A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep12

*OH!  This is my ‘520th’ post.  ie 520/WoAiNi! I LUB YOU!*

Detours and curveballs, that’s life.  With only 4 episodes left, It would be hard to part with Itakiss, which has really taken me by a pleasant surprise.  I watched nothing alone but Itakiss last week.  I see most of my drama buddies lured off to ‘greener’ pastures of Heartless City, Monstars, the likes but I want nothing but Itakiss in my so miserably fleeting alone time.  I’m  betting on it ending shortly beyond a certain rain scene, a lot has yet to happen plot-wise, hopefully they will squeeze out every drop of swoonworthy gold amidst the angst.  It’s gonna be hard to count down the last few episodes, as I’m typing this we have LAST THREE EPISODES.  3! *SOBZ*

I do not have much problem with 12.  Yes, it’s not terribly OTP swoonworthy on the surface, and it is not helping I’m watching 5 mins here then 7 mins the next day.  It is a well done filler ep with the perfect little only Itakiss 2013 touches *thank you PD Koto sama!* but this little bts attached at the end, source of the following gif more than make up for fanservice!  AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I love how it’s always like breaking the 4th wall with Yukikun in every BTS, when he’s supposed to fake it as Naoki, but can’t help but dote on MikiKotoko and lets out these tiniest cutest grins I associate only with what a boy will cast on a girl he LIKES!

I’m the numero uno Kinchan fangirl, and of course I squeed my hearts out while bruising them this ep.  Afterall there are scenes of surprising depth injected on life, on growing up, on family.  The OTP is not the only thing working for me in this Itakiss, so I’m fine with spending time without say Irie most of the ep.   This episode has stuff to say, brickwork to lay for the final arc of the journey with our darlings, all of them, and if I see such pretty sakura petals showering my walk, yes I’ll jump and grin and dance my way around town, even if it would look so terribly silly not!cute when I’m doing it.

Let me cheer a little with a happy tear running down my cheek at the sight of Kotoko able to enjoy this pretty walk to school ALL BY HERSELF.  Irie is not a necessity when we have cascading pink sakura petals to make our shoujo hearts sing.

Kotoko may say the same thing of there is no progression on the KotokoxIrie front every episode till THAT pivotal scene in some rain.  But from the looks of it, she’s never been glowingly happier.  Being burnt and hurt by the ice prince ever so often through the years really make Kotoko the last ‘fortress’ sternly in so much disbelief to even think of it as a possibility there is anything going on from Iriekun’s side.  Yes, he’s done some stuff sporadically making her beyond deliriously happy, but she’ll count it as her own bursting fangirl heart gone tachy.   Afterall with such a beyond perfect BFFF (best friend forever friendzoned) what kindness Iriekun has charitably cast her way could never compare to the everyday sweetest TLC of Kinchan alone, let alone she has Satomi and Jinko.

It is really not that hard what is your life’s aspiration *coughMrsNaokiIriecough*, Kotoko.  Not that it’s the most girlpower!inspirational thing to want out of one’s life, but an aspiration is an aspiration, and if it grants you forever happiness, so be it.  I won’t judge.  I can’t. *HUG*


*Confetti and ricethrowing and sobs*  And I demand they have a customized wedding song meshing the ‘duduDUUU~!’ theme,  sound of our collective dokidoki with the age old wedding match.  MUST!

Here because this is a smell-o-vision, quite certainly an Irie’s I-see-stinky-SHIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!face

And we have older Matsumoto sis and Kotoko’s  same face if we are collecting a set.

And just by that, Older Matsumoto Sista is suddenly gorgeous and lovely and cute.

Finally MamaIrie’s mad stalker skill and her wuxia voodoo powess of slamming photos on fridge is scaring Kotoko a little, or Kotoko is in disagreement with MamaIrie for the first time.  Mama’s mole should be Senpai or else why will the point the 20 yo with a 40sth face be a threat on the fact she’s a better player than her formidable less annoying/way prettier sis?!  AND ‘CUTE’?!?!?!?

