Itazura na Kiss 10 teaser/gifs/caps/bts/MVs/OMFGs


*****$%(^*$%&#*(SPOILERS for 10*$%&^%#*$(*****

IS THIS REALLY OK IRIE KUN?!?!?!?!????????????????????????????????

And fandom are we capping and gif-ing the HECK out of a 30s teaser NOW?!

How red are their ears?! AWWWWWWWWW XD


ASFHAGDLFJKLDSHFAGFFDFGDAAFDHFGDFADHDFA  Babes, we need to stay strong and healthy and lead a very productive week and survive in one piece till Friday in our tiptop shape. THIS IS THERE WAITING FOR US AT THE OTHER END OF THE GRUELING CRUEL WEEK!!!!!  THAT AND THIS TOO!!!!!:

In the very least, we’ll have truely tender loving grateful hugging and loving.  From the hint of it, we should have Irie stealing a kiss from a dozing off Kotoko, caught by Yuuki.  Now other PDsan, you are tentatively on my blacklist, MAKE IT WORK as in I don’t care for minimum stuff, give me fanservice to the GILLS and we’ll start talking.

The preview is only what, 30 seconds, but the goodness is neverending, I have Iriekun x Kinchan, running in sync, working together for their Kotoko’s wellbeing.  Since we are in shoujorainbowland anyway, can’t Kotoko marry them both?!  They compliment each other so well, bettering different aspects of Kotoko’s life.

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THANK YOU JESUS, BUDDHA, TPTB, MY MOTHER!  I’m happy to be old enough to have watched the 1996 InK, and this nurse lady is our ORIGINAL KOTOKO, Miss Sato Aiko.   That is enough to make me twirl a few circles, but her nametag…

IT IS入江 琴子 IRIE. KOTOKO.  When I usually type *SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* I seldom really make the real noise,of course.  I just did, for real.   This is 17 years since she acted as Kotoko, :~~~~~) so our Kotoko really did make it as a nurse!  Aiko-san said she would want to try out Irie’s Mom the most in the new adaptation.  LOLZ so the original Kotoko will be the hardest working most brilliant cupid for our 2013 Kotoko and her Irie, ie her drama son.    IF ONLY she can get Kashiwabara Takashi cameoing as the attending doctor, yes I’m greedy but to see with my eyes, Kotoko and Irie working together, still, 17 years later. I’m already tearing up, in so much joy.   This is respect, and love and dedication of the team, we are not worthy!  :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DDD

The exact hospital is already revealed, thanks to the insanely fantastic investigative work of the craycrayfandom.  I need to pull out the manga, IF this is also the exact hospital, if mentioned, I’ll need my breathing salts.  Or not, I’ll just pass out till next Fri.

*ETA: MamaIrie just blogged the name on tag is actually 入江蓝子 ie Irie. Aiko.   Still CUTE! ^^

Just a PS, but already, this is so screaming Mr and Mrs Irie.  And they are just too darn cute.


Lets have some Very cute MVs here and here.  haha and since Mikichan is said to be a facetwin of TW singer YogaLin they made an awesome (is there any awful Itakiss LiT MV from this perfect fandom?! No WAY!) Itakiss MV to his song.

25 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 10 teaser/gifs/caps/bts/MVs/OMFGs

  1. i already calm myself for not repeating for the 1267x watching the 30s teaser for the past 2 days and YOU POST THIS!!!!!
    let me second what you said~ *take deep breath*

    And yes, Naoki, he can definitely do that, please don’t hesitant to continue also. LOL.
    some fans said that they feel creepy seeing Naoki gaze to Kotoko sleep. @___@ wait. are we watching the same drama? am i the only one in the right mind here? XDD

    the PS is just to cute for word.. i could definitely see how adorable after they get married. If Kashi can also make cameo this drama would be too awesome, some fans hope Kashi can be the doctor when Naoki papa got sick. lol

    If the gif for 30s already this much. i wonder how many would turn out after the episode air. XDD

    1. I have no use for calm/functional/rational/normal till Fri and I’m pretty sure of myself I’ll probably lose it and be institutionalized for bizarre fangirly conduct.

      CREEPY?!?! They do not deserve Itakiss. Go watch their Teletubbies (THAT is some creepy) or sth.

      I know this is beyond greedy but I will be disappointed, however slightly, if Kashi is not the Doc for Dad. Gosh the meta of DaddyIrie being treated/saved by the OrigIrie when he’s not too fond of his son picking up the profession. And it would be TOO much distraction if Kashi appears with Sato in the Yuuki sick scene, it’ll take away my attention from the OTP, whereas it’s much more realistic to have a married couple, even if working at a hospital to not be professionally conjoined at the hips.

