A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep11


Can we just skip this episode?!

I’m BACKKKKKK to civilization.  Actually I tagged along my folks and aunts and uncles on a fancy bus trip.  The bus has wifi (ha. Ha.  HA! not really) but those 3, 4 am morning calls and 15 hrs a day on bus is totally not a life I can ever assimilate to.  Anyway, my butt is back on a chair that is not exactly more comfy, but at least it’s stationary and that’s a blessing and after a Monday of ALL HELLISH MONDAYS I clicked on 11.

HOW FRECKING  BORING IS THE EPISODE?!?!  I’m not full of rants like oh ep9?! (I mean 8)  BUT this has barely enough material for 10min of an ItaKiss LiT episode, the pace we’re fond of anyway.   Yes, all my prematurely old bones are shaken and stirred and achy and I have to constantly talk myself not run away to say Kauai for a wk of nothing but sleeping and tanning with sea turtles.  So it’s more me less than perky for wear.  BUT STILL!  IT’s an ITAKISS EPISODE!!!  IT IS SO NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT ME TO SLEEP.  NOR spiking a never up to any good ramen and cup noodles and pocky and KinChan’s cooking of LURVE cravings ALL AT ONCE dARN IT!  But not champagne, argh, I can’t stand peeps being so pretentious as to drinking champagne with KFC, yes, nothing wrong with it, but if I ‘posed I should find it so princely when Irie is doing it but all my brain is screaming at me is GREASY!!!  What rubs me wrong is I do not see Irie enjoying it along with Kotoko, it’s like he’s lowering himself with the KFC and fulfilling a duty to make her happy with the cake  (and comeon, when did he has the time to magically tada! a cake just when Kotoko wants one?!) when I need him to enjoy himself like Kotoko is, spending the first big occasion with his Kotoko.

But I did (wander off to my lalaland).  And I only snapped back till towards the end when MYKinChanOHMYYYYYKinChan is being awesome but heartbroken and by association breaking mine.   You do not go from actively hugging and kissing to THIS IrieKun or whomever possessed you in this episode.  Same for you Kotoko, cute as you are with your faces, this is such a non-episode of nothing happens except a sorta date on some big santa claus day which means nothing to me unless that holiday calls for mandatory baby making or sth.  Who needs KFC?!?!  Or food coloring galore CAKES as big freaking deals/climaxes?!  NOT ME!

haha sorry I actually had a very spiffy time last week, opposite of this rant monster thing you are witnessing, but it’s exactly because life’s been kind and I have not really that much urge to watch 11 to begin with, let alone rewatch and force myself to spazz and squee when I have NOTHING.  Not really real rants, but utterly royally bored.

Ok, yeah my gutterbrain did go somewhere it shouldn’t here:

When in the Irie planet, after you are quite brutally repeatedly hit by a tennis racket, as long as the person holding it is your future wifey, all is well except for the urgent loosening of one’s tie.  Yes, Kotoko, I know in your innocent brain this is just a visual of your Irie being impossibly dreamy and shuai, hence that gloating smile but I can imagine some major droolzing there, esp when I’m very bored.   And yo, I’m not the only one, some talented fan is also fanficing what SHOULD’ve happened after some bulbs were out later or sth (ok I made that up, the OP was just fanficing what could’ve happened one of these days if Irie walked into a sleeping Kotoko in her room without a Yuki in the room) :

So cheer on my sweethearts, if you have a scene or two you love and see things I missed, holler!   Otherwise, lets wait a few days for some Angst! in 12 and in the mean time have a spiffy fan MV, or droolzing at some gorgeous fanart of 10 (because 10 is PERFECTIONx10 to the power 10!!!):

23 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep11

  1. You know… I think I might be too harsh on the particular PD(s) at times… well I’m not exactly sure what went wrong… the entire episode was based on the flopped Christmas-gathering with her BFFs and Naoki coming just to rescue her from a lonely holiday– that’s not much to work with scriptwriter-sama. Perhaps she wrote this episode on a bad day because ep 10 was a treasure-basket just with the story of poor Yuki-kun needing surgery… but it was so fleshed out with an intro, climax, ending. This episode though… just felt… shoehorned and lazy, copying-off the manga. Or… IS it the delicate touches of PD永田 琴-sama that fleshed out the simple story-line? I don’t know…

