My Fruitcake

This is one of the most gorgeous pic/thing I’ve seen and I love them wild animals and I’ve seen some cutest napping black bears and a frolicking grizzly baby, wolfies, foxes, bisons, elks, mooses, prairie dogs, bald eagles fresh last week…..but no living thing is close.

Y’all thought I have forgotten about my perfect pretty bias. NAHHHHH.  He’s up to all sorts of squeeworthy derpy things that is making my heart skip a beat or several every time I check on him.   DARLING YOU NEED TO STOP!!!  Serious.

Mulan seems quite well received, it’s promptly going on syndication on all the cable channels under the sun.  I’m still saving it for my unadulterated attention and the ever elusive free time to watch it properly.    There is a cute redbeanie (there is never a non-cute one, mind you), gathering all the Loverboy adoring live comments on the streaming sites, compelling it daily or ep by ep.  HAHA she’s teasing these blushing gushes must be from hardcore redbeanies faking it as random drama watching netizens.  MUST BE.  It’s very cute and shameless haha ie, could all be done by me, every word.

The other day, he ‘won’ some silly beauty contest at the formidable TianYa forum as one of the New 4 Beauties.  The ‘old’/Hall of Famers were Wallace Chung, Wallace Huo, Qiao ZhenYu and Yan Kuan.  All 4 of them gathered a super maniac rabid online following for roles they did way back when (顾惜朝, 欧阳明日, 李建成, 徐长卿), but the actors themselves were so underrated they were practically unknown outside of the TianYa forum, that was, at the brink of the birth of what C fandoms were all about. The year was 2005/06.  Now for some reason they’ve decided we should vote for the next generation.  It’s not hard to see it must be some Yumama shrilly shenanigans promoting Chen Xiao to higher grounds after his hit drama (he was one of the forerunners in the ‘pageant’).  I have no problem with ChenXiao, he’s pretty and can act, but I just don’t feel much for him because I can’t watch anything he’s doing as long as he’s attached to Yumama.  Cnetizens can see through it all, and thus the controversial new 4 TianYa beauties are ‘born’.    It is basically a useless, anti-attracting title, but since Loverboy is so well-liked/loved in the interwebs, he’s always been a shoe-in, whether we like it or not  (I don’t).  And the onslaught of trolls have begun.  There will be a few interviews of him coming up, I can’t wait to read what witty, interesting things he has to say!  Just for a tease, here is what a reporter weibo’d on the interview being published tomorrow:
【以前爱男神,现在爱男神经病】 郑嘉颖胡歌林更新同时掉河里,救谁?#袁弘# 想了10秒:救老胡!他游泳很烂,再说,小新和嘉颖肯定会组成组合自救,就算双双殉情,我也控制不了——新当选天涯四美的老袁,接受@庄知道 的采访——网络时代的男神,太懂得怎样击中腐女的心。详情,戳明天的《今日早报》。

[We used to love the dreamboats(男神), now we are into fruitcakes(男神经病)]  When asked if Kevin Cheng, Hu Ge and Lin GinXin all fell into the river, who would he save?  Yuan Hong ponders for 10 seconds:  ‘Save HuGe! He is a pathetic swimmer! ‘(SQUEEEEEEEE this is why they are the national bromantic OTP 4EVERRRRRRR!  YH is the one who repeatedly uses the excuse of HG can’t swim to answer all these ‘who is your most important person you’ll save before your drowning mother’ questions.  He was once asked a more ‘pointy’ version of if HuGe and ShiShi fell in the water…and he still answer the same old HG cause SS can swim.  Lest we forget, he’s the one who claimed to have taught HG swimming already…and is there sth more swoonworthy yet notty going on as to why HG is STILL a lousy swimmer, Loverboy?!?!) ‘Moreover, Xinchan and KC would have joined hands into a twosome to save themselves.  I can’t do much if they have decided to die for love like star-crossed lovers, you know?’ One of the newly crowned 4 beauties of TianYa, YH is interviewed by our reporter.   He’s a dreamboat in the world of interwebs, he also knows too well about the slashy fangirls heart.  For more, stay tuned for tomorrow’s issue of 今日早报

LOLZZZZ  the fangirls did a fanart on the 8+14 scenario so colorfully described by my naughty slashy Loverboy:

14:  HELP!!

14: Bro8, I can’t…  8: 14!  Hang ON!

