ItaKiss Goodies

[credit on pics, thanks to original posters!]

The way I look at you…

The talented darling OP @鲸鱼_______3 also did the fashion recap of Kotoko and Irie all along.    We ALL covet Kotoko’s wardrobe so much (even though it’s not age appropriate for myself) but I’ve caught myself going aw~CUTE! on almost every one of her outfit.

Wanna loop the theme song played out in guitar?

Have an MV fr Iriekun’s pov, another one to 桜色舞うころ

This is genius:  Inception (Love) in Tokyo

7 thoughts on “ItaKiss Goodies

  1. Don’t know if the poster knows the answer. but I’m just curious. Why do all the foreign MV’s have all the writing running across the whole screen. It’s kind of weird because half the time you can’t even really see the video.

  2. omg the anime doctor naoki!!! o.o wanna keep it and stick it on my wall! with his roving eyes please 🙂 loving the outfits and the old and new kotoko naoki…

    sigh. MOOKIE. What will I do when this show finally ends ??? :(((((((((

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