    As another blogger mentioned, Naoki had A LOT of dialogue (wonderful ones at that) compared to this episode (and so does Kin-chan), so I suppose that’s the work of the scriptwriter– but almost JUST as much was said in the compositions of scenes themselves (PD-sama~~). To my boring, overly-serious self… there were too much silly in the actions of the characters in ep 11; too much manga, to little down-to-earth-ism (you smack a “robber” like that with a tennis-racket, a super tall one at that, and injure the top of his head? ok… i’m being nit-picky and shoot I made up my own word cuz I’m not good enough at writing to find a better, actually existing one)

    I’ve been loving the characterizations (for the most part) of Kotoko, Kin-chan, Naoki, and their families in this version of INK, but ever since they entered college, the narrative has been dragging its feet. The careful exposition of Kotoko/Naoki’s moods and emotions had been the saving grace since (I’d go ahead and attribute that to PD-sama). With the episode titles that were released (and changed =__=) by FujiTV… my pessimistic side is telling me not to look forward to any narrative-speedup… which may mean the quality of the rest of the episodes resting on… whoever’s the PD? ARGHHH

    1. There is not one line memorable fr our OTP, not one scene btn them that is particularly worthy. All I can rem is KinChan being awesome, but that we got it long ago. :/

      I think what hurts the most is Irie has regressed, yet again. Kotoko is even more clueless than she’s in HS. LESIGH!

      1. Exactly~~ I mean there’s still a bit to go according to the original plotline before he confesses verbally and their affections are cemented/made official… or there’s the rumored problem of Honoka-chan being underage (which I’d agree with personally) so they prob won’t showed the after marriage life (which i don’t agree… I’d settle for no kissy but more development of Naoki and Kotoko into adults and learning about HOW to love the other person)… but I’m really not enjoying the filler. Tsktsk scriptwriter.. and what the heck is it to have Naoki tug on his tie (for like forever!) when it’s his head that’s hurt?!!! @___@ Directing fail~ along with some other stuff here in this episode

  2. Noooo, don’t skip it! Or get some rest (fun vacation, huh!) first and then let’s try again! XD

    But in all seriousness this episode meandered a lot and I didn’t really care about Kotoko’s girlfriends,the angst over party that wasn’t happening and tacky christmas decorations. But like I wrote in my post, I did like that scene of Kotoko laughing hysterically and Naoki watching and almost cracking a smile A LOT. He is so obviously pleased when she is happy – it just screams OTP like nothing else. And haha, and your beef with champagne + KFC, Naoki is so awkward in that scene, I think it’s intentional? Naoki can be so delightfully awkward when he is all alone with Kotoko and and I enjoy watching him squirm.

    1. I’d rather rewatch 10.

      But him cracking a smile adoring Kotoko at her random Kotokoness has been done wayyyyy back, I just have no need for yet another OTP subtle confirmation, we’re past that a few eps ago after that ‘date’.

      I can take that KFC scene better if he did not regress back to denying he’s doing it for Kotoko, which he obviously is, and after what this Irie has admitted last episode, with the hug and the kiss and the deep talk (on bed at that) it’s sooooo underwhelming I can’t even appreciate the cute. Worst yet, IF Kotoko has the smarts to just let the annoying genius save whatever face he deemed necessary, but quite cognizant he did that all for her, but not happenstance as what Kotoko was conveying in ep, I could let it slide, I COULD. But as is, nah meh blah.

      1. Eh, I was expecting the regress. It happened in ISWAK too (for me the turning point was the date and the backhug. I really felt like Zhi Shu should’ve stepped it up after that but not, things got even worse with him moving out and stuff) and despite this version portraying Naoki as much more hopelessly and obviously in love, there is no space for them to move from episode 10 aside from either having a full blown confession+fall out or a regress of sorts. I think Naoki shooting adoring glances at Kotoko is as much as we can possibly get at this point. So yeah, definitely a letdown after 10 but I was expecting it. Plus, it will be rough for next few episodes. Although we certainly have Kinchan & Kotoko date to look forward. Honestly tho, I think other people are crazier (cough*you*) about Kin-chan than I am. I like him and he is much better developed here but he’s not overshadowing Naoki for me, not one bit. I would keep him for myself but I just can’t fathom him with Kotoko.