8: Xin-chan, sorry I can’t save you~  *sobz*


ETA: hahaha of course there is always cute followups, this is from the weibo of the lucky fangirly reporter @庄知道 counting her blessing of interviewing this ‘male god’ (no joke, her words).  and trufact:  I have not come across ONE ladyreporter who is not a longtime fangirl of Loverboy prior to them crossing paths with Loverboy (this one has gushed about him on weibo).  I guess making a living playing with words makes one instantaneously irrevocably attracted to a gorgeous guy who is quite possibly wittier than you with word games.

要是每个采访对象都这么欢乐我的工作就不用这么苦逼啦! //@文凤: @庄知道 面对知道这个太多的男神,你采访的时候啥感想?[偷笑] //@袁弘:怎么,我答的不对吗,还是对殉情的预测不够准确… //@袁弘欢乐粉丝团:男神经#袁弘#你知道得太多了![阴险]

Here she was answering an old pal from TR days in the biz of YH @文凤, asking the lady reporter what it was liking interviewing a ‘male god’ who knows too much,  in a gushing if very interview she has to do is against someone as much a ball of fun as YH, her job would not be as ‘miserable’!   That is after Loverboy himself has to hammer in the point ‘he knows too much’ particularly btn the bromance btn 8 and 14, pouting he’s just saying the truth, but maybe he didn’t get the prediction of the ‘dying for love’ part exact.  And what is pushing me over the edge squeeing my hearts out is the RL friends of YH (and HG) and saying stuff like, ‘even if I only use my pinky toe to ponder, I know the answer is Hu! Ge!!!!’  lolzzzzzzzzzz

I literally saved up pages, 1000+ images in my photo album of this dude.  ALL. PRETTY.   WHAT  TO DO?!?!?!

After months of donning a turn of century Manguo do, Loverboy is sick of it, in memoriam:

And this is what he did to say goodbye to all the white uniforms, gingham and cheongsam:  Selfies, dyeing hair matching his poodle meowmeow, in a robe, in a messy hotel room, and that devilish smirk.

He’s not just a tease, we have this to look forward to in H!X!Y!

This is one cute playful H!X!Y! BTS, but who is so adorably still bearing in mind of his pervie hand fetishing fangirls’ wellbeing?!  WHO?!?!?

But this salon hairwasher of the 90s do won’t last, it’s just been announced, he’s the lead , playing a patriotic hero in some properly ‘harmonious’ SinoJapanese War epic drama 一个和八个(One and Eight) It’s based on the seminal 1983 movie starring a very young Chen Daoming (UNCLE<333333), cinematography by a young Zhang YiMou.  IF Loverboy is going to reprise my uber C uncle crush’s role.  I’ll literally scream my lungs out and you will hear me.  This is good news no matter what because we’ll get to see him in UNIFORM, nothing but UNIFORM, and perhaps NOTHING, with just a bit of strategically placed fake blood and grime, TOO!  But seriously, this is akin to landing a Taiga lead.  Just another sign my Loverboy is moving up the ranks.

Do not ask me why my dreamboats have suddenly up the ante and start posing with CUTEST DOGGIES.  I CANT. *Yes, if you have guessed it right that myHyunBinnie is also being ridiculously AFDGHKJHFGADGHKJHJGHJKHJ totally disregarding my heart’s well being outgorging a prefect puppy.  Bonus hugs from me*

He’s doing all this posing for a doggie shelter in Beijing, encouraging peeps to adopt strays.  His white fluffy family dog was lost not long ago, this hits very close to my Loverboy’s lovely heart.

He showed up at the promo rounds for Mulan last week, feeding the hand fetishes.  I liked the hair, yes I’m weird and I liked the outfit too even if it’s made from some old floral tapestry/wallpaper from the 80s shielded by tonnes of tulle/ used mosquito nettings.  *It’s said to be fr Bottega Veneta new collection fancy schmancy* Hey, the Pretty dyed his hair to match his outfit.  And he’s PRETTY!  Or as the Chinese saying goes, MORE PRETTY THAN FLOWERS!

Lolz all you pervie fangirls and your sicko fetishes, I LUB YOU!!!

This outfit comes with pink pants.  And I will buy that old phone useless saves for a few wallies of you, I will my dear.

宁财神 担任编剧兼导演的40集电视剧《#龙门镖局#》确定于2013年8月6号登陆安徽卫视东方卫视四川卫视天津卫视,由袁咏仪郭京飞张瑞涵刘冠麟李倩钱芳 领衔主演,姚晨范冰冰黄晓明陆毅佟大为霍思燕严宽陈晓马天宇袁弘李佳航王学兵保剑锋印小天陈赫 友情客串

Cdrama 龙门镖局/LongMen Express will be aired in August, and Loverboy did a cameo in it, along with ALL the who’s who.  My eyes are dazed reading the name of Fan BingBing and Huang XiaoMing.  This should be FUN just for stargazing alone.  The SiWon drama should also be out sometime in summer, as well as his movie Devil’s Right Hand.  Busy fangirl is BUSY!


