A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep9

An ItaKiss Love in Tokyo episode is infinitely better when we let Irie do his thing.  Let us peek into his brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr genius head a bit more and ALL IS WELL WORLD!

And what is letting Irie do his thing?  He still seems like this cold unfeeling alien most of the time….UNLESS when Kotoko is giving him up, for good.  Since ep5,  this has ceased to be the story of a girl pining over the impossible dreamboat.   Kotoko has stopped being an annoyance in his life, at least he welcomes the pestering, he loses his marbles when she’s not there clinging to him.  We have Irie to ‘thanks’ for a shoujo romance to squee over.  Because if he did not make his move at the graduation dinner, if he did not drop the breadcrumbs for Kotoko to follow his footsteps in joining the Tennis Club, if he did not make a never before appearance for practice just because he misses her too much, if he did not start the bet with Senpei thus subjected Kotoko to spending a whole week with him almost every waking hour of leisure when she’s respecting his ‘wish’ to leave him alone back to his life prior, if he did not show the care and concern towards her, when she’s hurt, when she’s taunted by baddies, when she’s a zombie…  I trust this Kotoko to have the sensibility to snap out of it and move on.  but he’s the one who’s been holding onto her, not letting her out of his life.  It was not as apparent in any other versions of InK.  This is just too good for words.

Honoka dearie, OTT is my kryptonite, I’m much more tolerant with Jdorama manga adapts but still you are making OMG-er faces than OMG faces and I keep loving you and your faces more and more and MORE!  I feel so horrible when I’m so happy seeing you on my screen, even when your Kotoko is miserable and me giggling uncontrollably at walking dead Kotoko. *g*

We skipped almost entire chapters in the manga and I welcome it.  Chibi the puppy is introduced into the family, cute as it is,  I’d rather the time be better spent like ep9 did.  Unbeknownst to Kotoko, she is now the muse of the manga club, a pervie manga where she is a scantily clad tennis supergirl.  At an open day/bazaar at school, Irie and Kotoko accidentally win as a team and the prize is travel vouchers. The Iries and Aiharas went on an onsen trip for winter break togehter.  A lot of the restaurant scenes are streamlined, I’m relieved we do not have to see Kotoko eating at the restaurant daily just to see Irie.  I love all the omission very much, except the part of Irie having a nice talk with Papa Aihara on Kotoko and life, Irie asks how he and DaddyIrie made up their mind on their vocation, how did they find the passion and drive, which is clearly what’s lacking for Irie.  Kotoko also hears from Senpai of Irie looking for a place to rent and a job and his serious talks with his professor. The moving out of Irie would’ve transitioned better if just the talk with Papa Aihara is somehow worked in.  Just a VERY tiny complaint on an otherwise OMG soooo good Itakiss LiT episode, I’m not worthy.

1.  He leaves, leaving behind a backlit lingering glance.

Oh let me hug you and give you a very good oneechan TLCpat on your head Kotoko, he’s a bad bad boy and yup, do not give him the pleasure of you staring back at him longingly, begging him not to go.

On this end,  the door is right there, less than an arm’s reach and Irie makes it a scene to turn his head to Kotoko’s direction only, pauses and makes one deliberate intense glance at hisKotoko, as if Mom and LilBro are transparent, as in, my eyes only have you, ‘TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!!!’  Like the kind of look a soldier taking off for duty to his army wife. Gahhhhh~  Kotoko, yes, you should look away for your pride’s sake but  if you keep staring, maybe he really won’t go.  And I could have an episode of you both staring at each other.  I COULD.


HAHAHA what a foodie, having stuffed plush of desserts hanging in room.

And how you subsequently suffers my darling, serious mental trauma indeed.


Look how miserable and lonely this visual is.

Without her little footsteps, from a few feet behind you to just right next to you, it is not the same.

4.  Kinchan and Satomi, maybe Kotoko did not share every word of his ‘love confirmation’, so it may not be your fault, but Irie, the miser with words, dedicated one whole line ‘I do not mind living with you under one roof.’  And that same night he announced his moving out.  Yes he’s finicky, but clearly he’s planned it for a while, at least before he said that line, and he’s never absentminded.  Yes,  he loves eating his words, but he was never as serious with his every utterance when talking to you Kotoko that sunset.   He wouldn’t give you that tender loving lingering look right before he walked out of the door.  He made it a point to alert you his moving out has nothing to do with you, Kotoko.  That is the first thing he wants to make it clear, knowing exactly what you would misunderstand about his decision to move out.