Oh MamaIrie, I never ever raise a brow on your judgements but here.

While DaddyIrie and PapaAihira are discussing future plans of their legacy, and for some devilish reason PD Kotosama decided to throw in closeup of FOOD P0RN, PapaAihira’s plan is to pass the restaurant to his promising apprentice, Kinchan.  This is what he’s been working his butt off for last 2 years after HS graduation when he saw it as a means to pave the way of a life with Kotoko.  This should be good news for a more self-serving Kinchan.  Now that reality hits, after what he can’t deny with his own eyes, him taking up shop will complicate things for Kotoko, it will be too selfish of him to push his own agenda even when he’s given the opportunity atvm.  Oh  how I love you and my heart weeps for you Kinchan!

As the baidu dearie OP said so eloquently why we love this Kotoko so dearly is partly because of how she’s raised by the best PapaAihara we’ve seen thus far.  The ISWAK papaXQ is endearing, but he seems to have his hands tied, clueless as to how to guide and support XQ.  How full of mutual respect and open expression of love in the Aihara household, especially rare with a single dad with his own busy restaurant to run as opposed to the more traditional gender roles adhering Irie household may have contributed to how different Naoki and Kotoko approaches life and everything in it.

Of course DaddyIrie loves his children dearly, but that disconcerted/puzzled face of his hearing PapaAihara’s plan to pass the restaurant to Kinchan, yet can’t bring himself to entertain the thought of wishing Kotoko marrying Kinchan, keeping his life’s work in the family, but instead wishing Kotoko to marry the one she truly loves and live happily with the guy ever after.   It is a constant battle parents have to juggle, their own hopes and expectations towards the child, and the child’s own wish.  It’s easier said than done when it’s not aligned.

hmmmm so DaddyIrie does realize after a good chat with his good old friend his wish for Naoki to take over his company is too selfish.  Hmmmm…

While I’ll vote Kinchan as having the most sense with Satomi and Jinko as close co-runners-up in the younguns of the drama, he is still diligent in slapping some more sense into himself…while not denying his own desire and pipe dream, even though he’s sulking in how nay impossible it’s gonna materialize.  That is truly the most painful dagger to the heart for our Kinchan, witnessing Kotoko being never as happier with Irie and Irie alone…and the nail in coffin being Irie undeniably reciprocating, the love, the happiness from being in love.  And his heart is no longer there to be his own most formidable cheerleader.  He’s not giving up even hope is fleeting, yet still aware of his confusion and defeat, staying true to his every feel, not delusional, there must be a part of him truly happy for Kotoko existing in his bleeding heart.  He’s not hyping and encouraging himself more than he should in something as selfish or futile.

Here because Satomi and Jinko are AWESOME, as always, but more so when I can cheer for their character and seeing them so ecstatic, realizing their calling and dreams.  AHHHHH!

It takes a Kinchan to be so in tune with Kotoko, even when she’s faking it, or not really.   He must be confident his food is truly masterful, not just garnished with the abundance of heart and adoration, but truly skilled, technically sound presentable gourmet.  He’s not the same Kinchan, he’s better himself and this is his last soiree, his best offer on the table.

It is not subliminal the visual is as if what Kotoko is complimenting Kinchan is like the glorious ray of sunshine at sunset to Kinchan’s eyes.

Again, I’m losing count, the best scene/lines of the episode goes to Kinchan:  Everyone has their own pace.  Finding your vocation does not take conscious thinking of a reaason, just like falling in love with someone.  *sigh*  It seems like moons ago in ep5 when our heartstrings were tugged by these two when Kotoko is the one giving guidance and support and encouragement on a deflated Kinchan.

And Kinchan manages to sneak in a heartfelt ‘Oh I love you~’ in the middle of his delicate lovely words.

