A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep10

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought of either ducttaping my capslock or cutting my Lt little finger so I won’t post entirely in cap and insult eyes all around.  BUT this is one entire post capslock is made FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not alone, I’m here, don’t be afraid.  -Iriekun, ep7

I do not know what kind of cool headed genius it takes to pull oneself off screen, makes fanart for this episode, but InK has been bringing them out of the woodwork.  This  is the first episode of InK LiT I can not bear to miss a scene, in my 5201314th rewatch.  In case you don’t know what a load of cheese I am, let me tell you out loud: 5201314 is I Love You ALWAYS FOREVER AND EVER in mando cyberspeak.  For most the ep ramps it up at the hug scene (it’s actually my fav in how emotionally honest rhyming with action the 2 of them are for the first time).  For me it’s Kinchan.

OHHHH KINCHAN! Come to oneechannnn! There I thot b4 ep we’ll still go down the vein he will make his presence known like prior reincarnation of Itakiss where we pitied him mostly and he was for some comic relief for us meanies. As dreamy as Naoki in this ep, he has Kinchan to thanks, on so many level, most sincerely, a bow, referring to him with newfound respect by using his family name, nothing is enough! He has his little bro’s life saved in part because of Kinchan. To see the him leaving Resto to look for the still dumbo Naoki not purely out of Kotoko pining but concern of the wellbeing of a child, like a normal adult would is not!canon, and so asdfghjkllgdghjkll. This is shoujoland, Guy2 is not supposed to be more RealLifeNormalAwesome than our precious Guy1! And what a good snapping on upside of head did Kinchan serves our prince on pedestal? The bow is a sincere thank you and an apology for inconveniencing. All little bonus points advantage Irie. However, the humility shown for this mellower Irie to take in constructive criticism straight down and to accept the golden kinchan pointers and change for the better on the fly?! Never expected in an Irie. But goshhhhh Kinchan! I’ve never loved nor wanted to mine a Kinchan but He’s MINE! His precious lecture to Irie is again my favorite lines in ep. I can’t imagine how big a person has to be, to drop real responsibility on a phone call and try this damndest to help, then for the good of Irie mostly with a healthy concern for Kotoko, put it in eloquent speech even an unfeeling alien can understand, teaching him what Kinchan is best at: to care about others before himself yet working his all towards a dream. He has so much ‘less’ in quantatively desirable qualities than Irie, but Irie must’ve sensed he is a real threat because Kinchan can do most marvelously most naturally Irie’s Achilles heels: to care and to take gd care of others.

When Kinchan can leave Kotoko’s to an Irie we all know is less awesome than he is that very moment, so respecting her feelings and his own RL responsibility at papaAihara resto, I’m so overwhelmed by Kinchan’s awesome I’m moved to tears. Even Kinchan’s resto senpai is cute beyond words when he takes up the phone and be useful and manning the rush hour with a ganbette! Awwwww!!!

Did y’all dearies let out a giggle like Satomi when Matsumoto tries her best at hairflipping off the embarrassment if not knowing Irie’s Addy! Muahhhhhhh

But with one swipe of his lovely hand, ohhhhIRIEKUN! This is perfect for their ht. difference, so much more apropos than a back hug fr him (too much) and perfection is while it would be out of character for him to hug her passionately, Kotoko finishes what it started and his face has never had that contentment of ‘I can be a comfort for another human being, myKotoko!’

Kinky!trulyFlailing!Kotoko is best matched with a calm, collected, eyelashes batting is only for necessary lubrication of his lovely eyes-Irie kun. His years of living with klutzy Kotoko must also conditioned smartIrie how to avoid embarrassing situations.