        1. See, this has been so magically ‘progressive’ an Itakiss adapt thus far, this Irie is like no other Irie, even with the regression and awkwardness, this has been toned down and smoothed out all along. Say for what happened in 10, it was particularly squeeworthy compared to the same timepoint in any other Itakiss rendition because Irie is so forthright about it, gone is with ALL of his annoying teasing. with ZhiShu and mangaIrie, we still get a fair share of annoyance say with the bedding scene, as we get the same old kitschy Kotoko is a horrible bedmate, and even the hug, there was this little sigh of relief that Kotoko initiated it on FukuYuki’s face, a very lovely nuance that took all the guessing away for I was sure even without Kotoko throwing herself into his embrace, he would’ve hugged her, he wanted to hug her as badly and has premeditated a hug somewhere and was relieved he doesn’t have to awkwardly initiate. It was not at this octane in ISWAK, not even in manga, it is as if Kotoko’s hug caught those Iries at a moment of surprise still.

          I’m actually more tolerant with ZX’s regressing exactly because he’s actually sticking more faithfully to canon, in the manga Naoki was abrasive and will rant out his frustration every occasion, his growth was sporadic, quite akin to what’s going on with ISWAK…but not with this particular FukuYuki Irie’s characterization.

          Nah, I must’ve worded it wrongly, but I never ship KinxKotoko, what I meant was he was a dreamier boat for me, Kotoko sets out for Irie, I would’ve knocked his champagne off as he’s smugly chasing his drinks, and won’t be able to gloat at some KFC but sat in silence and boredom, but not our Kotoko.

  3. Thank you for the recap! And I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the episode much. I think that if Episode 10 didn’t exist, then this episode would’ve probably been better appreciated. Anyway, there were a lot of quiet Naoki-Kotoko moments which made me squee a bit nonetheless and I liked the fact that they’re now focusing on Naoki’s thought process. Can’t wait for episode 12 onwards!

    1. Oh Floppy, now I’m embarrassed, this is so not qualified for anything deserving any thank you >< I should thank you for sticking with my silly rants *hug*

      I could be very wrong, but my thought at the end of 11 is….if I just forget about it, and come 12, it's still very coherent a progression from 10 jumping st to 12.

      I do like we got a showing of Naoki pondering about his career, BUT he's still not communicating at all to his Dad, to Kotoko, to Mom, to nobody. We've seen him uttering he's thinking about the topic already and look where he's got himself last episode without the right channels of communication btn himself and his family and dear ones. Yes, I know this is canon, BUT this has been such a progressive Irie thus far, I just must demand more.

      1. no, no. rants (or in this case, expressions of boredom :P) are also appreciated. it brings out different perspectives about the show. us fangirls often become too subjective for our own good. besides, they give way to healthy arguments and discussions. so that’s why i had to thank you for the opinions and the effort to express them 🙂

        according to trusted sources, there are 3 directors for this series:
        Nagata Koto: 1,2,5,7, & 10
        Abe Masakazu: 3,4,6, & 8
        Kawano Koji: 9 & 11

        so there you go 🙂

        1. Thank thee kindly! I actually liked 9, but 11 was my least engaging episode. It was a cute arc in ISWAK, but I enjoyed it more for XQ and ZS having lovely bonding time enjoying themselves in the company of the other over sth as simple as a bucket of KFC and a last minute cake. I was frustrated by 8, it was a letdown of an otherwise pivotal point of the story.

          BUT every episode LadyPD did, LURVEEEEEEE! Can we have her for the rest of the episodes?!?!?!

          1. That’s what my wish too. They all are good, but Nagato Koto could make the best especially out of our OTP. I really wish she will direct the last 5 episodes.

  4. i think we all had so much sugar rush in episode 10 that we’re given a bland episode 11 .haha regardless i still enjoyed it somehow but not as spazzy as episode 10. Im more amaze on that rubber stamp than what i saw last week.haha

  5. Can we just skip this episode?!
    De-lurking to say, “THIS!” For a while there, I thought I was the only one who found this episode to be a giant ball of MEH.

    After all the progress that’s been made, this is what we get in episode 11? Huh?! Did Koji Kawano (the PD of this ep) not watch episode 10 (or 7 for that matter)?

    I actually don’t have too much of a problem with Masakazu Abe (the PD of eps 3, 4, 6 and 8) but Kawano is the one that I am really wary of because whenever he’s in charge of an episode, he tends to amplify the wackiness of the characters (except for Naoki — he just flatlines through the episode.) This is my least favourite ep by far — everyone (Honoka, Yamada Yuki, her two friends) was so shrill and manic, and if FuruYuki gets any more expressionless, you might just have to check to see if he still has a pulse.

    The one tiny consolation I got from this episode was Kotoko’s decision not to bail on her friends, even when she could have, but that’s about it.