  2. ,I laughed at the last photo.. I had to scroll up and verify if it was just pieced together and indeed it was PSed.. can’t wait for Friday to come….

    1. 4 more days! FOUR! haha I think only if I am suddenly treated to a trip to S Italy and put myself into a deluge of obscene amount yummy food, wine and hot Italian waiters can I get through these 4 days not being a total nuisance to everyone.

  3. You must be kidding me! The BTS pics are so awesome, skinship and backhug, which means HE has to initiate that! That’s as hot as the bedscene. And Naoki must have tremendous self-controlled/-disciplined to calmly watch her sleep 😉

    1. HE is a squarepants, and from what he said in scene (in manga) he’s totally saying ‘not that I don’t want, nor is it much of self-control, I just am a difficult child and I won’t do as My MaMa dictates’

      YUP, we have Iceburg supremo IrieNaoki INITIATING a boatload of SKINSHIP, and won’t be faking it as a tease this time.

  4. I’m not watching this BUT whaaaaa, it’s been 17 years since the original InK?!! Oh I remember watching that.. my sister crazed for the guy like mad! Can’t believe they’re already near their 40s now.. original Kyoko still looks as young as ever!

    1. I wasn’t a big fan of InK1996( YES, it’s SEVENTEEN!!) and I was, again, sucha weird odd one: Kashi is nowhere near the most gorg Jactor ever as the pedestal he’s put on, still. I have RL HS gfs refusing to try 2013 out because of their loyalty to 1996. Ohwells, their loss really! ^^ Sato was a teen ‘beauty’ queen back then, she is now 35/6. She hasn’t changed much

  5. mookii!!!! good lord this post make me want to pass out until this friday night!! my favourite scene in anime is compact into one coming episode *second kiss**overnight at irie kun house**hug*..i don’t know what my reaction will be later on!..i have this scene in my mind..

    *kinchan and naoki went to hospital to see yukichan..when they arrive they see that kotoko is in miserable mode..later kotoko explain to naoki what happen..she cried..naoki touch her head to calm her down and later hug her..kinchan who always there saw the scene left with heartbroken and feeling release as he saw that the feelikng of kotoko is not one side*

    i know it kinda cruel for kinchan for i cant help this scene is what the most i’ve been looking for in jdrama or kdramas…

    1. Seriously I was actually scheming how can I take a hike til Fri (haha but it’s now just…47hrs?!!?!) It’s a mixed blessing to be head buried in work and stuff. WE CAN Do IT PDAT!

      This is the first genuine kiss fr Irie, no game, no annoying princely condescending silliness. And according to the planet Irie is from, everything he’s said to Kotoko about them since the ‘love confession’ in 9, it’s all lovetalk, confirmation of his feelings for her. He’s snapped out of his silly games now that he’s figured out what is going on, not that he’s particularly articulate nor having the normal sensitivity chip.

      1. yup the secod kiss is the true kiss from irie and i cant wait to see how yuki react…naoki definitely show more feelings towards kotoko but it is very subtle.. sometimes i felt like want to punch him and say “can you confess to her directly you idiot!” have you seen the teaser photo epi 11?? i died..please friday come faster!!

          1. yup!!!ahhhh!!! i died!! i dont care if naoki in tuxedo is just kotoko dream or not but seeing him in this formal attire is so awesome..can i just faint and wake up until last epi of itakiss show then i just can finish it in one time..waiting is hard stuff to do..i love itakiss current episode as it show more jinko and satomi relationship with kotoko and their growing character..

          2. Oh gosh oh gosh!!! Is he looking at her secretly whilst she makes a wish???? *heart stops permanently*

    1. haha whenever I click this silly post of mine and reply, I STILL SQUEEEE! I’m kinda afraid what kind of flailing beast I would become, come FRIDAY!

  6. I squeed like you did when I read the news that Sato Aiko will be in next episode and I just wish Takashi will be in a future episode. We can hope right?

    1. I’ll STILL willing Takashi to appear, somehow. STILL. HE MUST! And it really is perfect for Daddy’s stay. IT IS. IT HAS TO HAPPEN! I was this close to delurk and weibo PDsama to beg and coerce a Kashi appearance, but too many C fans got there before me, we are all having the exact same thought!

  7. Ahh!! Dear mookie what shall I do with this pining heart of mine! When will friday come!!!!:( now I can’t wait for 11 to come out too:( u have no idea the 848372652849495 times I’ve watched the preview AND then went back to watch ep 1 to 94827165839485 times more, refreshed your page and zyx’s weibo page 8474261674848484847161615 times..Friday please fly here now!!!

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