And of course it gets to Kotoko’s soul, her shoujo heroine’s soul:  How to find a job she loves = how to find one she can spend every minute with the one she loves.  If I can shut my own silly rants and just enjoy how insanely cute HonoMiki truly is in her fantasy, there should be no room to fuss on ohtheheck why is Kotoko not able to have her own life goal unattached to the hip of Irie, because where have I been whole drama to suddenly put on an absurd feminist cap?! THIS is where my butt is at, glued to my screen enjoying my shoujo fluff.

*lesigh*  It must stings so bad when you’ve thought of everything, done everything, say everything right and STILL the girl is fantasizing about her man in your face, especially when you know so well love can’t be explained, Kinchan.  When you are happy just to see her, to cook for her, to give her a lovely pat when she needs you to, and she is so happy just to think of him, you must know your place too well, but who can help but hurt like the dickens?

I love that final push of Kinchan for his own cause, stating his mind as clear as crystal.  Not everything expressed has to be means to an end.  It’s not like it’s untrue Kotoko could be a sweet ladyboss to the aspiring masterchef Kinchan. But what I love most is Kinchan said it without the usual oomph attached.  Any man would want to make that girl (like you) happy!

…Even if that man can’t be me.  And somehow my functioning dreamboat Kinchan manages to smile for Kotoko’s happiness after his own defeat.

Even as little as I have lurked around,  I know the tweaking of this tete a tete from between Kotoko and Irie in manga to Kotoko and Kinchan is the cause of a lot of distress.  I’m firmly on the OTP ship, of course.  Kotoko loves Irie and Irie loves Kotoko, for all our eyes to see.  But that can coexist with Kinchan admiring Kotoko at his corner, and continues being her best friend that she can confide in.  Especially in the construct of this Itakiss, when Kinchan is now this amazingly considerate, caring, sensible soul, it makes more logical sense to me he’s the one able to give Kotoko nuggets of thoughts, which she in turn keeps it dearly in her heart and pass it on to her in a fog himself Iriekun.

Just the sight of Iriekun brings this smile on Kotoko’s face:

But of course, we are talking about THIS SIGHT!  *Can I be greedy and want SPECS?!?!?!?*

And this is what being a good admirer is about, to be a masterful, very considerate, not-intruding stalker.   Very cute in Kotoko’s case, but usually not.  Her every senses are keen on contemplating what Iriekun is doing and thinking, yet she respect Irie’s space and privacy, will never flop herself squarely into Irie’s life.  This is her way loving Irie now, it is not measured by progress (akin to Kinchan’s love for Kotoko) but the fact Kotoko is still not gasping what Iriekun is about must be the cause of some weariness.  A bit.  More so for aware of how Irie is working hard figuring out his life, in need of his space, but while she’s ruminating a bit on what’s pushing Iriekun out of his cocoon, ‘studying’ in ‘library’ for one,  there must be an irking Irie will confide in her his pace.

Juxtaposed with how our no chance ‘alpha’ girl Matsumoto interacts with Irie.   Not that I pity her at all,  but it raises my brow w how clueless she comes across on the inner workings of her object of desire.

Iriekun SMILING!!! haha is it because yourKotoko’s finger is gracing yours?!?!?!?

I am not the only one totally seeing the newly weds toasting their fam.  Am. Not.

Not terribly long ago, we have an Iriekun not even looking at Kotoko when she’s showerng him love tokens:

Or only when he can’t help but look at hisKotoko:

Or the first ever special loveydovey occasion between the two:

But now, not only did  Kotoko get Irie’s full doting attention when she speaks to all, ie these intense Irie glances are in front of his closest kin, they sit  together when their closest fam is right there and engage in small talk! Nothing says true intimacy in these tiny details when Kotoko can naturally lean towards Iriekun and his body language is totally open to her and her only.

Remember the seating arrangement when the Aiharas moved in with the Iries?