    What rubs me wrong is I do not see Irie enjoying it along with Kotoko
    MTE. His expression when she was telling him about her mother – he looked like he was stoned on engineering problems or something.

    Given all the progress he’s made since ep 7, I’d have thought Naoki would make more of an effort in his exchanges with Kotoko (if not in front of his mother, then when they’re alone together — isn’t he interested in getting to know her better as well?) but their interactions in this episode were just so bleh and filled with so much dead silence that I cringed watching them together. I would rather watch them do math homework and play tennis…anything but this.

    I would have been happy with just a domestic scene of them washing up and having a normal conversation with each other instead of Kotoko nattering on endlessly about Christmas and parties. What I wouldn’t give to rewrite and redirect this entire episode. It would have worked so much better if they had focused less on the cheese (i.e. the cake, preparations etc) and more on Kotoko helping Naoki sort out his feelings about his future.

    Apologies for the mini rant but I just wanted to ‘THIS!’ everything you said about this episode 😀 I can’t believe I’m saying this but bring on the angst if it paves the way for character growth and development.

    1. LIKE MINDS!!! LIKE MINDS! And word on EVERYTHING you said in your comment. haha thanks for keeping me company knowing I’m not alone! 😉

      That was my only consolation as well, Kotoko not dumping her friends…esp when Irie regressed back to being annoying and not even have the guts to ask her properly.

      You know how rabid I am with this and 8 was the only ep I was frustrated, I honestly can care less about logic or loopholes but this is the first time I need to occupy my brain or else I could not keep focus on my screen…AT ALL.

      See, that’s exactly what was going through my mind. I do not mind magically appearing cheesy cake, nor KFC, it’s all means to an end, but if I’m to believe they are as close to a couple as we’ve progressed so far, we really need real normal convo btn the 2. She’s talking about her Dead Mommy for freak’s sake, HUG HER! And yeah, isn’t this the most opportune moment to round up the episode thematically if Irie convey his thoughts on his career?!?!?!? I was totally expecting that at least, but nothing. I can’t be peeved enough of him loftily sipping champagne not even touching the chicken. If he’s truly delighted to see Kotoko enjoying it so much and it’s their first Christmas together, first proper Irie initiated ‘romantic’ date, it won’t kill you Irie, you’ve eaten her cooking, aren’t you at least curious what magic dust is it to make her THIS happy when you didn’t have the guts to admit to any niceties you did.

    2. I was laughing so much at your “stoned on engineering problems”! I pretty much agree on everything everyone has said here. Whoever suggested doing dishes n talkn abt life is pretty spot on with how i feel the tone of this episode should be. Although there were lots of complaints abt ep 9 there were a lot of things ppl could take from it as well.

      The only thing i learnt from this episode is that you CAN’T be alone on xmas otherwise u r just a socially inept human being.it actually made me feel glad that i dont spend every xmas in japan/asia for that matter. Even IF i didnt give a damn abt being alone eating food while watching tv (which is pretty normal or even enjoyable to some individuals like myself), id surely be depressed after hearing stuff like that from a tv programer!

    3. Your “looked stoned on engineering problems” comment cracked me up! I felt the same way!!! It’s like this person that you like is talking about their mother who is gone…if you were to tell this to a STRANGER you’re going to solicit more sympathy than he gave.

      I also think a scene as simple as doing the dishes together and taking about life is more the tone this episode should have carried as given the previous episode romantically satisfied all our needed squeal-worthy moments and more, we didn’t really need any more ‘romantic’ scenes so to speak. This episode could have been more toned down and just give us something we can emotionally connect with. Give us a flashback when he was at the bookstore of Kotoko’s voice. The awkward dinner could have been done SOOOOO much better if Irie just ate something for once in his life. He doesn’t even have to show us a delighted face cos this scene isn’t about the promotional campaign of KFC, just the fact that he’d be eating the same thing as her and watching her enjoy the food while he is actually eating takeaway with/ and for her is cute enough.

      And i can’t believe such a big deal is made about spending xmas eve alone. In fact I have no problems with eating in front of the telly enjoying whatever programs they may have on xmas eve or NYE or even (God forbid) …Easter! and i imagine Japanese variety programs on that night would be highly entertaining as well!

      I don’t even wish for character development because everyone has been well developed up till this point to be fair. Just give me some more emotion cough*Irie*cough /scenes of substance where I won’t feel like it was just an episode about girls who can’t spend time with each other or alone. I thought this drama was beyond stuff like that. And this is coming from someone who highly enjoyed the offerings of a non-favourite episode 9. At least there were things you could appreciate from that ep. This ep made me appreciate that I live in Australia.

