing over Irie and never for a moment thinks straight for her own sake. It really is quite bizarre how little self-respect the Kotoko has in the manga.I think Kotoko here is as aggressive in the sense she is brutally honest with her feelings, this adaptation did not miss much of every Kotoko said or done showing Irie she loves him just it’s not as obtuse. She’s never shy to let her true feelings heard. When she witnessed how off putting Irie could be after 5, she did make up her mind to get him out of her system and determined to persevere, even though at the end of 7, it was in vain and she acknowledged she is loving Irie more and she heck it all and set off to the stalking mission, which someone as retarded in love as Irie can see through as just another proof she still has him in her mind.

      I am quite sure Irie is very sure of Kotoko feelings for him, yes ep8 laid it out as though he sincerely thought Kotoko is going out with Senpai but that is too stupid to suspend my belief. And it is one of my big frustration at the core of the episode. In the manga, how Irie developed the misunderstanding progressed smoothly with incidents he happened to observe himself, but even so, if he’s that unsure, just after finding out Kotoko is not really with senpai, there is no need for him to make the speech, expressing his feelings even if inarticulately. The thing is he was not awkward in 7 at all, here in ItaKiss in Tokyo, with an obviously silly rumor, and all words of Girl2, he’s regressed a few episodes of awareness. Towards the end of ep7, when he’s carrying her in a princess embrace, he could fake all he wants he’s looking straight and not noticing Kotoko totally dazzled and flailing in his eyes, with eyes not able to pull from him, but their eyes were literally just a foot away. He knew Kotoko is staring at him in a daze like he’s a dream coming alive, her knight in shining armor Adonis, and she’s really chatting with God in her head. Kotoko was beyond delighted when he finally called her by her name during the match, it would not be a big deal unless she’s still obsessed with him and every little thing he did was like a firework of awesomeness to her.

      If I let it slide and go with Irie was really jealous and unsure of Kotoko and Senpai, at that end scene, he’s made his speech, he saw how emotional Kotoko is and how she’s jumping to the conclusion he’s proposing marriage and she’s not at all contemplative…more like ecstatic! 😀 it is obviously an outburst of the happiest tears she’s ever shed in her life and I trust he can join the dots it’s solely because of what he’s just said and done. We saw him casting her intense glances of intrigued a few times at her downing the hamburger truly like it’s the most delicious thing on earth and no hamburger could be THAT delicious, and her face is glowing in an utter joy not because of the gorgeous sunset. He saw every bit of that and that can only be this token of he cares about her, in his clumsy words and the tiny gestures, triggering this immense overwhelming happiness in her, and her face at that moment must be the happiest face he’s ever seen in his life. I do agree he must be overwhelmed himself and not knowing what to do, but hugging her must’ve crossed his mind, and wiping her tears too, if not he won’t fish for the hanky. He tries to downplay it as if it bothers him her face is now a mess on top of her soiled dress. But he must know her feelings and Irie has laid his feelings out his way, so imo they are past the point to be awkward for a little caring tender skinship. IF he can instantaneously grab her injured ankle and carry her in his arms without hesitation just because she’s hurt physically, here she is so beyond overwhelmed emotionally because of him, that truly begs for a hug at the very very very least.

      1. Yes, i got your point,^^ sometimes he can change from Hot and Cold character in merely a second is annoyed me. We all know he supposed to be an ass like the manga, but i’m already happy they portrayed him not that bad.

        It’s supposed to be very annoying male lead and very obsessed female lead, huh? i don’t know if i can handle that type of drama 😛

        At least episode 9 is awesome, and the preview for eps 10 is more awesome. i’m still place my hope high for this drama XD

        1. I JUST WATCHED 9!!! ^^ That’s more like it! Lets hope 8 is just a blemish.

          I love this Irie is not really that big an ass as well, he’s not the warmest chirpiest person around but there is no menace in him (aside from those triggered by jealousy which is kinda cute anyway). Yes, in the manga it’s like he beats her down a lot and she just takes the abuse for a long while, not giving up on him. It’s still a tiny bit like it in drama but not as bad.

  7. Mookie what series or movie did this line came from ?
    “”You are below my station…you loitering in my soul and I can’t get you out of my system, so take responsibility of your fault and marry me and make all these alien FEELS and frustration and uncertainties go away, woman. cause you started it. ”

    I enjoy reading your itakiss posts, but i guess im easily entertained because the episode still made me happy.hehe

    1. haha I’m just a rant monster. I still have moments I squeed in this episode, but just that the ending scene could be a thousand times more shipper heaven and one of my fav scenes in ISWAK. I’m greedy, imo I’m robbed of one ADFHFGAFSDAHGAASGFFJGJJ scene btw my precious Kotoko and Naoki! and I WANT THEM ALL PERFECT! ^^

      Oh…haha that was my babbling and rephrasing (poorly) what Darcy said in the 1995 P&P

      DARCY: ‘In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. In declaring myself thus I’m fully aware that I will be going expressly against the wishes of my family, my friends, and, I hardly need add, my own better judgement. The relative situation of our families is such that any alliance between us must be regarded as a highly reprehensible connection. Indeed, as a rational man I cannot but regard it as such myself, but it cannot be helped. Almost from the earliest moments of our acquaintance I have come to feel for you a passionate admiration and regard, which despite my struggles has overcome every rational objection, and I beg you, most fervently, to relieve my suffering and consent to be my wife.’

      1. The infamous Pride and Prejudice! thank you for letting me know. As for ITAKISS, the love beams were distracting me and im shallow i was so focused w/ the hand porn.lol but i watched it again to get another view from your rant and yeah i must agree. a week later with less spastic self im seeing your POV on this episode. BTW mookie, i noticed that gif above “baka” gif do u have the video of that?

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