18 thoughts on “My Fruitcake

  1. Hey I am in the airport on my way to Beijing. Is your lover boy there to welcome me to molest him, lol? I must keep my eyes wide open in case I see him in the airport, haha. Keep me posted on where he is as I cannot read Chinese, bah. Oh, so excited, being in the same country as him and all my c drama guys, heehee…

    1. OH!! Have a nice trip dear! ^^ I think he’s gonna be in HangZhou on 26th. And probably in his hometown WuHan today supporting some real estate project of one of his HS homies.

  2. Hahahaha! I like the colored hair….he’s more adorable! He can pass as one of the K-pop (my most recent craze) guys!

    Why is Loverboy so gorgeous and blessed with good looks and talent?!?!? Did he do anything great in his past life to deserve all these? Sighhhhhh….. I’m so captivated.

    I’ll be waiting for those dramas. Subbed or not, I’m gonna watch.

    1. Oh you do too?!?!? 😀 I love him more when he’s looking like some scummy badboy wannabe, I can’t explain it, I just do.

      Sweetie, I bet the Siwon Cdrama will be subbed very promptly by the Elves. So at least that one you can enjoy it with a better understanding! As much as I’m grumbling about WHY I have to wait for Loverboy this and that, It’ll definitely be out in WEEKS!! That and the other C/TW modern drama he did. TWO Loverboy dramas, aren’t we lucky?! Both should be breezy mindless summer fun, we cant expect quality, but the pretties should tide us over.

  3. It was his badboy roles that captivated me. I love the way his eyes speak with his acting. He is now in my level of “unconditional love”…. so the colored hair, I like. Hehehehe!

    Yup. We are lucky. 2013 so far is a good year for Loverboy and his fans. I pray it continues that way.

    1. OH ME TOO!! haha not that you don’t know it ^^

      I love how he has such a good mix of work all ready to explode in 2013. tbh, I doubt any of them will be as huge a success, both decently with the critics and the fans with BBJX, but this is building his portfolio, showing peeps what he can do outside of the box. I’m keeping a keen eye on One and Eight and see if the production has anything going on that could be interesting, but it’s hard to predict these days in Cdramaland, when the bottomline is all everyone has to time to bother.

    2. ahh i miss Loverboy posts here 🙂
      and “unconditional love” level is so true, because i as a traditional black-hair lover, even, can pass over his new-dye hair, although, the wallpaper outfit is a BIG NO for me, its so weird for my eyes *sobs* but still he’s so handsome 😀
      and those BS H!X!Y! pics is to die for, i need it right now , pleaseeeeeeeeee…….
      and saving HuGe, can the TPTB have them in a project again, please, i really miss seeing them both together *sobs* and always love the dog in glasses pic too, so cute just like his master 😀

      1. Honest, I’m praying for HuGe and YuanHong to be in a project together, every time I see either one of them since I was first introduced to their bromance in 2008 with LoCH. You need to join me in our most sincerest prayers!^^

        I think it’s most probably they will eye a meaty play, theater production, from the way HuGe has been promising in leading his career path back to a track I love him to (smaller role in serious dramas…and to my surprise challenging theater role), I trust he would one day materialize his dream of directing a play with YuanHong in it. I would fly half the world to see it live. I must.

    1. HI Chingu~! All’s well your end?
      haha the other day my hairstylist suggests me dying my hair for the summer, I was tempted to show her Loverboy’s color with one of his pics on my phone…but I chickened out.

      1. Yup, all fine here. Enjoying my summer break being as lazy as I can and hoping no-one comes to visit as I don’t feel like tidying up the apt. 😀 It got a bit too hot for comfort for a while but I like the weather now. Been out and about a lot.

        I think I had that colour hair way back when. Doesn’t suit my old face now, LOL! I’m still going to get some sort of reddish tint come next week though. *g*

  4. Did you see the latest Jiangsu TV press conf for Mulan? YH & Elanne are so cute together. Even though Chen Si Cheng was there, notice that the media articles only featured YH & Elanne because of their fabulous stage chem together. Woah…YH completely upstaged Chen Si Cheng, just by being his usual jovial self with Elanne!

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