My Dreamboat

I.  Have. No. Words.

CHESTTTTT!/MANBOOBS!!! AND STUBS AND LONG SCRUFFY HAIR!!  He’s obviously growing it out for his sageuk role.  ME LIKEY!

Now that I’m quite depressed JoongKi will be leaving us in August for his MS, and is it just my cuckoo brain all sad and sobbing, but why is HBinnie looking like a SJK?!

I need all of these in HD!!!!  I see those Army ARMS.  Argh, can we please have a gratuitous nikkid  angsty bathing scene for our young King?!?!?!?!??!?!?!???????????



As I have said.  I. HAVE. NO. WORDS.

3 thoughts on “My Dreamboat

  1. SJK’s rumored enlistment must not happen T__T I’m waiting for him to sign the dotted line on Sea Fog (Bong Joon Ho’s next).

    And Binnie is lookin’ mighty FINE with growing stubs o_0 this I least expected.

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