Ah!  Aren’t you Irie’s… ba-ka/ie his love nick for wifey.

DingDingDingDingDing correct answer, 10 points each to the geeks!  Bonus crushing from the 2 Irie’s…….cutiefriends Satomi and Jinko!

6. While Satomi, Jinko and Kotoko are busy calling themselves Ba-kaaa, the passerby nerds conveniently spill out Irie intelligence.  I know I know, Kotoko, Bad(notreally)!Irie did not tell you he’s working part time.  He did not tell you where he’s working and living.  I would love to comfort you from my end of the screen as he said to you, MamaIrie and LilBro, he can’t be distracted by personal chitchat, soooo Irie, you have a lot of personal stuff to say to Kotoko, and the aloof, withdrawn, cold prince you of all peeps could be distracted, huh?! Oh how come? kekekeke  I love how even LilBro is passively acknowledging (and later showing his support)Kotoko, obvious with her loving Irie.

He was throwing you deep emo loving glances even if you are just eating a hamburger, he’s now working at a coffee shop, and he knows you love coffee, and he loves you making him coffee, he has asked for you to make him a cup, remember?!  And I think this dreamy scene is embedded in his head forever, maybe the first moment of which he finds you the visual of a dream he doesn’t know he has of his future wife.

I will make it a point it is one thing knowing the favorite beverages of your family, but Kotoko, who a year or so ago is of no concern to you, yet you are absolutely certain she is also having a coffee…I reminds me of those I still do not understand public display of affection/ romantic gesture of a husband taking the trouble ordering for his wifey.

7. So all of us except Kotoko, Satomi and Jinko can guess Irie wants to have some alone time figuring out his life, and he’s been confused and occupied with so much Kotoko thoughts he’s said he is overwhelmed and  has not figured out how to tackle the feelings, how to deal with it all.  THAT IS, he has feelings for hisKotoko, a lot of them messy feelings.  Priority is priority for Irie, and I applaud him for thinking straight given what he is going through emotionally.  And it is very understandable considering how well he knows his Mother, if he leaks out where he’s working and living, he’ll be stalked 24/7 and defy the pur-po-su of him moving out and be alone.  I mean… on top of Sherlock skills MamaIrie has wuxia internal energy and adroit sword moves *muahahaha and the Csubs is so cute when Mama hollers Let her sway and wither in the (sword) wind*:

8.  Personally I would pick the guy who can sway his hips like so while carrying delicious food he makes himself, and would keep him as a lover:

We officially have PapaAihara joining TeamKotokoIrie4ever in his subtly awesome ways.  We go from Papa firm on his conviction this is impossible and he has to interfere in order to protect his precious daughter.  Then after he completely understands how genuine Kotoko’s feelings for Irie, he supports her no matter what, even encouraging her on,  he’ll be there cheering for her if only as a safety blanket lest she will get hurt further.  This unconditional, nurturing love from a father to his child is different in nature from the love kinchan is basking Kotoko with, but it’s also the same in some ways.  Without their love and support, I’m not sure if Kotoko can have the infinite energy and verve to give her all in his relationship with Irie and a relationship with Irie, even now we are quite sure of his feelings and Kotoko has some tiny fog of idea to work on, still begs a LOT of work.  I love how Kinchan is written in the drama, I can’t say it enough.  I love how PapaAihara throws in a caring fatherly nudge on kinchan, who is in the same boat as his daughter, telling him not to let his parents worry more about him and focus on his job at hand, and make the best of what he’s got.


The cutest stalker EVER.

Irie should be aware of her stalking, but he isn’t.  His love is expressed through his doubts and underestimations of the extent Kotoko has been falling for him.  I guess he must be aware how cold and mean he’s been treating Kotoko, even though he didn’t intend to, he can not fully grasp the how and why she’s so obsessed with him to have the complete faith in her love.  He must’ve thought seeing him at work, knowing he’s doing ok is good enough, it is enough even for his Mom and his Lil Bro,  Just as his idea of caring for her is to keep her bewildering obsession over him at a manageable degree, it is what he’s deduced as to how he should be caring for her, his alien genius way.  I’ll give Irie the excuse he’s being so secretive to not put Kotoko at harm’s way, wasting time stalking him late into the night (and him worrying about her constantly as a result, remember he’s faked just taking a walk to talk her back when she’s run away from home and the time he just so happens to be at the exact street corner as she’s passing by at night, thinking she was at the restaurant to see Kinchan?).  Now that he knows she knows where he’s at, it’s only logical to expect her there, no Irie?  BUT he’s missing the point Kotoko has not gained the confidence in herself in your heart just by his clumsy speech, and she definitely doesn’t get Matsumoto is nothing but a friend to him or else he won’t be at such ease around her.  He thought she’s got the memo but it’s in Klingon.