On one hand I can totally understand where Papa and MamaIrie are coming from.   Time and tide, you try to throw everything you must say to your son, hoping some will stick.   We were shown PapaIrie has given it a whole lot of thought, was on the fence, but knowing his heath condition, this is not an easy choice he’s made, MamaIrie has not let go of her control, it seems like she’s up her ante, how can she go from a doting Mom to Naoki under her watch and care 24/7 to only able to feed him when he’s home for special events and just cramp in as much say as she can over what she deemed the best for  her son she knows better than himself and is going through a transitional rougher patch in life atm?!

A Wish: I wish you’ll work for my company right after graduation.

A need: I need some more time. 

I dunno Iriekun, they have truly been doting supportive parents so far.  Yes MamaIrie lives in a shoujo planet but so do you.   You do not say those mean words to your folks even when they are imposing their thoughts on you because no way are they only thinking about their own well-being.  I do know where you are coming from, you are going through so much even your genius brain is going on overload and it’s been for quite a while….but it never hurts to care and ask and talk to one’s parents as much as one can.  They love you the most since the day you’re born, yes, even putting you in the girly outfits count, and there is no truer words as they won’t be around for ever. I can see where Naoki’s frustration is coming from, but I can’t stand by him when he’s actually the offender worrying about himself without the proper channels to care and communicate with his family.  His dad is the one supporting him to move out, allowing him the space, now he’s accusing his mom being the ‘perpetrator’, making it impossible for him to stay under their roof.  I would cut him some slack being young and rebellious if he truly has no feelings for Kotoko, but for his stupid pride and frustration alone, he’s hurting three very dear persons in his life.  Totally not worth it and yes he can use a slap, might as well be from his Mother.

That’s enough!

Do as you ‘preach’ Naoki.

This is why MamaIrie is ALWAYS right.  In my Csubs, she compared Kotoko to have the tenacity of a cockroach the Matsumotos lack, no beating can squish her, and that’s a compliment.   Naoki, perfectly aware his words must’ve reached the innocent but very much concerning her as well bystander and all he can muster in his heart it to cast her a shocked and a itsy bitsy glimpse of guilt, not even a kind word.   Shame on you Iriekun.

To add on your list of things you have no place to say, that night on your bed, when Kotoko fell asleep just when princely you was ready to pour your hearts out and you pouted she’s ruined the moment.  It’s so much more you seldom grasped any chance to throw a kind word when she can use one, or plenty, or a hug, and a kiss, or a warm embrace then a kiss, just when Mama and Papa gather themselves and peek or open the door to get our of the room then ALL WOULD BE WELL.  THE END!!!!  *I don’t really need rain.  I’m saying this as I’m currently living in an arid desert like hell suffering through a freaken heat wave and the electric company set something up like ‘smart day’ to guilt me into not turning on my AC for the sake of the planet and the grid and my bills.  ARGH!

And while I’m sweating my pants off, literally.  I do not appreciate Irie REALLY wearing the coat, when Kotoko taking the excuse of bringing Iriekun his forgotten coat and him really putting it on for the sake of pretty when he’s clearly wanting Kotoko to take a stroll with him even when he’s faking it.  If he needs a coat with pants on, Kotoko needs it more in her cute little miniskirt.   Again, for the nth time, you are lucky to have her heart Irie.  And your folks too, and your very caring worshipping your feet younger bro.  So Damn Lucky.   And I bet this very moment you know your Mama and Papa are so right on the Kotoko front.  How miserable, even if you deserve the bulk of it if you are off wandering the streets ALONE without your familiar Kotoko a few ft (then less) from you?!  How you’ll stew some more in your whining pain even after you finally hop on your train and got back to that cold tiny flat you call ‘home (my foot!)’  You’ve said words you truly mean from your pov, but will hurt Kotoko, yet you did not spare a thought on her well being, good that she’s fine and she’s all focused on YOUR wellbeing, but this is not cool.  No matter how canon, no matter how OTP from this point on the scene is screaming, this moment:  BAD Irie.

AhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!  HE APOLOGIZES!  Just a little, and only for her suffering of witnessing an embarrassing scene.  Not taking back any of what he’s said but that’s enough.  I am so soooo easy to please really I should hate myself! hahaha.   I was a bit harsh on Irie, the old Irie, if he’s truly against Mama forcing Kotoko on him, would utter definite concise NO! I WILL NEVER MARRY A KOTOKO!  (then eat his words later)  If MamaIrie didn’t get so brokenhearted, she would’ve see through his wording he’s against her forcing and planning his life out for him, not the Kotoko part.  Afterall, he’s made ample progress himself without her coercing behind her back, and that’s some major skills shying from the elite spying tactics of MamaIrie.  Love needs no reason, it just happens.

Good job Kotokochan. This is lovely, nudging him on his shortcomings and faults on what’s transpired yet never miss a beat to be understand and caring and not overdoing it like she’s pushing her agenda.   For a blatant longtime admirer/fangirl extraordinaire, this levelheadedness deserves a minute and no less of cheering and sincere clapping from our end.

I know how you feel, Iriekun.   And you really do, Kotoko on the frustration of not yet finding your calling, the purpose of life, as you set out to do in college.  It’s precious to be ‘in sync’ in the exact life’s dilemma with your OTP.

I haven’t found my purpose in life.  My life is living with my head full of nothing but Iriekun.

He KNOWS Kotoko.  HE DOES.  And it’s still a life.  The shoujo fiend in me APPROVE!

Thanks to Kinchan’s inspirational speech (The Best Assist!  My Poor KinChan!), Kotoko repeats Kinchan’s TLC for her, and I do love after 10, our Irie must’ve gained the forever respect and gratitude for Kinchan and takes in her every ‘Kinchan said…’ words, gone was his old childish JEALOUS Irie.  Kinchan and Kotoko together frees up Irie’s conundrum, to forever think and vex too much and let him follow his gut, his heart, in finding a passionate vocation in life, and in love.

Kinchan didn’t say it out loud, but with his slight loving smile he can put on his face towards Kotoko, along with his profusely bleeding heart that moment in the cafeteria, he’s saying the exact same words.  Kotoko here is genuinely wishing Irie happiness with the one he truly loves and if poor Kinchan is here unfortunately witnessing the scene yet again, he would nod his ditto, amidst his tears.

I do not doubt Irie interprets it as Kotoko is sending him along with her blessings, for yet another time.  It is not like he would still be shy to act upon how he truly feels about her, and Kotoko will still be in so much disbelief to believe his absurd actions to his loud repeated words to entertain the thought, but his pride won’t let him, that and his void of a sensitivity chip and brain wiring for only tangible non-human matter of fact matters.  Hence, we have the burping out of ‘I, want to be a doctor.’

Cheesy but true. He was frustrated, confused, lost and hesitant, now with Kotoko here, by his side, with her love and support, he can pause, take a moment to stop his mind working on exhaustive high gear, calm down, and make up his mind.  The path is clear, the light goes green.

Remember we squeed our hearts out when our annoying icy prince deliberately uttered Kotoko! ?! Now we no longer mess our do over the natural regularity of the utterance, but that is exactly what is making it even more SQUEEWORTHY!

All I can say is thank you for being by his side Kotokochan.  Or else I would be quite batty he was his old lofty princely self not giving you a bat of his eye with you following him around the street in the middle of the night, giving him his undeserving space laggin a few feet behind him.  But then he obviously engages and turns around and follow your pace side by side and if this is not a night stroll date what is?!??!    And after your lovely encouraging comforting words he’s defrosted and can unwind…and once he’s in that comfy relaxed zone he never knew existed all his life prior to you, he can’t take his eyes off you.  His attention will follow your every grasp.

 (You are my) A Detour

….something important can be found.  (You.)

Bye, Kotoko.  (Sweetdreams (of me) while I can’t stop thinking about you and your comforting music to my ears every word.)