Lolz smooth Irie, so smooth. If u offered her ur bed from the get go, urK will not take it and offer u the bed then suffer on floor too shy to even ask for ur bed again and u can’t bring urself to say ‘Come here share my bed’ in those words. And ur bed is tiny! And u didn’t dare to face or tease her because u have to focus on ur control, and since u figure out ur ‘love confessions’ last 2 eps must be above her head, so u make her share ur single bed, it can’t get the mood more romantic dokidoki than this. And it works! An aware K finally gets ur point of moving out is not because of not liking her, quite the contrary as u can’t hold in a snark of her stupid/thinking too much.

I love how comfy Irie must feel around Kotoko only to admit he is wrong he is weak he is scared…his way of reaching out for Kotoko to comfort him only she can. He needs a hug our pretty iceberg but he has to keep his composure, propping his back at Kotoko. He has to stay firm at his stance against MamaIrie dictating his boring life. Too bad Kotoko is part of her design, and he gets it across by principle he has been difficult with Kotoko, but it has nth to do with her and his feelings towards her but gd that he has found his way to somehow skip around it, expressing he cares about her, and somehow Kotoko gets his pt as well (if she stays awake that is). Awwwww!

Yesssssssssssss! Kotoko darling. U r sleeping but we have ALLLLL collectively take note for you drawing our owns hearts! He has a proper love confession in his bag ready to pull out this moment after he has set the stage. But it is as lovely if not more to have the guy not able to take his loving eyes off your sleep head face probably till wee hours and you r the first thing his eyes wanna set on waking up! Sweet dreams on too many levels indeed, I can’t even start to envy.

This adapt is genius in how to brilliantly pick scenes straight off manga and not mess with it at all while liberal with the editing otherwise:

Nothing is stopping me posting another gif of scene:

This episode is sooooo full of  高能 ‘high energy’ ie TAKANO ie DAEBAK! the C fandom is calling it 核能/nuclear/nu-cu-lar as certain ex US president said it and still entertaining us.  I so feel for lil bro Yukikun here.  First his bro is clearly here more to smooch his wifey and be mischievous at that, and most likely the flowers are for her enjoyment as well, while the poor kid LURVES his bro, calling his name while he’s in so much pain, passing out,  instead of Mommy/Daddy.  And post-op, still in physical pain, he has to add emotional trauma witnessing.

OTOH, the ex Naokis and Kotokos are awesome.  When Sato-san gives me her Kotoko moment, ‘ Oh I had my cute girlfriend days like a Kotoko too!’, I weep:

Joe in uniform, what more can we ask a Naoki?!

I can’t be the only one sorta sickly shipping Yang Kang and Huang Rong in LoCH08.  MY LOVERBOY bumps into XiangQin the other day! The SERENDIPITYYYY!

*I’m sorry guys this is quite a halfassery of a spazzz not even scratching an itch. I won’t be back in civilization till next wkend. Until then I can’t really spazz my hearts out :/ but I need to when I’m BACKKK! *

15 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep10

  1. Yeah, I’m waiting for your review. Thank you. This episode is spectacular. I really enjoyed every minutes. Kotoko was so dull in the bed scene. lol. How could she still think it’s just one-side love? Poor Naoki, after all he’s still a young man full of hormones. it must be hard on him that he got to hold himself not to touch her when they already in the bed together. I guess he couldn’t calm himself to sleep easily and stayed up almost the whole night. That’s reason why he woke up late and slept very deep until not knowing when Kotoko woke up and left.

  2. Mookie, been waiting for your addictive post for ages. My ItakissLit marathon watching will not be complete with the additional insight to Iries psyche.Moreso for this eps so perfect in every level.
    Am with you with Kin chan . He’s awesome.He’ s a worthy opponent to Naoki. I cried seeing the proud Naoki who previously see himself more superior to Kinchan bowing in thanks and humility and how Kinchan’s words spur Naoki to open himself up to Kotoko.
    The hug and the third time he said her name, I died. Sobbing along with Kotoko. He is more attuned to her feelings now, to comfort her and also be comforted. Loved the quiet scene in bed when they had the serious conversation about life and the future. This drama doesn’t need fancy BGM to move hearts.In eps 6 Irie said he will never change his life to accomodate a woman. But his action proved otherwise. Arggh the way he looks at her while she sleeps so full of love and wonder. What would he have said if she had been awake to hear it.
    The kiss afterwards is every bit of perfect but how I wish Kotoko had known about it. There’ll be no doubt then in his feelings for her. Also loved that his younger brother , Yuki bear witness to the scene. How cute he blushes all red and must traumatic for him to see the brother he admired fall for the unlikely Kotoko.