10.  A few hours later, due to lack of sleep from PTSD, we have Zombie Kotoko:

Please please please tell me I’m not the only one holding in sobs and guffaws at the same time watching Kotoko’s heartbreak as a zombie on hunger strike.  While feeling for our girl, and my heart is reeling,  I am a terrible person to lol at her.  hahaha I lost it when she’s doing her zombie ganbette dance:

11. OTP gagaing scene alert:

Plant vs Zombie

Irie: What  is WRONG with the world?  Zombie apocalypse

I do not think we were ever robbed of a Kotoko and Irie’s chance meeting at the Uni.   We’ve seen too many times how Kotoko had to be on a serious lookout around his department in order to catch a glimpse of him.  Do you think they have classes in the same building?  Most probably not.  It is visible he is expecting to see a Kotoko there.  That is Irie has to know of Kotoko’s classes and when she’ll be where.  Oh how cute!  I do not think it’s ever happened where an Irie will plan out a bumping into a girl by chance, unless it’s Kotoko.  And he used to shrug it off, never honest about the obvious.   Here he’s almost standing still, begging Kotoko to just give him a look.  How shocked and NOT!happy is our Irie, frozen and putting himself in contemplation in the middle of the stairway, just because Kotoko is now a walking dead and did not even see him, not paying him ANY attention.  *hey since I’m fresh off a Walking Dead marathon high and if Iriekun you are a fan of show as well, you should know zombie needs to smell or feel the warmth of humans, or blood, so if you hug her, or kiss her, it will bring her all alive and agitated.  It works on any females dead or alive as well, with you doing the hugging and kissing of course.  BTW hahaha the C Itakiss bebes are naming scene Plant vs Zombie:  as Naoki/直樹 is literally ‘straight’ ‘tree’

LOLZ  Mikichan How do you do that?  And to Walk and ACT?!?!


We are DONE with faking nonchalance huh?! Hooray!  There must be a bro code with Senpai and it makes me  tremendously ecstatic.  Irie goes out of his routine to look for a Kotoko he’s worried about, so obvious with the purpose of your rare appearance, even the very dense senpai can tell right away and spills all the info you need to gather.   Then you intensify your investigation on why yourKotoko is turned into a Walking Dead by dipping closer to home, asking your little brother out for intelligence gathering, you can’t even look at the poor boy when you fake the nonchalance you are just wondering how are things back home, that extra patting on LilBro’s head is out of quite a bit of guilt huh?  It’s so not solely because you are missing the boy, but also a patpatpat on job well done of giving you more to work on, saving yourKotoko.


I’ll take this as an subliminal acceptance of Kotoko as your future SisinLaw, Lil’ Yuki.  Everyone is turning TeamKotokoXNaokiforever surely this episode and assisting the OTP from every angle they can, even if it’s not intentional.  First you tag along the We <3333 + Miss Irie mission, a Kotoko there not really bugging you anymore.  Then you are spilling beans on how ‘things’ are back home is all Kotoko, you must’ve sensed this is what your BigBro is about, huh?  Smart boy is smart.  Irie will clearly lose the show of ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader in the romance department’ if his lil bro is on.

14.  Here because it’s pretty and it’s tweeted by the sweetest considerate too dreamy to be true Yukikun at Weibo.

This is why I was a nuisance at libraries, probably still am.  Gimme a cute boy with pretty eyes and long lashes and GORGEOUS hands so focused on his book I could shamelessly droolz unnoticed.

15. The episode takes off from here and MY DOKIDOKIDOKI IS STILL DOKIDOKIDOKIING.

Yukikun, back to PERFECTION.  His Irie is still coming across as mean and heartless but you also get it is not from a black dark place inside him anywhere, he just doesn’t know a better way to interact to other humans who is not at his alien wavelength.  His face is immediately surprised and concerned he has anything to do with Kotoko’s demise.  Poor thing, but I mean you have done your share of teasing and toying with Kotoko, it’s karma how much seeing Kotoko totally losing it is worrying you and you must’ve stayed up past your 10pm curfew pulling your hairs out.

Are you saying….tell her directly…that I love her and her only?   She’s my OTP, the one, my future wife? 