8 thoughts on “A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep12

  1. I love your comparison of the before & after of Kotoko & Naoki’s body language. *W* So good!

    Yeah Naoki doesn’t know how lucky he is to have such great parents and Kotoko by his side. I felt so bad for Irie-papa and Irie-mama when Naoki said such hurtful words to them.

  2. spazzzz~~~ I’m happy to find that you liked this episode like i did~ after a forgettable ep 11 (in fact, in rewatching imma just skip over it) lots of ppl were complaining that this episode was too slow. But you know what, that’s exactly why this INK is the bomb– it gives you drops of sugar rush every now and then, but the gem is in the sprinkles of treasure here and there that you must carefully look for– that’s why its pace CAN’T be too fast, or else you’d miss it.
    As much as I get bothered by the scriptwriter for when she produces empty bombs like ep 11 from time to time, I can’t not appreciate how the one-liners that the script drops in from time to time changes EVERYTHING… the times when this Kotoko goes on her shoujo spree but then stops herself and tells herself that it’s not good for her to be like this (I was soooo proud of her when she added at the end: but if I make my dreams contingent on that of another person, changing whenever that other person decides to change, then such a fickle “dream” can’t really be of my own”) Kotoko, despite her shoujo imaginations, is still a very well-grounded girl with a sound mind on her shoulders (kudos to this wonderful papaAihara)
    These splashes of realistic ponderings and troubled thoughts that growing up brings us through are exactly what got me to fall in love with INK at the beginning (by ep 2) and so this Naoki is not some emotionally frozen 30 yr-old in a teenage body… he’s more collected and analytical than boys his age, but that doesn’t mean he’ll make a mistake and act immaturely (like to his parents here) within the range of his personality, or that he doesn’t get tied down precisely because of his tendency to calculate EVERYTHING. He tells Kotoko not to tell anyone about his dream of being a doctor yet, because he wants to make sure that his thoughts have picked up steam towards actions before he announces it– that’s EXACTLY why he still hem and haws to just officially freakin date the girl… he’s having a lot on his mind right now, lots that have yet to become “more concrete” so confessing to Kotoko isn’t something he’ll get to yet. He’s still have remnants of fixation that he won’t act until he has all the pieces set in place before he takes action.

    I love all the little spacial details that you point out, which tells us how things have changed now in Naoki ❤ I'm more… about words and thoughts, lol less about the spacial side of things so I love it. honestly it's fine to not have as much Naoki in this episode— in fact one of the awesome things about BBJX was that it let different characters become the focal point at parts of the story for the sake of the narrative 😉 of course we need to give time for Satomi, Jinko, and our lovely Kin-chan to shine~ =D

    this new "love rival" i swear (with hindsight from 13) it must be a running joke on Naoki and his popularity XD *emphasis on "joke"

    Can't wait for your thoughts on ep 13~

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your analyses as well as hartofseeker’s thoughts on this ep, it just makes me revel in the writers awesomeness to put out characters in such a way, that I freaking go above and beyond to fall in love with them 😀 I can’t believe I actually enjoy the characters as much as I enjoy shippy moments, I’m going to be so bummed when this ends.

  4. awesome recap and analysis as always! i agree with your analysis and hartofseeker’s as well. i can understand why people are starting to get bored because of the lack of spazz. i wrote this in an itakiss forum:

    “But I think the reason why some japanese dramas or films in particular seem dragging in comparison is that they utilize a lot of “silence” in some of their scenes. There might be “empty” scenes wherein the characters don’t seem to be doing much. And most viewers would think how useless these scenes seem to be.

    For most Westerners, these long-drawn out silences can be awkward or even unnerving, but these “silences” are used to emphasize actions and mood instead- which the Japanese value as much if not more than the spoken word. This goes back to the influence of Zen Buddhism wherein speaking is discouraged, as spoken word is considered empty.

    In the case of ItaKiss, here are some scenes with Kotoko and Naoki:
    -when they were simply sipping coffee early in the morning
    -their silent walks to school
    -even in episode 10 when they were in bed and there was a stretch of silence before Naoki started speaking…
    -Naoki himself perpetuates silence as this is the nature of his character in the first place.

