With Bated Breath


One thing I am absolutely willing it to happen in Itakiss since Sato-san (the 1996 Kotoko) made an appearace as ‘Irie Sato’ is for  Takashi Kashiwabara (the 1996 Irie) to make an appearance, preferably as the doc for DaddyIrie in ep15.  *THIS and the rainkiss, IT MUST HAPPEN!! Crew leaked out some shooting in the rain the other day, so I can only be greedy and praying it’s done by ladyPDKoto, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseeeee!*

OMGOMGOMG KASHISAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhh he said he’s so grateful for Itakiss he must do it.  It makes me soooo happy just on the fact he’s no longer spotting some ojisan p0rnstarch he donned quite often last few years, let alone he’s looking GOOOOODDDD!  *hahaha and FuruYuki is absolutely looking like a dorky boy next to the senpai the suit is not helping*  BUT THIS IS!!!  AHHHH Don’t DO THIS TO ME, MYPOORWEAKSPECSFETISHHEART ! ! !

AND Kashi has to chirp he’s so delighted to share a scene with Yuki, to meet the 2013 Naoki, who is so tall and as close to straight off manga as humanly possible.  *Sobs :~~~~`)))) *  The filming has ended as of yesterday.  Good job team, but allow me to go cry in my corner not ever wanting to let you go~!!!!

Kinchan is such a revelation here, most consistent in characterization, and tbh more a dreamboat for me than the emotionally stunted Irie, plus I’m a horrible meanie, I enjoy EVERY Kinchan angsty MV  ( me sucha horrible horrible person, my fav scene in 11 is the end scene, the one when light/hope is offed and dashed in the world of Kinchan. )

TOMORROW IS FRIDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “With Bated Breath

    1. I still can’t believe it to be true…esp this is quite a small production, on a little paid cable channel showing at midnight with really not much a noise in J.

      1. ‘sobs’, yeah. The drama production and crew members manage to make it heart-warming. It just feels like these people really produce the drama for the people :’D

      1. Okay no glasses in the latest episode, but there are still 4 to go so I’m crossing my fingers. Hot guy with glasses is hot.

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