Satomi and Jinko:  OH baby steps, tone it WAY down,  she has no sustenance in her body and in no mental capacity to not squee her heart out for REAL.   (and you too,  craycray fanobasan)

I’m terribly curious to know what OTHER hypotheses you come up with, clearly putting all your energy to it last few days, alien genius boy.

16.  OH KINCHAN *sobzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

I’m always here, anytime.

Fact: Kinchan is beyond gorgeous. And Irie should be threatened, very.

Fact: The most beautiful friendzoned boyfriend one can only dream about.

A dearie wrote a teary love ode to Kinchan speaking my mind and more.

I have to keep humming to myself the spoiler Kinchan will have his own very pretty goddessy blondie OTP coming his way SOON .  Those earnest, moving words, and his actions speak a thousand times more beautiful of those touching words.   Whether Kotoko gets Irie or not, he’ll be there for her, he’ll stay exactly where he is, not pushing forward, forcing his love on her, caring for her, not asking for anything, not even an apology of she can’t reciprocate ever.  With his sweetest, warm, welcoming arms wide open, matchy flowers in the background, we all want to dash into your arms, Kinchan darling.  Irie owes you so much taking care of his wifey when he’s so inapt.  It is you who moved and jolted Kotoko back to life from a walking dead, back to the Kotoko who is the sensible girl who will not get her obsession take over her whole brain, there will always be a part of her who put her dear ones’ well being higher than her own.

17.  This makes my day, my week.  Even when we’ve seen Kotoko done some shameless things a girl can do, there is still this part of her head that’s screwed right.  I honestly think Kotoko can live and function without Irie in her life and be happy.   It’s always been the other party I’m more worried about, and clearly he’s gone to some extremes he would’ve never gone before because of her, because he wants her in his life, whereas Kotoko is being herself.   Kotoko will approach love her way, no matter if the guy is Irie or not.


Do you have a minute?

Isn’t it lovely we have the ‘dokidokidoki…DOH~’ music so timely for this scene?! Wanna bet if Irie has EVER waited for anyone deliberately in board daylight?!  In the middle of the school, start of a school day, he might not even have classes (note: his following plans), ie he must’ve come to school early (and set plans in motion prior), propping his gorgeousness there, because he is obviously the rare oddity who does not own any form of gadgets for normal existence like phones, PC which you can email or chat or skype or whatnots.   See, he’s not even reading his darn paperbacks, his comfort prop of nonchalance, but all eyes on the lookout for you, Kotoko.  And Bebe, BRAVO!  You are truly smarter than you are leading us on, and all your ganbette cheering yourself up is working miracles in your game, because, apparently ignoring your Iriekun, or just saying a morning~!  and keeping his rule in mind keeping yourself 5 ft from him or sth and quickly be on your way is THE MOVE!

And you really are sweet are you Irie, in your cold alien adonis ways.  Not only did you waste however long of your precious genius time waiting for Kotoko to walk by, you have also gathered all your witnesses, that is after your thorough investigative work, for the big reveal, the problem solving pick-me-up Kotoko needs exactly, because of you, because she cares about you so much.   And you too, Kotoko gets your full attention and you must’ve loved it when she starts with, I’ve loved you… LEARN Iriekun, this is how sweet adorable human beings start their love confession.  They may meander, there may not be a point to make except the first sentence, but hahaha I bet what she’s segued into she’s a nuisance for loving you and it means nothing to you…that bugs, HUH?!

19.  This is the second time Yukikun has strut his body, in perfect body language, screaming to us O!T!P!  haha I’m not sure this is rehearsed, all I know is it’s too cute.  And Matsumoto and her even more annoying sis must not be aware they have been pawns to Team KotokoIrie4EVER.

20.  Lolz your wifey is willing to hand you over to another woman on a silver platter and you do not like it, one bit of it, you have to make her correct her terrible mistake, huh?!

Be quiet.  Just hug me.

If I’m going to live with someone under a roof, I’ve said I do not mind it’s you.  YOU!

I wonder if Kotoko REALLY grabs his arms and hugs him like her outburst of joy after her first serve, what would Irie do?!  My bet is he would most probably let her, but without the fake!judging glare.  And inside he would be so happy hisKotoko is back, in his arms, he may not be able to hold in a grin.

