I bow to you Itakiss C fandom!

Miki and Yuki greeted Cfans in the most adorable Chinese here

This must be shot around ep7, a few wks ago while Yukikun was sick haha but his lethargy and blank face makes him sooo Irie.  Honoka is JUST TOO ADORBS FOR WORDS!

Other than this little gem being broadcasted ~live in US with subs, it’s now going to show in CN ~live with Csubs as well.  The power of fandom indeed!  When I added Yukikun at weibo when he started his acct around the time ep5 hit, he has a few thousand fans.  Now 5 wks later, 5 hours of awesome later, he has 435,000+ fans and the honchos noticed and bought the rights, right away.  A first for a little cable midnight dorama.  Yukikun posted the news himself! http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130607-00000317-oric-ent

He also loves his Cfan gifts so much he’s weibo-ing everything including his new iphone case:


I haven’t watched 10 yet, and wont be able to till after work. ><  IF you share my pain, have an MV It’s titled Itakiss on the tip of the tongue, ie ItaKiss FoodP0RNNN!   These horrible terrible terrific C fans!

3 thoughts on “I bow to you Itakiss C fandom!

  1. LOLLLLL poor kid he looks so dead in that vid XP thanks for the share though~ I feel the tingles knowing that a new episode came out today >o<~~~~

  2. i bow to them too!thank you for making itakiss more known and appreciated! i love2 itakiss so much.. i really want to know how much itakiss popularity in japan..

  3. Wait… Itakiss is also being aired here in the US?? What channel??
    Itakiss is about to end next week and I am absolutely sure that I will be experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms… I just need something to get me by or I might have to rewatch Itakiss episodes every single day. (which I’m sure I’ll do either way)

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