    But if you care to look at these scenes closely, these are the scenes where the characters are actually communicating. What they cannot convey out loud are seen instead. The silence between the characters serves as an amplifier of their vulnerability to each other. ”

    One can argue though about Naoki’s one-step-forward-three-steps-back attitude towards his relationship with Kotoko, but this guy is totally inept when it comes to relationships. He can’t even communicate with his parents, how much more with Kotoko in a romantic context? The fact that he has started relaying his hopes and frustrations to Kotoko is already a big step for him.

    I’ve been thinking about it too, but the coat incident… hmm… I think it’s not Naoki is ungentlemanly but it’s really the Japanese way. Chivalry is very much a western concept and unfortunately, it is not very popular in Japan. I lived shortly in Japan many years ago and I’ve seen many examples of this. Believe me, it annoyed me to hell at that time but I learned to take it with a grain of salt. I also read a 2011 survey about chivalry in Japan and how Japanese women actually feel uncomfortable being on the receiving end of it. Well, granted the drama could have used to chance to add more squee moments for us fans, but coupled with Naoki’s personality, probably the opportunity got lost to them.

    As for Kotoko basing her dreams in life on how she can support Naoki… I was a little miffed about this myself (since it opposes my personal philosophy). But then again, thinking about the original story in the manga, Kotoko’s personality, and Japanese culture, it’s not really surprising how she would think this way. I’m actually more surprised that the production team would even tackle the subject in the first place. I like it since it gives more depth to the characters and the story and not making it all about the romance. And having Jinko and Satomi enthusiastically talking about their dreams and ambitions kind of balance it out.

    So yes, I’m thinking that some of the criticisms against IKLiT are valid but some may be explained by cultural differences and how are own personal critical frameworks can affect our interpretation of a particular work.

    Ahhh.. such a long reply! Sorry for taking up a lot of space. 🙂

    P.S. I want a bespectacled Naoki too. Seriously.

  5. Kinchan does always steal the show with the best lines in every episode.

    It’s a rare drama that has a love triangle I can appreciate – they always annoy the heck out of me, but here it’s heart-warming because there’s no playing with anyone’s feelings (Kotoko never leads on Kinchan) and Kotoko and Kinchan are so wonderful supportive of each other. (Compare to Matsumoto… in ep. 13 especially, which only reveals why she isn’t really much of a friend of Irie. Has no clue about the object of her affection as you say for this episode already, and certainly doesn’t care for him other than in the romantic-crush way).

    I do understand Naoki’s stubborn resistance and it’s fine – better for his and Kotoko’s relationship. MamaIrie may be right and he knows that Kotoko is different to him and stirs feelings in him that no one else ever has, but he wants to make sure it’s because he really feels this, not because he has been told to feel this, told to do this (marry Kotoko) because his whole life he’s only done what his parents have wanted him to do. If he can be 100% that’s it’s his own choice, their relationship will be so much better. I guess ep 14 might provide the proof for that – being that the previews forecast an omiai and Naoki having to make a choice. I really hope it’s HIM who makes that choice, and no one else doing it for him (you know Papa Irie saying it’s okay or whatever).

  6. i’ve seen all the adaptations and so far this is the best.. and now it’s coming to an end.. if you want a 2nd season, i suggest you sign this petition https://WWW.CHANGE.ORG/PETITIONS/SECOND-SEA…S-LOVE-IN-TOKYO

    all the fans of ItLIT, please sign the petition and don’t forget to spread the word 🙂 thanks!

    1. I’m not sure if I need a second season from petition. I’d rather the production deemed it lovely and have the heart to do it at their free will.

      Someone else have posted a reply concerning this petition, and I think fans of the drama must’ve heard of it so I don’t think it’s necessary to keep pushing it, as I’m much more interested in discussing and spazzing about the precious episodes we’ve gotten thus far. Don’t you agree?

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