And you know you are beyond charming this very moment, but you still have to rub it in as your true buggy self, asking for YET another morsel of sweetness, your drug, Kotoko’s affirmation of her undying love for you, teasing her of giving you up so easily, so quick after he moves out probably for just a few days, and will send her blessing and be genuinely happy for you two.  It bugs you so, you have to let it out of your system asap.  So you, Irie, so adorable you in your annoying but we love you way.  And just to make your girl forever in your trap, you have to throw in a ‘Bye,  Kotoko.’

…..while you fling your bag over your shoulder, practiced to a dazzling perfection, because you bear in mind it’s a big deal to Kotoko, you mind which tries to not remember anything insignificant, just because of her passing quip.  Did you beat yourself further more last few days for forgetting to throw it in last episode when you were fidgeting with words in your most nerve-wrecking speech of your life?!


* If you haven’t pulled up your lazy arms to huzzah along, I dare you to stare at this gif for another 5 seconds and still not doing it,

SOO ADORBS!!!!!!!!!!!*

AWWWWW ALL is well world when our Kotoko is BACK!  *clapclapclap* Iriekun, good job at last!  What Kinchan did taking care of Kotoko physically is so moving, but really when it comes to the matter of the heart, a little goes a long way.  Life’s never fair!

*Kinchan WE LOVE YOU!!!!*

Did you stalk Kotoko, again, Iriekun?  I bet you did, you are just so good these two would never notice.  BUT, you have to let your presence be known and step out and  properly look at your wifey straight on, just to be very sure, and give a slightest of smile because you are happy, happy because she’s back to her old jolly self.  You just HAVE to.

PS: PD 永田 sama made a cameo in 9, where??!

24 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep9

  1. This post has me coming out from my stalker ‘ala Kotoko mode for any related Itakiss and Yuki . I’ve been enjoying this post guffawing all the way. That’s it officially declaring this is the best version of Itakiss .haha the zombie that can dance. Cutest thing ever. Thanks a lot mookie.

  2. So quick! Yeay! I’m so glad everything’s back in form in episode 9. HonoMiki was beyond adorbs in this ep! Its definitely OTT, but it just works for me so I’m not complaining 😀 Ganbatte zombie dance just slayed me. I rewinded it so many times and still cracked up when I saw the gif.
    Oh and I’m starting to love Irie-mama in this adaptation. She’s bubbly and stalker-y but VERY resourceful. She’s not as overbearing as I remember the Korean version being.
    Aihara-papa is so awesome. He’s such a great father figure in general, it would’ve been great to see him have that talk with Naoki, but maybe they’re saving it for later?
    Oh speaking of that, I’ve not read the manga, but comparing to what you’ve said and what was in the Korean adaptation, the LiT team really seems to be picking the scenes that works with this version of the story really well. Some of the scenes you mentioned would’ve not really gone with how they’ve developed Kotoko and Naoki here, so lets hope they continue doing the great job they’ve been doing! ^^
    “Since ep5, this has ceased to be the story of a girl pining over the impossible dreamboat. Kotoko has stopped being an annoyance in his life, at least he welcomes the pestering, he loses his marbles when she’s not there clinging to him.”
    I’ve not thought about LiT in such precise words, but I think you’ve just enlightened me on why I’m enjoying this adaptation so much! Thank you so much, Mookie-san! 🙂
    Watching Naoki dealing with love in his alien way in contrast to Kotoko’s adorbs straightforwardness is an absolute gem. I love how we’re getting more and more shots of Naoki making the effort to lovingly look at/search for Kotoko. Its unlikely that Kotoko’s doing it on purpose, but her inability to understand his wavelength, which forces him to be more direct or take action is just GOLD. Its like payback for him teasing her. So satisfying!
    Anyways, I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode as it seems we’ll be seeing more of Naoki expressing emotions! That look on his face in the last few seconds of the preview ❤

    PS : PD-sama was the first customer in the cafe that Naoki served. Speaking of that, yeay for more English scenes! 😀

    1. AHHH I saw PD sama now! TYTY

      Watching Naoki dealing with love in his alien way in contrast to Kotoko’s adorbs straightforwardness is an absolute gem. I love how we’re getting more and more shots of Naoki making the effort to lovingly look at/search for Kotoko. Its unlikely that Kotoko’s doing it on purpose, but her inability to understand his wavelength, which forces him to be more direct or take action is just GOLD. Its like payback for him teasing her. So satisfying!

      So well said dear! And vice versa too, he is actually so taken aback by Kotoko’s directness because he’s maybe not bashful, but he just can not understand the how and why Kotoko does what Kotoko does. He doesn’t understand for someone like Kotoko, loving someone comes with doing all these shameless things most naturally and she is having a delightful time at it.