  3. mookie!!!!my favourite episode of itakiss!!!my heart beating fast while watching this epi..i tried to avoid spoiler as i will watch it a day after airing….luckily i did it and scream of joy and had secondhand blushing during the kiss… we have hug, 2 kisses, bedscene *ehem not so*,coffee, otp night talk, and other important things squeeze in one episode! gonna download in hd and keep rewatching until episode 11!!! \(^o^)/

  4. i expecting a longer post. XDD lol. just kidding, i love this post! Wow! gratitude to the wonderful fanart, it’s so beautiful! lucky we have an amazing fangirl around us that can share something like this.. and here i can’t even comment more about this episode, it’s perfect in many ways.. Good job at the director for transforming the manga into those scene without making any less perfect. btw, why Kotoko asleep below the tree at the manga? i’m curious ^^
    Among the others, my fav moment is when Kotoko smelled Naoki towel and faint! Naoki expression when hearing the “thug” in the bathroom is just like “What that girl have done again?!” LOL. and what’s wrong with laundry at the rooftop? seems like a fav place for someone to make out. XD
    it’s just me, as much as i adorb Kin-chan as 2nd male character and contribution to Kotoko, there was never 1% of me that thinking he should be with Kotoko instead. i already 100% KotokoNaoki shipper from the beginning. I think that he deserve someone better than Kotoko who can truly love him. Poor Kin-chan, he really should move on. .
    Finally i understand the meaning of this mischievous kiss title. *stupid me XD* the first kiss, this 2nd kiss and later the rain kiss, it’s all Naoki “selfish, own doing, surprising without Kotoko permission” kiss isn’t it? ROFL
    ps. seems you forgot to tag the post. ^^

  5. Episode 10 is beautiful.
    The whole 51 minutes.
    All I can say is thank goodness no one else was home while I was watching it. I might’ve been sent off to the hospital otherwise. 😀
    As much as I love the hug and the kiss (and his smile after being caught… how can a man be so beautiful?), my favourite Naoki-Kotoko moment has to be their talk in bed. Its just so intimate and serious and the kind of thing 20-ish university students worry about. I guess I’ve found another strength of this adaptation : LiT is not just a love story, its also got bits about maturing into adults.
    Oh Kin-chan. So, so, so awesome. I think if the Naoki-Kotoko ship wasn’t as strong as it is, this Kin-chan would’ve won hands down. Man has heart. And that’s just about as important as being smart etc.
    I really want to see how they progress from this episode. Naoki has pretty much fully come to accept and understand his feelings for Kotoko, and after how gentle he’s been in episode 10, he better not regress to his usual robot mode. Although the look on his face in that still for ep11 has me hopeful 😀

  6. for me, this episode becomes the best episode so far ^^ the apartment + hospital parts really make my fangirling’s heart jumps out from its place, IT IS SO SWEET ;;A;; Naoki already feels comfortable enough with Kotoko, he tells her whats on his mind; his secret if I can call it that way.