      I was so disappointed with this episode and the preview of the next episode that I searched for another jdrama to indulge in as I was so annoyed at the shallow-ness that was this ep and surprisingly I found JIN. Thank God for JIN! What a discovery!Poor saki-san!!! lol Watching that helped me to recover for this episode’s slump and will hopefully carry me on to dismally watch the following ones too.

      And mookie I agree with you on “THIS BEING THE MOST BORING EPISODE EVER”

      p.s. the only thing that this episode did was represent a large portion of the shallow friendships out there and gave us a feel of what being alone on xmas eve means in asia…Thank God I don’t spend my xmases there. If you didnt mind spending it alone in the first place you would by the time you hear yourself be proclaimed a socially inept human being by the announcer of the very show you are watching while enjoying your yummy food. (let’s just assume everyone eats yummy food). Seriously this ep is equivalent to girls making a big deal about not getting anything/ doing anything on Valentines day with their bf and how tragic that is. We need the three girls to snap out of it and Kin-chan to have a new girl enter his life! Please!! For the sake of our eyes! n hearts!

      1. JIN is AWESOME dorama. Good choice!

        I so agree with every one of your thoughtful points. I was just screaming for Irie to take a darn bite of the chicken. All we were asking for some bonding time, interaction, normal exchanges of the two, not even with words. I’m fine with Naoki still teasing Kotoko affectionately but with this adapt, we need him to shower her with the warmth and care we know he can right after. I’m fine with glossing over ‘shoujo-mores’ BFFs will ‘betray’ our heroine to set the stage for quality OTP swoony alone time. Satomi and Jinko has been above and beyond fighting for Kotoko’s causes all along and I’m actually fine with them being shallow and selfish on this occasion. True friendship will not be broken on one booboo alone. BUT make it worth it! We’ve stuck with 4/5 of the ep with exposition, make the most out of the OTP alone time. No way am I nuts to be on the KinKotoko ship, but if I’m more affected by him than the OTP, it’s WRONG.

        This adapt have been quite brave and deft with tweaking canon. I was thinking it would surprise me most nicely (yeah, when I’m bored my mind wanders) if this Kotoko in particular decided to hail a cab and flop herself at Papa Aihara’s table and be fed yummy food, and be doted on by her Papa (with a side serving of patting on the head with all the love and care a Guy2 can allow to pour on our heroine by Kinchan). It would be lovely to let Kinchan still genuinely cares for Kotoko, not out of winning her, but simply out of cheering her up for the nth time when he can sense she’s down partly because she is not with Irie. This Kinchan being so sensitive and considerate and all out with his brain wired to take the best care of Kotoko’s feelings with get the point he has no chance with Kotoko yet again, but still allow their friendship to effectively flourish. This will allow Kinchan to move on properly. And yeah, I can always use another Irie jealous of Kinchan, pushing him to action because Kinchan is truly that much more tugging my heartstrings atvm.

  6. I myself did not particularly enjoy ep 11. In fact, there were a lot of loopholes that were worming their way out. Like how the part where Kotoko was scavenging around for food while just a moment ago, she was placing food in the table in preparation for their girls night . Even in it’s just finger food, it was a whole plate of them. Plus, it’s Mrs. Irie’s house were talking about Christmas eve to boot, and all they had in the house was noodles? Also, if you think a thief is breaking in, are you really gonna spend time to hide atop the stairs, peek and wait for the door to open? Shouldn’t you like turn on the lights first? And yeah, Kinchan is awesome..well, except the part where he decided to “surprise” Kotoko.. what was he gonna do? rap on the windows? or climb through them?

    1. hahaha the food crossed my mind as well, IF it didn’t bore me and tediously drag on those non-significant product placements shiz I wouldn’t give a care, but it’s not making sense Mrs. Irie won’t have a 12+ course dinner, at least a roasted chicken/turkey with all the fixings prepared for the girls.

      And why isn’t Irie switching on the lights?!?!?!??!

      I do get Kinchan is just taking a peek at what Kotoko is up to from the lights leaking through the windows. He always is the sensitive considerate one who made sure Kotoko is miserably alone by calling too see if bff#2 is also otherwise occupied after seeing bff#1 at his resto, thus needing his TLC, putting not intruding her life as a priority higher than him doting on her.

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