  3. I wasn’t such a fan of Kotoko stalking Irie again, I want him to suffer a little (more than that zombie walk-by in the staircase) and really be left alone by her for… like several days or something! And I’m not sure why Naoki let’s Yuko hang around him as much as he does (I guess he just doing business, earning money but…).

    But I loved that the episode very much revealed all the support that Kotoko has around her, her Dad, her girlfriends, the whole Irie-family, and of course Kin-chan (the wonderful Kin-chan whom I just love love love. And yes, he’s gorgeous. Most of the time he looks terrible, but that’s because of the hair style he sports so if you look beyond that or just look at him closely… he’s totally gorgeous. Naoki should feel threatened all right!). I love her Dad being awesomely supportive, I love the girls saying ‘be honest about your feelings, tell her yes or no’ rather than saying Naoki should just like her, and that even lil’ bro joins in the silly disguises now.

    Kotoko would be fine by herself indeed. Naoki, not so (but I feel they need to make that point more strongly still. Fingers crossed.).

    I’m loving Kotoko’s faces/movements/gestures/whatever weird contortions she’s making with her body. Of course it makes no sense at all (if someone who has never seen a J drama watches this, they’ll find it mind-bogging and bizarre and probably run away screaming), but it’s fabulous!

    1. I fine with what Irie is ‘suffering’, I have to admit in the beginning of their relationship Irie has been suffering quite a bout of embarrassment all through last year HS. I’m fine with Irie not reciprocating Kotoko’s love in the beginning, just because she’s obsessed over him and declared her love, does not mean he has to accept it. So considering he really has no interest in her, her pestering is quite a clusterfuck for him enough. I am not sure being so emotionally miserable to the point he could’t function like a zombie Kotoko is ever a possibility for Irie, he is just too out there stoically rational, his bottled up confusion and trying his mightiest understanding Kotoko, worrying about her, getting to the bottom of things….all in all quite an onslaught of internal turmoil considering WHO we are talking about.

      Ahhhh you said it so well. Birds of a feather flock together..tbh I was quite puzzled with why Kinchan is so obsessed with Kotoko in every other adaptation till now. They truly connect, they really are mirror images of each other, just of the opposite sex. Truly two good sweet kids with a big unconditional heart for their loved ones. And the friendships between the 3 cute girls are so convincing, they bonded and are BFF not because they are of the same brain power (or lack there of) but because they are so alike in how they are so caring, not a mean bone in them, even when they are pissed off by an impossible Irie, they will still consider his feelings and be understanding, and focused on the goal at hand, stop Kotoko from being hurt even if they are making a scene of themselves.

  4. “He thought she’s got the memo but it’s in Klingon.”
    LOL MOOKIE, I CRACKED UP AT THIS. And of course I love all of your dialogue underneath the GIF’s/pics. *wink wink*

    1. haha it makes so much sense yet not for Irie to honestly be quite confident his talk is all there is to be ‘in a relationship’ and it’s almost like he’s solved a mathematical induction neatly and can now move onto Calculus, ie working on a life goal, without looking back at what he’s started with Kotoko and now left her hanging.

  5. I agree with alua, I want Irie to suffer a bit more because Kotoko ignores him *grin*

    “Please please please tell me I’m not the only one holding in sobs and guffaws at the same time watching Kotoko’s heartbreak as a zombie on hunger strike.”
    Me too… watching Kotoko’s zombie while crying and laughing at the same time >.<

    Thanks mookie, i enjoy reading your post ^^

    1. haha I’m glad I have company in being an unintentional meanie enjoying ourselves at Kotoko’s expense!
      Why I do not care for Irie suffering more is because usually we can calibrate how badly the character has fallen by how much he/she is suffering, not in Irie’s case. He doesnt follow that modus operandi. It is quite clear to me he did suffer his share with all his confused bouts of jealousy. I’m not an Irie, so I do not know how having a perfect mind in perfect control of everything in his environment is like for all his life till now, but I can understand that sudden offkilter, his life is now with frays and imperfections, while eye-opening exciting, like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, it must also be unimaginably nervewrecking for his very first time in life, when he must not have even realized he has nerves to be shaken to begin with. Most importantly Irie suffering won’t make Kotoko happier, she was most devastated when Irie missed his exam because of her, when she’s the one physically in pain. She doesn’t operate that way. Her love is not about checks and balances nor an eye for an eye.