    I noticed that the producer team do not make any scene related with Yuki’s friend; Non-chan. and, Aiko Sato’s appearance makes me smile, she utters ‘I-RI’ at that scene, hohoho.

    btw, thanks for posting Joe’s pic while he is on his military service. How i miss him ;;A;;

  7. OH My Gosh mookie!!! Haha I’m still having the endless feels and flutters after these few days and still rewatching AND REWATCHING and SWOONING! Hahaha irie’s quiet strength and growing to care for others and only showing his weak interior to kotoko was so swoonworthy! And how they had red ears at the appropriate moments! And when naoki did that subtle *clenchfist*must keep my emotions in check* when in bed and his continuous sighing before theres a hint of a smile when kotoko declares he can be a doctor..with his eyes darting to the left and to the right whilst on a brink of confession before he hears her sleeping to when he mutters how she keeps missing out all these important feels he has for her before giving the most soulful omg-I-want-someone-who-stares-at-me-like-this-gaze.sigh there’s so much of naoki for kotoko in this episode I can’t even!!

    I wonder if he would have stayed up the whole night on the floor, or if he would have kissed her had he known she was dreaming of her second kiss hahahah! And to top it off, they ended with the most hilarious pants scene to highlight how clueless kotoko is wrt Naoki’s actions and feelings

    But seeing as this is the mangaka’s husband declaring his love for her through this drama..it’s really sad that she never saw this side 😦

    Mookie!!! I found another baidu tieba gem on the show by lucyd!! She’s my new crack as I go into severe withdrawal before Friday comes again!! U must check her out!!

  8. \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

  9. I am far from being eloquent in expressing how perfect this episode was! I cant with all the emotions ive felt while watching it. Have you seen the photo of Naoki’s fiance? OMGGGG i can feel my heart breaking for our dear Kotoko!!!

  10. Oh, Kinchan. I have to admit, while he was at the hospital I was wondering if he forgot about the restaurant! But silly me, he’s not only caring and considerate. He’s also responsible to a fault. I know Irie will get Kotoko but I sure wouldn’t mind him getting her. Why does he have to be such a good guy?!? It makes it harder for me to enjoy Irie-Kotoko moments, lol. And the look on Yuki’s face said it all. It was the sad moment of truth when you realize your worst fears have come true. He knew deep down how his brother was feeling but the kiss just hammered the last nail of the coffin! Poor kid…better get used to The idea of Kotoko as your sister-in-law, haha. And Irie, wow. Such surprising growth from you! Learn from your mistakes and appreciate the goodness that comes from Kinchan and Kotoko:)

  11. o my goodness~~ the amount of gem in this episode!!! I’m so proud of these two as this is the first time after their entry into college that you see “adults” when looking at them. Isn’t this Kotoko just plain awesome, actually learning to cook a decent meal (with minor faults) that was edible (she actually went to Kin-chan to ask for a recipe)! Even though she kinda freaked out when Yuki got sick, she looked after him all by herself and managed to not burst out in tears. And she remembers all on her own multiple times to call Mommy Irie and update them on Yuki’s condition while Naoki was still reeling from Kin-chan’s lecture.
    Isn’t it awesome that Kin-chan’s lecture opened his eyes to reflect on what the implications were to his one-sided decision to go independent? It was the direct catalyst to his later bedside conversation with Kotoko; Kin-chan AND Kotoko spurs him time and time again to think outside of the autopilot life he’d been living, with Kotoko being what I call the thought-bouncing board for Irie (and trust me, those are very important). When they move beyond the love-rivalry thing, Kin-chan will also such a valuable friend to Irie. Oh Kin-chan~ you’re so awesome~~ for being willing to run across all of Tokyo without even knowing which cafe he’s at to find him~~ He’s the epitome of responsible– his first thought after knowing that Yuki went into surgery successfully was that he must return to the restaurant to relieve his senpai, even though it meant leaving emotionally strained Kotoko with his love rival. hugs*

    btw, I’m sure I’m NOT the only one who noticed and wondered…. lol Naoki/Actor-Yuki– what happened to your other hand when you were hugging Kotoko back? Did a sleeve button get caught in your jacket pocket? awkward-turrrrrrtle~~

    Will come back for more =3

  12. re: Kin-chan. thank you for writing something to highlight his awesomeness. i’ve never liked a second male lead so much as i like kin-chan. if kotoko doesn’t want him, i’d gladly take him.

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