Chen Kun the SuperJudge

Why so PERFECT?!

I’m not sure if I’ve watched much of the many seasons of Superboy (Hunan TV), but I will set my alarm and watch every episode of this season.  It has ChenKun (and the ever dependable Matilda Tao/陶晶莹).

Every comment he said is sharp and succinct.  I am a shallow fan of his pretty prior and mostly for his on screen charisma, now there’s no turning back.

…你不是唯一有故事的人。  You are not the only one with a story to tell.  Just SING.  I am not interested in stories.

帅… You are a singer amongst good looking guys…I wonder what is the standard of good looking nowadays. *And we get a shot of CK’s face as opposed to the ‘good looking new star’.  No words needed.  It’s not mean, just the blatant truth.*

你已唱的足好,但是耍帅和太油了,还是不行! Your singing is good enough, but you are too stagey and over-the-top *And CK critiqued himself he used to be too showy on stage*.  Still, No!

When a competitor is given a second chance, singing a song CK has covered for his drama, and the singer is shaky, CK then sings it himself, as a teaching example how it should be done properly.  More than properly.  And the show has just got itself it’s biggest star in its new judge, TaoZi gives CK anoint him the instant pass to the next stage.  Just give CK the award, all of them.

This is the highlight clip of every brow-raising brilliant word Chen Kun said as the best judge ever.  I have no idea how this show works and if CK is only the judge for ChengDu, SiChuan, but if the producers are smart and savvy, sign him on on EVERY future show and just pay him splendidly.  Even his patented single frowning brow is perfect.

[credit on pics/gifs]

2 thoughts on “Chen Kun the SuperJudge

  1. *put on swoony eyes* i was thinking whether i should check this show out when I saw this gigantic Chen Kun photo on Qiyi front page. With this post I just know I have to check it out.

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