  6. “Please please please tell me I’m not the only one holding in sobs and guffaws at the same time watching Kotoko’s heartbreak as a zombie on hunger strike”
    OMG, i’m totally can’t stop laughing when seeing zombie Kotoko. how can she be so scary but adorable at the same time is so beyond me XD and the zombie Kotoko Vs Naoki’s plant is just LMAO. genius!
    Did you notice that Irie also saying “Kotoko” when noticing who Jinko and Satomi is. XD He already imprinted “Kotoko” word to his mind. and the final “bye Kotoko” also ~~~ Am i the only one squealing so much at such a little scene that show his affection…>____<

    cannot wait for next eps! *dance of Joy* thanks for the review

    1. Oh I did not notice he refers to her as Kotoko. Now to think of him calling them Satomi and Jinko is quite a big deal…haha you know when you are fresh in a relationship, you start calling your love’s friends and family like him/her?! THAT! ^^ esp when he still calls Yuko-san Matsumoto!

      You know you have me as company! ^^ I was squealing so mad!! It’s so awesome of him doing it so deliberately, and he didn’t even care to mention Matsumoto’s name when he’s expressing his frustration as Kotoko not getting him and doubting him for ‘moving in with someone’ when he wants to be alone. Matsumoto is just a certain someone to him first of all, and he is stressing he wants to be alone as in not because he doesn’t want to be with Kotoko..he is telling Kotoko to not think and worry too much, he wants to be alone without distraction, and in other words, IF he has to live with someone, why would he move out when he’s stated he doesn’t mind living with her in the same house AT ALL. And you are special to him Kotoko, just because he’s calling you by your name now, affectionately, and would care to reinstate his thoughts to comfort you.

  7. weeps in happiness for this episode~~~ and next episode seems to be looking just as good crossing my fingers* I squeed SOOOO badly when Irie started to look for Kotoko again when she was in her zombie mode and was soooo obviously trying to get to the bottom of it. It was completely alien to Irie (and very naturally so) that she would have come to a conclusion/misunderstanding of that sort… Their wavelengths have yet to adjust to each other so it’s kinda hard for him to guess by trying to follow her thought process.

    And his solution? haha mr. i’m-too-cool-to-say-it-with-my-own-lips gets the Matsumono sisters to do all the explaining for him, while he stands and watch Kotoko hilariously/cutely figure it out and “go back to normal” again. XD and wow… mookie~~ I didn’t even catch that detail when Irie inched away from Matsumoto as she arrived~~ it’s either the PD is SUPER detailed here or it’s Yuki-kun’s amazing acting again =D

    thanks for sharing the spazz again! XD

    1. I honestly can’t see how the next ep can be screwed up! So much will happen in 10!!! SOMUCH!

      This is the best part, seeing these two clearly have feelings for each other, and sorta coming to terms with it and are aware of the feelings of the other party as well, BUT they still need a lot of plodding to be in sync. It’s fun to see how they express their love in such different end of the spectrum.

      I’m not sure if it’s I’m too cool to say it at play, but more ‘I do not know how to say it so Kotoko will understand right away without further mess, I would need all the help I can, witnesses, evidence…whole 9 yards, and AHA the TWO Matsumoto sisters can conveniently serve the purposu.’ Because he does pitch in, emphasizing the Matsumoto connection is all for the good pay and nice meals, crassly in front of the Matsumotos. There is also a tinge of pouting and frustration of ‘why don’t you have faith in me and doubting my feelings towards you again?!’ And thus he is enjoying the ‘See, not my fault, it’s you. And you are stupid, but adorable that’s why I can’t hide my grin. How I can sigh a relief and be back to my annoying self poking you when it’s obvious your misunderstanding is because you care too much about me, still.*happysmirks*’

      1. lol it’s also kinda awkward for him to explain everything with his own mouth– it’s just much more convenient to have the sisters do all the talking for him. Awesome how you pointed out his crass remarks, though I doubt the sisters actually caught on to that, as delusional as they are.
        I’m surprised that you didn’t catch him calling her by her first name though~~ lol

        1. He’s not supposed to know any of this, it takes great amount of inquisition and a bit reveal from the most helpful Kotoko’s BFFs. So it’s very well thought out of him to actually rope in the Matsumotos and it was after a tonne of prep work hahaha

          Oh sweetie, what did I miss again?

  8. The thing I love most about Kotoko is how she really cares about those around her. She’s very respectful about Kinchan’s love towards her while making it very clear about where her heart lies. Her relationship with her father is so sweet!! They are so honest with each other:) And, the thing I love most, she’s able to live all by herself whether Irie likes her or not. She cares for the happiness of those around her first and foremost, and I really appreciate about her character:)

    1. MTE! In the manga, and even the faithful ISWAK adapt, Kotoko comes off as so dazed in love, oblivious to anything not Irie and it’s only when she’s having rare moments of clarity she can be her sweet considerate self caring and concerning with others around her. It’s so different here, even at her direst, I mean zombie!Kotoko is extreme, she can still slap herself out of it because she cares about everyone so much. It is their genuine love nurturing her into this sweet caring soul, a soul she can pull strength from to pull herself up again lest she fall.

  9. I wept watching this episode but cracked up when Kotoko was during the gambatte dance.lol IDK why but i was terribly emotional and i was just not into Naokie….actually i wanted to wring his neck for hurting Kotoko-chan. But i was so giddy by how affected he was when Kotoko was in a zombie mode and didnt see him.Also the fact that he went to the tennis club practice…aww Naoki!

    The beauty of this version is that it shows us Naoki’s side of the story more than the previous ones. Even in his alien way we now have a clearly grasp of his true feelings which in my opinion weren’t translated well in the 2 other dramas.

    Thanks again Mookie! i always check your blog for ITAKISS goodies! And you’re more fluent than I am in expressing my FEELS for this drama. This post and rewatching episode 9 will help me until Friday! hehehe

    1. haha am I too lenient on Naoki this episode because I honestly can’t see how he could know he’s hurting Kotoko, so I really can’t fault him and punish him for sth he caused involuntarily. I don’t think he has the capacity to know. Maybe I am. How he’s insensitive with Matsumoto and her effect on Kotoko is actually saying so much about how it’s not even close to a choice btn the 2. He feels nothing for Matsumoto himself, and it is not like he would go on tangents obsessing about what Kotoko will think about this or that, he can’t, he hasn’t decoded her brain yet. Yes he’s kinda stupid when he himself will get jealous of Kinchan, but he thought by dumping Matsumoto right there with senpai and him taking off with Kotoko, then ‘confessing’, that should be the end of the misunderstanding as he himself have stopped any wondering of whether Kotoko could possibly be with Senpai, ever.

  10. Why on earth even Yuko’s little sister knows about Kotoko? And why on earth the Matsumoto’s sisters assumed that Kotoko SHOULD have known about the tutoring already and Naoki and Kotoko should have talked about that if not for Naoki mentioning Kotoko ALL THE TIME during tutoring? He must have mentioned her so very often that EVERY ONE must think they are in a relationship!!!!

    And I LOLed so hard when Kotoko went down in the morning, looking TOTALLY like Wednesday from Addams Family!!! Yeah, she was suffering, I know, but I cannot NOT enjoy the visual!

    And Naoki! You are so DONE for!!! kekekekeke… but I want you to suffer a little bit more! Let’s jealousy torture you! Kin-chan has once again prove to be a worthy opponent! Kin-chan, go go go!!! Even if you won’t get the girl, let’s show Naoki a lesson! This time Naoki can conveniently use Matsumoto’s sisters to explain for him but I can’t wait for the day he has to step up and claim his stake or else his girl will just move on. Meanwhile, please have more jealousy scenes, Naoki/Yuki is best when it comes to it 😀

    1. Yup yup and YUP! I think Matsumoto has a perfect idea after being shoved to senpai in the middle of their date then Irie’s constant yelping on Kotoko in front of her younger sister he has hots for Kotoko and Kotoko only. It’s very shrewd of her to still apply for the waitress job, not that she thinks this will do the trick, but just keeping herself in the game, be the ‘spare tire’ if I can say so. That is why she’s not too peeved when he made it a point he was with Matsumoto just because the tutoring job is paying him good and he’ll get food. He hasn’t started the tutoring for long AND he did not even try to hide the grin, as if his notty scheme is working, when youngMatsumoto mentions she can tell who Kotoko is just by description alone because someone has been telling her too much.

  11. ,it was so satisfying to see the look of befuddlement that Naoki had on his face when Kotoko did not pay him any attention when they met on the stairs.. heeeheeeheee….

    1. It is quite a profound suffering for some one in so much control over his life, cruising by splendidly without any true effort, and with just a shrugging off, not even intentional fr Kotoko, he’s so shaken and stirred to go on his elaborate plans to find out what’s bothering hisKotoko and then he takes care of business with one cool brilliant serve.

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